American Idol 2010 Episode 8 – Road to Hollywood – Open Discussion

American Idol is bringing its ninth season of auditions to a close tonight with a look back at the past four weeks of star searching. If you’re watching this episode then you’re probably thinking about all of the great performances like those ones from yesterday or six days before that or maybe even eight days ago. Has it been that long already? Thanks for the refresher, Fox!

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Let’s hear which of the season’s hopefulers were your favorites!




  1. Yeah, not too inspiring. Best part was finally getting the glimpse of Ellen in action with next week’s preview at the end.

  2. i thought thaddeus johnson the 16 year old from oklahoma city, oklahoma was the best. randy said thaddeus was probably the best 16 year old he has ever heard…

  3. I likes the once that took her lunch just to give it to her brother and the kid from Oklahoma Aaron Kelly

  4. Hi! I know that Shania was on the show already. I am just wondering if she will appear on the show again as I am a huge fan of Shania Twain. I was also wondering if not any of the media but someone who is able to get me a copy of her as a guest judge attendance recently, on American Idol. As I happen to miss her on the show.I just recently, had a fall and now I am walking with a walker. I have Hydrocephalus and I was diagnosed with this since the age of 3. I know have service mainly for this from Community Living, CCAC, and the Red Cross. I am going to be transfered to a rehabilitation, but I am waiting a room and for the doctor approval to be transfered, as well as the CT Scan Results. I have had 5 surgery in all. I just recently saw Shania in Timmins while she carried the torch for the Olympics. I have met her in the past also but was unsuccessful with photos of her and taken together. I would love this dream to come true again someday. I also attend the convention every year at the Shania Twain Centre.I also have a passion for singing and writing,lyrics, poems, and just recently have written a book.I have done a placement there during a course I took at the college that was title college vocation.One of my tasks was to make a brochure and compose her story from her book, and reword it into my words. I had to also chose a total and a picture of Shania to Include on the cover as when you open the brochure. I had acheived the placement with an average of 94% and also chosen to be selected and presented a speech, I had composed and was comment to have done the deliberation with poise, conviction and determination. They mentioned I would be a possible candidate for the position of the validictorian, which would be the one delivering the speech on graduation day. Sincerely Lynne Morel.

    I guess that will be all for now. Hope to hear new from Shania herself someday. I am also looking forward to her new realease of her following album. Good Shania. If you would be able to relay this message Shania meaning my letter here, that would be great.Thank you.

  5. I feel that the guy who did pants on the ground was disrespecting a fallen police officer and a man that killed him i know its freedom of speech bu i did not like it

  6. I think it would have been an interesting storyline for A.I. IF THE policeman AND THE EXCON COULD HAVE BEEN ON THE SHOW TOGETHER THINK ABOUT IT A.I. they BOTH can sing great and it would keep people,s interest.

  7. I AM DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR ANY INFORMATION ON THE SONG PLAYED IN THE BACKGROUND DURING THE “FAKE OUT” MONTAGE (last show aired). It is approx 15 min and 15 sec into the show, this was when contestants were coming out pretending not to have made it through to Hollywood. The song is great, sounds like a James brown tune, but it isn’t. Any help would be appreciated! thank you in advance.

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