American Idol 2010: Theme is Changed for Week 11

Thanks to MJ we now have confirmed that the theme for week 11 of American Idol Season 9 has been changed from Teen Idols to Billboard’s #1 hits. 

The mentor for the week is a secret but we do know Fred Bronson was there as a Billboard expert.  He tweeted:  Just got home from a production shoot.  What was I doing?  Watch American Idol Tuesday night and find out. 

Fred Bronson is best known for a weekly column in Billboard Magazine called “Chart Beat” and is the author of several books related to the billboard charts.  He has been used on idol before during billboard theme weeks to discuss the charts with the contestants.

I have no idea why the theme was changed; perhaps there was not enough songs released by teen idols for the contestants to choose from.  Can’t wait to see the secret mentor Tuesday night.  Remember there is a rumor Miley Cyrus and one of the Jonas brothers will sing on Wednesday but not sure if this is true. 

Why do you think Idol changed the theme and who is the possible secret mentor?