American Idol 2010: The Top 11’s Secret Mentor Is…

Miley Cyrus is the special guest mentor for the Top 11 this week according to Snark Food.  Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato will also perform Wednesday for the results show.

With this mentor and these performers, I’m wondering why they changed the theme from Teen Idols to Billboard’s #1 hits.  It seems like this would have been the perfect week to go with their original idea. And just how much can Crystal Bowersox learn from the young Cyrus?  Those styles are way different.  Sounds like Aaron Kelly and Katie Stevens should gain the most insight from the young lady.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night and watch the Top 11 perform and then the results show Wednesday when Miley will perform “When I look at you” and Joe and Demi sing “Make a wave”.




  1. Yuk,

    Miley Cyrus?????

    What are the producers thinking????

    yeah right, so much to learn from her eg. how to become a Disney Princess???

  2. I think it will be a best week.
    can’t wait somebody post in youtube (can’t watch here in Indonesia, specialy in my town…

  3. Come on,,, she has not been around long enough to mentor.I am pretty sure her Daddy is still mentoring her. Maybe they will change the name to Amercian Childrens Idol. This may really be the worse mentoring we have ever seen.

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