American Idol 2011 San Francisco Auditions Episode Tonight

Update: Check out Reality Rewind’s San Francisco audition recap for more fun. Small Screen Scoop has the best Idol quotes from San Francisco.

Tonight we’ll travel to San Francisco where Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, and Jennifer Lopez will sit down and wade through 2 1 hour of American Idol hopefuls. This should be our very last stop on the road to Hollywood. After that we’ll be in to the real meat of the season with competitions and eliminations. Finally!

With the long episode tonight there should be plenty of time to showcase the talent out there and let’s hope we get to see some of the singers who supposedly make it on from Hollywood to the American Idol 2011 Top 40. Joe’s Place has them called out if you really want to dig in to the spoilers. Either way, we should know very soon!

After tonight we’ll be done with the attention grabbers, silly costumes, and awkward moments so take it all in while you can because it’s almost over!

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