American Idol 2011 San Francisco Auditions Episode Tonight

Update: Check out Reality Rewind’s San Francisco audition recap for more fun. Small Screen Scoop has the best Idol quotes from San Francisco.

Tonight we’ll travel to San Francisco where Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, and Jennifer Lopez will sit down and wade through 2 1 hour of American Idol hopefuls. This should be our very last stop on the road to Hollywood. After that we’ll be in to the real meat of the season with competitions and eliminations. Finally!

With the long episode tonight there should be plenty of time to showcase the talent out there and let’s hope we get to see some of the singers who supposedly make it on from Hollywood to the American Idol 2011 Top 40. Joe’s Place has them called out if you really want to dig in to the spoilers. Either way, we should know very soon!

After tonight we’ll be done with the attention grabbers, silly costumes, and awkward moments so take it all in while you can because it’s almost over!

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  1. Matt…..I am so ready for this show to go to Hollywood. I'm just hoping that tonights two hour show is nothing like LA…..I have my list of the top 40 by my side (thanks to Rose A.) I'm ready.

  2. Out of all the auditions, the young lady who's house burned down impressed me the most. It's the unique voices that are legiondary. I bet this young lady ends up in the semifinals.

    • I think her name was Rose and I want all her CDs (when they are released)! Anyone know where I can find a video with her audition? I would like to share with my husband and family. She is definitly my pick. I love her voice and look forward to more!

  3. James was AMAZING! His story was as inspiring as his voice! He's already won in my opinion!

  4. does anyone know the song that was played at the beginning of the show, something about "its alright"?

    • Oops, I missed the beginning of the show! Darn, I did catch the end of it, I loved the last young man that sang. "Dream On" is next to impossible to sing, but he came close!! Was tonight supposed to be a two hour show???

    • Yeah, I'm also searching for the name of this song but can't find it anywhere … lyrics something like this – it's alright, it's alright, its alright … goddamn it … can't get it out of my mind … please somebody … name of the song …

      • Cee Lo green is not it. It's a slow song and it is played in the background when James Durbin is telling us about his life. The video before the audition. They play two songs I am looking for the name of the first one. He talks about his family and diagnosis….

  5. Where last week was a bust, this week was really good. Maybe one of my all-time favorites? I think they got more talent tonight than in any two of the other cities combined. I did like Emily and the girl from Columbia, too. But in the end, I think James was totally awesome. I was glad to see the show come back to where it should be.

    • @ Wanda. I agree. Last night's show was way better than last Thursday. Really looking forward to Holly2wood Week. I thought James was awesome and what a story. Even though this young man has come a loooong way dealing with Tourette's Syndrome and Asperger's…I am wondering if it will be enough to deal with the pressures and all the changes he will have to face. My hear goes out to him and a big Kudo's to him for taking on a challenge of this magnitude.

      • Rose A. I totally agree…last night's show was great compared to last Thursday. James Durbin was my favorite and his name is NOT on the Top 40 list. I am so bummed out. Now I'm really curious to see Hollywood week. What happened to JAMES Durbin????????? Maybe JOE'S PLACE made a mistake!!!!

  6. what happened to the girl that her father murdered her two sisters and mother I think her name was salcedo

  7. Does anyone know the slow song the man was singing in the background towards the end of the show tonight on hollywood weeks American Idol first audition Feb.10, 2011? It was as one of the guys was talking of his background. It was a man singing in the background and he sang something like "baby come back home" or something like that. Slow and soulful. Anyone know? Would love to know name of singer and name of song. Thanks!

  8. Your Answer:

    I FOUND IT! It is a song called DUET. Ray LaMontagne is featured on it (the man's voice you heard in the background song on Idol) but the artist for search purposes is RACHAEL YAMAGATA. It's a great song – she has a smoky voice as well. Enjoy it all!

  9. Come on Idol!! Put a list of songs used for the show!! I heard a lot of good songs, one particularly in the Hollywood auditions, but I really couldn't remember.

  10. There was another female voice late into last nights show )last 15 min). Sounded great but dont know who it was?

  11. Hi!! can someone please tell me the song that played at the beginning of the episode the lyrics were "its alright, its alright, its alright" i love the song but have no idea who is it lol please help! thanks!!

    • Same here – that "It's Alright" song was awesome and would NOT Shazam – I tried 4 times and Ryan's ongoing voice over kept throwing it off. Please – does anyone know the actual song title and artist?!

      • If it's the song I'm thinking of (I honestly can't remember if it was played during this epsidode) it's called "Hero" by Regina Spektor.

      • Oh wow, I just scrolled down and realized the song was already figured out and it's an entirely different one…*headdesk*

  12. lol Antony i love it tried typing all possible lyrics into google and no joy 🙁 it reminds me of cee lo greens voice but i dont think it is hope someone on here knows soon its driving me mad lol

  13. Can anyone tell me the name of the song that played on the first day of Hollywood week when that bluesy girl got in the car and said "destination hollywood"? Some of the lyrics are "here we go….come with me…. to a place etc.


  14. What was the name of the really annoying girl who had videos on youtube? I really need it but i cant find her 🙁 Anyone?? xx

  15. Ok.This is a pain. Why in the world doesn't American Idol have a list of the background songs they have been playing this season. It's driving me crazy……;0(

  16. Does anyone know the background song played at the end of the San Francisco audition of Stefano Langone? On youtube it is at 3:15.

  17. Does anyone know the name of the song from the choosing of the top 24 on thursday night during the reviling of the top 12 boys at the very very end it was like "It's alrigt it's alright it's alright tonight"

  18. Hey does anyone remember the girl that had the handy cap daughter i really liked her and just wondering what her name is

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