American Idol 2011 Top 8 Perform Tonight

Who doesn’t love a good theme song? This week on American Idol the 2011 Top 8 singers will go to the movie vault as a source of inspiration for their chance to survive another week on the Idol stage.

After Thursday’s rather surprising results I’m guessing we may see a little more interest in voting or maybe all those Pia Toscano die-hards will stick to their guns and abandon the season in protest. Somehow I’m guessing the real fans will be back and we’ll see a lot more action, both on the stage and from the voting audience.

If you’ve got some ideas for what the American Idol hopefuls should be singing tonight then be sure to checkout Branden’s latest installment of “Sing This, Not That” to see if any of your picks line up with his recommendations.

Let us know which singer you’ll be supporting, especially if your fav was cut!

Tangential Simon Cowell Update: Simon may have to drop his X Factor UK show due to scheduling conflicts with the upcoming USA version’s premiere this fall, so the rumors go. Or he’ll have to get a blood transfusion from Ryan Seacrest. That guy works 20 jobs without breaking a sweat!