American Idol 2011 Top 8 Perform Tonight

Who doesn’t love a good theme song? This week on American Idol the 2011 Top 8 singers will go to the movie vault as a source of inspiration for their chance to survive another week on the Idol stage.

After Thursday’s rather surprising results I’m guessing we may see a little more interest in voting or maybe all those Pia Toscano die-hards will stick to their guns and abandon the season in protest. Somehow I’m guessing the real fans will be back and we’ll see a lot more action, both on the stage and from the voting audience.

If you’ve got some ideas for what the American Idol hopefuls should be singing tonight then be sure to checkout Branden’s latest installment of “Sing This, Not That” to see if any of your picks line up with his recommendations.

Let us know which singer you’ll be supporting, especially if your fav was cut!

Tangential Simon Cowell Update: Simon may have to drop his X Factor UK show due to scheduling conflicts with the upcoming USA version’s premiere this fall, so the rumors go. Or he’ll have to get a blood transfusion from Ryan Seacrest. That guy works 20 jobs without breaking a sweat!




    • yes coonster or corndork or whatever you are. Maybe you're just dreaming at this unGodly hour.

      But if you're "Live" online, you should say something like this: My perfect Final Four (now that March Madness is over!) would be:

      Haley, James, Scotty and Lauren. Besides their solos, Scotty and Lauren would do another Duet–more movement this time, and James and Haley would do some prancing about on a thumping rock song. Perfect show!

      • @ coondog….I respectfully disagree…although I do understand your "enchantment" with Haley…lol…I am putting James in the # 1 spot…perhaps, I have the same "enchantment"…lol Have a good one. 🙂

    • I soooo agree with you, coondog. I will also put Haley Reinhart in the number one spot because her voice is just soooo amazing, she can easily be compared to Mariah Carey! Haley's talent is just sooo unique and that she won't have a hard time winning this year's AI.

      • My top 4 would be Paul, Haley, Casey, Scotty. Although they are all very talented this year.

  1. I would so love it if Simon quit his X-factor show and came back to American Idol next season. If it wasn't for the better than expected talant level this season, AI would have bombed with these 3 judges. American Idol NEEDS one judge to tell it how it is, without all the sugar coating

  2. Lauren & Scotty are my favorites and I'm exceited to see them perform tonight. I really am exceited to see/hear all eight tonight. It is just that they are my favorites.

  3. I have been a faithful viewer since American Idol stared BUT after last week's results show I am totally blown away with America and their votes it was clearly the WRONG person to get rid off!!! Her voice is fantastic and if America can't see that well then I am done with the show. It was so wrong the voting needs some changes because you can't count on America to tell us who is the best that is clear for sure…….they base it on popularity not on their vocal ability WOW that really makes me so upset what a shame!!!!

      • I agree. I have to wonder what the percentage is of people how say they are going to quit watching the show and actually fall through with their statement. My guess is … Next to none. So, quit your pathetic whinning, already.

    • Pia was on tele Tues at Noon on TMZ with her new bofriend Mark Baross from Dancing with the Stars (pro dancer). Dueing interview with her, no contract news. Re voting process she thinks method MAY be changed according to John Litheow. But the suggestion re garding a change would be very unfair (in my opinion). EXAMPLE Pia, Paul and Stefano were the bottom 3. The judges partial to Pia. SHE IS CHOSEN, which leaves Paul and Stefano, one has to go, even tho one or other has hundreds more votes than one chosen. Does not sound fair

    • Then people don't watch american idol. Get over it. God forbid Pia's not there, that means the show isn't worthy to watch, no one else has talent, please get real. The show has been the same since the inception with the voting. Pia left because she was a bore and didn't connect period. So blame all the other contestants because you don't like the outcome, seems silly to me. Maybe Pia fans should of voted more for her, or just maybe she didn't have enough. Again god forbid Pia didn't have enough of fans that makes all of american wrong. Don't think so,

  4. James ,I hope he brings the house down tonight !!! One of the best singers on idol and he is exciting ! Thank the Lord for James. Vote like crazy for James ,we don't want another upset !

    • @ Bev…U go girl…James is in it to win it…Love the young man…amazing talent. 🙂

      • Another miss guided , make that 2 missguided persons Be patient ladies and try to accept you will be wrong Sorry girls

      • Bev & Rose A……Totally agree….James rocks the house. I'm very anxious to hear what he is going to sing tonight….Whatever it is it will not be boring…..Which brings me to this fact….everyone is saying that Pia was boring and had no stage presence and didn't connect with the audience….WELL…..James does all the above…..Shouldn't that make him the perfect AI winner????……I think so and so does all of James' fans…

        GO JAMES….YOU ARE A WINNER!!!!!!

      • I totally agree with you Phyllis. I can't wait to watch James rock the house tonight. He always does.

    • Yes please vote for James I can't vote

      I'm outside the U.S.A for now living in another country.

      But I like James to win

      • James is Adam Lambert with bronchitis and no glam. Seriously, very few people 'glam' like Adam Lambert….mebe Gaga.

      • you are so right about that james is like adam so much glad some one eles sees that like i do.

    • Naaaahh HALEY is in it to win it!!! Millions of her fans sooo know that. I know right!!!

      • yeh could be but time will tell cause it could be a shoker to you all who really does leave look what happend to pia i thouht she was the best girl singing. that shoud not of happend if they wouldnt have used there safe on casey she be in, good luck to all on there farvorites but they all good and they all will make a cd so they leave its ok just buy there cd i sure will

      • well you will see wont yah tonight. you may think haley is in it to win but not. but my best guess i think she may be in still maybe thats a big maybe casue it looked bad for dont know right you not a judge or the whole fans wait and see. not a big deal anyways its just a show and no mater who leaves there all good and will make a cd and go buy one that is my plan to.

      • you dont know right at all you no mind reader. you will see that haley wont last and once you see it then you can say oh i was one knows who will or who wont. just enjoy the show its best. wont be on to much longer then there will be the new american ideol, till next janury we start all over agin i always look forward to it every year its stupid at the beiging i like it when it starts up the good stuff and down with all that junk and got all the people who will be singing is best part of it, love it and will always watch it. we all are fans of the american ideol and jsut get along with who leaves or who doesnt. there all good and will make it one day perfect sais if i say so my self

  5. Scotty, Scotty is my fav and its always a surprice to see what he sings. If I could vote here from South Africa than my vote will go to Scotty.

      • no way haley will win cant anyone see this. al l fans are on scotty and james and i think those two will be fighting it out to the end i could be wrong but im not sure no one is

      • . you are wrong she wont be o n top. so you will know once it comes out. shes no winner. haley will be canned one of these times if not tonight another will be a guy winner. and who ever does win thats good just cheer for them who is wins. they all can make a cd and go buy one go buy haleys cd once shes gone of the show. then pick another one

    • I am so impressed with Scotty.I have been a folk singer song writer for over thirty years.Scotty is such a natural.When he sang to his grandma that was special…shows who he is .Iwould love for him to sing a song i wrote called "Hey Gramma"…for my wife Maureen and gave it to her Christmas eve.Scotty's grandma would love it…please go to youetube then broadcast yourself and then type in hey gramma by joe bulger and see what you think.Scotty your number one for in my vote.enjoy life Joe

      • James is good but Scotty will win by a country mile.

        Jacob, Stephano and Paul will be the next to be elimanted.

      • I agree with those being the next eliminated. Lauren, though, might be in trouble if she doesn't do something to stand out this week.

      • My list vs. Most Likely Outcome

        1. Haley 1. Scotty

        2. Casey 2. James

        3. Scotty 3. Casey

        4. Paul 4. Lauren

        5. Lauren 5. Haley

        6. Stefano 6. Paul

        7. James 7. Stefano

        8. Jacob 8. Jacob

      • Good gracious man, she can hit almost any note ever created and she hit them all tonight. Beautiful, clear voice, great vocals; the whole package. You're not impressed with tonight's performance?

      • she was better then haley i thought , so she will stay i think and haley will leave one of theses time.

      • yeh scotty is great. paul isnt going home yet either. i think the 3 might be stepaho and casey and hayley on bottom or could be jacob he has not been on bottom yet. but we will see who does leaves might be you favorite but scotty i do think will be winner but we all know how it could happen to it could be the worst one ever win too so we all shoulnt get our hopes up to much, paul all the way then scotty

      • Haley is got it all, she has the talent the looks and something people would enjoy watching for a great performance. Casey on the other hand is soooooooooooooo ugly and he can't sing and he cries all the time. What a baby!!! But if we want to get real, Lauren should win it, since America decided to be stupid and not vote for the best singer ever Pia!!!! come on america it's a talent show we want someone that can sing and look good doing it.

      • UGLY!? You all think Cassy is UGULY?! Is He SUPPOSED to be Cute? Sexy? Hansome? There's A TON of Awesome ARTISTS; Singers Out there in our World that R NOT GOOD LOOKING. I Don't BUY CD'S Based on someones LOOKS!! I Buy on Their Creativeness Vocals, Songs.

        How HATEFUL of U to say such a thing as he beING Uguly sp?

      • I don't know what is wrong with the judges. Yes, Haley didn't pick a heavy, deep-meaning song, but she performed it was such spirit and I thought her voice was perfect. It DID show her vocal range; I just don't get the judges. Heaping praise on everyone else and being so darned tough on Haley.

        She took it like a trooper, though. No backtalk, no excuses. I sure hope everyone voted their fingers off to keep her. I think she is the shining star out of all of them!

      • I also thought Haley did a very good job on Call Me, and was VERY surprised at the judges comments! What does she have to do to make them happy??? Joplin????? ish. She has such a sultry voice, I would like to hear her sing Ode to Billy Joe.

      • Oh, thanks for posting your shared opinion, Tana! Wow, great song choice. She would knock everyone's socks off!

    • turn you caps off thats what they told me and why the heck i got deleted from one commetn i didnt know nothing about it. till some smart person had to think he she was tuff to say that to me.was kind of stupid i think when you didnt know that.

  6. (In the voice of Mary Roach) I'm never going to watch American Idol again!!!

    However, I will wait for the performances before I offer my support.

  7. My favorite is James Durbin. I think that he is a great singer. I hope that he is the winner.

  8. All I can say is Mothers lock up your teenage daughters tomorrow night – in fact just lock up their mobiles!! (mobile = Aussie talk for Cell Phone) PLEASEEEEEEE!! and then we may have some fair voting – if not that is the end of me from Idol and I will have to settle with the Donald and Survivor!!

    • Why should they do that, they make every other star out there. Why not this one. Really do you think Katie Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Meriah Carry and I could list a million others but why, would have made it without the young people. The Beatles and Elvis became what they are because of the young population at first, Come everyone get real. They are the ones buying CD, iTunes and the likes. The are the ones that make the music industry and record producers rich, not us middle aged or older.

      • Dawn J….totally agree that the teenage population are the people who buy CD, etc….I do remember being a teenager….I owned more albums and 45s than my whole neighborhood put together….I loved music (all kinds)…..BUT….its the voting system that sucks not the voters…..It needs to be changed so all the people get a say in who stays and who goes…….LIMIT the voting like DWTS…..It a better system by far….JMHO

      • I agree Phyllis (even though your an evil James lover!!!) I kid, anyway I think the Dancing With the Stars voting system is much much much better. The problem is I think it's easier to judge dancing. And also the contestants aren't compared to each other just how they've done previously. It's a good system, though. If Judges had like 20% input (unbiased) it would definitely keep people from getting the boot early.

      • David P….I just love the best performer on the show…LOL…….

        JAMES FOR THE WIN!!!!!

  9. the top 5 will be scotty, paul, haley, casey and james. to be eliminated tomorrow will be jacob, next week it will be stefano, followed by lauren…however, casey and james will be bumped off before the top three are announced…tsk tsk…

    • I agree with your choices except for Paul. I think the top three will be Scotty, James and a toss up between Haley and Lauren with Scotty becoming the next American Idol

    • haha this is how it's gonna be:

      1. Haley Reinhart

      2. Lauren Alaina

      3. Scotty McCreery

      4. James Durbin

      5. Casey Abrams

      6. Paul McDonald

      7. Stefano Langone

      8. Jacob Lusk

      • or maybe…..

        1. James

        2. Scotty

        3. Paul

        4. Casey

        5. Lauren

        6. Jacob

        7. Haley

        8. Stephano

        never know….

      • Here is the correct order

        1 Scotty

        2 Lauren

        3 James

        4 Casey

        5 Stefano

        6 Jacob

        7 Paul

        8 Haley

  10. This season is filled with so much great talent I think the top 11 will all be very successful. I live in Baltimore and look forward to the tour and guess what I'm an older guy and not in the usual voting bracket so some older people do love the show. Good luck to all those young people. As a musical theater person myself may they find the chances I never did. American Idol is much better off without Simon Cowell as we all need positive encouragement to make our dreams come true. Good job this year AI. I love it

  11. JAMES all the way to the finale..

    Don't you guys wanna see him on stage together with Steven?


    Please America,sent Gaycob home….

  12. @ Lee and Stevie GROW UP people are just stating their opinion and if they like James they like James and because they like james dosnt mean there a kid

  13. I think tonight is going to be a good show. They are all talented but i hope this week jacob goes home cause hes peformances are getting anoying and hes comment he made last week really anoyed me

  14. I love Scotty and he gets my vote every week. And if James blows me away he gets a vote too.

    Scotty and James Final

    Vote for your favs everyone.

    • y. wonder if james ever thought of doing billy idol…'white wedding gown' or 'rebel yell'

  15. I will be supporting STEFANO all the way. I am not a teenager but I think he has the whole package.

  16. Oh gosh, I'm pretty sure that Pia Toscano fans will switch to Haley Reinhart because she just has the most amazing voice among the rest of the contestants. Go Pia fans, let's all vote for Haley!!!

      • She did notlaugh at Pia!! Looks like your desperate to find something wrong with Haley..Well I hope Haley goes all the way..Time for another female to win..Haley is a very real person, plus a unique singer..Lets go Haley!!

      • I totally disagree. She had a somewhat shocked look on her face and the smile was awkward at best. Haley is a very optimistic person, you can tell from her interviews, and she obviously is one of those people that faces adversity with a smile. Also, maybe she was happy for Stefano. Haley may not have the perfect technical voice Pia does, but she's a heck of a performer and 100 times the musician Pia will ever be, just sayin.

      • yep you right. paul should fo stayed over them but he will make a cd and ill be buying it

  17. Matt…thanks for the updates and giving all of us a chance to express our opinions….

  18. Let's all vote for Haley!!! Come on, Haley fans…let's not allow the safe performers to win… my gosh they're sooo boooring!

    • I'm with you all the way..Come on america, lets get something right here…Haley has my vote..I hope she does a slow song, and blows us away with her sultry voice..

      • Im not praying for her she will leave one of these times. its going to be between scotty and james in the end so think of that

  19. Except for last week, James always gets a standing ovation and a lot of cheering in my living room. I think that'll probably happen tonight too. The others are good and respectable–but not like James.

  20. I am supporting James Durbin..I think the top 3 are James, Lauren and Casey..

  21. All the way from cape town amd if I could vote it would be for scotty all the way. He has it. The it factor. You go scotty

  22. I am a Jacob Lusk fan. I love his voice and think he is unfairly put down by the comments I've read. Go Jacob!

  23. Everyone Please… James is weak and so is Jacob.pls vote one of them off! I hope Paul and Haley are in finals after that crap of Pia being voted off!

  24. I will be so dissapointed if Scotty does anything other than "Everybody's Talking At Me" from Midnight Cowboy. He would RULE at that song.

    Of course, with Pia gone, I guess we won't be hearing the themes from Titanic or The Bodyguard…

    Casey would do a good job with "Mrs. Robinson," I think.

    • he isnt doing that song he is going to do jail house rock if he does it i get the up dates on what they be snging if they pick it. and mrs robiosn is suppose to be for paul but i hope he dont do that one he would do better with that brryan adams song every thing i do for love. so join it then you all would know what they might be singing instead of guessing.

  25. Scotty, Lauren, Jacob, Haley, are my top 3, but it is hard to not vote for all of them. They are all great. Oh, I am also voting for Casey. He was awesome both singing and on the base guitar.

    • That's four, now you added Casey so that's 5. I'm not trying to put you down, I just thought it was funny.

  26. I think that Jacob and Stefano are way past their expiration date. Pia gone is a shame, but she will be just fine on her own. I am not as big of a fan this year because I don't really get the voting, plus the judges lack of criticism is just plain boring. Wake up Tyler!

    • most people like the judges this year better. simon was to rude and people didnt like it as much thats so so true. i like all the judges everyone i heard they al l like them too

  27. I've watched AI for years. I really am entertained. There was so much talent this year. I can't pick a favorite, but my heart is with Scotty and James. Oh, one more…Casey. One of them will win.

    • casey will not win he will go one of these times the last two will be scotty and james i would think.

  28. I think James will rock the house tonight, tough guess as to who will win because most of them are really good. I know one thing Stefano has a nice voice but not good enough to make it as American Idol. I predict Stefano, Jacob and Paul to be sitting on the stools of doom. Go James, Casey and Hailey!!!

  29. I really like Lauren ! But I have feeling she might go very soon! Lauren needs to step it up ~ she's got the voice and personality. She just needs to pick the right song and clothes etc.

    Please vote for L A U R E N tonight !!

    • Lauren has no manners remember she coughed in ryan face when she was sick and in front of millions of people yet. that turned me off from her. She has no social graces!!!

      • zoot you sober up you must be the drinking. I dont drink. just enjoy the show tonight its all about the show nothing eles.

      • Ha,ha Kris–you got deleted! And I'm the one sipping Brandy! And the show pretty much sucked except for Haley being the only adventurous one. Everyone else Boo-ring! And still the judges picked on her!? That JLo loves the attention for her Bootiful woman thing, but she can't stand for Haley to intrude on her beautiful woman singer act. Boooo JLo!

      • you sound like a drunk then ha ha, well they all did great halyey sucked for sure they all put her down good ha ha , and paul and scotty was the best,who cares abot gettign delted i see alot like you should be too, its all about the show.

      • you might be the one get delected so look out,ha ha.just injoy the show.i still have alot of comments on this do you no.

    • sorry about that i ddint know about the caps. so now i know. paul all the4 way and scotty and james will be the ones. yeh yeh yeh.

  30. zoot whats up with the caps,and for one thing I dont drink, so i wouldnt be sobor so dont be saying things you dont even know anything not a drinker grow up this is all about the show. go paul go.

  31. Haley all the way!!!

    She is simply the best ….by far!!

    A natural entertainer, fun to watch, and she seems to be so down to earth just having fun.

  32. Right now I have a few I really like and it is hard to put in a true order. But I still love James. So if I give my list right now.

    1. James

    2. Casey

    3. Lauren

    4. Scotty

    5. Haley

    This is where it gets harder

    6. Paul

    7. Stefano

    8. Jacob (last week really hurt him)

    I love all their talent and being from the Seattle area love to give the shout out to Stefano but I think unless he pulls a great night he may be going home.

    • there all great its hard but its the peoles votes and we will see. but i dont think it will be that way.

  33. I don't like your view on Stephano. I think there is another person that does safe songs all the time and he sucks. I am still wondering why Jacob is still around. He can only sing preachy songs, and his voice is horrible. I can't wait to vote and have MY favorite stay on till the end.



      JACOB IS AWESOME MAN!! Hes NOT PREACHY; He's just trying to find HIS PLACE In all of this Confusion of Teeny Boppers; People who have NO TASTE IN GR8 SINGERS; And THOSE WHO JUST LOVEEEE to Put UN TRUE PLAQUE On Everyone. Its damn hard to be in this business. It's damn hard to PLEASE EVERYONE.

      • Music is about popularity even if you're great if people don't like you then you suck sorry Pia

      • American Idol better change their voting rules. They should be like Dancing w/the Stars and the judges do 64% and the audience the rest or all the talented people will be let go with the little girls voting for the cutest, youngest little boy. The judges should have 3 saves if they keep the voting the way it is now.

      • jacob is ok but he will never win he isnt that good in my book. he is gay by the way dint you know this.

  34. Haylet is going downnnnnnnnnnnnn, i dont know why she even in the top 8, the winner is Casey, he is the one, and Laurent , i dont like her attitude thionking that this is a Miss America contest, all she does is screammmmmmmmmm she dosent touch anyone.

    • Lauren was great! She can actually sing. Anyway the spelling goes: LAUREN (no "T")

      and HALEY (also no "T" and the other letters turned around).

    • I guess her as being very SHY. I don't believe she is trying to WIN A Beauty Contest at all C!!! This is what I mean about putting PLAQUES on EVERYONE; ASSUMING THEY R Out to Win an Popularity or Beauty Contest; ASSUMING They're GAY; ASSUMING WAY TO MUCH. GET A GRIP AMERICA.

    • I knwo what yah mean haley does suck she jsut thinks she better then anyone big mouth thats al l she is and dont sing good to me at all, jsut screams and shouts the only one that was worth it was paul all the rest didnt even have much of a smile like paul did he was always happy and all now look who al lwe got some crazy ones only ones i like now are scotty and lauren and james. and they will be till the end.haley is the one who need to go go bybye bye haley

      • you too get a life. its jsut a show we al lwatch and we love it casue its good. ill always be watcing it every year

  35. James is a great singer for a church, that is it he is not a performer. Casey is the guy, lets vote for casey please.

    • HE'S AN AWESOME SINGER!! There R a TON of Singers who came through Singing via Their Churches!! What the Hell is WRONG with That?!

      He could be the Next Mr. William Warfield; [He Sang OLD MAN RIVER; In SHOWBOAT] AN AWESOME TALENT. GO GET EM JACOB!!!

    • ahhh don't think so. He is a pretty darn good Country singer; Thats It. He can't do other mediums of MUSIC.

      By the Way; CASSY Was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! NATURE BOY; Now THATS A CLASSIC. As Well as Jacobs 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' AWESOME.

      • Jacob's Bridge Over Troubled is the best I have heard since Aretha Franklin, he is a true talent. Scotty has a great voice but can only sing country, besides his voice he is boring, he looks the same each week standing there holding the mike with both hands. He needs to let loose now!

  36. Here's my list. 🙂

    1. Casey

    2. Scotty

    3. Haley

    4. Lauren

    5. James

    6. Stefano

    7. Jacob

    8. Paul

  37. There was great entertainment on the show tonight, except I was awfully pi$#%d at the judges! How could they LOVE Casey and Paul. I mean they went way overboard on Casey and I really thought he was the WORST of the night. And I like Jazz, I really do. The guy cannot sing, people.

    • Amen to that Doug!! Casey can not sing is right!!! And I like Jazz too, but that would just bore me to death his so called singing. He was by far the worst tonight.

      • …if you go back to the beginning of the season he was a great entertainer and performer, funny and the 'pick' by many. His performance changed abruptly after his being 'saved' by the judges.

        He listened to the 'professional critics' which took 'casey' from casey.

    • Neither could Barry Manalow way bk when; And look at him now!!! With some Vocal Training; Singing from the GUT and not the THROAT PEOPLE!! Will HELP CassY ALOT!! The Kid has Carisma sp? He has THAT STAGE PRESENCE; And He is MAD TALENTED!! He can play it seems any instrument; He sings from HIS HEART As Does Jacob.

      • no way casey sucks. like haley too there both be going sooner or later i know that for sure. paul was the nicest and cutest and alwasy smiles and was always happy look at thse others they cant eve n smile much look at james blinks his eyes what his problem , only one seem to be cool was paul with such great cute smile and so much more i will miss seeing his cute smiling face.

  38. Stefeno and James and Scotty will be having all my 200 votes at least……i want to see Jacob or Harley going home tomorrow night…..

      • haley will need to go home and those others scotty and james and lauren will be the ones al l the rest will go home i think maybe but scotty and james will make it

  39. The judges used thier save way to early in the competition. They should have weighed the options, look at what you have left in the safety zone, do you really want to save now and then lose someone as great as Pia! That should have been the save NOT Casey….gimme a break!!! Who listens to that kind of music anyway unless you are in your 80's. And need something to bore you to sleep.

  40. Well it was a great show tonight and wish there was away of knowing early the results,because I ended up missing Thursday show,Because of night classes in college,so does anyone have a Idea.

    • Do U have an TIVO or DVR? Or even an VCR? U could Tape; DVR; TIVO IT; or Download it off of your Dell or Mac Computer. Good Luck.

  41. 1.James Durbin

    2. Lauren Alaina

    3. Scotty McCreery

    4. Haley Reinhart

    5. Paul McDonald

    6. Stefano Langone

    7. Casey Abrams

    8. Jacob Lusk

    who agrees with me?!?!

    • nope scotty james and lauren and stepeno and casey and jacob and haley that my list i said before and i think anyways.all scotty now casue mt favorite cute paul went he was the best and nicest and smiled al lthe time all the rest looked stupid and mainley james you see how he blinks his eyes al l the time king of strange for sure

  42. Here’s my list.

    1. Jacob

    2. Casey

    3. Stefano

    4. James

    5. Lauren

    6. Scotty

    7. Paul

    8. Haley

    • nope wont be like that the two will be i would think scotty and james. or scotty and lauren but not sure its jsut what i think

  43. Here are my list.

    1. Jacob

    2. Casey

    3. Stefano

    4. James

    5. Lauren

    6. Scotty

    7. Paul

    8. Haley

  44. Whats up with this crap????? Nobody likes paul. he has the most unqiue voice. we hear everybody elses voices all the time!!!!!!!!!! and i dnt understand why haley is still here??????? just my opinion.

    • yeh i love paul i vote him. hayley should be the one who leaves for sure.paul is my favorite if he wetn ill be voting then for scotty but all for pal go paul

  45. the show was great they all did there best on here and its all about the show. we will see who leaves tonight get ready for the worse it could be your favorite but they all will make it

  46. I think Casey is TALENTED, classy, and sensitive. It is exciting to see young artists embrace the classics and freshen them up a bit. I for one love the jazz/blues element that Casey brings to the contest. What the heck does his looks have to do with his God given talent? Just wonder what the critic who thinks he is so ugly looks like????? My mother always said it is what is on the inside that counts. Beauty is after all, only skin deep.

  47. My bottom 3:

    1. Jacob (I appreciate his talent; just that he makes everything sound like church; did not enjoy it at all.)

    2. Lauren (Sorry to say, because I like her a lot. I hated it. I thought she was lacking in forcefulness and "belief," despite her explanation of why she chose that feeble song.)

    3. Scotty (Yeah, I know. I am going to get killed for this. But I thought he made a huge mistake and did not capitalize on a moment–chose the wrong song. It was just okay for me.)

    I loved James last night, and I actually LIKED Paul. I was so shocked I liked Paul's performance (I had lost hope in him), but I did!! And I thought Stefano did an amazing job. Quite a transformation, if you ask me. Excellent job! I liked Casey's performance IF I kept my eyes closed (the faces he makes really bother me) and discounted his little growls and affected noises. Wish he would drop those completely!

    Still backing Haley, my absolute favorite!!!

    • you will be keeping them crossed more and more but it wont help yah she will be leaving a mtter of time, she seems like fake like too her smile and all donbt imress me

  48. the only ones have not been in the bottom yet are james and scotty so they might be for all i know. halyey should be out. they think paul or casey should leave what ever not. paul done great casey was so boring. its going to be scotty at the end. i know paul will leave some time but im keeping him in as much as i can with all other fans that like him too. its going to be good show tonight so dont let me tel l yah i told yah so who ever leaves there going to still make it and if haley goes she can still make it no matter what. and all the others. we all like who we like and lets see who goes.

  49. haley will never be i n the top. it will probally be scotty and jacob it seems like everyone seems to like that jacob im not inpressed by him at all. paul and scotty and james and lauran are al l better dont really care to much of steffano either. paul is a lot better then him in a long shot.he and jacob and casey should be the ones to leave for now. haley will be there for another time i think but after all who knows your not mind readers o n any of it so lets jsut see who goes and just get over it your goes so what buy a cd and you will be happy with it forever thats what im going to do . i want pauls album for sure and scottys.others not really to thrilled about.good luck to you all in the results. may be yours or mine but there still good no matter what.if mine goes ill jsut vote more for scotty then al lthe way.

  50. but i dont think paul will be going like the american ideol was thinking way wrong. he will still be there for few more times im thinking and hoping . but ill jsut buy a cd of him and ill be happy too. it will be a guy winner as you all know this theres only two girls so what that tell yah.its going to be a guy winner.

  51. kely clarkston will be on there tonight singing grovey not to inpresed with her either. never liked her. they get some weired singing on american ideol to sing just trash. rap i cant stand when they get that on there too. everyone enjoy the show tonight and we all wil be wondering but we dont know ,we all guess and that all,

  52. well those 3 were back in the bottom threee like before and poor paul left. what a shame he was so much better then other ones, but he has a band and i know he will make some cds and ill be the first to buy them, now ill be voting all scotty now. paul was my favorite and scotty was my second, so all scotty now. but haley wont last much longer she jsut got lucky t there,go scotty go scotty for next week,

  53. it will be between scotty and james for the two.and i think scotty will win over james sure wont be girl will win it.there jsut lucky there in right now but it wont last for any of them thats what i think anyways i really think the top two will be scotty and james.

    • Yes you are right I think that too. Scotty & James at the end, my top three was Pia there too, but I can't belaeve poeple didn't want her in, still sad about it all 🙁

    • yeh pia was so much better the the other two gals i thought too, its sad but i hope she will do good and make a cd and ill be buying it. now all the way for scotty

  54. well I hope Paul gets what he was looking for I beleave he will he does have that voice, I will buy he's first CD. I voted for him 3 or 4 times or 5, so sorry to see him go but I think alot of poeple didn't like hes voice thats to bad. but I think by now someone will want to make him a CD with a band. 🙂 now text week its going to be 🙂 Stefano 🙂 please 🙂

    • yeh it should of been him then paul who went but he already has a band so he will make a cd ill be buying now all scotty now

  55. I do want to say what Haley & Casey did togetter tonight was very good not as great of Crystal & Lee last year but still very cool! they need to do more togetter does anyone think that 🙂 or is it just me 🙂

  56. this is the list i would think,






    haley.but the two who will be at the end i think will be scotty and james.i think im right hope.

  57. It will be hard not seeing pauls cute face and smile he was so happy and more then any of them he had the best smile and alwasy happy all the time he will be missed but i know he will make it on his own casue he already has a band so go paul andget a cd going so i can buy them all

  58. cant wait till next week to see what they sing mainley scotty and james and lauren are the only gods one i think all the rest will leave and im pretty sure of that. hope for the best. im sticking to my it will be the list i said scotty and james will be at the end i think,

  59. haley will be the one wil lbe leaving soon hopefully nexted we will see it sure wont be lauren shes alot better then haley haley sucks. go home hayley we dont want you scotty and james and lauren will be the 3 to be at the end aldo casey can leave to and jacob. scotty will be the winner or james i think time will tell

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