American Idol 2012: Lopez Says Contestants Were ‘Dropping Like Flies’

American Idol  judge Jennifer Lopez says Hollywood Week this year is going to have drama like never before.

During an ExtraTV interview, Lopez said some of the biggest voice fell apart during the Hollywood rounds. That would explain why, after reading our American Idol Spoilers, some people are left scratching their heads wondering where their favorites from the audition episodes are.

 “There’s a lot of great talent,” Lopez said. “It’s going to be more of a surprise for us than it was last year. This year there’s so many talented, big voices. We actually got rid of some really big and great voices during the process because they didn’t have great consistency.”

It sounds like being good-ish just wasn’t good enough for American Idol 2012.

 “Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve been watching the show for ten years,” Lopez continued. “I don’t know if it was the pressure because the show was so big last year… I don’t know what happened, but they were dropping like flies. And you’ll see, it was very dramatic and surprising.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Hollywood Week. The audition episodes so far have been some of the most boring ones I’ve seen. What do you think? You ready for Hollywood Week?