Nigel Lythgoe Invites President Obama to Sing On American Idol

American Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe invited President Barack Obama to sing on the show after hearing the President sing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at an event in Harlem.

Lythgoe took to Twitter to extend his invitation.

“@BarackObama we loved your vocal performance so much we’d love to invite you on to #AmericanIdol this Season for a duet with Al Green,” Lythgoe wrote.

The Huffington Post suggests that duet could help Idol’s ratings since it’s helped the sales of that song. Apparently, since Obama sang the song, digital sales of “Let’s Stay Together” have risen an amazing 490 percent.

What do you think of this? Would you tune in to hear the President sing a duet with Al Green?




  1. Reminds me of the film American Dreamz where the US president was also invited on a nationwide singing competition. Hopefully the attack of terrorists in the film won’t give Al Qaeda a brilliant idea!

  2. i  think that  would be a better job for president obama  if he has a voice then make him a star

    • Well… that’s true.  He might have a great voice… and that sure would be a much better job for him to do that the one he is NOT doing now.

    • I would watch only if he withdrew from public office, renounced his US citizenship and permanently returned to Indonesia.

  3. This is getting ridiculous!!!! Do we really need the President to sing on AI?  I don’t think so!!!!!!!! JMHO

    • Hi Phyllis G. I have been looking for you for quite some time. Our dumb computer is having problems. I agree with what you said. That would just be stupid for President Obama to come on American Idol.  Whay don’t we just get a donkey and say here is the president. LOL. I am sure donkeys are democrats.  For goodness sakes lets just have Mitt Romney on too. Maybe he can sing too. Duh I mean everyone is allowed to have their own opinion.
      Thats great. How about getting Lindsay Lohan for president!  I mean this political stuff is just so boring.   How are you doing Phyllis?  For the very first time in my life I am thinking about not even voting.  I tell you what I have been watching American Idol just to have Steven Tyler make me smile. And laugh too. That man is so funny!!!  And howdy!!  When the good looking ones come in take a look at Stevens face. Take care girl friend. I will give you another shout later if the dumb computer will cooperate. Ed really said some funny things below!  Hi Ed. good night everyone!

      • Hi sherry! good to see some people from last season again! I just hope dan the tin can doesn’t return lol 🙂

      • @ KC Reply, I agree with you! I hope the tin can does not appear again either. I am sure everyone is up on this news!!! But Paula abduh and Nicole are both poof off of X/Finity!!  I guess Simon listened when we told him he need to tweak his show!  It was WAY too busy. Shery K

      • What I’m most happy about is that Steve Jones is gone! I really could not stand him last season. When someone gives me the desire to throw a chair at my tv screen, I really want them off the screen lol.  Btw, I created a disques profile and my normal username wasn’t eligable, so that’s why my username is different.

  4. I won’t be watching that show … IF they are dumb enough to go forward with that idea.  Obama is an actor so he would fit right into the role but I am tired of  his fiction and want to see  this country turn around.  Not watch Obama on TV reminding me all the time of  what a big show off he is and just a performor not a leader.  And only hurting out country more and more.

    • ME too.  I will go out of my way to miss that performance.  Did anyone tell him yet he is the President?  I don’t get it.

  5. There’s no way Obama would do it, but yes, I’d watch.  That one line of the Al Green song he sang sounded pretty good!

  6. I’d love to see one of the most amazing American Presidents venture into something like this.  You go for it Mr. Obama….by the way, have you people thought about the reasons Mr. Obama is having a hard time.  He can’t clean up the mess the previous, crappy, president left behind in a couple of years.  Wake up and smell the coffee, you ridiculous, arrogant Americans.

    • You see … this comment is exactly the TRUE meaning of the word Arrogant that YOU call  all of us Americans.  I take it you are NOT an American?  Or at least NOT a True American who loves this country.  I rest my case.

    • Yahoo for you Obama supporter!! One out of how many that don’t realize the mess when Obama was elected. I have some issues with him. But down deep I think he has tried to do good things. We sure have an excellent choice on the other side don’t we. A billionaire. A man who can’t have but 3 wifes in his life. And I don’t much know about the others. They are dropping off like flys. 


  7. I am sure he may have a good voice, but he is the President, the leader and should not be on a reality music show, Nigel was silly to think of asking him.
    not a good idea.  Id watch it sure,  but its not a good idea

  8. I agree with most here. I won’t watch if he is on. Can’t stand to even look at him, let alone hear him!

  9. the big question is…will he make it through to the next round???  in more ways than one!!  seriously, this is going from the sublime to the ridiculous

    • @Pr63   ridiculous alright, it will be darn right funny if he does.  I do hope he does not.  This is not his place to be, his office is not a joke or a place of ridicule and his charge should be regarded with the highest respect being the leader of a great nation.  His enemies will only mock him whether he does well singing with Al Green or not.                                   

      But on a lighter side of things, imagine if the president did sing with Al Green what would the Three Muskeeters say after…..
      Randy – hey Dog, I mean Mr President, ah, that was alright, kinda             
                       pitchy a little, but it’s alright
      Jenniffer- Gosh Mr president, I don’t know what to say, but I got the
                           goose bumps, wooooooo.
      Steve –    hey man, whats happenning, sounds good ( eyes closed and
                        head swinging )

      just kidding guys LOL

      • Our Prez is a cool cat, but he has a lot more pressing things to attend to than singing on AI. At a fund raiser is one thing, but he wouldn’t ridicule the office of the Presidency. But he is good! Try thinking of any of the Republican nominees singing. Mitt can barely carry a tune to America the Beautiful!

      • Hi Cat, I agree 100%, , set aside all jokes, I don’t think he will consider
        Nigel’s mischievous invitation.  Actually I did not appreciate Nigel
        inviting president Obama to sing on AI.  It is not a place for him to be,
        and you are right there are much more important things for him to do
        than showcase his singing talents , though I know he can sing 🙂 

        I like  to see him get invited once more when his term of office ends so
        he can finish what he started.

      • ed, you’re brilliant!!  you’re also watching too much idol!!  but it wouldn’t be the same without you

      • Ed, You are just so funny!! I was looking for my friend Phyllis g. But I guess she is off to another blog by now. We had some computer trouble. It’s OK now. Ed the President of the USA is supposed to be respected! And he damn well is not going to go on AI and make a fool out of him self!!  Good night DAWG!  Just kidding! Sherry K

  10. I certainly will boycott the show if Nobama decides to sing.  I can’t even watch his speeches…  What makes these past few presidents think they’re rock stars?  Geez.
    Can we just have Al alone???  Ridiculous!

  11. This show is my escape from what he and politicians like him have done to America! If that happens, as a 10 year viewer, I will never watch again!!!!!!

    • Hi Pup! How are you doing? I agree with Ed. That is just ridiculous! do you think they would have ask dumbo W to come and sing. He can’t even read a book. LOL!  Take care. I am tired ot this blog and am going on to the next one. I do not care who the President of the USA is. They deserve Respect. Even dumb W got respect.

  12. I would love to see our president sing on Idol………why not? Sounds like he has a very pleasant voice!

  13. Mirroring another’s comment above – remind me not to watch it when he’s on/if he goes on. Give me a break!! Another political stunt — why because he knows he’s going to lose this November — so you have to go on a reality singing show – to gain more popularity — as the President… if you can’t hold it there — then what makes him/Nigel think he’ll gain more there?!

  14. Mirroring another’s comment above – remind me not to watch it when he’s on/if he goes on. Give me a break!! Another political stunt — why because he knows he’s going to lose this November — so you have to go on a reality singing show – to gain more popularity — as the President… if you can’t hold it there — then what makes him/Nigel think he’ll gain more there?!

  15. Remind me not to watch  when Obama is on….  I change the station when they cover him on TV or Radio. If that happens, as a 10 year viewer, I will never watch again!!!!!!

    • I would love to hear our President sing on American Idol. Especially with Al Green. Lets be supporters not haters.

  16. He doesn’t need anymore jobs. He cant do the one he’s got now! I saw somewhere that said,” you people wanted change and that’s all your gonna get back is change(in your pockets)!

  17. do all of you believe in the word “FREEDOM” thats what America is about. Freedom is do whatever we want to do.  President or not.

  18. I would prefer that the President being at the White House doing the job that my tax money goes to pay him to do and not on a singing competition. I voted for him in ’08 and if he doesn’t start doing his job I’ll probably not vote to reelect him. Though I’ll vote for him for sure if Newt Gringrich(I couldn’t stand him back in the ’90’s and I still can’t stand him) is the Republican nominee, but if Mitt is the nominee then it will be a toss up for me.

  19. If Obummer sings on american idol…………….That will be a night I will not be watching.  He definitely will do it though, no doubt!!  all the attention he can get, even if it degrades the office, is right down his alley!!!! grrrrrrrr

  20. I will NOT watch the show – can’t stand Obama, never have and never will – can’t even watch his speaches on t.v.  Don’t believe a word he says – anyone that will apolize for Americas behavior, then to say we are NOT a christian nation will NEVER have my support in ANYTHING….  Sooooo, no – I would not watch my all time favorite show on t.v. if Obama makes an appearance – unless, of course, it’s to apologize to the American people for his behavior.

    • Nigel is trying too hard to boost the ratings. It’s gonna come back to kick him if he doesn’t stop.

  21. Wow they are going to rediculous lengths to boost ratings… Really Nigel? The president? Anyway, I only like a couple of people this season in the top 24. I thought hallie was a little bit shouty but she has a decent voice. I really like Hollie from last season. (I was mad they didn’t show her audition 🙁 ) Baylie and Jessica are really good and Eben and Aaron from the guys. This is how I see it going down…
    The top 5 girls are…
    Baylie- lots of hype from the judges and also a beautiful and smooth voice. LOCK for the T10
    Jessica- People glad to see her improvement from AGT and a nice R&B sound to her voice. Another LOCK
    Hollie- Already a strong fan base and delivers a strong SF performance.
    Hallie- This one I’m not completely positive about… if she makes it through she will be the victim of a shocker elimination… (Pia Toscano, anyone?)
    Erika- Decent soulful singer with a vibe that America can get behind. *Cough* Reinhart *Cough*
    The top 5 guys are…
    Philip2- Early hype and decent jazzy voice. In his SF performance, he could belch the song and still be in the finals.
    Eben- seems like a really nice kid. He still sounds like a kid singing but he’s OK for the top 10 I’m thinking.
    Colton- The Hollie of the guys. A really strong fan base from those who remember last year. Strong voice to pick up new fans. One word: LOCK.
    Reed- two words: PURE ENTERTAINMENT. This kid knows how to make a show fun for you to watch! He also has early hype, so he is a LOCK.
    Heejun- Very likable and has the voice to match the personality. He is going to be a fun person for America to have in the top 10.

    Wild cards-
    Stephen: Shannon- Sweet young girl with a nice voice. She touches stephen with her Wild card song, and she is his pick.
    JLO: DeAndre- Great singer and touches JLO in a special place, like Stefano last season.
    Randy: Aaron- As much as I hate randy this season, he still focuses on singing talent. I know who JLO will pick, and Stephen will pick based on personality, so randy could pick Aaron.
    Now to the finals…
    13: Bottom 3: Aaron, Shannon, and Heejun. Shannon is quickly eliminated, she is Sweet but doesn’t match up with talent.
    12: Bottom 3: Heejun, Aaron, and Erika  Aaron is the second wildcard eliminated, proveing america isn’t taking wild cards seriously.
    11: Bottom 3: Heejun, Erika, and Eben. Eben barely misses the tour. Judges realize how many people will be mad if they use the save.
    10: Bottom 3: Erika, Deandre, and Heejun. Heejun is a nice guy, but he has no chance of winning. He is eliminated in a Semi- shocker. Stephen and Jennifer want to save him, but Randy says no.
    9: Bottom 3: Deandre, Erika, and Hollie. Hollie in Shock elim! But wait! Kills it on save song and judges save a girl for the first time Eva!
    9: Bottom 3: Deandre, Erika, and Hallie. Hallie is sent to safety, ending Deandre and Erika’s run on the show.
    7: Bottom 3: Baylie, Phil, and Reed. Reed gets eliminated in the first real shocker of the season! We move on to the top 6 without our entertainer.
    6: In no particular order: The 3 left are Hallie, Baylie, and Hollie. Hallie is eliminated in another semi- shocker. The other two had stronger voices. Our top 5 is Hollie, Phil, Baylie, Colton, and Jessica.
    5: Ryan puts Baylie and Colton on one side and Phil and Jess on the other. Sends Hollie to safety and asks her to stand with the two that she thinks are safe. She refuses. Ryan leads her over to Colton and Baylie and says they are safe. Goodbye Phil.
    4: Jessica is eliminated in an upset. Hollie becomes the first saved person to make the top 3.
    3: Colton just misses the finale! First all girl finale since season 3!
    Finale: The results came in within a million votes of each other, but the winner of American idol 2012 is… Baylie Brown!
    Of course, i’m most likely dead wrong, but hey, i’m judging it based on talent!

  22. that would be plain stupid it was bad enough to watch him on  Leno he needs to do the job the taxpayers are paying him for.

  23. You people are so small and ignorant to critisize our President. Just who gave you the idea that you are so great. You all sound like small children.Our President is trying to bring peace amoung all nations. Republicans believe in war and killing.I wonder who gave the white man permission to think he was better than any one else. GOD created every living man woman and all things alive. .and we are all the same President Obama has love in his heart. am a 92 yr ripe oma, and I have gained a lot of wisdom along this  journey of LIFE

  24. I would love to have our President sing on American Idol with Al Green. Lets be supporters not haters. We need to lift our President up in prayer.

  25. It would be awesome to watch him singing on American Idol. He will be there for entertainment, come on people, why are you so negative about it? It sounds so ridiculous when people say they will stop watching the show if president comes to sing a song. I am sorry for those who feel that way and they need to be taught how we have become human being. 

  26. Nah, I want to hear the contestants, not the president. THAT’S why I watch american idol is to hear the talented contestants sing.

  27. All conservatives should start now and say this is enough! Lets boycot Idol and Nigel for making this Political. He is in love with the Demorats. My family will never watch Idol again!!

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