American Idol 2012: Shannon Magrane Discusses Her Post-Idol Plans

Shannon Magrane - American Idol 2012

Shannon Magrane sat down with MTV to discuss her American Idol 2012 elimination during the Top 12/11 week. Shannon remains very positive post-Idol and has no regrets about tackling a Mariah Carey song:

During her final performance, Magrane took on Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s “One Sweet Day,” which received relatively positive remarks from the judges. But in the end, that wasn’t enough to save her from elimination. And while “Idol” judges usually advise contestants to stay away from Carey’s power ballads, Magrane has no regrets about her song choice.

“I was happy I sang that song,” Magrane said. “What not a lot of people know about that was that I chose that song because it was a song that me and my Papa sang together,” she added of the tribute to her grandfather. “And [I] sang it because before he passed away, that was our favorite song that he would always sing to me. I just felt emotionally connected to that song.”

Shannon might have just missed her chance at the summer tour, but she hopes you haven’t seen the last of her yet. Magrane has plans to become the next triple threat: singer, actor, and dancer. Check out the video below from her MTV interview to hear her discuss what’s next.

Source: MTV News