American Idol 2012 Finale Date Announced

American Idol 2012 finale - judgesIf you’re wondering when is the American Idol 2012 finale then you’ll be glad to know FOX has set a date to crown its next American Idol winner.

The two-night Season 11 finale will stretch across Tuesday, May 22 for the final performance show featuring an undefined number of finalist singers and Wednesday, May 23 for the big results reveal. Note the shift from Idol’s usual Wednesday and Thursday air times for its last round of episodes.

Along with revealing the American Idol 2012 finale date FOX announced they’ll continue the 2-hour performance shows through the rest of the season. Previously we heard FOX would keep the performance shows at two hours through April despite a low number of remaining finalists. Now we’re seeing they’ll press on with this trend even when just a handful of singers remain. Seems my list of time-filler suggestions is more relevant than ever!

With more than two months until the season finale anything can happen!




  1. would love to see a three way finale – jessica, hollie, and skylar.  AND NO COMMERCIALS!!!!!!!!

    • I would love to see a no commercial finale but you know its not going to happen.  As far as Jessica, Hollie & Skylar, I would subsitute Phil Phillips as of right now instead of Skylar?!!!! Anything can change…LOL..  Whats up with this 2 hour shows when they are down to the Top 5, etc?…….My DVR will be working overtime!!!!

      • mine too, especially since the rangers are in the playoffs!!  i guess we have to like pp because of his name!!  close to ours!!

      • would love to but it’s much more comfortable and convenient to watch the games at home, even though my office is a block away from msg.  and ticket prices will be absurd!!  someone’s got to pay for the recent renovations, and it ain’t gonna be the dolan family!!

      • Pr63….I definitely understand where your coming from…..Tickets prices are ridiculous…….Back in the days I used to know a good friend that used to get tickets (free) so I went to a lot of playoff games (my husband is not a big sports fan).   Nothing wrong with sitting in the comfort of your own home……..

  2. My gut feelings are that Jessica Sanchez will end up about 4th place. She is definitely NOT the whole package, and will need help selecting the right songs to even get that far. She believes the hype about her compliments and that may cause her to lose her focus.

    • I put her at 5th, so we’re pretty close in our thinking.  I hope I’m wrong, but I have a bad feeling that P2 may drop out for health reasons.  I think the next 4 eliminations will be, in no particular order, Elise, Erika, Heejun and Deandre.   but I’ve been wrong too often to make any bets.

    • It won’t if she keeps herself as humble as an angel…:) And, as long as America keeps on supporting [voting] her.
      I hope your prediction is wrong. We don’t want anymore frontrunner cursing…:) 

    • I agree with you that Jessica does not have the whole package and that she seems to appear to believe the hype. She can sing but they all can sing. I am not seeing anything style-wise that sets her apart. Skylar at least has her own spunky brand. The talented Elise has an established style but will have an up hill battle getting the votes. If Elise is not the competition then I like Colton and Phillip…the girls are just that…great voices but predictable and admittedly sometimes amazing but also boring.

  3. JanJan, if Jessica does not have the whole package,  Do you have the whole package ????  (LOL)

  4. I would like not to hear the Judges commenting inconsistently!

    And…. I’d love to see and hear Jessica sing her Winning song! This will be epic—Hopefully! 🙂

  5. “Featuring an undefined number of finalist singers”?
    If Idol thinks of copying X Factor and The Voice by having more than 2 finalists in the Finale, that’s bad…really bad…

  6. HOLLIE- can belt out a song but is too limited. and dresses like she’s already 40 years old. does not own the stage when she performs.
    SKYLAR- I find her voice unique for at least ten seconds of the song but got irritated afterwards.
    ELISE- uh, ATTITUDE QUEEN. her voice quality is like of Haley Reinhart. but i like Haley more than her. maybe because the latter has more appeal.
    ERIKA- nothing especial. she can sing. eeeeeh…
    JESSICA- can sing – ballads, power ballads, R&B, soul, up beat, name it. oooooozing confidence on stage (like a pro!). and stylish!

    PP- looks like he’s having constipation every time he sings onstage. okay, i’ll admit he’s cute. that’s all.
    JOSHUA- the toughest contender of Jessica.
    HEEJUN- above average singer. extraordinary humor. looooove him! Hooray for this guy!
    COLTON- also cute. Cuter than PP, actually. but, he’s nothing but an Adam Lambert wannabe for me.
    DEANDRE- He’s okay. Falsetto is amazing. and the hair.

    If America is smart enough, it’s a girl’s year for AI.


    for the TOP 3.. and JESSICA and HOLLIE for the FINALE.. I would love to see and hear them battle their lungs out by singing power ballads then doing an upbeat tempo songs… it will be a crazier and great show if the finale would consist of the both of them.. i am rooting for my TOP 5: (and the order of elimination i want to happen..) so far i’m kinda correct with how the results showed off.. i hope my predictions will continue until the end of the show.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!




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