American Idol Season 3 Finalist Jon Peter Lewis Now On The Voice


In a very strange first, a past American Idol contestant who actually broke into the Top 10 is now a contestant on The Voice 2013.

I’m talking about American Idol Season 3’s Jon Peter Lewis. He’s now a part of a group called Midas Whale and it took me a bit to realize that’s who I was seeing on my screen. But I still didn’t believe it. So I did what every other red-blooded person would do. I Googled it. And sure enough, it was Jon Peter Lewis.

Very interesting. I guess he hasn’t actually had a career, so he definitely qualifies to be on the show. And he’s improved. He’s come a long way from when he was a Season 3 wild card winner and 8th place finisher overall.

He’s not the first Idol rejects, Jamar Rogers and Frenchie Davis, have been on The Voice, but Jon Peter is the first from the top 10 to compete on both shows.

Check out Jon Peter Lewis’ The Voice audition as half of Midas Whale below.