American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Devin Velez Reveals Top 8 Mentor

Angie Miller

Devin Velez revealed the Top 8 mentor for American Idol 2013 yesterday when he tweeted a not-so-cryptic-at-all message praising none other than Smokey Robinson. Looks like Robinson will be the smart and obvious choice for a mentor this week, but also raises the question, where were the mentors for the past two weeks?

There’s lots for these Top 8 finalists to learn about Motown music and they better have done it fast so we can avoid another week of “I had never heard of this classic song that everyone else in the world knows by heart.”

Branden also put together his weekly “sing this, not that” list that should be fun to see how it matches up with what gets delivered on the American Idol 2013 stage later this week.

Hopefully there will even more a sneak peek of some of Wednesday night’s performance songs after last week saw a leak just before the show hit the airwaves. Someone in there wants us to know what to expect and we thank them!

What do you think of Smokey Robinson as this week’s mentor for the Top 8?

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  1. smokey will have no problems with the girls. but can his brilliance get the boys in gear?? not with this collection!

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