American Idol Should Do A Fans Vs. Favorites Season

American Idol Top 12 Party - Arrivals

There has been a lot of talk about how to save American Idol after  a lackluster season of iffy talent, bickering judges and declining ratings.

There has been the popular suggestion of new judges (which is going to happen). Some have said to ditch the results shows. Some have even suggesting letting the judges decide who goes home. But the best idea I’ve ever heard comes from Entertainment Weekly. Dalton Ross over there suggests a page from the Survivor handbook with a fans vs. favorites season and I LOVE that idea.

Think about it, six of our favorite Idol “losers” competing against six newbies (just so we can continue the popular audition episodes? Wait, are those actually still popular? OK, another topic for another time. I mean think about it! Fan favorites back on the show competing for another shot! It could work, right!?

So now that I’ve got this fun idea in my head, I want to pick some favorites to return. I’m not talking about people like Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert or Kellie Pickler who have done just fine without winning, but other fan favorites that might be able to use the publicity.

My Idol Favorites Dream Team

  • Tamyra Gray (1)
  • Josh Gracin (2)
  • Diana DeGarmo (3)
  • Constantine Maroulis (4)
  • Elliot Yamin (5)
  • Mandisa (5)
  • Melinda Doolitle (6)
  • Sanjaya (just for dramatic purposes) (6)
  • David Archuleta (7)
  • Casey Abrams (10)

I couldn’t just go with six. I had to throw in some more. Who would be on your dream team?