Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson To Judge American Idol 2014?


The American Idol 2014 judges rumor mill has begun but here’s one that might have some legs: Season One champion Kelly Clarkson and Season 3 contestant Jennifer Hudson could be two of the next three American Idol judges!

E! News is reporting that a source close to the show has confirmed that Kelly and Jennifer are really close to being added to the panel and that they’re also courting Idol runners-up Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken. That would make the entire panel American Idol alum (they’re likely cutting it to three, so that means Keith Urban won’t be getting his wish).

It’s “95 percent there,” the source told E! about the alumni judge’s panel. “It’s Idol stars guiding the next generation.”

I think this idea is brilliant. In fact it would be the best idea American Idol EVER had. Ever. Did I say ever? It’s even better than my idea of a Fans vs. Favorites season. In fact forget I ever said it. THIS idea is where it’s at. If American Idol pulls this off, I think they’ll get most of their ratings back and even some fans back.

Think about it. It would be some of Idol’s favorite familiar faces doing the coaching and judging. They’ve all competed on the show and have experienced it first-hand. And they’ve also parleyed their time on the show to successful careers. So this would be Idol’s way of mixing vets with newbies, which has been a popular reality TV format for other shows. I’m so set on this idea now that I’ll be incredibly disappointed if this doesn’t happen.

What do you think of this idea? Would you like to see Kelly, Jennifer and Clay or Adam?




  1. Sounds great to me. I’m already looking forward to some of the performances by these Idol alumni judges. However, I will not get my hopes up too high. Just getting rid of all the “drama” and controversy of Season 12 is a step in the right direction.

  2. I like this idea a lot. I have high hopes for the upcoming season. This past one was a disaster. My main hope now is that people realize that these judges are doing this to help the contestants. Therefore if a judge doesn’t give glowing praise to your favorite contestant that people don’t get down on them.

  3. Keith Urban SHOULD return!! He has already expressed his desire to return, and he should NOT be punished for being a judge in the lowest-rated season of AI…especially when his presence as a judge this past season, imho, kept the show from being canceled altogether. PLEASE, for the Love of God, bring Keith Urban back. (BTW, I do like the idea of Clarkson and Hudson returning…just, please, do not bring Aiken and Lambert back.)

  4. Adam or Clay? Neither one of these two will be appealing to many who watch, AI. I’ve seen Adam perform some very risque things on television, and it turned me off, from ever giving him the time of day. Clay will certainly not make any girls swoon as they did with Keith. Kelly is awesome and Jennifer too. We’ve had a whole season of women on Idol, Isn’t it time to have maybe two attractive guys on the panel and one female like Kelly or Jennifer?

  5. Yes to the ladies no to the men. Just add people who know what they are talking about…..and we know what they are saying.

  6. Wasn’t Clarkson a judge on another contest? I believer I watched last year, I didn’t care for her as a judge. She’s too much about herself. Bring in somebody that doesnt’ want it to be about them for a change. Keith is a good judge.

    • You obviously don’t know much about Kelly…She is not all about herself. Youtube some interviews, past performances, etc,,,You’ll find out otherwise. For example, she covered a Patty Griffin song on American Idol for their Idol Gives Back campaign instead of performing her single that was about to be released because she didn’t feel like that it was right to promote herself when the show was about charity.

  7. Keep Keith please as he was the best…
    Either Jennifer L or someolne of her caliber and maybe one of the three you mentioned above. But we need experience for these kids and someone great to take Jimmies place

  8. NOOOO on Adam & Clay… not a fan of either one…. LOVED Keith Urban… the best judge they’ve had in years. Like Kelly & Jennifer…. they would make a great “threesome” of judges 🙂

    • Seems to me that not many people like Adam L !! We don’t get to hear of him at all in the UK, and I don’t think he would go down too well anyway. He was SO promising during his season, I loved him then. Now, he appears weird and – yes – a bit of a screamer. But, most importantly of all – BRING BACK KEITH! I can’t say it often enough. Producers, all of you involvedf with AI – please take notice of what people are saying on here.!!!!!!

      • You don’t hear of Adam at all in the UK? Where were you last summer when he toured with Queen and had three shows in London?? How often do you hear of Clay in the UK? LOL

  9. I love Adam Lambert! He is NOT WEIRD! He is gracious and would make an excellent judge!!!

    • Totally agree. Adam was a mentor a few seasons back and he was good. I’d rather have Adam then Clay any day……

      • I’m just the opposite. Do want Clay. Don’t want Adam. Clay is smart and funny and would be great. But I’d take Adam if I could also have Clay. 🙂

  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on Adam Lambert. Yes on the other 3. And also please keep Keith Urban! Thank you!

  11. I like it but I still think there should be some really famous and experienced person on the panel as well. I’d keep Mariah to see if she gets better without Nicki lol.

  12. I actually think that Clay would be good especially if Jennifer and Kelly signed on. I think that the three of them would have a good dynamic. Clay and Kelly toured together shortly after his season of Idol and really seem to have a good working chemistry. The problem is that Jennifer says that she won’t do it unless Kelly does and Kelly has always been pretty adamant about not being a judge on American Idol because it is not her thing. She enjoys mentoring but not judging. I would love to see this happen though, I just don’t think it will.

  13. Its a good idea, but maybe they need to also bring in/back the likes of Keith Urban and maybe even Harry Connick Jnr to make up a 4 person panel, who would then have a mixture of maturity, experience and the know how of what makes American Idols tick… Just a thought…

    • I think Harry Connick Jr would be great. He was my favorite mentor this past season; I think he gave the best advice and to top it off has a great sense of humor.

  14. Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, Barry Manilow or Harry Connick, Jr. or maybe Michael Buble’ would all make great judges.

  15. I”m not to excited about the idea.Why would a contestant make a better judge than say a college music professor or a music producer or conductor.?Popularity? Same old game !!!

  16. What a great idea! Kelly and Jennifer and the best of the male top 4, be they a winner or not. Who might be the male judge? Daughtry?

  17. Two thumbs up for Keith’s return! Love Kelly & Jennifer too! Don’t want to hear what Adam or Clay have to say! Need another male STAR!! Plz!!!!!

  18. Idk about you, but something about having Idol alums as judges turns me off. I think they should have auditions for judges and pick people who aren’t famous, because the singers make the show, not the judges. Remember that no one knew who Randy, Simon or Ryan Seacrest were before American Idol began. Although I wouldn’t mind them keeping Keith Urban as a judge.

  19. Also in my opinion, if they want to get the show’s ratings up to par with those of its prime (2006) then they need to follow the pattern that those seasons followed. 3 judges, 2 guys and 1 girl. Pick singers based solely on singing talent and not let the judges overpraise or underpraise any one contestant like they did this year.

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