David Cook Slams Caleb Johnson Insult He Isn’t a ‘Real Rocker’ [VIDEO]

American Idol winner David Cook is not too pleased with being dissed by season 13 champ Caleb Johnson. In interviews following his 2014 win, Caleb has stated repeatedly that he’s the first “real rocker” to win American Idol. He’s even directly insulted former winner David Cook by saying he only did “pop rock stuff” and there was no comparison between the two of them.

David Cook - Laying Me Low
David Cook on American Idol (FOX)

In a recent interview with Yahoo Music, Caleb Johnson once again smugly said that he was the only “real rocker” to be an American Idol winner.

“David Cook…he’s like pop rock,” Caleb said. “He never really did stuff like Zeppelin or Rush. He was more so. like…Alternative?”

Well, David would like to argue that Caleb is dead wrong that he doesn’t qualify as a “real rocker” in the music world. In fact, he decided he was going to prove the exact opposite was true at a recent concert captured on video.

David doesn’t specifically mention Caleb’s name, but it is obvious who he is talking about when he says he “read somewhere that somebody said that I wasn’t really rock.” The concert crowd obviously thinks anyone who would say David isn’t rock is ridiculous, considering how loud they booed that statement.

“I read that. So, we’re going to do this next song in an attempt to prove him wrong,” David said, before launching into a seriously rocking cover of “Rock ‘n’ Roll/Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin.

We would say that David Cook made his point loud and clear with that performance. How about it Caleb, you think David might be a “real rocker” now?