Caleb Johnson Wins American Idol 2014: Watch All His Performances! [VIDEOS]

American Idol 2014 winner Caleb Johnson auditioned for the show repeatedly and didn’t make it through to the finals, but this time he made it all the way to the top at last. Defying the odds, Caleb was the first rocker to win American Idol since David Cook way back in season 7.

Caleb Johnson

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Caleb auditioned for American Idol season 10 and made it almost to the Top 24 in season 11. Back yet again for season 13, he was hoping the third time would be the charm. Apparently it was, since America voted him all the way to the end as the American Idol season 13 winner!

Southern rocker Caleb Johnson actually auditioned in two different cities for American Idol in 2011, according to The first time, he said, he was so nervous that he sang with his eyes closed the whole time. His mom pushed him to give it another go, so he ended up flying out to Austin, Texas for a second try.

For that audition, the Erwin High graduate impressed American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson with a rendition of “Rusty Cage” by Soundgarden. Here’s a video clip from 2011 featuring a tiny bit of Caleb’s audition for the American Idol judges back then.

During Hollywood Week, Caleb ended up in a horrible group number with future season 10 finalist James Durbin. James is lucky he survived Hollywood at all after this group performance, Caleb wasn’t as lucky.

Caleb returned in 2012 to try again to make it to the finals on American Idol season 12, calling the show “addictive” in an interview with He made it through the auditions in Savannah that year and got a Golden Ticket to Hollywood, but was cut before the Top 24. We didn’t get to see his audition reel from season 11, but we got a little taste of him in Vegas Week during a group performance of “It’s My Party” by Lesley Gore and “Burning Love” by Elvis.

Caleb is definitely a rocker, which is a genre we always like to see well represented on American Idol. Back home in Asheville, NC, Caleb Johnson played in bands such as Rock Bottom and Elijah Hooker, and has guested with groups like Skinny Legs and All — which happens to be fronted by another former American Idol hopeful, Jesse Barry — according to He’s also a songwriter, which we always enjoy. Here’s one of his originals below for you to enjoy called “Down To The River.”

Watch plenty more of American Idol Caleb Johnson in action on his YouTube channel and you can take a look back at all of Caleb Johnson’s awesome American Idol performances throughout the season below.

Caleb Johnson American Idol Performances

Season 13 Audition:

Road to Hollywood:

Hollywood Week Solo:

Hollywood Week Final Judgement:

Top 31 This Is Real Profile:

Semifinals Rush Week:

Top 13 Performance:

Top 12 Performance:

Top 11 Audition For Caleb Johnson:

Top 11 Performance:

Top 10 Performance:

Top 9 Performance:

Top 8 Performance:

Top 8 Redux Performances:

Top 7 Performances:

Top 6 Performances:

Top 5 Performances:

Top 4 Performances:

Top 3 Performances:

Caleb Johnson Hometown Visit:

Top 2 Performances:

American Idol Finale & Results:




  1. You need a soft song. Consider something by JOHN ANDERSON from Yes. His solo in The gates of delirium (about 16 mins into the song) will do the job for you.

    • He sang “Skyfall” a few weeks ago! Talk about a soft & SLOW song! Caleb rocked it though! Tonight’s performance of “Faithfully” was soft, slow & amazing! Caleb’s a ROCKER–why not just appreciate him rockin’ it out like he did with Zepplin’s “Dazed & Confused”?!!!

      • I voted for Caleb each time and I’m not really into rock, but love, love his voice and performance!

    • Caleb is going to win this year’s American Idol and the reason being he can sing, he can perform, and he does both extremely well. Is that not what American Idol is all about? Everything else aside, that is what it is all about!

  2. Queen – We are the Champions. Caleb, if you can pull this one off, you are worthy of the future you will probably get even if you dont! But please do sing this.

  3. Celeb the comment you made about making old ladies cry just lost you a vote. I saw Journey 5 times in the 80s and Randy was NEVER IN THE BAND! I met Steve Perry too! I hope you can learn a little humility! AGE is just a number baby!

    • Just an FYI Kim: Randy Jackson played bass in Journey in 1986!! I’m one of the old ladies (still rockin’ at age 50!) that cried when Caleb sang Faithfully– then I voted for him 300 times!! He’s awesome & a true performer! He never meant to say it in a derogatory way!! People need to relax & not take everything so personally! Steven Tyler said the same thing!! 🙂

  4. Caleb is lazyyyyyyyyyyy no effort just mouth. 3rd at best when this is finally done.

  5. Hey Caleb, plz do “Old Time Rock n roll” by Bob Segar!!!
    Love u! Ur the winner!

  6. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!! Not only is he this year’s American Idol, but Caleb Johnson is the next huge thing to the music world. Do not fall behind, be up front and ahead of everyone to know that. I am telling you this because there is no way around it. I belong to a Think Tank and the only question we have is will American Idol truly be prepared and ready to handle with matching electricity Caleb winning. Watch, bring your family and friends, and their friends, watch this unfold on American Idol. It is going to be huge!

  7. Jena or Alex will win this million percent CALEB WIll come in second.why do I say that
    1.Jena has a sensational voice and Caleb is getting predictable im still confused why he made it to the finals and not jessica
    2. Caleb will have a future in the music industry but he needs to work on not being predictable
    3.Alex is original and caleb is boring TBH
    If I could vote and choose the top 2 it will be Jena and Alex

    • Alex has a fixable problem…his non-expressional face. Although I suppose whatever his style is some people enjoy it. Jena just screams and screeches. She will get better as she get older. But, Kaleb is the whole package. He brings electrifying performances and stage presence. It comes from within. You either have it or you don’t He’s got it. Can’t wait for him and KISS to perform. Judges were good this year. I might watch next season.

  8. I think Caleb has one of the most important qualities as an artist the freedom of creative expression together with amazing gift of spontaneous improvisation. there is so much of creativity inside of his head and heart! Jena is superb also, but somehow Caleb’s talent strikes me as a bigger one!

  9. I had no idea Caleb tried out for American Idol so many times before. On that, I have two comments:
    1- Thank you Caleb for not giving up. Lesser people may have.
    2- With the voice Caleb has, how was he overlooked so many times in seasons past.

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