Former Finalist Burnell Taylor Bashes American Idol 2014

Former American Idol finalist Burnell Taylor is just about sick of anyone and everyone who has been calling this the “best season” of the show ever. He’s so annoyed by the constant use of the phrase that he actually came out on Twitter to publicly bash American Idol 2014 and this season’s finalists.

Burnell Taylor

In a Tweet backhandedly slamming this season’s contestants, Burnell threw shade at anyone calling this the “best season” ever. As his example of why this is statement is patently untrue, Burnell posted a link to a video of the American Idol 2014 Top 9 singing during last week’s performance show.

American Idol Burnell Taylor

Burnell Taylor later deleted the Tweet, but not before it was already too late to take it back. Once you’ve posted it out there, it’s a matter of record and just deleting it isn’t going to do anything. Especially when there is this nifty thing called a ‘screenshot’ like the one from MJsBigBlog above

After stirring up a mess of outrage over his statement, with some fans calling him arrogant and full of himself, Burnell posted another follow up Tweet later.

We personally think this might be one of the best American Idol judges’ panels in the show’s long history, but we can understand Burnell’s frustration. This isn’t the “best season” of the show ever and that phrase is so overused every single season that we never want to hear it again.

However, we think Burnell took things a bit too far with his public smackdown. How can you call out people for disrespecting you, when you just disrespected nine contestants in public who are singing their hearts out just like you did?