Is Howard Stern Heading to American Idol?

As rumors abound all over the internet about the possible Simon Cowell replacement in Howard Stern, my husband is jumping for joy while I am absolutely horrified.  Surely this is all just a ploy to keep people talking about the situation.

Last week Jamie Foxx was at the top of the list and the week before that it was Tommy Mottola.  For a show that should be all about finding the “best” singer in America, this year all the focus is on the judges/guest judges. 

In several articles found on the internet, Howard Stern is being courted by Idol executives who would love for him to come on board and replace Cowell.  Really?  I just don’t see it.  How could they possibly want a guy like Stern?  We would then have two judges on the panel who know absolutely nothing about the music business.  And with Stern, wouldn’t you have to worry about him constantly criticizing contestants on the size of their boobs? 

Not to worry, sources close to Stern claim he doesn’t want to travel around the country to the audition cities or live in Los Angeles for the majority of the year.  He is hoping Sirius will renew his contract when it comes up January 2011.  Stern already makes 100 million dollars a year for his radio show so why would he give that up?  I don’t see it happening.  Just my opinion.

How would you feel to have Stern sitting at the judges table next season?

Update – More details on the potential of Stern joining the cast of judges:

I think we can dispel the rumors about Howard Stern coming to idol. Today on his radio show he said he would do it for 100 Million which is what he makes annually for his radio show. Simon only made 50 million so I doubt Stern would be paid more than him. His contract is up Jan 2011 so this is all a ploy to get his contract renewed. Here are some other quotes from Stern about AI:

On Kris Allen: “I wouldn’t even put through that good looking kid who won. … He never would have even been through.”

On Adam Lambert: “I would have straightened out that Adam Lambert, number one. That’s why his career tanked — the kid had more publicity than anyone and he f—ed up.”

On Carrie Underwood: I would’ve told her to lose weight. I remember she was chubby.”

On Ellen DeGeneres: “‘Go ahead Ellen, why don’t you do that dumb dance you do on your show? Here’s my taser.’”

On Randy Jackson: “Can you imagine me sitting there with like a little ping-pong paddle, and I smack Randy Jackson’s belly every time he opens his dopey mouth?”

With comments like these I doubt AI producers would ever allow him on the show. Why they feel the need to constantly put someone different out there each week is beyond me. Now they are saying the front runner is Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary. I honestly believe that we will not know until they want us too. Remember Ellen? No one had any idea she would be coming on board until she announced it on her talk show.