American Idol 2010 Hollywood Week Round 1 Tonight

Get ready, American Idol fans! Tonight we’ll be introduced to the newest judge for American Idol 2010, Ellen DeGeneres, who replaced Paula Abdul.

This will be the first of three Hollywood Week rounds with the pressure building to the big reveal of the season’s Top 24 Idol contestants. Of course, if you don’t want to wait for that episode next week then you can check out the Top 24 Idol spoilers right now. Be ready tonight when the episode airs from 8-9PM (ET/PT)!

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  1. I can’t wait to see if Ellen lives up to the hype surrounding her debut as a judge. Also looking forward to seeing more of the top 24 contestants. Thank God we’ve moved on past the audition stage. It seemed like it took forever to get through all that this year.

  2. 3 weeks definitely felt like a long time for auditions.

    Ellen’s debut has a lot riding on it. I’m anxious to see how it goes. She’ll have to come out swinging!

  3. I am a huge Ellen fan, so I really hope she does well. We will get to see the real singers now..cant wait. hey Ashley

  4. Hey blackgirl! I am also an Ellen fan but not sure I think she should be on ai. It has nothing to do with her sexual orientation because that is none of my business and I’m not judgmental about things like that. I just think that this show needs judges in the music industry. I know we vote and the majority of us don’t have a background in this area but we do buy the records. I think the judges should have this experience because the contestants need to know what to improve on and how to go about it. I hope she can bring this to the table for their sake.

  5. I am a big fan of American Idol. I have been watching and supporting the fundraisers since season 1. But if the rumors are true about Howard Stern replacing Simon, I will no longer support the show a long with many others that think he is sick in the head.

  6. I think that Danny Jones should have gone farther than he did… He is such a good singer! Plus, as a bonus to that, he is one of the most down-to-earth gus that I’ve ver met, after being on TV… But, I guess that’s just my opinion!

  7. I think the end of american idol is coming soon. you should have not chosen ellen be cause america isn’t going to accept watching her kind. i have been watching since the second season and ive lost interest this year

  8. I think Idol has already reached its peak. I mean how much further can they push this series. What is this, the 9th season. We always get the waw waw stories of how bad contestants lives are, we know that, some of us have lived some of those lives. The real killer is Simon is leaving. Is it hard to understand producers that he is the show. You must then have a feeling that Idol will lose its slot very soon. That’s why you did not fork over the dough to keep him. Also, ellen offers nothing to the panel. You might as well as pulled someone off the street to be a judge. Here’s an idea, kick Karla whats her name and ellen off the show, just have simon and randy. That way you would have better use of the judges.

  9. disagree Genjiro, Kara is a fantastic judge who knows her stuff. Her comments are second to none, and she delivers the truth with empathy and kindness.

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