Keith Urban Crops The Top – See The New Look & Vote

There are a lot of important trends to watch on American Idol Season 13 like the improved judges panel, better talent, television ratings, and perhaps most importantly: Keith Urban’s haircut. Okay, maybe not “most importantly” but it’s got to be up there, right?

Keith Urban on American Idol 2014

When the American Idol 2014 auditions kicked off we saw a long haired Keith Urban sitting at the judges panel aside Jennifer and Harry. Now with our first glimpse at Hollywood Week we’re now seeing a much different look from Keith with a shorter, puffy-er hairdo. This raises the oh-so critical question: Which Keith-do is better? Long, flow-y or short & puffy-er?

Check out all the pictures of Keith Urban’s latest looks in the image gallery below and then vote in our poll to help decide which is the better look for this American Idol judge! His long locks of the audition rounds or the new, shorter ‘do he’s now rocking?

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Image source: FOX, Nino Munoz, & Michael Bender