American Idol 13 Kenzie Hall “Can’t Hold Us” Performance – Hollywood Week Sneak Peek

Hollywood Week arrives this Wednesday, February 5, 2014 for American Idol 13 and we’re ready to check out what’s going on in the performances. FOX has provided this sneak peek of Kenzie Hall performing her solo round.

Kenzie Hall on American Idol

The solo rounds will air on either Wednesday or Thursday while the “Hollywood Or Home” will definitely air on Wednesday’s two-hour show. So we should end up seeing Kenzie’s performance this week either way.

Here she is performing a solo of “Can’t Hold Us” with her guitar like she did in her audition (guitar, not the song) and impressing the judges once again. Keith Urban is smiling as he makes notes on her solo while Jennifer has a very satisfied reaction to what Kenzie delivers.

Is Kenzie Hall’s performance enough to survive Hollywood Week and move on to the next round? Check our Top 31 spoilers list and see if she made it!