American Idol 2016: Ryan Seacrest Open To Original Judges Return

American Idol original panel of Judges & host
One last season awaits us with American Idol 2016 as FOX prepares to say goodbye to its former ratings juggernaut and send it off in to the sunset. What better opportunity to reflect on what made the show great when it started all those years ago? Speaking with FOX Audio [...]

Harry Connick Jr Calls Nick’s Win “Amazing” & “Unexpected” [Interview]

Harry Connick Jr. & Nick Fradiani after American Idol finale
American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr was thrilled for Nick Fradiani this week when he took the top prize as winner of American Idol. Talking with FOX Audio Central Connick reflected on how this was almost a contestant who never was. “It’s amazing. I really thought it could have gone [...]

Clark Beckham Talks American Idol Experience & What’s Next [Interview]

Clark Beckham performs on American Idol 2015
Clark Beckham topped off an impressive American Idol season this week when he became the Season 14 runner-up and while that may have disappointed his fans it’s not something that’s going to hold Clark back. Speaking with FOX Audio Central after the season finale this Wednesday Clark remained optimistic for [...]

Nick Fradiani Says American Idol Win “Does Not Seem Real Yet” [Interview]

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American Idol 2015 winner is Nick Fradiani
It’s been a day since Nick Fradiani was crowned the winner of American Idol, but his win is still surreal to the contestant who beat out a tough challenger in Clark Beckham for the Season 14 crown. No one might have been more surprised at his success than Nick himself. [...]

American Idol Winner Nick Fradiani’s Album Available Now On Pre-Order

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Nick Fradiani congratulated by fellow Idol contestants
As we heard from Scott Borchetta during the finale last night, the winner of American Idol 2015 wouldn’t waste any time in getting out there and promoting his music and budding career. The first step came quickly, just as promised, with the “For Sale” sign going up over Nick’s upcoming [...]

American Idol 2015 Finale: Behind The Scenes Photos & Fun

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Ryan Seacrest selfie with Clark & Nick at American Idol finale
American Idol crowned its Season 14 winner last night when the confetti fell on Hopeful Nick Fradiani who beat out competitor Clark Beckham for a win that surprised many and pleased even more. Congrats to Nick and Clark for delivering an exciting season and fantastic two-night finale. Celebrating what will [...]

American Idol 2015: Top 10 Performances Of Season 14

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Nick Fradiani performs on AMERICAN IDOL
Nick Fradiani became the somewhat surprising winner of American Idol 2015 Wednesday night, closing out a season filled with great performances. So now it’s time to look back at those great moments and give you the Top 10 performances. Let’s start with Number 10. 10. Joey Cook, “Fancy.” Joey was never [...]

American Idol 2015 Winner Revealed: Finale Results Recap

American Idol 2015 winner revealed by host Ryan Seacrest
The American Idol 2015 winner was revealed last night when Ryan Seacrest dimmed the lights one last time on Season 14 to announce whether Clark Beckham or Nick Fradiani had won this season’s top honors and the crown. Following Tuesday’s elimination of Jax we were left with the Top 2 [...]

American Idol 2015 Finale: Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban Interview

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American Idol 2015 judges Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban sat down with FOX Audio Central after last night’s kick off to the Season 14 finale to discuss Jax’s elimination and the Clark Beckham/Nick Fradiani pairing. “You know it was sad to see Jax go,” Harry said. “We’ve all come [...]

American Idol 2015 Finale: Clark Beckham Interview

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Clark Beckham performs on AMERICAN IDOL
Will Clark Beckham be the next American Idol winner? If the fans here on our site had anything to say about it in the American Idol votes last night, he very well might be. The charismatic young singer has been a fan favorite with our readers for quite a while. Regardless [...]
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