American Idol 2015 Finale: Clark Beckham Interview

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Clark Beckham performs on AMERICAN IDOL
Will Clark Beckham be the next American Idol winner? If the fans here on our site had anything to say about it in the American Idol votes last night, he very well might be. The charismatic young singer has been a fan favorite with our readers for quite a while. Regardless [...]

American Idol 2015 Finale: Nick Fradiani Interview

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Nick Fradiani performs on AMERICAN IDOL
At the end of the American Idol 2015 tonight, either Clark Beckham or Nick Fradiani will walk away as the next-to-last American Idol winner. Both singers feel they gave everything they possibly could have in their final performances for the voters on Tuesday night. Now it just comes down to who [...]

Jax Says Farewell To American Idol 2015 With A Smile [Interview]

Jax performs in American Idol 2015's Top 42 round
In what was likely a shocking results show last night for many American Idol fans, Jax was eliminated just shy of making it to the Season 14 finale and her chance at winning the crown. Despite the awkward and cold delivery of the news at the start of the show, [...]

Tonight On American Idol 2015: Season Finale & Winner Crowned

American Idol 2015 Finale show on FOX - CR: Michael Becker / FOX
Tonight on American Idol the season finale wraps up its two-night special event as the Season 14’s Top 2 contestants await the results of your votes and decision: who is the winner of American Idol 2015? We watched as Nick Fradiani and Clark Beckham battled it out behind the mic [...]

American Idol 2015 Winner Prediction: Clark Vs Nick For The Crown

American Idol 2015 Top 2 Finale Faceoff
We’re about to see the American Idol 2015 winner crowned when Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani return to the Dolby Theatre for one more night of Idol Season 14. Who will take the crown? For the better part of the finalist phase of the season I thought we were looking [...]

American Idol 2015 Top 2 Finale Night Photo Gallery [PICS]

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American Idol 2015 Finale Performances
Last night’s American Idol 2015 finale performance show said goodbye to Jax after a season long run that looked like a lock for the final showdown. Instead singers Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani took center stage and sang their hearts out for your votes. Both American Idol Hopefuls gave it [...]

Who Will Win American Idol 2015? Update: Final Two Revealed

American Idol 2015 Top 2 contestants
Who won American Idol 2015? That’s a question a lot of people will be asking in a week. But now the question is Who will win American Idol 2015? After this week’s final four results, we now know it won’t be Rayvon Owens. So will it be Jax, Clark Beckham [...]

American Idol Results: Who Went Home Last Night On American Idol? 5/12/2015

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Dim the lights. Here we go. The American Idol results were revealed last night as the Top 2 contestants from the remaining final three are made official by your results when announced by host Ryan Seacrest. Who was voted off American Idol last night? Let’s find out. All three finalists [...]

American Idol 2015 Top 2 Performances Recap [VIDEO]

American Idol 2015 Finale on FOX
It all comes down to this. The American Idol Top 2 performances tonight set the stage to find out who won American Idol 2015 as the two-night Finale eliminates one more contestant and the last two Hopefuls face off one more time in Season 14. Prepare for 3 big performances [...]

American Idol 2015: Vote For Best Top 2 Performance [POLL]

Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol 2015 Top 4 night
Who gave the most outstanding performance of the tonight for the Top 2 of American Idol 2015? We began the night with three but the latest elimination sent us down to just the final two. This is your final chance to help your favorite contestant as there are no more [...]
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