American Idol Season 22 Episode 3: More Amazing Auditions

AMERICAN IDOL 703 (Auditions) (Disney/Eric McCandless )

We’re still in the early stages of American Idol 2024’s audition rounds. The show has been insanely good so far. We’ve had two nights of unbelievable auditions. The contestants are not playing around and are ready to claim their golden ticket. Both as a ticket to Hollywood and a potential long music career. 

In some American Idol Seasons, you kind of just know who will win early in the process. For some, it’s even apparent during their first audition. They have something that stands out and keeps you thinking of them throughout the season.

Iam Tongi was that person last season. I didn’t once believe that he wouldn’t win the show. He was that good.  However, for American Idol 22, the door seems wide open for anyone to win (so far). A frontrunner won’t likely (if ever) emerge until the live shows. Right now, I am very much enjoying that I think so many of them have a chance to win this thing. It may be one of the most talented bunch in a while. 

AMERICAN IDOL 703 (Auditions) (Disney/Eric McCandless)

This makes American Idol 22 very exciting. Let’s see if this season can continue to amaze with auditions, and if a frontrunner may emerge before we hit the top 12. Let’s get into the latest American Idol 2024 recap.


We kick of tonight’s auditions at Leesburg, Alabama, Luke Bryan‘s hometown.  The first to audition is Max Dasher. He sings “Rock Salt and Nails” by Utah Philips. Luke gives him some advice on how to add some swagger/attitude to his presence. He is going to Hollywood. His sister is also auditioning. Her name is Laela Dasher. Max plays the guitar for her audition. Laela sings “Angel from Montgomery” by John Prine. Katy Perry says that the siblings have the same delivery but she was looking for more in tone. They’re then asked if they do anything together. They perform together.

Katy gives Laela a no because she thinks Max has a little range on her. However, Luke and Lionel Richie give her a yes. They’re both going to Hollywood.

Londoner Scarlett Lee shows up in Katy’s hometown, Santa Barbara, to audition. She sings “Clown” by Emeli Sande. She gets a standing ovation from the judges. Luke compliments her personality and Lionel says her trip was worth it. Katy gives a long speech and says her soul is coming through. She gets three yeses to Hollywood.

Nick Connors’ sings “Easy on Me” by Adele.  He sings again. Luke says that he’s relying on falsetto too much but thinks he has some interesting stuff with his voice. Katy asks him to sing the chorus with more volume. Luke thinks he needs some coaching but is really good. Katy thinks he’s potentially one of their best vocalists. Lionel thinks he has a signature voice. They all give him yeses to Hollywood.

Jennifer Jeffries sings her original song “Change My Ways.” They’re all intrigued by the uniqueness of her voice. She gets a golden ticket.

Kimi from Albania talks about the influence of American Idol on his life. It was something that bonded him and his mom. He talks about taking care of her and wanting to do this audition for them. He sings “Heal” by Tom Odell. He breaks down after his audition. The judges comfort him and give him a chance to sing again. He sings “Love You in the Dark” by Adele.

Luke says he’s close to being a badass singer. Katy says he can’t sing defeated for his mom. They allow him to call his mom. They let him directly to her and in Albanian. He’s going to Hollywood.

Aniston Pate sings an original song called “hummingbird” about her mother. They give her some advice on how to improve her original song and performance. She gets three yeses and going to Hollywood. Madai Chakell sings “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry.  They enjoy her performance by Katy asks her to sing “Happy Birthday.” Katy and Lionel give her a yes, but Luke thinks she has a couple more years to figure out herself as an artist. She’s going to Hollywood.

CJ Rislove sings “The Astronaut and the Rockstar,” an original song he wrote the day before his auditions. He sings it because Katy makes him do it. They give him yeses and then they go see his bus home.  Kyra Waits talks about her journey which includes auditioning for the last five years and her mother’s addiction issues.  She sings “Up to the Mountain” by Patty Griffin. Katy says her voice needs some shaping but she has a great big voice. She gets yeses from all the judges.

Will Moseley is the final audition for tonight. He sings his original “Gone for Good.” Lionel has to go but gives Will a yes before he leaves. Katy and Luke stay to watch him finish. They give him the golden ticket. Lionel briefly returns via video call.

AMERICAN IDOL 703 (Auditions)(Disney/Eric McCandless)


The American Idol judges and host Ryan Seacrest throw a carnival birthday for Katy.

Donahue Diaries performs “I Want You To Want Me” by Cheap Trick. The judges love his personality but he gets a no to Hollywood. This goes into a segment about the judges being teachers too and helping people with their auditions by giving them advice.

There is a Ryan appreciation segment. It shows why the auditioners enjoy him. There is a random segment on Luke getting a vitamin IV because he refuses to take vitamins orally.

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