Adam Lambert Might Be Gay – Pictures

Adam Lambert, who made it through to the American Idol 2009 Top 12 last week, might be gay and that’s being generous. Revealing photos appeared on the interwebs over the weekend which show Lambert locking lips in several pictures with the same male.

How will the gay exposure of Adam Lambert affect his votes? He still has some time before performing again so he’s probably hoping this will all blow over quickly.

Was anyone else surprised by this?

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  1. I don’t know why it matters that he’s gay. Hopefully it won’t affect his vote. I hope he wins. He is still the hottest guy in the known world. 🙂

  2. Ur still sooooooooooooooo hot!!!
    If u liked gurls u’d be married 2 me by now.

  3. I would kick his but slam to the curb i can`t beleave simon cowel puts up with that kind of crap because that is bad advertising and cause the ratings to drop to the bottom

  4. I knew he was just by looking at him. I can’t believe anyone is surprised by this.I don’t think it should matter but to be honest,it will most likely hurt his chances…

  5. Everybody saw Adam at the first time, we think he is a gay or maybe not..but its DOESN’T MATTER,Important is “HE IS A NICE PERSON AND HE MAKE A PEOPLE HAPPY BECAUSE HE CAN SING and PERFORM to the audience.
    This gay pictures of Adam makes the people feel bad to him..NO WAY! your wrong maybe we feel bad to you because you are the one who make Adam bad …youre so PITY man!,and youre the one who make your country turn down because your bad to the people esp. to Adam Lambert..Leave him alone OKEY!

  6. Who really cares!! It’s not like any little girl watching the show had a chance to date him anyways! He is still an amazing singer and that is all the should matter!! I hope this doesn’t affect the voting and I hope Adam wins!

  7. I really care! He is a part of the problem, loss of morales in America, He is a pervert, don’t want him in my house. Why can’t we just have decent people with talent up there, not this type of trash? He is a bad example of American talent. The show is now cancelled from my TV timer.

  8. I cant believe we are still living in the dark age of sexual orientation is of consequence, someone obviously is jealous and decided to sling some dirt his way. His talent has nothing to do with these photos, grow up people like none of us have had any embarrassing moments.

  9. man… is it really that important. There are a lot worse things people around the world and in America are doing then this guy being gay. people have got WAY to much time on there hands to actually sit there and sqabble over this guys love life, sorry ladies hes just not that into you.. hehehe

  10. C’mon people do you really have nothing better to do than to debate someone’s sexual preference? I predict Adam to be in the final 4. He has been one of MY favorites from the onset of this competition. His sexual orientation is neither here nor there. We are supposed to be making our choice based on vocal talent/ability and the fact is…. THE MAN CAN SING THE H*~~ out of some music. GO ADAM-you have my vote no matter who you sleep with!!!!

  11. Is this 2009??? Are we STILL so small and narrow minded? He’s not being judged on being a stud!! It’s a singing compition. He rocks!! Looks alot like Elvis.

  12. Whether Adam is gay or not is no one’s business. This is American Idol – and it is a singing competition. I’m sure there have been straight AND gay people competing over the past competitions…Let’s just stop being so Homo-phobic already. I think people who are against The Human Rights Campaign are ignorant, narrow-minded, and unjust. And THAT’S coming from a “straight” married woman in her mid-50s. Why don’t we get our priorities straight. Good people are good people – and it has NOTHING to do with their sexual orientation.

  13. Well Good that he’s gay..yay…cute boy. Not very flattering snapshots though. Too bad they came out to perhaps damage his chances to show his talent. I wish him luck and know we will see him regardless of his gayness. He out weighs Clay and that boy with the little head bands.
    yeah so I’m going to vote…..I wish him luck. I’m a big old lez and am rooting for the boy.

  14. my sister will definitely be surprised about this. she like adam a lot. anyway, can I copy the photos in my blog?


  15. Why can’t people accept who we really are, rather than getting into their personal business! Regardless of his sexual orientation, Adam is truely one of your best singers on American Idol, and I hope he’ll continue to sing for us every week throughout the season finale. Season 8 winnner?

  16. a person has to be ridiculously naive or in denial to think that there haven’t been gay contestants in the top twelve in every season of american idol. anyone with a little sense can look at a lineup and pick them out. what i find shameful are the people that trump up so-called “morality”. what i find immoral (and because it’s obvious these statements come from devout christians) and infinitely un-christian is judging or hating him because he doesn’t fall into your narrow minded idea of “morality”. hatred, intolerance, and dishonesty (especially with oneself) are the most immoral qualities i can think of. be a good christian and learn to love people, because you know you don’t want them turning around and judging you the way you think you have a right to judge them.

  17. isn’t he in broadway or something? this looks like it could be some play he’s rehearsing..

  18. I don’t see any problem with him being gay..or straight if this isn’t true.. at the end of the day he’s on there to show off his amazing talents as a singer and he’s done that.. end of. good luck to him i say

  19. Remember the guy last year that could sing great and made it to the top 12 and then we found out he was gay and the very next week he was cut…America are the ones voting from this point and I’m afraid the majority of America is STILL not ready for a GAY to be a super star. They don’t mind Gays having some success like with Clay or the ones doing the Vegas Shows but that’s as far as it goes…As disappointed as I’ll be when he gets voting off I’m afraid it’s coming…

  20. if you’re voting using you head down, then you’ll never root him to become the next american idol! but who says adam is a worst performer?!?! he or she (whatever!) rocksssssss…

    he’s not in your house so why do u give a –
    if you dont like him so what lots of ppl do
    i do i think he is amazing so what if he’s gay
    who eva is horrible about adam is a dickhead
    ur kids might be gay 1 day u never know
    and its his life not ur’s leave him alone!!!!

  22. Oh Pulleeze!!!!! Stop all this “Is he or is he not gay” crap! Look at Clay and how beautifully he sings. I knew from the first time I heard him that he appealed to a larger audience than Reuben did. And look how I was right. Adam is very talented. He knows how to work an audience. He has charisma that the young people are attracted to. What difference does it make if he is gay or not. His sexual preferences are not contagious. You either are or you are not gay. I would rather have a nice clean cut talented gay person as a role model for my child than a crazy drug using, head shaving, party girl any day of the week. Lay off of this topic. Vote for the most talented…not who and where he sleeps.

  23. At the end of he day, win or lose, gay or not, Adam has had the exposure and he will move forward in his career. He is too good not to. Fortunately the Hollywood machine is moving away from slicing and dicing their gay brethren, too bad this can’t be said of the rest of the country. Most of us are secure enough in ourselves that the subject of being gay doesn’t make us act like bigots. Jeanette you are a really disappointing human being. I pray that you manage to evolve.

  24. omfg u guys r such assholes u know that who the hell cares that he’s’s not like he did anything wrong and who cares about his personal life..its none of ur business ppl so get off him and mind ur own business because all that matters is that he has a great voice

  25. If you read an interview he did, his favorite artist is David Bowie!! Regardless of your sexual preference, Bowie is hot, talented and gay, right? So is Elton John. I am a straight female, middle aged and I still think he is HOT, HOT, HOT!! He sure got the two female judges, Paula and what’s her name, excited.

  26. So what if he is gay, does that have anything to do with his singing? It didn’t for Clay! Plus if it was picture of him kissing all these different guys it would be one thing to talk, but it is him with the same guy in every picture so I say.. Way to go! The only reason everyone is having such a big deal with it is because he’s hot and girls are now jealous that they can’t crush on a gay guy. But all girls really want a hot, well dressed and groomed male,with a sweet smile and big heart, that can sing and dance. Well sorry to break your bubble if you want that guy.. He’s GAY! Good Luck Adam and don’t take no S***!

  27. Jeanette…Are you serious? He’s a pervert??? How about the drug user ‘Amy Winehouse’? How do you like her??? Is she a good influence? How about Britney Spears??Do you like Elton John? Since when does being gay equate to no morals???Damn! Do they come any more stupid and ignorant than you????? Doubt it. Im guessing he would have no desire to visit you or your house. Too low class!!

  28. he’s gay. he loses. the end.
    i can sing better.
    and you can say all you want, about him, me, you.
    doesn’t matter.
    we’re all going to die anyway. 🙂

  29. woah. ok so he’s gay. big deal.
    what’s the big deal? he’s a good singer.
    people voted when he was ‘straight’.
    so now since he likes guys he’s not a good singer anymore?
    the shows about who’s the best singer, not who has the same views as you.
    i hope he does good but scott’s my favorite. :]

  30. He is the BEST on American Idol and it doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not, you need to stop because you just might be ruining his life posting these FAKE pictures all over the internet, and if they aren’t fake then who cares, it’s his choice to be gay. It is very wrong to have a problem with gay people, it’s their choice, not yours, so if you have a problem for his sexual choice in life then just BACK OFF and LEAVE HIM ALONE. Your strait, haha, gays could be making fun of you. All I have left to say is ADAM IS GREAT AND I AM HOPING HE WINS. which I know he will.

  31. he has an amazing voice.I am disappointed though. I guess I will just have to fantasize that he is straight. wow, he is hot.

  32. I will also (unfortunately) have to fantasize he is into slightly outta shape older chicks. ha

  33. I think he is hott and him being gay makes it all the better!!! He is the full package…voice and looks!!! I just hope that he is the next American Idol!! Go girl, you are awesome!!!

  34. Haha… he is nasty and sings like a screeching cat. GAY GAY GAY…. funny how ppl get so upset cuz we call him GAY! Stating the facts. And he is nasty!

  35. omg hes gay. well i dont really care and you people dont need to be given him all this crap! it doesnt really matter and those photos are so embarising! people that is jus so rude what if that was you! well he still gets my vote cause hes awsome!

  36. who cares if he is a gay pr wat!!!the most important here is he’s nice…i love adam lambert..i love d way he sing..i dont care if he is a gay..i still like him…go adam!!!!

  37. HEs gay ..SO WHAT…. Man go watch the Flintstones because with that stone age mentality thats where u belong…
    HES THE BEST MAN FOR THE JOB..and If America denies him that …then SHAME ON US… have we not matured at all yet? If This guy loses because of anti-gay vote then the show IS A SHAM and I think the Gay community has about had it with being walked on

  38. o no how can he be gay! no i love him. nonononnnooooo he CANT BE EFFIN GAY!!! NO!

  39. i’m disappointed…
    but i still like him,i think he’s still gonna make it on the finals,with danny gokey.
    Although his performance last night on country music was not as good as the other contestants,he still stand out..
    i bet he’ll be the next American Idol

  40. I have the utmost respect for his talent. He has shown that with Ring of Fire that he really can make a song his own and the power in his voice was really the heart piercer last night. If I wasn’t already in a fantastic relationship I would have thrown my hat in the ring.

  41. don’t care if he’s gay. he’s still fabulous and i kind of have a crush on him. don’t care really

  42. Having just read all the comments above, I’m amazed how some people get into character assassination straight off…just cos someone has a different belief/point of view. That’s the kind of stuff that keeps wars going…surely it’s 2009 and we can be adults and agree to disagree…I thought that’s kinda what Democracy is all about after all??? And isn’t America still a Democracy?
    GO Adam – he a fantastic performer and his vocals are brilliant!!! And that’s what this show is all about…Finally there is someone with talent appearing on this show…I haven’t been this glued to the TV for quite a few years, I have to say.

  43. I have to agree with the #21 comment by David -“hate the sin, love the sinner”
    I don’t agree personally with the gay lifestyle, but I love to hear Adam sing. His voice is unbelievable and I have purchased his songs and videos for my ipod!!! I think he has an incredible talent and he will go far on Idol. He gets my vote for his “singing”!

  44. Hummm, Kris looks rather suspect for being gay, watch his “moves”. Maybe you should be careful who you are throwing stones at, it may come back to haunt you. Thing is it isn’t any of your business and their sexual preference is their deal.
    Listen to them sing, judge them for that and then vote for Adam.

  45. @Jane: To be fair, Adam did post this on his public social networking pages so he clearly doesn’t mind if people know and he’s making it their business by choosing to put it in front of them.

    Now when it comes to his singing, yes, I agree his performances should be judged on the performance itself.

  46. After last weeks performance by Adam, I was blown away by his talent. He truely is a brilliant artist and entertainer. I guess what has changed for me now knowing he’s gay (and he is), and seeing him in full drag, the short dress and the legs spread, high-heels looking like a drag-queen, was like pouring cold water over my body. That beautiful heart-felt song he sang was for a MAN. Can’t fantasize about him anymore but I do love his voice and wish him the best.

  47. I don’t have anything against his sexuality. I just don’t like him. He’s very Twilight-ish. And I hate it. I’m sorry. I’m just sharing. Peace to all.

  48. Oh no Adam’s gay! Oh, and guess what? Lil’s black! But wait, it gets worse: Scott’s blind! And I think Allison may be hispanic! Oh horror!! Oh no! Aren’t there any normal people we can vote for? Somebody who is wholesome, straight, white, non-jewish,non- hispanic, non-middle Eastern, virgin, god-fearing, upper middle class…etc. etc. ??

    Bigotry is bigtry–any way you slice it. Decide who is the best VOCALSIT and performer, and then vote for him/her.

  49. omg whats with you putting those pic’s up?? it has nothing to do with his singing?? and who cares if he is gay or straight the American Idol is not about that? its about singing!!
    and Adam Lambert is the best singer and he’s HOT!!! 🙂 hehe and he’s gonna win!!

  50. Thank God…. “decent” JEANETTE has left!
    We don’t need “perverts” like her around.

  51. This is the thing. To me Adam is very talented! Last night he indicated that he always loved to sing since he was young and yes he dressed up. Theatrical talent if you ask me.Opera is the same. You know I have learned through the years that it doesn’t matter what a person looks like or what kind of life style they choose to live. If they sing their hearts out and the music has a good beat,well I’m listening to it. I feel this season is tougher for we do have many who are talented, but I guessed that David Cook would win last season and I was right. I listened to one of his songs on the internet and love his music! I was always a rocker and still am. I am very particular when it comes to buying new music and his c.d. is one of my favorites. I am going to be one those 80 year ladies someday still jamming to my acdc and def leppard with the window down. I feel out of all the contestants that Adam will have an album I will love. I get goose bumps everytime he hits his high notes and I’m amazed at how his range is so crisp and clear. I like Danny too and he could and will be noticed after the final vote.But he will make a Christian album that rocks. Allison is so talented too and she amazes me everytime I hear her also. She will be nabbed up. But my final guess will be Adam. The only song he sang I wasn’t impressed with was ring of fire. He sang it well, but I don’t think it was a good choice for all the talk of him being gay before that and come on…..he was singing to his buddy in the audience. I am not against gays for I have friends and family members who are and love them dearly. I was just concerned about others who would judge him as we have already heard from. Good luck to all of them, but my vote will go to Adam. And yes he is a good lookin guy, but I wouldn’t buy his album because of that. He’s just simply has what it takes to succeed in the music business and he SO DESERVED the standing ovation last night.
    Boy… sorry I wrote a book, but this is my first time to write on this and you can just get carried away!

  52. Seriously, this is so stupid. If people are changing their minds about liking Adam because he is gay, they are the most prejudiced, shallow people ever. There are sooooo many pictures of other celebrities making out, and we find that normal. But when a picture of two guys or two girls kissing comes along, most people are disgusted by it. Sure, it might not be your taste, per say, but who are you to judge? If Adam is gay, let him be gay. That’s his choice, not yours. And honestly, I could care less, because Adam is a fabulous singer and performer, and should win American Idol. If the amount of votes he gets changes because of this, it really proves how sick and stupid America is.

    – Remy, age 13

  53. so what if he is gay,,,this is a singing contest and its really the voice does matter 🙂

  54. been gay is a sin in the eyes of God, i only pray adam realises that ontime. above all he’s a good singer.

  55. hope….why don’t you say a prayer for him then and while you are on your knees, say a prayer for all the others too!!!

  56. i think that the pictures of adam and the other guy are bull shit! i bet the pics are not even real. if they are, then SO WHAT? let him do what he wants! he is gonna win no matter what! gay or not.

  57. i already new he was gay i bet those pictures are real and i didnt like him in the first place on american idol

  58. The pictures turn my stomach and I sure hope he doesn’t pursue the drag thing! Anyway I still love his music; I have his AI performances and critiques on DVD and have already purchased his CD.

  59. aww he is soo cute with his bf! I think it’s adorable! He’s an awesome singer and he seems really sweet. I’m not gay myself but I would love to say GAYS RULES!!!! 😀

  60. Okay, It doesnt Matter if he is gay. He is a great performer, && He is sexy, I am BiSexual, & I have NOTHING against, Straiight Or Gay ! Its his choice!

    P.S. DONT FORGET TO JOIN THE NOH8 CAMPAGN ! it supports Same-sex marriage !

  61. So what..He is the BEST Male singer out there right now..and he has
    music in his heart & soul!!!

  62. Ready for the next concert! Love his great looks, his style and best of all his great voice!

  63. Why the need to bring this up on Season 10???

    As a fan of Adam, methinks you're up to no good.

    Everyone knows Adam is Gay and proud of it.

    Season 10 might be good, but none of them will take Adam's place. He is the full package and was a pro before he hit the Idol stage. He is also lovely to look at.

    Oh, and by the way, enough of the rotten remarks about Jacob. Paul should have been long gone. The guy may be nice but he has no talent!

    I guess you won't say anything about James because of the Tourettes, etc. Just stop with the nasty remarks about Jacob. He's very talented and, while James can belt it out and scream, Jacob is not allowed. You're a bunch of wussies!

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