‘American Idol’ Season 13 Hopeful Gets Harry Connick Jr Out Of His Chair [VIDEO]

American Idol 2014 - Stand by Me, Harry

What’s it take to create a memorable audition on American Idol? Watch as this brave young man’s words end up getting Harry Connick Jr. out of his chair and across the room.

Video: Harry Connick Jr dances with CJ Jones

When asked what song he’d be singing the Hopeful said, “Stand By Me.” Jokingly Harry said he had to sit over here, but when the singer replied, “no, get over here,” Harry did just that!

Throughout the audition Harry swayed, clapped, and snapped his fingers not to mention talking through the performance. I’m all for so fun from Harry, but did he take it too far this time? Share your thoughts on what you’d do if one of the judges did this during your American Idol audition.

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  1. I think it was great! Cj showed great professionalism by continuing his performance with hesitation. I watched several videos of him singing to the crowds out in the waiting rooms! Absolute talent with this young man!! I still can’t believe they sent him home as I think he is by far more talented than any of the others that made it through. What’s wrong with the judges on this???

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