American Idol 2009 Top 11 Poll – Who Will Be The Best This Week?

It’s time for another round of American Idol performances and this week it’ll be the Top 11 doing their best Country. Randy Travis is stopping by to help mentor the young singers, making him the first mentor of the 2009 Idol season.

Who do you think will have the best performance on Tuesday night? Be sure to consider the genre. Country can be tricky for the uninitiated!




  1. im solid fan of math even though adam is best among of the contestant. math i love you im your biggest fan

  2. I loved Anoop, brought tears to my eyes. Hated Adam Lambert’s tonight not Country at all…..

  3. I thought Adam’s was great, and normally I hate his “sound”. It was a country sound that he adapted to suit him. Isn’t that what the judges say to do? Anyway, I love Danny. He just keeps getting sexier to me each week. Megan sucked…but, I’m sure she’ll get the pity vote. Scott sucked, too. Another pity vote.

  4. i loved adams soiuxie/doors acid thing.. he was strangle and delicious.. i dont think allison get enough credit.. she is so freakin amazing she is going to a star..those should be the final 2!!!

  5. Danny is the BEST! Both Adam and Megan sucked tonight! I hope both go home soon, but it’s not gonna happen! They’ll be kept around strictly for Simon’s pleasure, until Simon uses his SAVE on Adam! We all know Simon is in control ~ it’s his show, really! That’s my prediction!

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