American Idol 2009 Top 13 Elimination Results – March 11, 2009

Tonight on American Idol 2009, the elimination results for this season’s Top 13 were revealed. But before we get there the big news for a new rule was announced.

Ryan Seacrest explained the judges panel would be able to save one singer between now and the Top 5 week, but if someone is saved then two people will be eliminated the next week. Oh the drama!

American Idol 2009 Top 13 Results:

  • Jasmine Murray
  • Jorge Nunez

The remaining 11 singers make up the American Idol 2009 Top 11. Did your favorites make the cut? Voice your opinions here.

Kanye West performs “Heartless” on American Idol:




  1. Noooooooooooooooooo Jorge no. Is my first time that I saw american idol and that’s why a puertorican was in the competition. Now there’s no reason to see it.

  2. Its bad when the contestants can sing better than the guests that where on. Jasmine out sang the goofball guest. Should Simon not make a comment about that!

  3. O M G! Well, jorge did not shine with his performance and i feel so sorry for jasmine as well as she did a wonderful job… sorry for the two j’s!


    I believe you are very serious in this competition and that you are showing the whole world what’s it like to have a song sang in ADAMIC rendition!!! Hahaha! :-))


  5. I thought the judges were right all the way. I really like a few of the contestants but want to see more to be sure….I like the maroon hair girl She is terrific and looks like a star already

  6. Way to go Adam. You did a great job.
    I think Anoop should have gone befor Jorge but he will probably go next week. The girls are having a rough year. Allison, Alexis and Lil are not bad singers but they need to work hard to stay in the game. Danny is an ok singer and might make it to the top four but I don’t think anyone comes close to Adam. He is probably the best singer at this early stage that has ever beeen on AI. Hope he continues to amaze us.

  7. I still feel painful for Jasmine exit!I dont like Megan,she sings safe song and next week its her going home with no exception.
    For Jorge,for a guy at this stage singing easy songs,you out.Anoop was lucky,he better pull up or he’s going home next week!!
    The rest,just a small mistake costs you.

  8. i think jorge is deserve to be out honestly i dont understand what he sing &.jasmine she had a big boys but shes trying hard to hit a high note. they both deserve to be out.and im glad to judges they made a great job.thumbs up!!!!!!

  9. The voters got it right this week; I hope Anoop puts it together next week. He is capable of doing quite well. Go Adam and Allison, My Favorites !!!!!!!

  10. Four judges are good. It helps when Paula goes off on one of her tangents. Stability is good

    Happy Trails

  11. sometimes it’s nerving to see how Paula over acting, try to be all eyes w/ her.anyway i like Anoop ,but he will not be at the top5. ADAM IS THE KNIGHT OF THE SHINNING ARMOR.HE WILL BE UP TO FINAL TOP 2.

  12. yes all my favorites still there ,and i do agree 4 th judge is un nessasary she is kind of annoying to watch ,i hear alot of people say that .

  13. Thank you,Simon. You got it right. Adam is great. I finally understood the words to that song and thru him I felt the meaning. It doesn’t matter if you’re Black or White. Excellent!!!!!

  14. Estoy muy triste por la salida de Jorge, pues yo soy de República Dominicana,una isla muy cerca de Puerto Rico que nos apreciamos como hermanos. Espero que los jueces si hay alguna oportunidad puedan salvarlo en otro momento, pues su participación crea mucho entusiasmo entre los latinos, que aunque tenemos a Latin American Idol nos gusta mucho tambien American Idol.

    El resto de los participantes son excelentes. Para mi es una de las mejores temporadas, aunque tengo que confesar que quede algo frustrado por David Archuleta no haber ganado el año pasado.

  15. I agree with you Alicia.. looks like it’s going to be Adam and Lil to compete for American Idol Grand Winner!

    And Joan, the maroon haired girl must be Allison Iraheta, she’s really good not to mention her age, as compared to Jasmine who is 17.

    Looks like top 2 will be a competition between Allison and Alexis Grace..

    Let’s see and wait for more!

  16. As with the 4th judge.. I believe three’s a crowd already how much more if there’s four!!!

    What I like to see is what they did last season, they’ve invited different judges with their own styles and genres.

    So AI will have a little bit of everything mixed in one program.

    It will not be boring because you get fresh new judges every audition rather than sticking with the 4th judge and try to eliminate Paula.

    One Paula is enough to make these guys go crazy! Hahaha! :-))

  17. Why was Jorge Nuñez eliminated? He has a great voice and a lot of charisma. He deserved another another opportunity to demonstrate his potential.

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