American Idol 2009 Top 2 – The Week Ahead

Last week on American Idol 2009 Danny Gokey was eliminated from the Top 3, leaving just Kris Allen and Adam Lambert to battle it out in the finale.

This week American Idol will feature the great big finale performances and results for the 2009 season, deciding who will go on to a great career with the Idol title and who will go on to a great career without the title. That’s right, I don’t think either Adam or Kris will have any trouble finding lots of work in the music industry regardless of how this week turns out.

Tuesday’s final performance show will air live from the Nokia Theater in LA with Kris and Adam facing off for one last singing competition. Wednesday’s season finale will feature the return of all of the season’s Top 13 singers for a great big 2-hour finale show.

It’s time for more predictions for who is going to be crowned and have a great week and who will be the runner-up. Let’s hear your thoughts and comments now!

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  1. i watched again the replay of american idol with adam singing ” ONE” by U2. It was a brilliant performance by adam lambert.

    OMG…. adam lambert from Adamlandia set the house on fire always.

    Please vote for adam lambert….

    adam lambert- american Idol!

  2. Adam is hot and he can sing im a total Lambert groupy hopes he kicks ass GO ADAM

  3. hi, i’m from South Africa & love American Idol. My vote is 4 ADAM! He has mega talent! Tania Page

  4. Don’t even want to guess what will happen this week.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,this is not a singing or talent competition but a voting competition by fans.Kris has got this far from people(kids)voting for him for all the wrong reasons.

    Adam is and has been the front runner from the start but Adam fans will have a hard time out voting kris fans this week.Why?Because it will not only be kris fans voting this week,a very large part of danny fans will vote for kris cause their pissed that danny left plus the people that follow vote for the worst and do anything their told will also vote for kris.

    I really believe kris should have been gone 3-4 weeks ago but with all the kids voting for him trying to push him along is the main reason allison and danny went home.I was never a fan of danny but come on he was better than kris.

    I will be voting for adam like always this week.Last week I predicted that if adam or danny went home that kris would win and I still stand by that.Not that I will like kris to win cause I have been behind adam from the start.Either way I’ll be fine and won’t lose any sleep over it.

    This really should have been an adam/allison adam/danny or even adam/matt finale but not adam/kris, go figure!!!!

  5. I love Kris. He has a very magnetic personality. Adam sounds good but I feel he only has one sound. No matter what he sings, it always sounds the same. Same notes, same tricks. After a while, you want to hear something different. Kris’s personality and singing sound has more flavor. An idol is supposed to be versatile. Sure Adam can sing anything and everything, but always with the same interpretation. I got tired of it mid-way through. As for Kris, he grew on me and eventually I went for him or Danny. No matter what happens, last 4 contestants have a great future ahead.

  6. so agree with CHRIS W!!

    I’m ASIAN n I hope it’ll b ADAM 2 but…

    i guess it’ll b hard… (danny n kris fanz unite + vote for the worst + adam haters + can vote so many times + young kris fans’ r having all d time in d world 2 hit redial + can not vote from from outside of america = disaster 4 adam >_<!)

    ive got a bad feeling about this…

    but anyway… letz just c what will happen after AI!!

    this time… i hv got a good feeling! ^-^

  7. I agree that too many people are voting for Kris for the wrong reasons– because he’s “cute,” because he’s the underdog, because he seems like such a nice guy, blah, blah, blah. This is a competition looking for huge talent, an American IDOL! We’ve had enough cornbread singers from the south. This time let’s vote for TALENT, and those votes must go for ADAM! Vote til your fingers bleed!

  8. Ayleen,
    We will do our best voting for you this week.Everyone hits re-dial as many times as they can until time runs out,thats the way it works.Just saying we really have our work cut out for us this week.

    I can’t believe so many people rag on adam for such petty things to make him look bad.So what if he wears some make up,I can remember some other people that wore make up and were very big in their time like alice cooper or how about the rock band “KISS” and they really piled it on,so what, it never stoped me from buying their concert tickets they were great.

    And as far as folks complaining adam screams,well they have only listened to country music their whole life and don’t have a clue about rock and roll.I grew up with rock and many of the singers sounded just like adam and thats why I kept watching AI this year because he is so refreshing to listen to.

  9. I do hope Adam will win as he is the more talented. I hope he picks something that appeals to all..such as soul searching songs with falsetto. It made him the favorite when he sang “The Tracks of my Tears”. I think it will generate a lot of votes from undecided viewers.

  10. Hi Chris W. Just popping in to say I’ll be joining you and others to vote, vote, vote for Adam just like last week.

  11. Hi Frank.
    We will have to see what happens this week.I was at another site today and someone posted a link for and I went there and they have some “operation ding dong” going on,anyway they are trying to get people to download some gizmo thing to vote from their computer some how which would be no big deal until they explain how they can vote an extra three hours which means 7 hours to our 3 hours,so based on eastern time they could vote until 4 am when I have to stop at 1 am.Don’t know if this has been going on for a while or not but it’s pretty low if people have to cheat to win.

  12. Chris I do know that there are computer programs that allow for more automated voting. I don’t know how good they are. If there are people doing this for Kris I suspect there will be an equal number doing it for Adam so I’m not that worried.

    While I would like for Adam to win I don’t think that American Idol is going to define him.

    Norma, I hope you’re right.

  13. That could be true that some adam fans could be doing the same thing as well.I just never heard of it till today.I’ll just vote the hard way on the phone.Wow 4 hours is a long time 2 was boring enough for me.

  14. Chris just remember it’s the last time this season so hang in there Tuesday night. I know I will be.

  15. In my opnion Adam is the best A.I. ever had on all 8 seasons, He is in a class of super stars and will go far, But think he is safe Please Vote…

  16. All this talk about how people vote for Kris for the wrong reasons. Me? I just love the way he sings. I’m 47 and have kids his age–not exactly a screaming preteen here. And my husband and youngest son both want to join me in voting for him this week. He has made fans of us all.
    I like Adam and won’t mind if he wins, but I’m going to vote for the contestant whose singing I consistently like best. I have really liked some of Adam’s songs, but more often I download Kris’s.
    I appreciate the friendship and mutual respect between these two guys. They’ve got class.

  17. A new jounrney is waitng for so pack up.

    No matter Adam or Kris we will get a great voice.

  18. Is everybody forgetting once again Danny and Simons comment on his second song….”vocal master piece”… tell me how does somebody get voted out after that comment…?

  19. If Adam Lambert doesn’t win American Idol, it won’t be because he’s too theatrical. Or because it seems likely that he’s gay — though I’ll talk more about that in a moment.

    I’m convinced a Lambert loss may come simply because the show wants him to win so badly, disgusted fans may react by kicking him off.

    Tuesday’s show was one of the worst examples of Lambert cheerleading I’ve seen, with every judge predicting he would survive tonight’s elimination episode to compete in the finale, and at least one judge already pronouncing him the show’s winner. Lambert’s such a favorite, he’s already scored a cover on Entertainment Weekly and made headlines two weeks ago when he landed in the show’s bottom two.

    Good as he is, Lambert’s performances last night were hardly a lock. Danny Gokey’s gospelized “You Are So Beautiful” and Kris Allen’s acoustic take on Kanye West’s “Heartless” were both electrifying, raising the promise of an amazing finale battle next week, no matter who lands among the final two.

    Smelling the creation of a new star, the show has leaned Lambert’s way for awhile, getting rare permissions for him to sing songs by Led Zeppelin and U2 (of course, judge Simon Cowell couldn’t resist telling how singer Bono personally called so Lambert could sing “One”), and allowing him grand production gestures such as his walk down the white staircase during Rat Pack week.

    Lambert may also lose just because the teen girls who fill so much of Idol’s voting ranks go for the puppy dog good looks of dark horse Allen, whose offhand manner and coolly compelling performances are a silent rebuke for judges drawn to more flamboyant contestants.

    Though the only people who seem to care about Lambert’s sexuality right now are pop culture columnists and EW’s headline writers, it’s not tough to imagine teenyboppers choosing to vote for the guy who seems more like date bait.

    During much of Tuesday’s show, I wound up wishing viewers could vote off the judges, who were left to kibitz with each other in increasingly distracting ways as the competitors piled up quality performances needing little criticism.

    I think it’s in the final weeks that the four-judge format feels flattest — by this point in the competition, judges mostly offer flattery, so one more person on the panel adds nothing but more airtime-eating platitudes.

    Even the Dial Idol Web site, which claims a 97 percent success rate in predicting ejection this season, says the contest is too close to call. But with ratings sliding this season, its easy to see why Idol needs a singular performer like Lambert to rebuild its cred as a star factory.

    So we’ll see tonight if all the praise and support pays off for Lambert, or fuels a backlash that cuts his Idol dreams short.

  20. I love Adam, I love Kris (and for that matter Danny)
    Chris W,why do you think it is all kids voting for Kris? I think it is the other way around, the above 35 crowed went for Danny and Kris, all the teens I know voted for Adam.

  21. Alot of posting are putting Kris down , Kris is Great, if he was not really good he would not be getting 2nd place, GO ADAM..

  22. I agree Deg, Danny is the true Idol. I am not taking anything away from Kris. But Danny is a true performer.

  23. Kris is going to win. Frankly I am pissed that the AI Production team has pushed Adam on us so much. Read Eric’s article above. I am sure that we are not the only ones who feel that way. Kris is a talented guy who will take the crown rightfully.

  24. Winning American Idol is not going to make or break Adam’s career, he is a star!

  25. That is good to know, considering the probability that Adam will not win is high!

    Revolt against AI telling us who to vote for! Especially when they are unfairly giving Adam advantages. Adam will find success on Broadway, not in the pop arena.

    Kris will win AI09! That is my prediction! GO KRIS!!!

  26. It should have been Danny and Adam in the finale and Danny would have been the winner. He is the best singer by a long shot.

  27. Facts about Kris:

    Kris received 27 seconds of airtime from his audition in Louisville to Top 36. American Idol producers never showed a full audition/performance by Kris until his โ€œMan In the Mirrorโ€ performance during Group 2 of Top 36 week.

    Kris is one of two Idol contestants to play more than one instrument on the show (piano and guitar); furthermore, he is the only Idol to play two instruments in a single night. He is also well-known for personally re-arranging many of his songs.

    Kris learned began playing viola in elementary school and continued playing throughout high school. He taught himself how to play guitar at age 13; and, he began teaching himself piano during college. Kris also taught himself how to play the ukulele.

    Kris loves people, and he has a heart for helping people less fortunate than himself. He has traveled to Spain, Morocco, Burma, Thailand, South Africa, and Mozambique to offer assistance in the form of mission work.

    Kris has garnered support from a number of celebrities including: David Archuleta, Jason Castro, David Cook, Chris Daughtry, Melinda Doolittle, Jamie Foxx, Reba McEntire, Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory), Michael Slezak (Entertainment Weekly), Jordin Sparks, Phil Stacey, Quentin Tarintino, and Brooke White.

  28. Suzanne – not all over 35 voting for Kris. I’m 68 & vote for Adam. How can anyone say he always sounds the same. He has such a range, can sing anything from a ballad to rock.
    Did like Danny to, but been Adam fan from day one.

  29. Kris has to win, he is a very talented young man who I wouldn’t mind my kids looking up 2

    Adam Lambert is NOT the type of person for young people to admire and look up 2! Plus all he does is scream can never understand any of his songs and what he did to ring of fire, if I liked him any at all that did it in, That was pure crap!!!

  30. Ann, I can definitely say that Adam sounds the same all the time. He has his fluffy phone sex voice or his “scream like a banchi with your tongue out” loud voice. He mauls the songs he chooses.

  31. People on here saying that I am voting for Kris for the wrong reasons? You don’t know why I vote the way I do…and yes I have 4 phones going and this week online!!
    I think Voting for Adam is crazy he can’t sing,he looks like crap, and I have been sent “the pictures” of him, So I think you are voting for all the wrong reasons and the wrong person!

  32. Kris will win..He deserves to win.Danny deserved to be in the final with Kris..
    why Adam is in the finale?I think because of saw what Katy perry did for him?or how Kara advertising for come he is a rock god and doesn’t know how to play a guitar?
    go my Idol KRISSSSSSSSS…You will win..

  33. Adam is truly exceptional arists. He dares to be different and exciting.He is the real role model and Idol to many, no matter what!
    He will be a huge star!
    Kris is just another face in the croud…

  34. to Denice:Adam is a wrong person.he doesn’t deserve to be in the finale,but he is here because of advertisements.everyone saw what Katy perry did for him..or how judges esp. Kara support come he is a rock god and doesn’t know how to play a guitar?Every good talent like Danny,Matt,Megan were eliminated because of this wrong person..he is same every week.I’m sick of his screaming.Kris is here because of his talent.Kris is the best…
    go my Idol Krisssssss…

  35. I am pretty sure that Adam should be crowned as the 2009 AI bcoz he can really sing any type of songs. His vocal capability is really fantastic plus the looks and style. A total performer!

  36. Joana: i totally agree with you. thats why i love adam lambert to be the next american idol cuz he dared to be different from the other guys. and thats makes him tick as an excellent performer.

    go go go adam lambert from adamlandia. kick some ass this week and get that title. i cant wait to buy your cd….

  37. There should be an American Idol of Idols competition, where they pit all 1st and 2nd finishers in a 16-person contest. I like to see Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood going at it again or Taylor Hicks vs. McPhee. If it happens, Adam Lambert will win it all, followed by Underwood and Clarkson. And after that, there should be a World Idol of Idols, and Adam again is gonna win that one. He’s one of a lifetime kind of singer/performer. Elvis is still king and number 1.

  38. SO FAR ON THIS POLL IT IS ABOUT 22 OUT OF 37 for ADAM, and about 5 have no opinion on who they would vote for, ADAM will win.

  39. I think that it is possible that the Idol machine will self-destruct with all of the bias and judge unprofessionalism. Kris will save the day!!!

    I vote incessantly for Kris.

  40. if comments will be the basis for judging who will win in this season8, i guess it would be adam lambert ….. no contest at all.

    adam lambert is sensational, most electrifying, great stage performance, cute smile and most of all, geat and excellent vocals.

    adam lambert from adamlandia…. he is the american idol!

  41. to Denice:Adam is the wrong person.he is in the finale because of advertisements…everyone saw what Katy perry did for him.or how judges esp. supported come he is a rock god and doesn’t know how to play a guitar?every good talent like great Danny,Matt and Megan were eliminated because of this wrong person.
    Kris is the best.
    go my idol krissssssssss…

  42. |I hope Adam wins the show. |It would be a disaster if he wouldnt. Adam deserves it.

  43. |I cant vote cos i am from the \Philippines but we love Adam here extremely and cant wait to buy his records. |I hope the fans of Danny will vote for Adam.

  44. Go ADAM go! You are the best! You show them how and what an Idol should be! You are the greatest!!!!!

  45. Wow, Adam Lambert is a far stand out. If hey doesn’t win, I will be so disappointed. ADAM, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Wow, Adam Lambert is a far stand out. If he doesnโ€™t win, I will be so disappointed. ADAM, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Wow, Adam Lambert is a far stand out. If hey doesnโ€™t win, I will be so disappointed. ๐Ÿ™‚ ADAM, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. At this point, with Danny Gokey out, I don’t really care who wins anymore. Though Adam should win. He is a much better performer. Like I said, Kris is an average singer with a likeable personality and cute face. But he may win, max nix to me, Danny Gokey is my idol!

  49. Wow, Adam Lambert is a far stand out. If he doesnโ€™t win, I will be so disappointed. ๐Ÿ™‚ ADAM, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  50. if you hear adam sing once,you’d love him…but if you hear him sing more than 3 songs at once…you will start feeling dizzy…u wud say ‘plzz, dont scream next time’ but he most definitly will..coz dats one thing he’s good at..
    kris on the other hand will never make you feel ‘fed up of his songs’…he’l bring sth diffrent each time…n even if he will never get tired of listening his one song again and again…

  51. there are many people who will be disappointed over kris’ win..but there r many who wil be even more disappointed if he loses..
    if adam loses,it wud be a bit embarrassing after judges n producers constant efforts to promote him more than anyone else
    but the judges had been critisizing on kris’ best being a runner up despite of all that already means his victory

  52. i loved adam earlier..but recently when i saw him in AI marathon..seriously i started wishing he would stop singing…i had to turn my tv on mute everytime he got hold of th mike…
    similar songs,similar notes,same overreaction of the judges..
    i liked his notes the first time i heard em..but i dont think i will buy his album and hear his screams again n again..
    i never liked kris,but agian during th marathon,i really looked forwaard to his every performanc which was always diffreent from the last..sometimes he would take a high note,other times he wudnt..
    n the way he changed the donna summer song..woah..the best adam cud have done to dat song was scream diffrently in th beginning n in the end

  53. I just wonder what the American people want, but to us out here, we prefer cool sweet music and screams and shrieks. So, I urge u americans not to listen to the biased judges, like Simoen but to vote for the best this season, KRIS ALLEN!

  54. Adam Lambert from Adamlandia is Rock GOD ๐Ÿ™‚

    He is a Phenomenon ๐Ÿ™‚

    He is the next american Idol:)

    He is my IDOL cuz he screams, wear eyeliner, black nail polish, leather jackets and pants, alligator shoes or was that snake skin shoes he showed on tv? wow, adam lambert rocks ๐Ÿ™‚

    he is my best guy as american idol ๐Ÿ™‚


    I like a lot when you scream i like to jump and head bang like you do ๐Ÿ™‚

    Make my day adam lambert by screaming and shrieking hehehehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

    If kris allen fan’s dont like your screaming, but we adam lambert’s fans love his style to the max and we will support our idol all the way till he wins the title as American Idol ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. My vote is for Adam of course! I think hes a better performer than Kris, more entertaining, he can sing anything. Danny fans lets vote for Adam, he truly deserves it.

  57. Adam is the only one I can hear sing time after time, Kris bores me, GO ADAM GO, YOU ARE A ROCK GOD, EVERYONE VOTE FOR ADAM.

  58. Kris is still my choice… I can not stand Adam cockiness and drama . Not to mention Adam screams in every song…… Kris is the winner.

  59. The last four contestants in the American Idol finale performances were all great and I donโ€™t think any of them will have any trouble finding lots of work in the music industry regardless of how the votes turned out. They will all Hopefully go on to great careers without the title. Adam Lambert will get the American Idol Title! He puts me in mind of Elvis! Do I really have to say Elvis Presley!!!????….:>)

  60. Adam and Kris do not interest me or inspire me, Danny was the only one with the it factor. I wish them well, i will not be watching american idol this week.

  61. Go Kris!!!

    Danny fans need to vote for Kris! Danny will always be the true idol for me, but I really like Kris too!

  62. Full hearted Danny Fan!!

    I don’t know who I am going to vote for or if at all. AI has pushed Adam along it is so obvious simon wants him to win I think he intends to promote him, a conflict of interest in my book, I just hope Kris doesn’t turn out to be a Taylor Hicks if he wins.

  63. ADAM – One of a kind Super Star..I would love for him to win AI but if he does not,He will still be the Mega Star from the ’09 Season..Everyone that knows music knows he should win..However, sad to say, it will be a voting contest..

  64. To Eric Deggins (#19)..I noticed your comment about the judges..I have never cared for Kara from the beginning..She just goes on and on and says nothing..Paula is such a flake, hard to understand what she really means..I think they both acted like Third Graders last Tuesday night…Bickering back and forth, mostly with Simon, holding his mouth, etc..I think the producers need to make some rules for Kara and Paula, give them a time limit, etc..Randy gets his in but Simon nearly always runs out of time and can only say 3-4 words..Simon is the one that really has the knowledge and is the best by far in judging real talent..



  66. i dont think simon is promoting adam lambert. he just state facts about the competitors and it so happened he has nice words for adam lambert.

    go my idol adam lambert from adamlandia ๐Ÿ™‚

    kick some ass this week and win the title ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. adam lambert’s fans and supporters: let us unite and keep on voting for adam lambert. we cant allow mistakes this time. its the finals and adam has to win this contest.:)

  68. I would appreciate AI respecting mentality of audience by not being so blatant pushing their preferred winner!! I agree also that judges should be more professional giving the contestants comments that will help them grow rather than the bickering and spotlighting themselves. Simon does need more time because he is the one that can make them a mega star.

    Adam is indeed a class of his own. In fact, he didn’t need AI to get him going. He is going to be successful even if he had left earlier in the season. He hasn’t had to do anything to improve.

    However, Kris has grown by listening to both positive and negative criticism as well as shouldering up against the talent and charisma of Adam-and has gotten better and better each week as his confidence increases. He has definitely won the hearts of many of us by being so humble and sincere. I think he is exactly what young people need as a role model.

    I really like Adam and agree he is the the mega star but he is going to be a success based on the exposure he has already gotten. Let’s give Kris his break!

  69. At first, I was a big Adam fan. But as the weeks went by, I just got tired of him and his screeching. If he was in a Broadway/off Broadway production, I might go see him (I’m close to NYC). But with Danny out, my vote goes to Kris. If the finals were Danny and Kris, then my decision would have been more difficult. Danny and Kris…that would have been a fun hour to watch!!

  70. CHER, Adam does not screech in all his songs, do you remember ADAM singing “Ring of Fire”, or “If I can’t Have You”, …?

  71. Mary Anne-Nashville-ADAM #1
    I do agree that a fourth judge was a mistake.And as far as paula is concerned,I could care less if she never returned to idol.She acts like a seven year old and is very distracting,these poor kids stand on the stage waiting for a response from the judges and half the time all we see is paula and her shenanigans,maybe they should go back to three judges,Randy,Simon and someone else.

    When I say people vote for kris for all the wrong reasons I am talking about all the kids that vote for him cause he is cute and nothing else. I am not saying everyone does.If your over say 30 and like his style of music and vote for him that’s great and you at least have a reason to vote.

    Seems to me we could say thing about adam as well,sure a lot of kids are voting for him for the same reasons also.As for myself Adam is my favorite and I am 53 and it seems people of all ages really like adam also!!!

  72. With Danny out I think Adam will win. The only way Kris can win is if the fans out dial the Adam fans. Pitiful the voting in this manner determines the title of American Idol. The voting system does not truly account the true star. It is a game of chance, either you get your 50 or 100 calls in for your choice or you don’t. So as far as I am concerned Danny is the true winner. Adam and Kris fans dial away and GOOD LUCK TO THE FANS AND CONTESTANTS.

  73. I was an ADAM fan from the beginning…I was sure it would be an ADAM-Danny finale…Maybe an ADAM-Allison finale but never in my wildest dreams would I have considered Kris a finalist…I think most are as surprised as I am…This is proof positive that this is not a Talent Contest, it is a “Voting Contest”..So all you ADAM lovers, Vote,Vote,Vote for ADAM!!!

  74. Kris has listened to the comments made by the judges (when they are not too busy being super-silly) and his performances have grown and matured from that. I’ll be happy to watch his career blossom as a result of his exposure on AI. Both of these contestants will move forward after the show ends, but I do feel that Kris has the greatest potential. So much of Adam’s appeal is in SEEING his performance; I don’t think that I would enjoy just LISTENING to him nearly as much. At this point, it doesn’t matter too much to me who actually has the TITLE–but I’ll be voting for KRIS!!!
    GO KRIS!!!

  75. I’ll vote for adam lambert and no one else. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I been a staunch supporter of adam from adamlandia and i will support him through thick and thin and a loyal fan, i will not listen anymore and react to ugly comments against him.

    what is crucial now is to keep us all adam lambert’s supporters get united and continue this crusade until adam lambert will get the title as american idol ๐Ÿ™‚

    go go go adam lambert ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. I think Kris will win. Adam does the same thing every week. No matter what genre, he will end uo in rock screaming.

  77. brooklyn: yes i agree with you dear.

    lets not react anymore from the negative issues they are raising against adam lambert. anyway, its only God who knows the real truth behind him and his past.

    This is a singing competition and what is important for us fans and supporters of adam lambert, is to make sure that he will win this week.



  78. I will vote for adam one more time this year but really don’t care who wins.Winning isn’t everything on AI as we have seen in years past.This is my first year watching AI but I do know who I hear on the radio and it is seldom the winner of AI,it’s someone from the top five from previous years.Don’t think this year will be much different as the top 5 should have bright futures!!!






  80. To make the voting more fair, American Idol should set up a computerized phone ststem which only allows one vote from each phone number. This would stop the kids from dialing over and over for the entire time provided. It should be more like a political election with one vote per person. I have believed all along that many people do not vote for the most vocally talented person, but many vote for the person they like best or who is better looking or more entertaining. I realize that there may be more than one person in a home who would like to vote, but most people have cell phones they can use. If a person uses both their home phone and their cell phone to vote twice, at least their calls would be greatly limited. Do you see what I am saying? Let’s make it more honest and fair.
    Also, I do not think the judges should be allowed to comment after it gets down to the top three or even more. They sway the vote in the way they want it to go, and it should be entirely up to the voters to make their own decision without being influenced. I heard Simon Cowell say last season in an interview that he would “see to it that the right person wins.” He knows he can sway the vote.
    What do you think about these two issues?

  81. I agree with the one vote system. To truly get a more accurate decision from the votes it really should be this way. I know the truly talented will have their singing career anyway but the title of American Idol would be much more fair for the winner. With this voting system the title of AI does not mean much.

  82. MaudieAnn,
    I agree with you on both issues.First the voting issue,just think what the show would look like when ryan says after 9 million votes instead of 35-84 million,it’s all about ratings.

    As far as the judges are concerned they should only judge each contestants performance and not tell them where they will be in the standings tommorw.They really need to seriously look at the way they run the show and make some considerable changes.

  83. I have noticed from the beginning, People are very much for ADAM or very much against him, for one reason or another..I believe that many votes for the other contestants have not been so much for the contestant but against ADAM..I know lots of people voted not so much for Danny and Kris but Against ADAM..We will have this again in the finale..Not voting for Kris but Against ADAM!!! So those of us who see his true talent must Vote, Vote, Vote for ADAM!!

  84. How can a person vote online? Can anyone explain this to me? Last year David Cook ended up with many more votes than David Archuleta and there were stories afterward of the ability of some fans to block lines for DA and to vote online for DC. I really never knew if there was any truth to either, but from this site today, now I wonder…..

    I plan to vote my fingers off, but my cell phone, and husband’s and children’s – Verizon — never works at all – not one vote.

    So if there was another way to vote, I might consider it.

  85. I don’t know about this online vote..Have never heard of it and would question it’s validity…I think AI would have to OK it and if so, would have to make everyone aware..I have never heard of any way but voting by phone or text message..I think if this was valid, AI would have to offer it to everyone..

  86. Adam is a dynamic performer blessed with incredible talent and charisma. His every performance has proved that he can successfully arrange and sing any genre thrown at him. His stage presence shows that he is worthy of the title “AMERICAN IDOL”.

  87. Kathleen, I would hope all these votes would be for ADAM.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Mary Anne: this blocking of votes thru online voting is a work of spammers. They can really switch votes like e.g. votes for adam lambert can be credited in favor of kris allen.

    but since this complicated system is beyond us since we are not technical people, there is a tendency that votes for adam lambert will become votes for kris allen. and if this happen, then american idol is no longer credible show since they allowed spamming. but thru telephone lines it cannot be done, so its quite safe to deduce that adam will have a better edge over kris based on telephone lines voting.

    I hope they wont employ this dirty trick now cuz adam lambert deserve to win this competition as american idol.:)

  89. My Personal choice is Kris bcause I appreciate his type of Music – Adam is good but I have little tolorance for rock – they are all winners, and I wish them all Good Luck in the future. with or without the title of American Idol

  90. Japanka, thanks for the insight..Perhaps this is the reason for the Kris win over Danny…I’ll stick to my phone lines and do it the “honest” way!! VOTE for ADAM all the way!!!

  91. -Thank you japanka for the insight- there is a way to use your computer using Gizmo, to make phone calls, but as you pointed out, spammers, of which I am not one, can do something to switch votes.

    I will use the phone – and Mary Anne – I will VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR ADAM. He is the best AI has ever seen.

    I would like to remind the people who constantly bring up that Kris can also play the guitar and piano – THIS IS A SINGING CONTEST. Originally, AI did not allow contestants to also play an instrument, but some people were more comfortable singing with their instruments so they decided to allowed it. Kris is talented, but he is no guitarist, nor pianist… he is self taught and does OK, but this is not his forte – he is in a singing competition. The fact that he can play a few chords while singing is slightly admirable, but this should not be a deciding factor in a singing competition. PLease vote for the best SINGER…. my preference is ADAM. No one sings like him.


  92. I think all you Adam voters will be surprized.
    There is to much funny busineess in this voting…and I think it needs to be changed..
    I don’t feel it’s fair………Kris might just come out on top with this one….Good liuk to both!!!!

  93. Louise, we will not be surprised..all ADAM lovers realize this is not a talent contest..It is a “voting contest”

  94. I highly doubt that Danny fans will be voting for Adam. Danny fans can appreciate true vocal ability, unlike Adam fans who are on average easily duped… :^) (I find it humorous that Adam fans parrot quotes from the judges.) The judges will always try to influence the voting and it is unfortunate that they are not being objective anymore.

    The voting playing field is level as all voters are able to use computer voting, etc.

    So vote for the guy with musical integrity and huge amounts of talent and charisma: KRIS!!!

  95. Thanks for commenting my input #103 Mary Anne – I do hope all Adam’s fans keep the vote going for the whole 2 hrs that the polls are open. I’m an AT&T user and vote by texting for 2 hrs. Let’s pray America votes for the TALENT not popularity. Not to say that Kris isn’t talented but he clearly won over Danny due to the teeny boppers votes. This is NOT a “whose the cutest” contest. It’s a TALENT contest. The one who wins the title of American Idol should excel in the ability to arrange any genre, have the best vocal range and charisma on the stage. My votes have been for Adam and Allison since day one. Now that Allison has been eliminated it’s Adam all the way. ADAM LAMBERT IS THE TOTAL PACKAGE – THE EPITOME OF AN AMERICAN IDOL!!!!

  96. Donna – Kris can play at least two instruments and arranges all of his show songs.

    Adam has gotten special treatment for the entire competition (more face time then most others, special sets, judges unfairly biasing the viewing audience.) I would have to say that the show is trying to push Adam to be the most popular. So with your philosophy, Kris is the perfect choice.

    Danny fans unite for KRIS!!! Danny should have won the whole thing, but Kris is hugely talented and relevant as well!!

    GO KRIS!!!!

  97. Candy – while I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and applaud those who are able to express them intelligently on this discussion board, I must point out that, unlike most of us here in this forums, all four of the judges are professionals in the field of music and talent scouting. Hence the reason for the successes of Daughtry and McPhee to name just two who didn’t win the title of AI in the past but clearly should have.

  98. I must also add that the voters don’t always get it right as Simon has voiced many times.

  99. HI CANDY,

    I would love it if you could please comment on the singer of your choice without saying anything negative about the people who are voting for the other guy…. how can you say ADAM fans are easily duped? I don’t really want an answer to that – only to point out that ADAm fans are not attacking Kris fans – we are discussing choice and ability of the contestants, also the voting mechanism’s flaws… Judges opinions also come up, and the judges have leaned towards ADAM for a reason. His sets, and presentations are his own, and that is also a part of his immense talent – he gives the whole show…

    And I would really like to know what you mean by “musical integrity.”
    By the way, ADAM arranges every song, Kris has done exact covers – i.e. “apologize” and the judges let him know that it was not good that he didn’t make it his own – I have never heard a comment like that about ADAM.

    I am not trying to change your mind, just pointing out some facts, and asking questions about your comments.

    Again, please don’t insult the people who like ADAM, we aren’t insulting you….

  100. Adam for sure! I’ve never heard a voice quite like his before. He is so amazing! Vote Adam!

  101. By the way the voting will be 4 (four) hours this week- and the finale will be a two hour show starting at the same time (wed) as Tuesday’s show.

  102. Win or lose, this season will always belong to Adam Lambert…the most electrifying talent AI has ever showcased. Kris probably needs the win more, but Adam is the ONE !!! Did any of you hear Danny on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show last week ? Danny is a very nice guy, also. He said he had become a better human being from knowing Adam Lambert. guess that tells the haters where they go wrong, does it not ? Kris and Adam are so cool with their support of each other, their nail polish pact and their example of friendly competition. Really nice people in this year and all of them excellent role models America !!!!! As Adam says, ” be true to yourself and don’t give up; it Can Be Done.” (Vote For The Best,, VOTE FOR ADAM )

  103. Adam fans are duped by the sets, flashy lights and the judges’ bias. I am not faulting Adam for this at all, but I do notice his self-absorption and that is not attractive.

    Musical integrity = staying true to the individuals vision of the piece. Kris did not copy “Apologize”… if he did, there would have been a band on stage with him. Kris arranges his songs and is multitalented, end of story.

    Kris has integrity and talent. Danny fans, vote for Kris!!!

  104. Kudos Elizabeth and Kathleen F – your insights are right on in my opinion… Thanks for the info regarding the polls being open for 4 hours tonight – I was not aware of that. Looks like I’ll be staying up late! I’ll make sure my phone is fully charged and has 4 bars =]

  105. Candy

    Can you give us ADAM fans a little more credit than that? I love ADAM because he has an amazing voice, range, versatility, and he performs his songs. No one with any intelligence would be “duped by the sets, flashy lights and judge’s bias.”

    Enough said about this – I will vote for ADAM and you will vote for who you want- let’s just not attack the fans, but discuss the TALENT.

  106. I think we are gonna witness an UPSET!! Also… Could EVERYONE out there that is voting for KRIS please NOT say ANYTHING negative about Adam….. Its nOT NICE………..& ALL the Adam fans CAN NOT take/nor handle aANY type of criticism of Adam. Thanks guys=)

  107. I think if we witness an upset it will be because Adam wins.

    For a couple of reasons:

    1) It is believed that Kris received the most votes last week, one million more than Adam.

    2) Most people expect Kris to received Danny’s votes Tuesday night.

    Itโ€™s going to be uphill for Adam but then again 4 hours of voting, are you kiddingโ€ฆboring!

  108. You cannot say that Kris received the most votes, no one knows that, it may have been Adam that received the most votes. Both guys are talented but one has the edge, Adam is far more talented then Kris, he has proved this performance after performance, the vocals, the range, individuality, voice control, effortless performances, different genre of music, what more proof do you need? If we are true to ourselves then we should vote for talent, vote for Adam Lambert, he is the American Idol 2009.

  109. Top Ten reasons why Adam Lambert is still in the competition:

    10. Adam is able to sport an appropriate costume for his songs, even if his voice doesn’t suit the song.

    9. Adam’s high screams have signaled orbiting satellites to malfunction and cast votes for him. Oops!

    8. Sympathy votes?

    7. Adam Lambert is the Messiah!

    6. American Idol producers…need I say more?

    5. Adam shows the country that it is cool for men to wear eyeliner, blue hair, and stick out their tongues.

    4. Adam is an alien and is controlling the minds of millions by using his lethal stare into the cameras and into our living rooms.

    3. Adam Lambert is actually Right Said Fred reincarnated.

    2. Simon Cowell threatened to reveal his glorious chest hair to the world if Adam didn’t win.

    and (drum roll, please…)

    1. The cast of “The Search for Elle Woods” booted him.

  110. Hi Rhonda,

    Just a little clarification here…. it is not the criticism of ADAM, but the attack on the fans that is upsetting- basically saying ADAM fans are not smart… that is pretty demeaning.


    The belief that Kris received more votes is because Ryan told Kris first that he is safe – but that has no meaning other than the WOW factor – and making people tense and excited to see if ADAM was going to make it to the finals… shows what the producers think of ADAM – they know that there is a lot of hype surrounding ADAM in this Year’s show, and many people are watching because of him. They never said that Kris got more votes – nor did they specify that it was random like the previous week.

    I have read some other forums where Danny fans said they would not vote at all, and some are actually saying they think Danny should be in the finals instead of Kris, so they are not voting for Kris – which leaves ADAM for them to vote for, if they vote…

    It will be interesting, and as we discussed really not a vote for the BEST, but a vote for who can work the system to get their choice in.

    I will vote as much as possible, but I am not going to do anything different – the online voting sounds like it could backfire on either contestant.

    I do hope ADAM wins, but he is already a STAR and has a great future.

  111. I cannot beleive some of the comments, especially that Adam has special treatment, they all have the same treatment, they all get help with arrangements, they all choose how they will perform, just because Adam has a lot more talent and more able to deliver arrangments that really make him outstanding does not mean he had preferential treatment, ist is simply that he is unique. It is the whole package, it is not just as you call it the glitz, it is the voice, pure beatiful voice, that is why he is the American Idol.

  112. I agree with you Toni, I only say Kris received the most votes because it is assumed the performers are seated according to most votes cast.

    True, that was never stated but it’s a safe bet that it’s the case. I don’t want anyone to assume Adam has it wrapped up.

    My vote goes to Adam Lambert, who has been, in my opinion, the most innovative, talented and exciting performer this season.


  113. RON LOL Adam has alwaysed received the most votes the most googled the most Blogged and the most Buzz in Hollywood.. So your belief that Kris had the most last week is strictly a dream…..that is fact…
    As far as Kris chances are I would say very very good Strictly from a popularity aspect Kris is a decent singer… But I am beleiveing if he does win I beleive he will be another taylor Hicks…. However for Adam he is most talented versified contestant ever to step foot on that Stage for this event…you cannot deni wether you like him or not…. He is a Juggernaught and will soar to the top of the charts His studio versions are nothing like his wild Stage interpitations…But Yea Kris deffinately has chance…. But Adam is clearly superior in over all talent… sorry but that is fact…. I wish Kris all the best…

  114. If Adam were to repeat a song Tuesday night (from the season) which would you select?

  115. If You are to say the Only reason you watched American Idol All Season is because of Kris Allen you would be not being Honest and that is the concensous every where….

  116. Adams fans…

    I would love it if he repeats, “Tracks of my Tears.” I think it was the most beautiful rendition and he really showed his range and emotion.

  117. The one comment that I continue to see that drives me crazy is if Adam does not Win.. It wont affect him in his chosen career… LOL People I don’t think that is the point here. He obviously wants this badly shown by his performances each and every week..That we look forward too……

    I say really who are you to say what someone needs whether it is Kris or Adam in this case…?

    That is like the government telling you that you have to have unified health care and cannot choose your own physician one will be appointed for you, but you will still will be cared for…..very Interesting

    Phillip in Atlanta.

  118. Yea, that’s a good one, it was very emotional.
    It’s hard to select there were so many.

    I he repeats one I hope it is a slower, emotional one.

    Adam fans will always be fans, we want him to win over those that say “all he does is scream” with one that shows his range “If I Can’t Have You” I thought was nice.

  119. Toni, I agree with your statements, however, during last week’s elimination show, Ryan Seacrest revealed that Kris had only one million votes over Adam which prompted Simon to remind everyone to be proactive by voting for Adam and not take for granted that just because Adam is the contestant who deserves to be the 2009 AI, it won’t happen unless everyone VOTES!

  120. If ADAM was to tepeat a song I would like to hear “If I can’t have you”

  121. To be fair to Toni and Phillip Ryan did specify who won the most votes but it is true that the bottom three or two were always selected according to the fewest votes, so as I stated earlier it is safe to assume Adam received the fewest of the two..

  122. Strange, I have listened to every program this season from the first audition by ADAM..In fact, I have watched just to see what ADAM will do each night..Also I have listened to every song I can find on UTube I have never heard the Screech, nor have I heard the Scream…I keep hearing repeatedly from ADAM Haters about the screech and the scream.. I have heard a beautiful, remarkably soft voice, unlike any I have ever heard, and remember, I am one of the “Mature” ADAM Lovers..ADAM does have an exceptional range and can hit some high note that are music to my ears…Never a screech or a scream!!

  123. Mary Anne – I am astonished at Adam’s range as well. He has amazing control of his of his high range and is a genius in use and placement of it. His phrasing is impeccable.

  124. Seacrest never said Kris had a Million votes over Adam… NEVER said that. What he did say is the top 2 spots were separated by 1 million votes… You are making the assumption that Kris was the leader…
    Kris lands a Million votes more than Adam because of one Acoustic Song performed give me a break…

  125. Speaking of number of votes..I believe ADAM received the most votes..You know how AI has to be dramatic and knowing there are so Many ADAM Lovers, world over, I truly believe they waited until last to reveal that ADAM was staying…That is for the suspense effect..I may be wrong but I do know they do things like that to hold the audience..Think about it…and VOTE FOR ADAM!!!!!

  126. Sorry Phillip you must have missed it because Seacrest DID make that statement. I have TIVO and replayed it just to be sure of what I heard.

  127. I have the shows taped, Ryan never said that Kris had more votes than ADAM, what he did say was ,”the top two are only one million apart out of 88 million votes.” He did not say how he was choosing – nor did he call ADAM and Danny the “bottom two” as they have done in the past – leading me to believe it is all about the drama – getting people jazzed up that ADAM ‘might’ not go on to the finale.

    The show is all about drama – how they announce who is staying and who is going home, the way they did it made it more dramatic.

    Just remember what Simon said, America needs to vote – and VOTE FOR ADAM

  128. “If I Can’t Have You” is also a great song -he has so many it is hard to choose – the anticipation is also fun when it comes to ADAM.

  129. I just watched it too … And Seacrest said the Top 2 were separated by less than 1 million votes to be precise. And He made Kris the first finalist then Adam was the second at shows end… Why because they wanted Suspense till the end.. AI is very careful in their wording their job is to Rock the boat… AI has never stated who had the most votes in any of the top 3 not once to leading up to this point they leave it to speculation… LOL and it works
    But we as Adam Fans have our work cut out for us Big time because this is a Popularity contest Now!!!!!

  130. Thank you Kathleen for backing me up… I wont say something that is false….

  131. There again, most of the Danny voters and now the Kris voters are not going to vote FOR Kris, they are voting AGAINST ADAM..Not because Kris has the most talent but because they do not like ADAM for one reason or another.

  132. I watched the show again – I stand corrected… Phillip and Kathleen are correct in stating that Seacrest’s statement was that only one million votes separated the two contestants.

    It’s a shame that AI has always evolves into a popularity contest instead of the talent contest it’s meant to be. You’re right Phillip us Adam fans DO have our work cut out for us. Everyone I speak with agrees that Adam should win it because of his ability but sadly not all make the effort to vote.

  133. Quick question I do not have a land line and I am stuck with Sprint as my cell carrier…. Will the Go phone option work or too much of an investment? I have to be reasonable here this is a one time thing but it is pretty important to me… Because Adam is So unique and gifted…And Adam has not exactly had the easiest time getting to where he is today….

  134. Adam does NOT have good placement. I don’t see other singers sticking out their tongues when they sing, unless they are doing it for the Kiss effect. No impeccable control either… listen to the last few songs… ugh. Some notes were SCARY.

    Kris doesn’t have these issues, thank goodness.

    GO KRIS!!!!

  135. Kelly, that’s pathetic…That is a technique for hitting those high notes..He is very well trained..that is the reason he is so exceptional…. ADAM….#1…

  136. Marianne from Nashville, what other singers use that technique? I just have to know.

  137. I mean if there is something that I don’t know after 30 years of singing, I want to know.

  138. Hmmm this is Interesting an Expert has come to the fore front now 30 years of singing is tremendous experience .. But in what sense? Have you have been on a major record label….I Mean here you are putting down a Person because of a visual technique that frankly is not always the case… But the best you can come up is with His tongue sticks out…. And then compare him to Gene Simmons of Kiss(incase you were unaware)that is insulting truly…
    So you think Kris is a Multi Platinum artist? No way won’t happen he is a Nice singer nice guy… And will do OK….
    But Adam is exceptional..And will pack venues around the nation.
    So if you can see his tongue on the studio versions of his Songs which are much different than live you are more credible than I thought….

  139. Phillip… answer my question. What other established artist does that?

    I have sung and recorded in multiple professional venues and have toured the country. I have sung classicaly, as well as jazz, pop and Broadway. I have not made a double platinum album, but that is not a prerequisite to knowing how to sing properly. But enough about me.

    Freddy Mercury, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, George Michael, Michael Jackson… none of them stuck out their toungues.

    Adam fans need to realize just exactly what kind of performer they are supporting and idolizing as a god.

  140. Speaking of tongues, I think Adam is in good company ie”
    -Richard Simons
    -Michael Jordan
    -Ron Jeremy

  141. Hmmmm, shock rocker, basketball player, and porn star…. Gene Simmons wasn’t known for having an outstanding voice, and the other two… well, you are not helping your case if you are pro Adam.

  142. So I have been singing for 50 years..That does not make me an expert…Everyone sings…If you have taken voice lessons, you would have heard of the technique to increase the vocal range..Or perhaps you did not choose to increase your range..It frees the voice, No strain and tension especially when singing vibrato or falseto..If you will notice, this is the only time ADAM uses this technique..Not everyone uses it..Not everyone chooses to hit notes that high…I’m surprised, if you are a “singer” you do not recognize the exceptional quality of ADAM’S voice..

  143. That tongue of Adam’s, I’m telling you it’s going to be his trademark, invest in it now!

  144. 50 years in the church choir huh?
    (just kidding…) Listen, I am not going to start a pissing contest here. When you stretch your tongue, it is to release tension. I agree with you there. Actors stretch their tongues in order to sharpen their diction. When you are singing a high note, you are supposed to open up the back of your throat, relax your jaw and tongue and allow the tongue to drop to the bottom of your mouth. That is clearly NOT what Adam does. His tongue is outside his mouth. And in order to create that shrill of a sound, you are throwing the sound into your facial resonators full force without balancing it out by opening up in the back.

    Sorry to bore the non-singers out there… the point is Adam is not the god of singing by far. Neither of the finalists are, actually. But Kris is not as affected as Adam is.

  145. Anyone else have a repeat song they’d like to hear Adam sing tomorrow night or do you think he will repeat a song?

  146. I cannot beleive this, I just joined the discussion again only to find out that people are discussing Adam’s tongue, for goodness sake, accept the fact that he is far supperior to Kris, he is the better singer, hits all the notes, so get over it people. And as for making statements that Ryan said that Kris had one million votes more then Adam is wrong, what he said was that there is only one million between Adam and Kris. Accept it, Adam will win American Idol, we will be voting non stop, we will not let him down.

  147. I don’t think he would get to many votes for that song but then again he made “Ring of Fire” his own!

  148. There are many vocal coaches who teach many techniques and not one can say – my way is the only way. The technique that ADAM uses works for him. Using your tongue this way improves the ability to produce vowel sounds with strength. ADAM does not have vocal strain despite singing incredibly high notes every week. He sings effortlessly.

    To make my point, I am going to discuss two other AI singers- Danny G and Allison. They both had an increase in raspiness to their vocals , more as time went on – Allison much more than Danny. When they took a breath between notes you could hear a slight wheeze sound. By comparison, ADAM’s vocals remained pure and I don’t hear him having the same issue, yet he gives powerful vocals week after week.

    ADAM uses techniques that work for HIM. There are coaches who will use “sticking out your tongue” to improve the clarity and ability to maintain the strength in your voice. I am sure there are coaches who don’t agree with this technique; there are horn teachers who use one technique and others who wouldn’t dream of it – in the end what matters is the sound quality, pitch, tone, rhythm, etc. ADAM has this in a nutshell- he is a master with his instrument.

  149. Kathleen F you are priceless, you explain everything so well, now perhaps some people can leave Adam’s tongue alone and perhaps admit that he is the most talented of the two. I am sure that Adam will make the right song choice for the night, whatever he he chooses will have quite an impact.

  150. Thanks Toni,

    I wish the bashers would give it a rest – some of the comments are rude – and they think they are funny at someone else’s expense… sounds like schoolage children and bullies. I may regret that I said that because I am stooping low like them, but enough is enough.

    In the past, there was a contest and people wrote a song for the final two to sing – I don’t recall any info on this, this year, so the final night will be a surprise… they did have the opportunity to sing one of their songs also in the past, but so far, no one has revealed what they are doing this year. Knowing ADAM’s choices so far, he will pick songs that highlight his abilities and of course, he will be as entertaining as ever.. I can’t wait. I am going to repeat myself here = HE DAZZLES ME.

    Only one more day to see our IDOL ADAM.

  151. All you ADAM Lovers – We had a whole crew of ADAM lovers on this afternoon about 2:30 and we were really getting some serious ADAM facts down for tomorrow night…All of a sudden about 3:30 – #158 posted a very negative note about ADAM and of course, his tongue…

    I always ignore any negative comments made about ADAM but I and a couple of others made the mistake of taking her bait and tried to explain some facts to her…Our mistake..We were trying to be nice but this does not work with some of these to ignore any negatives about ADAM..I knew this but responded..

    I finally just had to get off the site…Hopefully, I can control myself better in the future and ignore..It is just so hard to ignore these negatives..I am such a huge ADAM fan..VOTE ADAM #1….

  152. To all ADAM FANS abroad….

    There is a way to vote for ADAM and I am definitely going to do it! I’m not sure though if I can post it here.

  153. To acknowledge the negative posts grants them credibility they don’t deserve. It’s so much more constructive to cite one’s thoughts – be it for or against a contestant – in a positive way without insulting the contestant or his fans.

    Kris is a likable guy with appealing looks and is a talented vocalist, however his vanilla performances lack panache and charisma. His forte is restricted to ballads. His fans have little to crow about. A true AI is expected to produce much more than vanilla performances.

  154. Right Donna…I think that is the problem, they have very little to crow about so they think putting ADAM down will make Kris look better..Only it does not work on ADAM fans..

    So she caught me at a weak moment..I have never lowered myself to acknowledge anything negative about ADAM but,as you see, I was trying to be nice…Does not always pay..LOL

  155. Yes, I know Kris is sweet and cute and talented… but all the contestants were talented…just none of them stood out like ADAM..

  156. Well, like I always say, people have different tastes…If everyone liked Vanilla, there would be no chocolate…

    Also The Cream always rises to the top…so, no matter what transpires, ADAM will be the Super Star!!!BUT WE ALL MUST VOTE, VOTE, VOTE ADAM!!!

  157. LOL – no worries, Mary Anne – everyone is allowed at least one weak moment… LOL

    I must say that this season’s AI produced the best talent of all the previous shows. ALL of the contestants were extremely talented but as you said Adam was the ONLY ONE who was consistent with his performances and consistently received praises for them from ALL FOUR judges.

  158. Yeah, someone remarked, the other day, that Kris had shown the most improvement, that ADAM had not shown any improvement…I thought, well DUH, you can’t improve on perfection!! Right??

  159. As Kathleen so aptly put it, “ADAM DAZZLES ME” too….

  160. ADam will win.his voice is a gift from God and a inspiration to.he is 1 of the best male vocialists since american idol.noone else can compete with him.he and danny and the girl who wa sleft and the only girl will make it and cris to but adam is the tops winner if not then soething is seriously wrong.hes the only 1 simon stood up and apaud to and he will be the winner

  161. The ones of us who are not homophobics love Adams pure talent!!! That young man can sing the phone book. He is cute. Reminds me of Elvis. Pure D talented to the max. I just love to look at him. We are not trying to marry him for Gods sake!!! You just cannot admit he is the MOST talented. He is also at home in a crowd. He is very nice and signs things for people. I am holding my breath that Adam the most talented, other than maybe Carrie Underwood will win. ALL I CAN SAY IS GO ADAM. You are still Gods child! And he gave you good looks. And a whopping good voice! You who think Adam Shrieks need to watch him sing the National anthem on you tube.

  162. And aslo you are right. Number 168 cannot hear I guess? GO ADAM. Lets hear more of that fabulous voice tomorrow night! A lot of us love you!

  163. Guys, please no more bashing for our idol Adam Lambert. Just keep your eyes shut to those tounge sticking out, gay issue, piercings, spiky hairdo, black nail polish etc etc etc.

    Just bear in mind that adam just wanted to be different from the stereotyped kind, clean looking, neat, coy, demure, elegant etc etc etc.

    why do you fault this guy when he is just true to himself and not a copy cat of other singers? adam lambert from adamlandia is ORIGINAL…. now please stop bashing him cuz no amount of negative ideas about adam lambert will sway us to change our votes to kris allen.


  164. AND MIND YOU PEOPLE HERE WHO HATE ADAM LAMBERT’S PERSONALITY, once again hear this. American Idol is a singing competition. This issue about adam’s personality is a redundant issue and has nothing to do with american idol singing competition. In fact AI has opened its qualifications to all kinds and types of singers, they didnt limit the auditions to pop and standard songs. why do you hate rock when millions also here love rock? each to his own…. just dont keep on attacking adam lambert. i myself as a fan will retaliate also against kris allen if you continue to do this.

    Translate your wishes for kris allen into votes and no more attacks on personalities. this is the final stretch and even though you will campaign for danny’s fans to vote for kris, just a handful read the comments in this forum. this is becoming ridiculous. why so much hate against adam lambert when he is the coolest contestant here in AI.



  166. Bill O’reilly, Fox News is reporting on American Idol today, on the west coast right now, on the Christian Component of the contestants.

  167. To..japanka I have just 2 words for you about your post about ADAM..THANK-YOU..

  168. Mary Anne, as I said in my post, “I may regret this…”

    I responded too, when I should have just let the negative comments go… I just wish we could have continued with the posts that were meaningful.

    I am passionate about how I feel about ADAM’s performances and vocal ability – that is what gets me into trouble when I finally have enough of the derogatory comments and I get sucked into the negativity.

    First I try to reason and it backfires and the posts get worse – they don’t like reasonable comments to their insults (proves them wrong, I guess). So, I am going to try to be like you and only write about how much I love ADAM and hope he wins. Otherwise I will have to stay out of the fray. It was a nice conversation that was going on, until the negativity started..

    So, let’s all agree to vote for the person we love and not knock the other…..

    I will vote for my favorite singer -ADAM LAMBERT

  169. Boy you people should have heard what was said on Bill O’reilly.
    The guest Ramin Setoodeh (Newsweek Entertainment Writer) stated that it is a Christian/Gay voting controversy, which 5 of the 7 winners were Christians and that Simon was afraid that people would not vote for Adam because he might be gay.

    He, Ramin Setoodeh, said that Kris was pushing his Christianity by wearing a cross.
    I’ve never seen his cross; hell I didn’t even know he was a Christian.
    I think he was referring to Danny but because Danny was eliminated he used Kris to get across his agenda.

    He also stated Adam was the best singer but they both have different presentationsโ€ฆ

  170. Please read in “American Idol Forums” on the blog on the friendship between Adam and Kris – it is so touching.

    Here are these two young men competing and they have a very close bond and are mature beyond their years. Now fast forward to our posts today – these two young men put us to shame – with name calling and insults.

    Can we move forward and learn from these two and let them be our role models? They both have a lot to offer the world – their friendship is so sweet and endearing.

    I am humbled by them…………………. (still DAZZLED by ADAM)

  171. TO ALL YOU ADAM LOVERS: I have noticed that you all say very complimentary things about ADAM, of course, but you don’t put Kris down..It’s the ADAM Haters that have all the negative things to say about ADAM..and it is hard to take because we all love him so..

    I would just like to say how very much I have enjoyed chatting with you all and am so very proud to be one of you – ADAM Lovers, that is…It’s been great sharing opinions with great people like you, who know talent and don’t judge the contestants on anything but talent..

    We all know that ADAM is the greatest talent ever presented on American Idol….Let’s be sure and show ADAM how very much we love and appreciate him tomorrow night!! VOTE ADAM!!

  172. Hey guys…. i’m from Manila, Philippines and i am a great fan of Adam Lambert. Sad to say, I cannot vote for him. Will someone be nice enough to vote 100 times in my behalf?

    hahahaha, maybe i am asking too much. how i wish i am an american also , so i can vote for adam lambert 1 million times (wishful thinking)….

    i am so excited here to see the result of the contest this week. I already prayed several novenas for Mama Mary to give spiritual guidance for my idol adam lambert. I also prayed the Holy Rosary and asked St. Jude and St. Joseph to help Adam Lambert and most of all to our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a Roman Catholic and i believe prayers are too powerful to help us in our desires and wishes.



    ADAM LAMBERT….he is my International Idol.

    If he visits Manila, Philippines for a concert like what David Cook and David Archuleta did at SM Mall of Asia venue where thousands watched the concert… it was an SRO, i will also buy front row tickets so i will be able to see Adam Lambert in a very near place and look deep into his eyes. He makes me so crazy here, his eyes, they trouble me, why they are so beautiful and soulful….I want to touch his hands and wipe his swweat while performing…. please dont get me wrong…. i am still very young and not into marrying adam lambert hahahaha….

    he is just my Idol and i wish him to win this competition. God bless my Idol!

  174. stephanie from the Philippines: Dont worry lady, i will vote several hundred times and the votes will includes yours too. i am just thrilled to read posts coming from people outside of USA who are ardent admirers of Adam Lambert.

    Adam Lambert will surely be the Next American Idol. Go Go Go my favorite IDOL!

  175. ^^^^^ ADAM LAMBERT ^^^^^



  176. Stephanie, I too will vote at least 100 times for ADAM for you on Tuesday night…ADAM #1..

  177. I like Kris not for his religious views, not for his attire, or for the fact that he is married. I like Kris because he is a humble, down to earth guy with a crap-ton of talent. He has the goods to BLOW OUT his competition tomorrow night. Ready or not, Kris is the American Idol!

  178. And where the h%ll is “Adamlandia” anyway? It sounds like a place in Gulliver’s Travels. Is it a village of little people who screech?

  179. Mary Anne – well said in your post #200. I agree…. let’s keep voting until our fingers fall off – 100 times 100 if we can.


  180. Thanks Kathleen, You go girl…ADAM IS THE WORLD IDOL!! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE FOR ADAM!!!

  181. All this time I never thought it was fair that one person would call in more then once to vote…It just doesnt seem right.When we vote for other things in life..we dont vote for a person 50- 100 times….Its just unfair..but thats my opnion which means nothing..But if thats how we play the voting game for Idol…my fingers will busy calling in votes for which ever one does the best tomorrow night..They are both good…and both deserve to be I will just wait to see who does the best job..

  182. I loved both of them.But my choice?It will be Kris Allen.No matter what happen tomorrow,Kradam will face a huge succes in music industry.Pop n rock.Please be fair n don’t blame Kris for made into finale.He’s just not cute.He’s got talented in different way like Adam.If he can’t sing why many people loved his rendition over ‘Falling Slowly’.The instruments that he played just made a song was more beautiful.Just look Alicia Keys,Elton John,John Meyer,Stevie Wonder.Is that wrong?Off course not.Let’s Kris grow n don’t blame him.To Adam fans,i will support Adam with his uniques n i loved how he screamed.Can imagine how he can do that?For Kris fans please vote until the end of time.I’ll behind you all.Best luck 4 Kris.

  183. I would like to see AI change the format in the future and have a male AND a female win. I thought Allison was exceptional. She and Adam were top performers. They should’ve tied. Their duet rocked!

  184. someone asked where is adamlandia. well, that idea came from one fan . its just a figment of her imagination and yes, that place is full of people who scream and screeches hahahaha…

    and mind you adam haters, though adam scream and sacreeches, the more we lkove him for that antics.

    he is unique and has his own trademark. screeching and screaming will become the fad soon, thanks to adam.

    go go go my favorite idol, adam lambert!

  185. Adam is a Rocker through and through. It’s pure talent to be table to control a scream and keep it on key!!! Face it people – the guy has TALENT!!! ALL of the music celebrities agree. I believe that Adam’s voice well surpasses David Lee Roth and Steven Tyler. He’s got the epitome of the rock n’ roll voice.

    ROCK ON ADAM!!! I’ll be voting for you tonight for as long as the polls stay open!!!

  186. i hope this season will produce a great idol in the person of adam lambert.

    he is simply the best.

    Adam lambert from adamlandia is the great one to win american idol!

  187. Well, ADAM fans,
    We are down to the wire!!! I just want to say, It’s been a real pleasure communicating with you, and I so appreciate your conduct throughout all of this, despite attacks, as to sexual preferences, tongue position, and supposed screaming and favoritism. ADAM IS THE BEST, AND HE TRULY DESERVES THIS. HE HAS NOT ONCE LET US DOWN, AND WE CANNOT LET HIM DOWN. PLEASE VOTE AND VOTE AND VOTE, IF VOTING IS FOUR HOURS VOTE FOR FOUR HOURS. I have been told about a rumored boycott of ADAM by Christian voters, I am a Christian, and anyone voting against ADAM for any reason other than talent is hypocritical not Christian. Both of these young men are talented and deserve our respect, ENOUGH OF ALL THE B.S….. Either of these young men have gotten to the finals because they are talented, and for us to demean either of them is extremely childish. Once again to ADAM’S critics, Please, GO TO Youtube and watch ADAM’S performances of: Come Home, The Prayer, and Come to Me, Bend To Me, from Brigadoon, ADAM is as good as the the original performer, Gene Kelly, It is amazing. These Three songs show ADAM’S versatility. They are emotional, and soft, a side some people don’t give ADAM credit for. WE ALL NEED TO VOTE AND SHOW OUR SUPPORT FOR ADAM, HE HAS WORKED HIS WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS, AND AS MUCH AS I LIKE KRIS, HE HAS A WAYS TO GO. TO CATCH UP TO ADAM. EVEN DANNY SAID, THAT HE LEARNED SO MUCH FROM ADAM. ALL I AM ASKING IS THAT EVERYONE VOTE BASED ON TALENT, NOT PREDJUDICE. AND NOT VENGEANCE. ADAM AND KRIS BOTH DESERVE THAT MUCH. NO MORE CRACKS ABOUT SEXUALITY, NO MORE CRACKS ABOUT TEENY-BOPPERS, PLEASE LET’S GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDITIS DUE. PLEASE ADAM FANS VOTE DON’T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED. GOOD LUCK, AND MAY THE BEST PERFORMER WIN…..

  188. Hey there Jodi.. I totally agree with everything you said in your post. I, too am a Christian. You’re right about the rumored Christian boycott of Adam being hypocritical. Thank you so much for addressing the issue.

    I joined this discussion board only yesterday and I’m sad now that after tomorrow, I will miss the banter. I’ve really enjoyed these discussions. It’s heartening to see how many people actually recognize talent when they see it. This year’s AI contestants were all outstanding and it was very hard seeing them one by one having to leave. I’ll have AI withdrawals until next season – it happens every year!

    I hope none of the people who recognize Adam as the next AI take it for granted that Adam will have enough votes to win… As pointed out earlier, there were only one million votes separating the two contestants last week. If you really and truly want to see Adam as this season’s Idol, then vote like you mean it… My cell is plugged in and being charged at this very minute. I will be voting none stop for the full 4 hours that the polls will be open. I’m not taking any chances. ADAM DESERVES TO WIN – HE’S MORE THAN EARNED THE TITLE OF AMERICAN IDOL.

  189. I am from Canada and it is so sad I cannot vote for ADAM I enjoyed his music so much I really hope he wins, but lf he does not I know we all will be seeing and hearing alot of him..ADAM IS A SUPERSTAR ALL READY.. Vote ADAM a few times for all the ADAM FANS to the north of you..Thank-You..

  190. Not to worry Terry, Adams’s fans stateside will be voting the full 4 hours!!!

    It was just announced by south Florida’s AI Official TV Station, WSVM, that Adam’s fans out number Kris’ 3 to 1


  191. Well…I’m trying to vote…for the last 1 1/2 hrs (EST). The phone lines just seem to go into dead air. About once every 10 tries, I get through. Maybe if I was voting for Adam, I’d get through…this is so rigged.
    Good luck Kris…you did a great job

  192. I haven’t gotten through on Kris’s line yet. I have been trying for hours!!!! I thought Kris did the best tonight.



  195. Geeze, that “No Boundaries” song for this year’s Idol to sing SUCKS!!!!!…..Kris did it better, his voice is more suited to it, but OMG, what a load of crap!!!…hard to sing, boring, and the only blot that will be on the winner’s CD, cos they’ll have to include it on theirs if they win….too bad….
    ….but man oh man, that Adam did it again….theatrical, my arse, Simon, this boy puts on a show every single time he sings, what a performer….Mad World…..absolutely brilliant song back in the day, and just a phenomenal arrangement now…..powerful, haunting, majestic….you name it, it’s breathtaking when he sings it…..and his version of that Sam Cook R&B song A Change Is Gonna Come??…, I had goosebumps….this boy can sing ANYTHING!!!!
    ….Kris very much reminds me of a James Taylor or John Denver style, a quiet kind of presence, kinda intimate, not in your face at all, which I have no time for…..LOL!!!….but the Taylor/Denver thing has been done before….but who, I ask you, is Adam like?…, he’s a one-of-a-kind…….the boy is and will be a world wide phenomenon, you just watch….all the other AI winners, where the hell are they today?….I sure don’t run in their music circles, but I am pretty sure I will search daily for news on Adam and what he’s doing….
    ….even if the phone lines were jammed for a vote for Kris, so what?…..he’s in the same old AI mold as so many others….he really shouldn’t be part of the final two… really should be between Alison and Adam, and you know I’m right ….all these little teenyboppers have gotten him to where he is by voting cos he’s “cute”……but for sheer talent, Adam is miles ahead….his voice is an attention getter, and it sure got mine first time I heard him during auditions….
    ….Adam should win, no question…..Go Adam, you are too amazing for words….



  197. hey !!!!! Adam Lambert is the new american idol . WHAT A SINGER :))) HE CAN SING !!




  198. Have just watched the final performance down here in Oz and everyone watching with me thought Adam was outstanding again. He is the full package and I still think he’s the best I’ve seen and heard since Elvis. I hope we get his albums down here.

  199. i watch all season and when it comes time to vote for the real american idol i can,t get through. tried for three hours just kept getting a message that my call can not go through. never got to vote once.too bad adam…

  200. I agree with tartanrocker the final two should have been Adam & Allison.

    I can’t wait for tonight to see the result of my 4 hour texting frenzy…

  201. Burnie , I voted for you and all the others that could not get through..I started right away as soon as the polls opened…I had 3 phones going on automatic redial..Most were busy signals but I got through about every 3rd time..Later on I got through even more…I voted until they closed…I lost count but think I got to vote between 600-700 times for ADAM!!! I still think this voting system is flawed..Should not work this way…There should be a voting system for 1 vote per person..But it is what it is..

  202. Hey, Donna, I’m with you all, I was sure it would be ADAM-Danny or ADAM-Allison, never even considered Kris..He was just there..Never made any impression on me at all

  203. Listen Up, we all know Adam is a great singer and is gonna go places however Kris should take the win!..I mean come on ppl he is good, so what if he cannot hit them screamin notes he is good. I am a fan of them both but give it to Kris Adam is gonna make it anyways…….But I do feel it has been already determined since early on , Adam has it in the bag!..They had this in their sites since day 1, so why bother with a finale then…GO KRIS GO!!!!!!!

  204. Tartanrocker..I agree that song “No Bounderies” has to win “Worst song of the season award”…Did you notice Simon said “I won’t comment on the song, I’ll just comment on the performance”…He didn’t like it either!!! LOL

  205. Just want to congratulate both contestants, neither of which were my absolute favourites – however, both Kris and Adam have done an outstanding job at entertaining us over this past year. Looking forward to tonights results.

  206. Mary Anne from Nashville, You are an active corespondent. I hope you voted for me like you promised. We are getting the final results show twice down here. The first one in about 20 minutes( and the other tonight at the usual time of 7.30 p.m. It is obviously creating a lot of interest here for them to do that. Here’s hoping for an Adam victory but beware of Moms Apple Pie..


  208. I agree 100% with post {250 Sherry } ..Adam will be a bigger star then Kriss , We wiil see in about a year where Kriss is, and where Adam is, Adam will be a super star, selling out concerts. don’t get me wrong Kriss is really good,but Adam is better in my opinion.

  209. John, Yes, Mom’s Apple Pie won out..A sad disappointment for a huge number of fans..I don’t know why they gave it to Kris because ADAM was clearly the favorite from the beginning..I’m sure American Idol has their reasons for giving it to the less talented..This is not the first time this has happened..

    This morning they explained on TV that Kris is the American Idol, but ADAM will have the huge career…I truly believe this..I am so very sorry for all our International ADAM fans that are so disappointed…They are saying “American got it wrong again”..Yes, we did but I and many, many others stayed up late voting as long as we could for ADAM..

    We are all in shock but maybe this will be for the best..Kris will have to go by American Idol rules..ADAM will be able to pursue his career and it will be his choice because he is getting offers by the hundreds as we speak!! We will all be watching and waiting to hear more from ADAM, hopefully a CD soon, or better yet, a DVD…

    Also I will get to see ADAM in Memphis (Ironically, the home of Elvis) on their concert tour..Best wishes to you and all the International fans..Once again, Sorry for American Idol’s huge mistake in getting it wrong again..

  210. To all the sore losers… Don’t make excuses. It is pathetic how you are acting.

    Kris won because he got the most votes. Obviously America recognizes his incredible talent and class. Adam will do well in Vegas as the impersonator that he is. But Kris is the American Idol and you should be happy for him. He completely deserves the title because he is a wonderful ARTIST (first and foremost.) He doesn’t need all the hoopla (special effects, crazy glam costumes, etc) to prove that he is insanely gifted. Kris is completely different than Adam and obviously more Americans prefer the classy, straight-forward, honest approach. Good luck to Adam. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame and get ready for the cattle calls!

  211. The only offeres that I have heard of to Adam are in Vegas. Hundreds? Get real.

  212. I am just in shock that Adam did not win this. I do believe that the voting system needs to changed, you have little kids that can vote as many times as they want, I think 5 votes per person max should be the limit. If Adam lost just because he is gay then how in the world can we stand to listen to Elton John and George Michael and all of the others. I am a middle aged married woman and could care less that he is gay. Unbelievable! That is not what the show should be about it should be about who is the best singer and that my friends was ADAM! Kris at best is average, he is kinda John Denver boring, he sounds the same week after week after week and that crooked mouth drives me nuts. American got it wrong big time and this is not the 1st time this season, I think most people must be tone deaf. A prime example of who is best, watch the show again when Adam and Kris were singing with Queen and tell me that Kris should have even been on that stage with Adam. I have watched this show since it started and this is the 3rd time I have been totally shocked. I think it is rigged from the beginning and I don’t think I will watch it again. What a shame!!!!!!!!

  213. Well I can’t say I blame the Adam supporters for being upset. The voting system is terrible, no one should be able to vote as many times as they want for anything. Adam was by far the most talented rewatch the show and tell me they even compare. Who cares if he is gay? It isn’t like we have to have a relationship with him. We listen to his music, just like Elton John who cares! I suppose we are sore losers because the best singer by far is Adam and boring Kris won. Kris is average he can sing but not very well and it is a shame that America would vote for him just because Adam is gay. What a joke!
    Sorry American you got it wrong again!

  214. The fact that Adam is gay has nothing to do with the fact the Kris is more talented than Adam. Kris won the title not because he is straight, but because he is a better performer. He won it fair and square.

    Also, I am fine with changing the voting procedure. As long as it is fair. But I do like the fact that one can out vote another voter and not just nullify another person’s vote. The more passionate voter wins in this scenario.

    Congratulations to Kris Allen, the rightful winner of American Idol 2009. America got it right!!! I am so proud that he received the most votes! America has spoken!

  215. I think you are wrong that more people like Kris, the problem is the voting system, the little teeny boppers can call as many times as they want so to me he didn’t win on talent he won because the little girls think he is cute. It is a shame that the most talented one lost because he is gay. Shocking! Kris will be just like Ruben and make one album and never hear from him again. Let’s just sit back and see who sells more records.

  216. Janet – people voted for Kris because he was BETTER. Kris is not just a phenomenal singer. He is an artist, a musician, a cool guy.

    Kris won this talent competition because he is TALENTED. Nobody cares about Adam’s sexual persuasion, obviously.

  217. Adults can also vote numerous times. And I know many people like me who voted based on talent only. What is the big deal? Adam fans could have done the same thing.

  218. Glamberts, please stop making EXCUSES!!! You had every ability to vote as much as Kris’ fans obviously did. You just didn’t do it.

  219. Well I do not agree Wendy, Kris is not that talented, he is average at best. Just my opinion but I know an awful lot of people that agree with me and I do think that people didn’t vote for Adam because he is gay. Even my boss said I just can’t bring myself to vote for a gay guy although I think he is the best singer. I also think that Adam was just as classy and more talented by far.

  220. By the way I did sit up until 1:00am voting for adam even though I had to get up at 5:00am for work, I just don’t think you should have to do that. You should get 5 votes max, that is my opinion.

  221. I know a large amount of people who are not bigots who voted for Kris because of his talent. Again, sexuality has nothing to do with this. Kris was the more appealing candidate. Adam is just not what the pop world is looking for right now. He will do fine in Vegas or Broadway and that is where he belongs.

    People, STOP MAKING EXCUSES. You lost. Deal with it.

  222. For Wendy,Lane,Kellie. Kris is a nice Christian boy. But he ia vanilla singer. You who think he is so talented wait a year and see where he is! The music business is tough. What is going to happen when they tell him what he can sing and what he cannot sing. And what is going to happen when they tell him to keep his wife in the background. Because quite frankly the people in the music industry don’t give a darn about her. They want all the little teeny boppers buying Kris CD’S. It’s all about the money to them. Adam does not belong in Vegas or Broadway. If so,why did Simon who knows more than all of you put together say Adam will be known WORLD WIDE. One of the judges said he would be an ICON? LETS PUT IT TO THE FINAL LINE. IF THE 4 JUDGES WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR WHO THE WINNER IS, IT WOULD BE ADAM! Did any of you get a look at Simon’s face after they called Kris the winner? He did not stand up! He did not do anything except have a disgusted look on his face. SO, YOU PEOPLE QUIT MAKING EXCUSES. WE WILL SEE IF KRIS IS JUST ANOTHER RUEBEN STUDDARD, CLAY AIKEN, AND ALL THE REST WHO HAVE BEEN DROPPED BY THEIR RECORD LABELS. WHAT IS APPEALING ABOUT KRIS? He is just a cute little kid. With a bit of above average voice.AND BY THE WAY YOU SAID IT ALL WHEN YOU SAID POP WORLD. SOME PEOPLE LIKE ROCKERS TOO. AND THEY ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE KRIS’S music if he trys rock. BECAUSE HE IS A NICE POP STAR. HOW MANY TIMES DID RANDY SAY ADAM COULD SING THE PHONE BOOK? I PERSONALLY AM OVER IT.ADAM WILL BE SIGNED TO A RECORDING DEAL TOO! ALL THESE LITTLE GIRLS 6 AND 7 AND 8 YEARS OLD TEXT MESSENGERS WITH BOTH HANDS WAS JUST PLAIN STUPID! I DO NOT WISH KRIS ANY ILL WILL. HE IS A NICE YOUNG MAN. AND A CHRISTIAN. BUT HE BETTER GRAB ALL THE MONEY HE CAN GET WHILE HE’S GETTING IT AND HOLD ON TO IT. BECAUSE IN THE END HE WILL JUST BE A NICE BOY FROM CONWAY ARKANSAS.

  223. Simon was pissed because he didn’t get his way and acted like a little spoiled brat. I think that his attitude was dispicable.

    Kris will make his own way as the American Idol and his music will be unique to him. That is what will sell. He is more appropriate as the American Idol and I am not talking about him being straight. He is likeable and palateable… The Adam screaming got old quickly to a lot of people. Obviously a ton of people considering he lost.

    I am proud of Kris and cannot wait to see and hear what he does!

  224. Missy – I think that limiting the votes to 5 per person or even limiting the vote to 1 per person would make it fail safe. A lot of Adam’s fans couldn’t get through to vote. Perhaps if they did get through the outcome would have been different. Kris almost made me cry when the first thing he himself said when Seacrest announced that he was the winner was that Adam should’ve won.. I agree that the Queen Segment proved that.. Kriss is an excellent crooner but not when it comes to all around. Adam has the voice to sing it all.
    Oh well, I congratulate Kriss and know it’s not the end for Adam. His career will be like Daughtry’s. He didn’t win either but look at him now.

  225. Thanks Donna, well said honestly what does that vote prove when people can vote continually for 4 hours. I really think that it needs to be changed to get a true vote. I am still just sick about it but you are right, he will go on to make it big like Daughtry. I thought Daughtry was another Idol mess up, no he should have gone home either. Regardless it is over and we will just have to deal with the results as unfair as I think they are.
    Does anyone know how close the vote was? I haven’t seen anything about that which normally means it wasn’t close at all.

  226. Kris did a phenomenal job with the songs that he was assigned to. It was clear that the producers choose pieces for an Adam / Danny finale. The Dark Horse strikes again! Hey, that should be the name of Kris’ first album!!! lol

  227. Yeah, I think that the vote was not close, or else Ryan would have told us otherwise. Either way, concerning the voting is fine by me. With the current set-up, we all have the chance to commit to the 4 hour voting period and vote our butts off. Some chose not to commit to their choice and some did. I think that those who put in the time made more of an impact and that is completely fair. Everyone had the same chance.

  228. I read that Kris had 53% of the vote so he didn’t win by much. I hope you enjoy your Idol because I think in a year from now no one will even remember him. Sorry but he is not phenomenal at all. He is a very average singer at best.
    As far as the voting goes once again I think 1 vote per person or per phone line should be the way it is done from now on. It is stupid to have to stay up until 1:00am just to keep voting over and over. The only reason they let people vote so much is that they can after nearly 1 millions votes. Blah blah blah!

  229. I am sorry that you disagree, but you had every opportunity to vote as much as you wanted to.

    And a 6% spread between the two is a HUGE gap! That means that Kris received about 5 MILLION VOTES more than Adam. That is twice the population of Arkansas!

    Kris is the King!!!

  230. Missy – it’s got to be because of the teeny boppers… However,it’s over now and as someone pointed out, Adam won’t be limited to the AI contract. He is free to pick and choose contracts. The main thing is that he got the exposure and was able to perform with all the bells and whistles AI provided him that he would not have had otherwise. The stage settings for both the Kiss and Queen performances were awesome!! Another huge plus is that Simon and Randy, who btw each own recording labels LOVE him. We haven’t heard the last from him.

    I’m sure AI got lots of flack regarding the voting glitches from both Kriss fans and Adam fans. Every bog and both AI message boards have complaints about not being able to get through to vote even once from both sides. So perhaps next season the voting procedure with either be enhanced or completely changed.

  231. I think Kris was a worthy opponent for Adam. I just don’t think he deserved to WIN. .

    I honestly think America (or, more specifically, America’s Danny Gokey fans, who possibly defected to Kris’s side after Gokey left and effectively bridged that million-vote gap between Adam and Kris) got it very wrong here..

    I will just take solace in the fact that a) Adam Lambert will get a record deal anyway; b) not winning may allow Adam to have more creative control over his debut album, and thus he’ll release more genuinely freak-flag-flying material; c) Adam won’t have to release that insipid “No Boundaries” as his first single; and d) Adam will probably outsell Kris in the long run.

  232. Sherry – I agree with every word of your post!!
    Love the reference of “freak-flag-flying material” LOL!!

  233. Thank-You too Donna- Thank all of you (Adam Rock God~Fab Looking Adam Lambert) fans! we will have the last laugh. ~~Tailor Hicks ~~Whoops I mean Kris Allen ~~~Naw! That’s just mean. Because Kris whom most of his fans don’t even know how to spell his name!( Cris/it’s Kris fans) is really a Christian! But all the Homophobics make me sick! All we wanted was the BEST TALENT. Good by all Adam supporters. But keep an eye out for Adam Lamberts CD.

  234. Bye-bye Sherry & all of the Adam rocker fans who posted here.. I’ve said all I have to say. Adam can be proud of his fans for posting here without malice or immature mean spirited jabs and remarks.. Although I must say, the mature Kris fans who posted responsibly way out numbered the childish gloaters.

    Congratulations Kris and Good Luck Adam – you both did well with the talent God abundantly blessed you with.

  235. This so funny, bickering back and forth. BTW there was only a 3% diffence between Kris and Adam not 6%, that is not all that much. I too have said my piece and am tired of reading all of this. Sherry,Donna and Missy looks like we are about the only ones that can see what a joke this vote was. No way should Kris have won this competition. All of the judges feel the same way especially Simon and Paula and you can’t tell me they don’t know talent when they hear it. You Kris fans may be able to say we don’t (although we do) but not the judges. So season eight is over with another huge mistake made by America. So good luck Adam we will be waiting to see what is next from you and see how far you go before next years AI.

  236. I love Adam!!! If I had been able to watch AI last season, I would have voted infinite amounts for Adam, and he would have won…. I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. I will watch tomorrow just to see Adam.
    Otherwise,it’s very difficult to muster up any enthusiasm whatsoever for this years’ idols.

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