American Idol 2010: Bring on the R&B


Update: Uh oh. I know one Idol alumni who won’t be returning anytime soon. Chikezie Eze was arrested.

It’s a new week for American Idol Season 9 so I’m putting the horrendous performances behind me and looking forward to some vocal inspiration this week.

Usher is the guest mentor and with over ten years experience in the music industry, over 40 million albums sold and 5 grammy awards behind him, I’m raising a glass in hopes he gives the singers the constructive criticism they need.

Visit iTunes for a complete list of the 125 songs the contestants had to choose from.  All the greats from times past to the most current artists of today are available so the group shouldn’t have a problem picking a song to show off their vocal abilities.

Be sure to join us in the chat room Tuesday as the Top 10 try to bring it and sing for our votes and back here again Wednesday for the Live Results.  Not only will Usher perform but also P. Diddy and Justin Beiber

Obviously Big Mike will do well this week but who else has great potential for knock out performance?





  2. I think you will be surprised at how well Siobhan will do this week. She can sing just about anything in my opinion. I cannot wait to see how they all do. We need a good week. Last week was awful! This is Mike’s week to show his stuff. I cannot predict who will go this week. I am guessing Tim but only time and votes will tell.

  3. Im crossing fingers for Andrew to do very well, I dont want him gone yet I think he has a lot of potential but have not chosen the right songs. I am not afraid about Siobhan, Mike or even Lee. Maybe Crystal will struggle as is not her type of music at all.
    My prediction is Tim or Kathy will be gone this week. Lets see 🙂 anyway GO ANDREW!!

  4. My fingers are crossed for Andrew too!!!

    For me, his voice IS R&B and Soul!!! Unfortunately….it’s just a matter of song choice for him….

  5. Ok, eveyone complained about Miley Cyrus, but Justin Beiber is sooo annoying! Why does everyone hate Miley? She sang her song very well live, and for 17, that’s saying something! Instead of knocking someone we want to be an example for our kids, why not encourage so she doesn’t take the wrong path. At 17, you are vulnerable…anyways, enough about that…here is a list of songs i want some contestants to sing:

    Aaron-Amazed by Lonestar
    Casey-All Summer Long by Kid Rock
    Siobhan-Wake me Up Inside by Evenesence
    Lee-Everything i do by Bryan Adams
    Crystal-Let my love open the door by Pete Townsend (do like a regae female version)
    Tim-You Raise Me Up by Josh Groben
    Michael-Apologize by Timbaland
    Andrew-Do You Know-by Enrique Iglasias
    Katie-Happy by Leona Lewis
    Didi-Bubbly by Colbie Caillat

  6. Everyone overlooks Tim but I say he has the basic formula for success….. good looks, good voice…..humility………great smile…..and competitive spirit.

    I tagged him for the top spot from the first show. I put Aaron in second place.

  7. Im sorry to disagree with you Damien but I cant find in Tim a good voice to become the next AI nor the looks as he has a stupid smile in his face, competitive spirit maybe but is not enough to win against the others that are much better than him. Good news is that he is young and has lots of chance to gain experience. His future can be good if he keeps studying and preparing himself. I see him too immature still.
    Aaron is a very nice guy, has good voice but lack of stage presence. Too young too but he will do very good. He has all in his favor to do well just needs confidence.
    This year in my opinion Siobhan, Crystal, Big Mike, Lee and Andrew (IF he comes back)!

  8. Tim may not win the AI, but he can definitely join the Glee Club.

    Who knows, he may become more successful in that industry.

  9. atleast Tim has the star look..likable..attractive…even the vocal is not so good.. How about ANDREW…Voice Suck..Look SUCK..! i hope , America say good bye to ANDREW this week

  10. Please go home this week Tim, your family needs you, and american can’t stand you grin anymore. And please take Kara with you, she loves cute boys.

  11. My vote goes to Crystal,Siobhan,Big Mike and Casey and would be looking forward to seeing them perform every week!

    I’d be surprised if they don’t make it to the top 5.

  12. Jay,

    I totally agree with you. At least Tom is entertaining while Andrew is so so boring n suck.

  13. i think Andrew will stand out…..he’s really good with acoustic R&B….

    Go Team Andrew!!!

  14. This is truly a pivotal week for the ten! R&B w/ usher—–aperfect opportunity handed to them all to choose that “right song”! Sung well & this will be perhaps a most vocally enjoyable week for the audience to hear!Hopefully Mike will choose to honor the late great Teddy Pendergrass & sing one of his many hits!!!!! Let’s hope——

  15. Jay for weeks and weeks you have not said anything but Andrew go home… seems to me more than a open rejection to him as a person than a healthy discussion as an artist and performer. I have not read from your comments anything positive nor at least a preference for one of the contestants. Who do you really like to win? At least start to discuss something else than the looks of someone who might not be Super Cute but has talent. Who cares if someone is not handsome and sexy if has a beautiful voice and talent? Tim is young I admit but is not talented nor showed yet what is he made of. For me he shouldn’t be there at all. There were some others much better than him and yet he is still on the show because of his looks and not his singing. In fairness the percentage of the people commenting in here is much more against Tim than any other of the remaining artists.
    Lets see who will stay. I bet you Andrew will last longer than Tim or Kathy 🙂

  16. Andrew will go home.. Go Home Andrew to your kid and wife! Next to go home, TIM..
    Top 5 would be, Siobhan, Crystal, Lee, Aaron and Casey (i just hope LOL)

  17. Look for Crystal to blow us out tonight. She said she had big plans. Siobhan can sing anything and I’m really lookin’ for dope from her. She has the contemporary look and changes it up – never boring. Andrew is boring, after Tim. Not understanding all this hype for Andrew or Tim? Well, if that’s what turns you on . . .whatever, dude. Casey should do some Stevie Ray Vaughn or maybe some smokin’ Joe Walsh. Love his slide guitar. The rest are nice people but, except for big Mike, they have lame voices. The show is losing it’s edge.

  18. hope crystal had really big plans, so excited to see what it is.. Nothing to worry about Siobhan, even though she tends to scream towards the end of every performance, but i like her when she’s doing that stuff, hitting those high notes! That was fantastic. Can’t wait to see Lee, Casey and Aaron to perform also. Andrew should leave if he won’t be choosing the right song, Tim has a mediocre vocals but I think there are more people out there liking him (I don’t know why, i just wish that Alex lambert made it to the top 12 rather than him). I bet Andrew, Tim and Katie Stevens would be eliminated soon..

  19. Crystal has been my favorite all along, she is in a league above all others. I would buy her music! Lee has a great voice but needs to losen up. Andrew, Tim and Katie not even close. If everyone votes on talent, Tim, Andrew and Katie will be leaving.

  20. Can’t wait to see what Siobhan does tonight. I have a good feeling that she is going to blow everyone away tonight. She has it in her. I just hope that she is not up last again. You go girl. All of Cape Cod is pulling for you. You are a household name now. We love you Siobhan!!!!

  21. I find it interesting that not one person mentions Didi here…?…or did I miss it? She will be going home soon too, obviously too un-rememorable. Sounds like my opinion is in with the majority, Tim, Andrew and Katie are amongst the next to go. Crystal has been my favorite since the beginning, can’t wait to see how she changes things up tonight. Casey sounds the same every week but I’m glad to see him showing some more humility, used to be far too full of himself. Just the opposite for others, Aaron, Lee, Didi…c’mon, you’re in the Top 10 of American Idol, time to start feeling and showing some confidence.

  22. I definately agree that Crystal is the best. She and Siobhan are leagues above the others.
    I also think that Andrew has a lot of potential, but he is confused because nothing he does seems to be as good as in Hollywood.If he would just stop trying so hard, he would show he does deserve to be there.

  23. No one has mentioned Didi – so I will. I really like her and hope she blows it out of the water tonite. Someone has got to do the WOW factor thing soon, really hope it is Didi. I like Crystal – just don’t get her tude – like she has won already? Not. I think Lee could be a dark horse here. Tonight will be interesting and hopefully more productive than the past weeks.

  24. Hey Colo Mtn Kid, look two posts above yours. I did mention Didi, said the same thing as you. I like her too, very unique and intriguing voice but her fear may be the one thing that holds her back.

  25. Crystal doing something different? I doubt it- she only seems to have be able to sing one way and I don’t see her being that great tonight. Out of the girls Siobhan probably has the most range, but I’m rooting for Lee! I think he gets better every week!

  26. Crystal has the dreads already for the R & B …I would say she’s a closet R&B gal, waiting to come out… that will blow the back of box out…Big Mike will do what he does everyweek.He already has that sound down.
    The rest of them I hope are better than last weeks embarressing moments.

  27. I don’t understand why they got Usher to mentor this week. Shouldn’t they get a singer? What possible advice could he give these kids?

  28. Siobhan is overrated. She is literally a one-note performer. The only thing she does really well is hit that one big note at the end, and it distracts from the fact that she really doesn’t sing very well.


  30. I was a little disappointed by last nights’ performances as well. Lee and Casey were strong, Crystal too in my opinion. I’d probably buy anyone of their albums now if they had one. The others all very weak. I’m totally bored with Mike now, he needs more pizzazz. Siobahn was just out of her element, she’ll come back strong next week. Andrew needs a new pair of glasses first and foremost and what was up with that pompadore hair-do?? Tonight it really should be Tim but this season has been consistent in one area, disappointing surprises.

  31. Didi or Tim will slip away into obscurity tonight. If Tim goes tonight, then the only thing Didi is holding onto is her apperance, as her vocals will not carry her much farther. Top 3 Crystal, Casey & Michael

  32. Didi should not have gone over Tim. Hello…! Wondering why anyone would think Tim can pull it off. Yeah he’s got a nice smile and bubbly personality, but he doesn’t have the voice. Lee, Crystal and Casey are the top three, can you compare Tim with any of them…no way in America.

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