American Idol 2010: Did the Top 10 Girls Step it Up?

Overall the girls did NOT do as good as the guys for week 2 of American Idol season 9.  The judges were almost as bad as the singers with their negativity and contradictory statements which Simon admitted too.  The judges picked the singers for their looks, background stories and lastly their talent.  I hope next year they will learn from their mistakes.

First up was Crystal Bowersox who seemed to be feeling much better after her illness and gave a stunning rendition of CCR’s “Long as I Can See the Light”.  In my opinion, Crystal is the one to beat for the girls because this showed her powerful, soulful voice much more than last week.  Simon said he “misunderestimated” her and that she is a serious artist.

Haeley Vaughn – Oh poor Haeley.  She sang “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus and absolutely butchered the song.  It was awful.  She was off key the majority of the time and never got it together.  It was karaoke at its worst.  Her only saving grace is that she is once again the girl to vote for on VFTW. 

Lacey Brown – not much better than Haeley with “Kiss Me”.  She started out ok but lost it in the middle and the end.  She is so pitchy and this should have been her moment to shine.  This was her kind of song and she botched it up.  I’m doubting she will be here after Thursday.  I hate it because I was pulling for her during Hollywood week.

Katie Stevens – She sang “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae.  She has a great voice especially for her young age but I agree with the judges, her song choices make her seem older and matronly somehow.  I’m afraid she is not connecting with the younger crowd who she needs to stay in the competition.

Didi Benami – She got crucified by the judges for her choice of Bill Wither’s “Lean on Me” but I actually liked it.  She changed it up just enough to call it her own and she sang it well.  She is still one of my favorites.  I hope she gets enough votes to stay.

Michelle Delamor – I wasn’t impressed with her take on Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open” and I love that song.  It was too slow and she doesn’t have that strong powerful voice I was waiting to hear come out.  Randy and Ellen both agreed that it almost worked but not quite but Kara and Simon thought it was her best performance. 

Lilly Scott wowed us with her interpretation of Sam Cook’s “A Change is Gonna Come”.  She rivaled Crystal for best song of the night.  She is definitely stepping things up so the girls need to watch out for her.

Katelyn Epperly gives us our first piano solo of the season and sang “The Scientist” by Coldplay.  It was really slow.  I mean a turtle doesn’t walk that slow.  She had great vocals and technically it was all there but I’m like Ellen, it made me sleepy.

Paige Miles once again fails to choose the right song with “Walk Away” by Kelly Clarkson.  She didn’t even come close in comparison to Kelly and while she did try to change things up a little, it fell way short of spectacular.

Last up was the remarkable Siobhan Magnus.  This girl is for real and proved it by singing Aretha Franklin’s “Freedom”.  A really hard song to sing because you will always be compared to the great Aretha but she nailed it.  I didn’t like her much last week but she killed this song and I am now a fan of hers. 

At least we can say the girls did better than last week’s horrendous show but for some all the glitz and glammer is about to come to an end.  My prediction is we will be saying goodbye to Lacey Brown and Haeley Vaughn (unless VFTW comes through for her).  Who do you think will get eliminated?




  1. Siobhan Magnus was my favorite with Katelyn Epperly being a close second with a fabulous sound but a bit slow on the song. Crystal Bowersox did a great job as well.

  2. Siobahn was great, love her style and voice. Crystal was awesome as usual as well. I felt sorry for Didi, she didn’t deserve all of the hate! I post idol recaps on my new blog if anyone wants to read! Its fun to write a blog, just hard to find people who care lol.

  3. My comment is I am very diappointed in this years contestants. All their songs and arrangements were very disappointing and just bad. No one is memorable to me along with the guys as well. It will be a struggle to watch next season. I’m also disappointed with the judges on picking winners. Maybe next year will be better

  4. Crystal Bowersox is beyond American Idol and I am hoping someone is smart and picks her up soon to make an outrageous Album that I can’t wait to purchase. She has a voice like no other! From Crystals fans in Canada

  5. It’s a 3-way race…and drops off hard after that. Crystal has a firm lead, but Lilly and Siobhan have showed everyone they will make it a competition at the end. Until we get to those 3…it will be forgettable watching the others. Some are cute, some have their moments, some have talent, some have upside….but if they haven’t shown by tonight they can put it all together…they don’t have a chance.

    And until they got to Lilly and Siobhan, I thought they showed a Crystal Bowersox concert and added in an AI episode to follow.

  6. Katie Stevens and Siobhan will go in top5 on final, i hope. . .
    From a fan of Katie from Indonesien,

  7. Overall I enjoyed the show. I personally thought the girls were better than the guys this week.

    I loved Crystals performance of “Long as I can see the Light”. She is my favourite and she will be a star and sell a lot of albums win or lose.

    As for Haeley Vaughn, I love the girl to death but I’m not a fan of her singing at all. I think she will be gone this week.

    Lacey Brown really missed her opporunity this week I feel. I like Lacey and I love that song (Kiss Me) but she failed to pull it off to the level required. I think she is at risk of being voted off this week.

    Katie Stevens didn’t do it for me this week either. She has a great voice and a lot of potential but her song choice let her down. I think she’ll be around next week though.

    Didi Benami didn’t do it for me either. I was a fan and she blew me away when she sang “Terrified” but we’ve only seen glimpses of potential since then. I love her voice but I don’t think she is a serious contender for Idol. I think she wont be around much longer which is a shame because I do like her.

    Michelle Delamor also blew an opportunity tonight in my opinion. It was OK but nothing special. I think she’ll stick around this week but she really needs to pull out something special if she plans to hang around much longer.

    Lilly Scott is awesome. There’s something really special about that girl and although I can’t see her selling albums as well as I think Crystal would, I think she’ll keep stepping up and giving Crystal a real run for the title.

    I like Katelyn Epperly. Yes the song was slow but I liked it. She doesn’t have that “wow” factor for me but I want to see more of her and I think she’ll be around for a while yet.

    For Paige Miles I think she was too ambitious with her song choice and over estimated her ability to pull it off. It was a karaoke performance of a Kelly Clarkson powerhouse song. She’ll probably scrape through this week but really needs to lift her game from now on. I don’t see her as a serious contender for the title though.

    Siobhan Magnus was brilliant. She has constantly surprised me and has won me over 100%. This girl has talent and she is a seriosu contender.

    I think Siobhan, Crystal and Lilly will be the top 3 girls.

    I think Hayley will go this week and either Lacey or Didi.

  8. Tom,

    I agree with you 100%.

    Bowersox kicked off the show with a stunning performance but it was extremely forgettable other than that apart from Lilly and Siobhan who also really shone.

    I think it’s a 3 horse race with a heap of “also rans”.

  9. Where were the judges when they were picking out the contestants for 2010 season? Are they getting tired of the show? I think this is the worst group of singers yet.

  10. I agree with Mark Stathis. I have watched American Idol since its beginning and it is the first year that none of the contestants either boys or girls make me believe that they could become ‘the new American Idol’. Lilly and Crystal have great potential but, they are so many like them…I miss performances like last year provided with Adam Lambert.

  11. I agree with most of the comments. I think there is a noticable top group of girls and a noticable bottom.

    1. Crystal
    2. Lilly
    3. Katelyn (I know some would argue but she was maybe my favorite last night)
    4. Siobhan

    From there it drops off- If Katie Stevens picks the right song she could be back in this thing- her, Didi and Paige all have good voices but I am not excited about them.

    Didi did not deserve the bad feedback she got last night and I think her voice is great and I didn’t dislike it. I don’t remember anything Lacey sang from auditions but she is terrible! I thought Paige was boring (I hit the fast forward on the DVR for and did the same with Michelle).



  14. Gina… I just hope the speed picks up this season. I turned the T.V. of at 9:00. I just couldn’t listen to any more bad singing. Too bad I missed Lilly Scott’s performance, I heard is was great, just like my Fave singer Crystal Bowersox. This season puts me to sleep, however I will still watch for Crystal, Lilly and Lee.

  15. This season is lacking the “wow” factor for me personally. Can’t put my finger on it, but it just seems a bit flat.

    With that said, I agree with all of Darren’s comments about the ladies last night. Only 3 really stood out for me. I think they are also getting very confused with the judges comments about “owning the song”, “younger songs”, “be original” – I know I was getting confused because some of the ladies did do what they judges suggested but it still wasn’t good enough.

    Kara is not one of my personal fav judges, Ellen is doing well and her humor is a nice change. Simon is real with his comments and Randy is always personable.

  16. Good start with Crystal and a very good ending with Siobhan. This girl surprised me, she was great.
    I think the girls did better this week than the boys. My personal favorite is Didi, I hope she stays. 🙂

  17. From the beginning I have been all about Siobhan , Crystal, and Didi. Didi has a wonderful voice and in my opinion just needs to pick better song choices. She received a way too harsh critical remark, but I’m hoping she will stay to come back weeks to come.
    As for Siobhan and Crystal they are so entertaining and way talented to back it up. Siobhan is so full of surprises and powerful vocals and crystal is a pleasant americana rock singer. They make it hard for me to pick a favorite, but after last night I think its Siobhan leading the pack setting the curve high. Lily, tho not my favorite, deserves props for singing well too.

  18. I think its totally degrading and ridiculous for ppl to keep saying that this group lacks a wow factor and real talent . There are most definitely some stars this year and better than that, this year we have some ppl who aren’t all about pop music. This group has talent and spunk and whoever doesn’t think so should just hush. If you don’t care for the contestants don’t watch the show, but don’t just act as tho they aren’t cutting it… Cuz there are some winners.

  19. People need to look at the whole package and who truly has talent and can sell tunes. People who can sing more than one style of music. Katelyn and Katie are truly talented and have an ear for music. Crystal and Lilly sound the same every time they sing. I like them but think it would grow old. I totally think the girls are much better than the guys and the judges need to decide what they want them to do. Be original, make it their own or whatever. The contestants are really confused. And the judges need to lighten up a bit. They were really overboard last night.

  20. Don’t forget Haeley is getting TONS of votes from VFTW…the only reason she survived last week. I expect Lacey and Didi to go (though I do like Didi’s voice as well)…too much anti-AI pimping for those 2 to keep them in. AI seems to hate Didi, yet love Michelle…yet to me they are similar if not Didi ahead.

  21. You must have been watching a different show to say the girls did NOT outperform the boys! Are you serious? There were 4 good to great performances last night, versus maybe one for the guys. (Other than that, you repeated 90% of what the judges said.) I thought Katelyn’s voice was beautiful and I don’t give a hoot that the song was slow. Good grief, so what? The judges need to be clearer and more consistent too. I think it’s sad that we have to let go of so many girls, when even the weakest one is better than 7 of the guys.

  22. Jeannine…I respect your opinion…but “the weakest one is better than 7 of the guys”?!?!?

    Did you Tivo the show and skip Haeley’s performance? I won’t get nasty and say she is a natural Dr Kevorkian….but I believe even this opinion may be wrong; I’m sorry.

    Are there less “bad” girls than guys…yes…are they better as a whole….probably not…do they have better moments and bright spots…yes.

  23. Let me clarify…

    The ONLY reason Haeley is still on is because she is SOOO bad. The VFTW crew is keeping her in the show themselves.

    It’s not that she is ok and some people like her. She is literally so repulsive that a group of people who ONLY vote for the train wrecks happen to support her for the sheer mockery of the show.

    Haeley isn’t even a top 20 singer on my block let alone even contest-worthy.

  24. Katie is amazing. I think what people don´t see is a young little girl with a huge voice and ear for music. I hope people will see that and votes for her because she has a lot to show us .
    They are making the girl confused , one day 1 think another day another…. like for every body is so confuse MY God make your mind people. I love Siobhan she is amazing TOO. But for Katie a Fan from Canada GO GIRL GO BE STRONG SHOW EVERYTHING YOU GOT TO THEM.GOOD LUCK

  25. For the benefit of you youngsters, Aretha’s song (sung by Siobhan) is “Think”, not “Freedom”.

  26. Lilly and Crystal are good, but sound pretty much the same…as well as Andrew Garcia..these three will sometime in the show sing without their instruments…katy reminds me of Deltoro…paige is overrated and I justdon’t see srat quality in her or DiDi..just bad notes hopping all over the place…The worst Lacy..her voice grates on nerves…I think Ashley should have stayed instead of lacy..Siobhan is unique and very youthful in her appearance and attitude…Her performances are unexpected and I really think she is the dark horse and will be the one to beat later in the show…Also..Tyler should have stayed because when he left..thefun of the show left…Jermaine should have gone home in his place..

  27. HelloOO! what is wrong this year with the jugdes….
    Katy was amazing , her voice is amazing , but i don´t understand the jugdges with the thing she is young but her voice is to big .. hellooo is what i said she is a young singer with a voice like Demi Lovato and Nelly Furtado young girls with big voices what is the problem?..Today she sing very good my favorites are KATY & SIOBHAN and Didi . Crystal she is good but she only knows to sing the some style of music and with the guitar all the time!! no changes with her she sings in the safe side .( they don´t see that HELLOOO!!!)
    But like i am a fan for my 2 girls then for Katy &Siobhan GO GIRLS GO AND PLEASE VOTE AND VOTE FOR THIS GIRLS SPECIAL FOR KATY .

  28. Kara should stop trying to be Paula. She can’t do it. Paula and Simon were cute and entertaining. Kara is embarassing herself and probably she’s embarassing Simon too.

  29. I have read, and read, and re-read all the comments on as many boards as I could find about American Idol, and what I’ve found is disturbing. America knows nothing about music or singing. Before I even get into the top 12 voting and how horribly wrong it was, lets take a look at the top 24. Yes, there were issues with who didn’t get into the top 24, but that way too much time required to do it justice – and lets face it – the judges coughproducerscough picked the top 24.

    First off Ashley Rodriguez should not have been in the top 24 and thank god she didn’t make it to the top 12. She looks good and can sing fairly well but has no value as a recording artist, a glaring reason why Simon should count as two judges to be able to trump the others. I thought “Happy” was horrible and I’m glad she went home.

    On the other hand, Joe Munoz should have stayed around and possibly should have been in the top 12. The kid can sing, he has stage presence, he knows where the cameras are, and he’s latino. Maybe THAT’S why he was cut? But seriously he is better than Urban, Kelly, and Lynche.

    With that I have to step in and say something which could piss off a lot of people. Big Mike is NOT that good, he should not have gone this far. Maybe the whole black man with an ironically messed up last name thing is pulling sympathy – or his poor wife with the newborn baby ( btw she looks like she was run over by several busses )? Maybe it’s that black people are voting for him because they all think Todrick is gay ( he could be ) and we all know about the long running problem with gays in the black community. ( anyone who tries to argue me on that point is either ignorant and shouldn’t comment to begin with or is in complete denial about the black community as a whole)

    Think about this for a second PLEASE I beg you. Paige is NOT that good, she can sing, but that is all she has she has iffy stage presence, she’s not very confident, and you can tell she’s trying way to hard. She is a preppy black girl who has NO value to the black community at large. The black performers that should have been around a while longer are Jermaine Sellers, Lloyd Thomas, Angela Martin, Thaddeus Johnson, and my main man Seth Rollins. Poor Thaddeus was simply to black ad too gay for the producers and to be honest he should have done something with his hair, it made him look like a gorilla. Jermaine was confusing for me, is he gay, is he not gay, he was overly religious, but at the end of the day – too many vocal runs will kill you. For Thomas, Johnson, and Rollins – ANY of them are better than Tim Urban!!!

    Speaking of Tim Urban… Go walk across Santa Monica Boulevard. Stand in the middle of Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard and wait for the ensuing debacle that is your singing career. One of the judges mentioned earlier in the season, I believe it was Simon or Ellen, that you were not a singer and should give acting a shot. As much as I do NOT want to deal with my daughter pining over you or having to see you on a FOX sitcom or in lame Vampire-themed movies, it would be way better than to completely mess up a season of American Idol. The only reason why Tim Urban is here is because of VFTW plus all the bible bangers throw in the State of Utah, and multiply by all the families with 8 or more children. Thank god Janell Wheeler was cut, we don’t need Tim Tebows’ girlfriend around making his 15 minutes and her 5 minutes last any longer than necessary. I am sick and tired of these holier-than-thou religious jerks. There haven’t been many in the past several decades who have been REAL. Jars of Clay got that – they are real, and you know what they did? They toned it down. They knew that the overly religious message was turning people off and so they decided to put the message in the song without evoking Jesus’ name every song or calling out to God in every song.

    With that said, I’d like to take a step outside of American Idol real quick to address religion in general. STOP THANKING JESUS WHEN YOU WIN A GAME. Jesus didn’t help you score a touchdown, hit a home run, or win any race. God didn’t do anything to help you win. He didn’t make you faster or stronger than your opponent, he didn’t give you increased fortitude, and he certainly did NOT hinder the opposition. If any REAL Christian, Jew, or Muslim REALLY understood their religion they would know that God/Yahweh/Allah doesn’t do things for you like that and if you think the grace of god has anything to do with sports then you are simply worthless in my book. I can understand many people getting upset with me about this, but be honest, which increases your chances of winning an athletic competition, going to church and living a good life or taking performance enhancers, putting in hours at the gym, and playing through injury? If you picked the first you are stupid and should just shut up, you have no standing and are irrelevant when it comes to sports. God may be able to give you athletic gifts, but more often than not it’s those who do unholy things who reap the material rewards and athletic achievements.

    Back to American Idol, something that pisses me off is that Paige is still on that stage while Jessica Furney and Shelby Dressel are at home. First thing you do is replace Paige and that god awful Haeley Vaughn with these two and BANG you’re better off. Now I’m sorry but I have to go back to Tim Urban, he SHOULDN’T EVEN BE THERE. Chris Golightly was released from his contract before he auditioned. He did everything the way he was supposed to do it, while Michael Lynche is allowed to stay even though he breached his contract with AI after giving information to his family that was then forwarded to the local news paper. If I was American Idol, I invite Chris back next year and do a top 25 with 5 people being sent home first week, 5 being sent home the second week and 3 being sent home the third week. Then you have your precious top 12, which is still not enough to drag out American Idol until the end of the season. I would go with 15.

    Let me just sum up the top 12 episode. Paige should have been sent home and either Katie or Lacey. On the men’s side, Aaron Kelly should have been sent packing with Tim Somebody Please Shoot Him Urban. The final 12 should look something like this:

    Lee Dewyze, Casey James, Andrew Garcia, Alex Lambert, John Park, and Joe Munoz for the men.

    Crystal Bowersox, Didi Benami, Lilly Scott, Siobhan Magnus, Katelyn Epperly, and Lacey Brown.

    BTW my picks for who I think are the top six from the remaining 12 in order:

    Siobhan Magnus, Crystal Bowersox, Casey James, Didi Benami, Lee Dewyze, and Andrew Garcia.

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