American Idol 2010 Episode 10 – Hollywood Week – Open Discussion

It’s Round 2 in Hollywood tonight as the remaining singers group up for what’s gotta be one of the most difficult challenges yet. I’m always stunned that the producers force this situation where we inevitably see a great performer get matched up with a bad attitude and it ruins his or her chance at the Top 24. I imagine tonight will be no different so stick with us here for live discussion!

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Let’s hear which of tonight’s performances were your favorites!




  1. Andrew Garcia gone. Total BS. I hope they have a wild card because he was so good. What a shame this whole group thing got so many of my favorites. Didn’t know it was American Group… again BS.

  2. I didn’t like some of the cuts this week…several good ones got sent home like Matt I thought he was awesome!!! I don’t like when they have groups it doesn’t really show individual talent…

  3. How do we find out who made it to next week’s show? I don’t feel like they spend enough time on the good singers – they like to concentrate on the drama……

  4. They do group singing to see how well the Singers do under pressure of learning a song quickly and being able to put together an act with random strangers. I can see why they do it. The groups that are bad aren’t very cohesive and don’t listen to one another. The groups that succeed take in everyone’s opinion and just practice, practice, practice. So in a way it’s necessary to test the contestants like this. Putting them outside of their comfort zones and seeing if they have potential as a complete performer.

  5. If American Idol makes Howard Stern apart of the show I am DONE…… He is a pig and what I call NOT A MAN. Has anyone ever seen his show at night he asks women to take off there clothes and do nasty things and they are wanting this guy to represent American Idol I will never watch that show again if he is on there.

  6. I am going to keep posting this until I hear it won’t happen….thanks listening.I am a big supporter of the show. I watch even through the first few weeks of nonsense. I am in awe of all the talent in these young people. If Howard Stern becomes part of this show it will be a huge disrespect to these performers and I will not watch the show. It’s the worse idea AI ever had. I thought you learned your lesson with bikini girl!

  7. Another great night !!!! I had thought that Ellen was going to be no good…but I think that she is going to work out fine. My favorite pick of the night was Tim Urban and Didi Benami…of course there was also Michael Lynche, and Crystal Bowersox that sang pretty well. @ Matt are you going to do the posts for Survivor ? Am looking forward to watching Russell again…sure hope he goes to the end this time.

  8. I REPEAT, HOWARD STERN WILL NEVER BE ON AI! IT is a ploy for him in his contract negotiations with his radio show. He makes a 100 million a year doing his radio and TV show. Fox knows what hiring Stern would to to the fan base of the show. They would lose millions of dollars if they hire him. So please, just take it as a rumor and NOT fact! This Stern talk is beginning to ware thin. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. Besides, they won’t announce who Simon’s replacement is through rumors. It’ll come as a shock just like Ellen’s announcement was.

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