American Idol 2010 Episode 5 – Los Angeles Auditions – Open Discussion

The American Idol 2010 auditions continue tonight with the Los Angeles round of singer seeking. Join other fans and jump right in to our American Idol chat room and feel free to use this post to share your thoughts and commentary live.

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Let’s hear which singers were your favorites from the Los Angeles auditions!




  1. I’m surprised how immature Avril is acting on American Idol.How old is she does anyone know?I would expect more from a judge on the show it has turned me off of idol tonight.The preacher who she didn’t want to put through because he was a preacher with a family is wrong.It’s the preachers choice if he wants to put the time into his singing career….not Avril’s choice her only choice should be can he sing or not sing!

  2. I do not like Avril Lavine as a judge. I don’t like her look, I think she looks like a freak sitting there and shouldn’t be taken seriously. I also didn’t like her comments to the preacher. Who is she to decide what he would do as far as his family if he was to make it through?

  3. WOW! Who would have thought that Avril Lavigne is so annoying. She’s like a little girl in grade school saying dumb things that she doesn’t even understand. Gotta change the channel.

  4. She is 25, but who I am finding increasingly more and more annoying is Randy. He keeps trying so hard to sound “black”, and it is making me want to slap him.

  5. Well things are getting better they have taken Avril off.I wonder why they don’t have Ellen on yet…I’m sooo looking forward to her and her quick whit and humor.

  6. I am a Canadian watching and I am very disgusted in the behavior of Avril. Wow, you would swear she didn’t know what it was like starting out and being judged… although she is right and the talent wasn’t there but come on !!

  7. avil is really not a nice person she very shallow she thinks she better the everyone else. i do hope shaina will come back as a judge.

  8. iam not a fan of ms. perry but i like her style she funny and smart she talks with her eyes like she really watching every move. i cant wait for for the big day in holly wood

  9. well my family an i just got done watching the show and the guest was katie perry and she was awsome!!!! i do not like kara at all and we now know this is our last year to watch the show! its sad because we have been watching idol for 9 years now and we get together every tuesday, we have made it a tradition so we get together even when idols off for the season. so idol has been kind of important to me and now this season is the worst…the only thing good this year was katie perry!!!

  10. Idol lost something when they lost Paula Abdul. My family and I enjoyed Shania last week but, unfortunately, would have to agree with some of the post-ers that Avril and Katy were not so good. Would love to see Shania on full time.

  11. my wife and i have been watching idol for the last 4 seasons. we are both in our mid fifties and look forward to each show. tonight was the only exception. the very first time any judge has had a concern about someone’s home life and employment being a reason not to follow they’re dream, was when your guest judge avril had an obvious concern that the minister applicate might get to 3 yes votes. very clear as to her motive. sad.

  12. I am shocked at what a snotty brat Avril is. Cannot believe she had the audacity to tell the preacher he can’t be a singer because he has a family. Grotesquely rude and unprofessional! Katy was really rude to Kara also. Those two guest judges have some nerve.

  13. I didn’t think katy was rude to kara at all. Just because she spoke her mind and made her own decisions instead of doing what kara told her, doesn’t make her rude. I thought she was fun and original. Now avril was a different story.

  14. Avril was TERRIBLE!! Like a 12 yr old lil girl, and so EVIL looking!! YUCK!!
    And I didn’t care for Katy either….she didn’t seem “professional”…

  15. i want paula back there must be something they can do ? i know it wasnt about money. maybe she just need a break? hope she comes back next year.

  16. Need some help – anyone know the song playing in the background towards the end of the Chris Golightly bio/intro video tonight?

  17. Avril was really not cut out for judging. She’s really not into anything but her own career in music. Katy on the other hand stated at the beginning of her day, she was going to be honest with people. That there are somethings that people really need to hear. So kudo’s to her. And her arguing with Kara was the result of one Alpha female clashing with another. Katy obviously had a differing opinion in regards to judging talent. Diversity is needed at the judging table. Katy brought that. I also have to admit that Kara had some of the things Katy had directed at her, coming to her. Kara was just goading her the entire time. So turn about is fair play. All in all it was an alright episode until the “dirty, skinny gay man” came up to the plate. I don’t discriminate, but that guy was just F’n weird! Ewwwwwww. But anywho, I wouldn’t mind them bringing back Katy again. I absolutely love her.

    And Ellen will be there for the Hollywood portion of the show. Her daytime schedule heavily conflicted with the auditioning process. So yeah, that’s why we’ve been having the guest judges.

  18. I think everyone is in agreement that Avril looked and acted like an evil 13 year old girl. Canada should disown her over that behavior.
    Who’s is this Katy Perry? She looks like a skinny Rosie O’Donnell. I heard she likes to kiss girls too. Strange….

  19. How can you find out who all of the people are that will be moving forward from the Los Angeles auditions tonight?

  20. Katy Perry was very unlikable this evening on the broadcast of American Idol. I liked her before the episode and she showed a very different side of her that I was not impressed with at all. She actually made me lose interest in the entire show this evening.

  21. Please tell Katie Perry to go sit down. She was a guest judge and was rude. She talked more smack to Kara but when she rejected would be contestants she sheepishly looked down and not at the eyes of the person she sad “no” to. Passive aggressive gets an F.

  22. @KJ – Seriously, Kara was smothering Katy Perry. And Katy was only coming off as rude because Kara kept antagonizing her. Kara was really childish. She even made fun of Katy Perry. Her rendition of “I Kissed a Girl” where she replced the word girl, with dog, was completely innapropriate. At least Katy stood her ground with Kara.

    And you know what? She hasn’t been judging talent as long as the others have. Her success is relatively new. So she was passive aggressive with dealing with the rejected auditioners. Big deal. She hasn’t developed the thick skin that the other judges have. I know I wouldn’t be able to basically tell someone in so many words that they suck. Especially looking them in the eyes while doing it. That’s the kind of thing that takes building up a tolerance to, over a certain amount of years.

  23. tonight pissed me off. Avril lavigne is giving out no’s to people who can sing better than her…i can’t take her seriously at all. Her music is godaweful and i have no respect for her. Katy perry is unprofessional, classless and I was hoping you guys would actually have respectable artists. Katy perry’s music is godaweful as well and she can’t judge either. I can’t take this show seriously when you add stupid bitches like these on here. Entertainment purposes are fine but when there’s meaningless putdowns and humiliation and no constructive criticism telling contestants what to work on to go with’s just a waste of time watching. all i see is a bunch of unintelligent people making fun of hopefuls and crappy artists getting into cat fights. it reminds me of typical trash reality tv. seriously, katy perry and avril lavigne? You can do better..i hate both of them. I’m done. It was a godaweful episode

  24. whoever is defending katy perry needs to realize they are defending one of the most immature classless music artists around and honestly, she’s not very talented. she was making bitchy remarks to that other woman judge and she wasn’t even talking to Katy Perry. it’s all about getting attention and starting drama, i’m not surprised on katys part at all. just look at her career and the shit she sings…not a serious artist. neither is avril.

  25. Watched the show tonight from the Rose Bowl. Idol seems to be falling on hard times with the guest judges it chooses (Avril and Katy). What total jerks they both were! Avril (in her chosen and ridiculous “getup”) acted like a 10-year old playground bully as she laughed out loud at nervous and untalented contestants and passed personal judgment (none of her business) on some contestants (the preacher with children). Katy, in an outfit apparently promoting her own cause, was just plain rude and hateful to everyone, including her fellow judges (Kara). Neither one added anything to the show and Katy, especially, could not have been more hateful, contentious, snide, and demeaning to the contestants, all the while bragging about not being afraid to “speak her mind” (which, as it turns out, wasn’t much to brag about). As in past shows, not all of the contestants are talented, but none deserved the insults and demeaning comments from Avril or Katy, both of whom appear to think much of themselves for no apparent reason. Surely you have better choices to pick from for guest judges? I know Idol can do much better.

  26. i think damian from 5 should be an actor someone pls send him in the right direction!!! i would look forward to his movies and stand up!!! PLEASE!!!

  27. I agree about avril and katy being rude. Avril was rude and immature, plain and simple. As for Katy, it was a bit more than just ‘saying it how she sees it’. If you are a guest judge, hey, lets be honest, a guest anywhere, you keep a civil tongue in your head towards your hosts. Then if and when you come back you may feel it’s okay to push the envelope a bit. I disliked both of these girls before, even more so now.

  28. I agree with the comments about the guest judges. Avril was mean, stuck up and looked stupid with that hood on the whole time. She acted immature and I hope that she is never a guest judge again, if she is, that is an episode that I will not watch. American Idol is slipping, it just doesn’t seem the same without Paula, I don’t think that the whole guest judge thing is working out or will work in the future.

  29. hope the show wont go down this road with the childish brat avil… i think she 24 years old going on 12

  30. @Alicia – Wow. Jealous abit much? Listen, Katy had Kara’s insessent NAGGING in her ear the enitre day. And Kara was directing all of her comments at Katy. Obviously you weren’t watching the same show as I was. I usually don’t find Kara annoying, but yesterday she was BAD. And Katy was honest. How bout’ for a change, you start berating Simon for being a very rude and arrogant individual. At times he seems just as immature as anyone else.

    Like I said, Katy wasn’t rude to any of the auditioners, just to Kara. And Kara deserved it for being a complete and total BIOTCH to Katy. Katy obviously just wanted to put in her 2 cents and apparently Kara was not thrilled by what those 2 cents were. BOO FRIGGIN’ HOO.

    Katy’s music is better than most of the trash out on the shelves today. At least she can sing. Obviously you’ve not listened to the rest of her album, because it’s far better than just her first single.

  31. I watched the show last night and agree with all those who think that Katy and Avril were not suitable judges. They were insulting and offered no constructive criticism.

  32. Since when are contestants judged for their have or have not families?? WTF !!!!
    Kara and the silly girl with the devil horns need to go… fast!!!!

  33. Hi,
    3 things:
    1 – Avril was AWFUL. She was so immature, she laughed at the very 1st guest, she’s looking down on the contestants, i was very unimpressed with her, she looked and acted like a KID. She too young to be in that role.
    2 – the Katy and Kara exchange, really uncalled for – stupid really.
    3 – I don’t like the way any of the judges laughs at the contestants. Sure, funny stuff, believe you me…BUT…the contestants are there for their ONE opportunity, nervous, scared, some of them that’s all they got and for the judges to laugh?..extremely disrespectful!!! Think their esteem was low walking in there? Guess how the PROFESSIONAL JUDGES/’RICH’ made them feel when they walked out.”I” can laugh, I’m home watching it.


  35. I did not know that to be one of the 24 contestants you had to have a sad story, I onestly thought the competition was about talent. Samuel Larsen is one of the contestants who got a golden ticket, has talent, has looks and a good hert. and we did’nt eve saw him on the show last night. What is the matter are you looking for talent or are you not. Because I tell you, you are crashing lots of dreas of real talents.

  36. I did not agree with Avril trying to decide for the preacher if he should have a singing career or not. I understand her concern but it was not her place.
    I LOVED Katy Perry…she kept it real without getting ugly which is something I think Kara should learn how to do. She stood her ground with Kara and often expressed my sentiments…especially when she made the comment about it not being a Lifetime movie…I was just thinking along the same lines so it was refreshing to hear that I wasn’t the only one with that thought.
    I must say I miss Paula. I find Kara to be irritating with a bit too much attitude at times…last night she came across as a child starved for attention. I think she should probably speak less and listen more. These are things that can be worked on and I hope she takes it as constructive criticism and chooses to rise to the occaision rather than get mad and choose to continue to give the impression she has been giving…which is unfavorable.

  37. what is up with the devil horns on Avrile? Really. She should not of been allowed to wear those on national television.

  38. Avril was definitely up past her bedtime! She was very immature and only cared about her genre of music….Also, Katie was very rude to the other judges, especially Kara. The whole point of being a judge is to focus on the person that is auditioning and critique their performance, not engaging in cloddish, unentertaining behavior. (Avril and Katie, you might need to pick up a dictionary).

  39. I just watched the Los Angeles auditions and I have got to say that Avril Levine and Katy Perry were the absolute worst guest judges American Idol has ever had.

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