American Idol 2010: It’s Finale Week

Update:  The boys are practicing a rendition of “Pants on the Ground” and the top ten will sing “School’s Out For The Summer” by Alice Cooper this info coming from Mix 106.3.

It’s almost over and everyone is gearing up for the big finale Wednesday night on American Idol.  There are several performers and ex idol alums slated to appear. 

Kris Allen, idol winner from Season 8, Carrie Underwood, idol winner from Season 4, Christina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias will all perform.  Crystal and Lee will sing with Joe Cocker.  Janet Jackson is rumored to be a part of Simon’s last show as well as Chicago, the Bee Gees and Hall and Oats.  Paula Abdul will appear in a special video tribute to Simon along with more past idol contestants.  Taylor Hicks and Elliot Yamin will sing a duet and there is a big rumor going around that Melissa Etheridge will sing a duet with Crystal.  However, I don’t know if this is possible since Etheridge appeared on DWTS and her contract stated she could not perform on Idol so we will have to wait and see. 

No other word on who may be performing with the contestants but I will update throughout the day as I learn more.

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  1. I’m with you guys, #’s 1 and 4…CASEY IS THE VERY BEST!! Good Luck to the other two, but I’m all about CASEY JAMES!

  2. Think Crystal is great ..However have been a Lee fan from the get go…so will definitely be sitting on edge until they pronounce Lee the winner…They have all did great…

  3. Good luck to the two remaining contestants!!!!

    Big Mike, my focus will be on you! I know your family and fans are so very proud of you, and you can include me in that number!

  4. Big Crystal fan here! Can’t wait hear them with Joe Cocker. And if the Melissa Etheridge rumor turns out to be true Wow. About the only thing better would be if they can do an original!

  5. Looks like Aussie viewers will be able to see the Final live 10am our Thursday morning Sydney/Melbourne time on pay TV – Fox8.

    I agree US Wendy – not much fun without Casey, however if someone can throw a vote in for me for Crystal I would appreciate it as we cannot vote over here.

    Crystal has far more talent than Lee who tends to sing out of tune on occasions.

    I have a feeling that the US teenager girls are going to put all the votes in for Lee which could make it very hard for Crystal to win.

  6. Finally this season will be over… was the most boring of all and is not me that says so is the rating that went down lol. Simon looked so bored and annoyed most of the time. He was not the usual Simon we love to hear, what a pity. He is so different judging Britain’s Got Talent!! that is the Simon we know and love! Bah!
    Kara was the worse, Ellen tried really hard and I think she did a good job, Randy was mostly fair, Ryan horrible attitude until the last 2 weeks (someone must have pulled his ears lol)
    Siobhan should have been in the final.
    Ok my vote goes to Lee to win..
    I dont think this program will last long without Simon.
    Please producers give Kara a good check and send her home 🙂 she thinks is the last Coke in the dessert haha she is not!

  7. Folks, listen.
    He has great potential to be a STAR POWER.
    He is destined and born to do this.
    I am confident and I beLLeeive him.
    He is an authentic, creative, talented, a great natural singer and ARTIST with gifted vocal. VOTE 4 LEE! No regrets.

    He IS the American Idol, whether he wins or not tomorrow. Lee, you are the fighter, go and get it. Win it all for your fans.

  8. Solely interested who Casey will be singing with. That’s about it. Let us know Ashley, thanks 🙂

  9. people!!!! get over yourself with the eliminated idols. Let’s now focus on Lee and Crystal..

    Vote for LEE DEWYZE Americans!!! he the best!!!

  10. I will only watch Wednesday night to see Casey, the rest can just rot. Wish I knew what he was singing.

  11. I miss Casey already! Wish he had stayed but his better off without the Idol yoke.

  12. I stopped watching when Siobhan Magnus was eliminated. She was the prime reason our family watched it after seeing how dysfunctional the judges were and the other remaining 5 contestants were low energy, stand around types with “personality challenges”. Even a pal said she disliked Siobhan…until she was gone and she realized she was tuning in in good measure to enjoy being upset with Siobhan’s daffy ways.
    Would be nice if they did a Lena Horne tribute and gave the job to one of the better departed gals – Ben-Ami or Magnus.

    With Siobhan back, my family is back watching again.
    And seeing Paula Abdul wave off Simon will be nice, since we didn’t know how important Abdul was to the chemistry of the show until she was gone. She won’t be back, though. No way. Especially with her as both judge and executive producer for a new show – “You Got Dance”.
    My suggestion, demote Seacrest to doing auditions and the half hour elimination. Have Ellen do the MC job on elimination singing nights. Fire Kara. Replace her with a good female singer who has pizzazz and whose singing career is largely finished. Tell Jackson he better wake up and stop spewing cliches and WORK for his millions or he joins Kara out the door. And Harry Connick Jr for replacing Simon.

  13. I agree with you # 19,The judges don’t know how to give credit to the ones who deserve it. I think they want to shape them all in the same mold.Thank God for giving each of the artists some integrity.

  14. Only gonna watch cause Casey will be on! Tonight I will be cooking and listening to Casey James

  15. No voting for me tonight.

    Lee cannot carry a tune and Crystal is too stuck up and “out there” for me.

    I do not like short and chubby.

  16. I know this sounds like sour grapes but I don’t
    think either Lee or Crystal would want to be going up against Siobhan in the finals if she
    could pick her own songs. She has the best pure
    singing voice of all of the contestants. She’s going to have an amazing career! Simon saw early on that she was a real threat, thus his
    constant criticism. I still can’t believe he
    was critical of “House of the Rising Sun”. One
    of this season’s highlights! JMO.

  17. 1. Luck to Lee, but may Bowersox also do well, hopefully singing something refreshingly different. Rumors are she wants “more Etheridge”.

    2. Be nice to see the others back, especially Siobhan. I’d say the same about Casey except he wasn’t gone, ever, from a week from beginnning through the Finals. I also looked at an interview Siobhan Magnus did..just an amazing, captivating young woman who is very intelligent, humorous, talks normally and has talents AI never mentioned because she had no PR package like Crystal, BM, and Lee got. (Serious piano player, child and teen lead role on local stage – won every role she wanted, songwriter, graphic artist) And of course “glassblower apprentice”.
    And Casey showed his guitar virtuosity in his homecoming appearances that Idol refused to run footage of him performing unlike Crystal and Lee. The guy may be the best instrumentalist ever to compete on Idol!

    3. And agree it will be good to see Paula Abdul wave off Cowell. Without Abdul judging got worse. Of course, Simon and Jackson phoned it in all season as “bored”. Kara was obnoxious and Ellen has no clue on if a song is good or bad or how to even critique one. At least Kara and Cowell know, THEN lie for the contestants they favored that did badly and undercut contestants that sang better than their pets.

  18. The judges and producers appeared to really want Crystal, Lee and Big Mike in the 1-3 spots from the beginning, they alone got the full life story “pimp packages” from Idol PR, and the only thing that changed was the latter week shift to Lee over Crystal as their number #1 Pet.

    It left me feeling sour, because my favorites were Alex Lambert, Didi, Casey and Siobhan and all were undermined to promote the show’s favored picks. Add Katie and Tim. None of them were going to be Top 2, unless Siobhan recovered and blew the roof off the Idoldome if she had stayed another few weeks and began killing songs again – so why the need to rig the deck?

    Sour because these were all quality, attractive people. That should have gotten a straight fair shot, but didn’t. And if you watched Tim, Siobhan, and Casey in their exit interviews and performances post-Idol you saw amazing character, personality, and talents outside “pure singing” Idol appeared not to want viewers to know they had.

  19. Whoops, forgot to say I was also an early Crystal fan until she began sounding the same on the same type of songs….and was always a Lee fan.
    I just liked Alex, Siobhan a bit more and thought Lee was on par in likelihood of good post-Idol success as Casey.
    I wish them well, all of them. But I hope Alex, Casey, and especially Siobhan do as well or better than Lee or Crystal. I truly think Siobhan has the potential to be a star in the music biz or doing Broadway and taking a stage hit into film.

  20. @#19 I will say right on to the “Lena Horne Tribute”! This lady was a legendary singer/performer, who has made her way in the entertainment business, especially after doing the infamous Cotton Club!

    Will miss you Lena! I would have liked to of seen Melinda Doolittle or Natalie Cole on AI performing your songs!

  21. There was absolute raw talent in CASEY that was never ever acknowledged because of the judge’s unprofessional behavior and it sickens me!!

  22. Crystal is the most original and Lee is the most liked,obviously and he really realy wants it bad!!!

  23. SIOBHAN is back..I think I’ll watch the opening of the show..maybe they’ll showcase the most interesting and talented AI contestant..SIOBHAN.
    Good luck to the two finalists.

  24. Shania Twain was a very credible mentor. She really loved Casey James’ performance and she gave praise to the contestants where it was due.

  25. MARTA….I’m with you….SIOBHAN should have been in the finals…I still think she had the best vocals in the competition.
    Now GO LEE!!!!!!!

  26. I knew it was going to be Lee and Crystal it does not matter which one wins they are both great good luck Lee and crystal.

  27. 88fngrslouie…I am so looking forward to seeing SIOBHAN too!!!!! It would really have been a great finale if it was SIOBHAN & LEE in the end.

    Still looking forward to the show, some good performers……but I don’t think anything could top last years finale……

  28. 88fngrslouie….that would definitely have topped everything but just seeing him sing with Queen made my night……but maybe not winning allowed him to sing his music (love, love his CD), have his band and do his thing…..Did you see him perform his new single?….AWESOME!!!!

  29. I also want to know who Casey is singing with… let’s get to the stuff people really care about.

  30. #32 MD – Agreed. But not only did Shania love Casey James, so did Harry Connick Jr., Jamie Fox and Usher. Maybe if the judges had the musical experience these mentors have, Casey would have fared differently and been recognized for the true musical genius he is.. Casey James is absolutely awesome and will be a big star.

  31. I’ll not be watching the finale… Im still mourning the loss of golden haired rock God Casey James.. He is UNFORGETTABLE and so unique and REAL and added an entirely new dimension to AI which was minimized ,scorned and overlooked..his performances will the the one’s that people replay over and over..listen to those guitar solo’s and that multifaceted voice.

  32. Can’t wait to see Casey James tonight. He is my American Idol. And yeah, the mentors really liked Casey. What is wrong with those judges?

  33. I’m with you C.L…I’ll be hoping to catch a glimpse of Casey hopefully. If i have to endure one hour of Karaoke just to see a second of Casey, then I’d be fine. I’ll just drown the top 2 with some Casey james performances on the tube..Wonder who he’ll be singing with @ the finale results night…

  34. Who will Casey be singing with? I still want to
    know why they did not show any footage of his singing on his hometown visit. He was incredible!

  35. I know I’m barking up the wrong tree here, because Idol’s agenda was Lee & Crystal in the final, but I REALLY hope AI realizes that Casey has some diehard fans who know he was thrown under the bus for the past 4-6 weeks. It would be nice to see him in the final, but I know AI wouldn’t want to detract from Lee’s mediocre vocals by letting Casey perform.

  36. I’m just going to watch in case Casey is on, even if just for a second…nah, maybe I’ll just record it and skip the everyone but Casey. Miss him..sigh..

  37. Lee is quite commonplace..but then again, so was Chris and he won…Crystal should win and the final should have been between CRYSTAL AND LILLY SCOTT!

  38. Funny to me that most remarks are about Casey! The internet is still lit up with Casey James and the count is much higer on MSN and Google for Casey then for the other 2. He is a real talent. Anyone that saw his homecoming videos should know that. Lee could never hold a candle to Casey so if I were voting(which I am not)Crystal would get my vote. Not “off key Lee”.

  39. My idol already won! It is Casey James and he will outsell Crystal or Lee. He was such a gentleman even though the judges decided they wanted Lee to win. Crystal used to be the judge’s fav but she must have done something to make them mad at her.
    I’m only watching to see Casey. Can’t wait for Casey. Go Casey James. Your fans will be seeing you for years to come.

  40. I’m cleaning the bathrooms instead of watching Idol.. all my fun when home last week ..Can’t wait to see the Texas Angel Casey James reemerge on his own terms… BUH BYE IDOL

  41. Hey All,
    Casey is the Winner! Yeah!!!!! Oh yeah, that’s right. The judges didn’t like him because he was too good looking! Ha! Simon was jealous because girls and Kara were drooling for Casey instead of him. Kara had to distance herself because she was heading for sexual harassment. Ellen-she doesn’t know anything!LOL! Randy is just trying to keep his job. Yo YO Dog! Whatever!!!
    So, I’m gonna vote for Crystal for 2 reasons:
    1. The judges want Lee to win and I don’t want them to get their own way. Let’s put EGG on the Judge’s faces! 2. I actually believe Crystal has more talent than Lee, which isn’t saying much since he is soooo off key so much of the time. What were the judge’s listening to? He didn’t improve-Kiss from a Rose was a disaster-like nail on chalkboard. Makes my teeth hurt just thinking about having to listen to his out of tune vocal chords! Crystal can actually sing but she doesn’t have a real marketable look.
    So go Casey! I see most of the posts are about him and he’s won many online contests of who the voting public wanted to win. Idol should go to a 10 vote maximum allowed per phone to make the contest better! Maybe that would even bring me back to watch cause of right now, this is my last season.
    Go Casey James. Your fans love you and are waiting for your CD.

  42. OMG…Naturally EVERYONE is talking about CASEY…HE IS AMAZING!!I’m telling you, this guy has it all…and I don’t think HE even realizes it! He is a great singer, a fantastic musician, a sweet and humble guy, and so GORGEOUS!! I’m only watching tonight and tomorrow to get a look at CASEY…He has already won in my book! Good Luck to the other two, but I won’t be voting tonight…

  43. So many Casey fans! Yeah! We all know he should have won but this will be better for him having more control over his music.
    I’m inviting all Casey fans to come check out the fanclub I started on F A C E B O O K!
    Just go there and run a search for the Casey James Fan Club! It will keep you updated on the real winners appearances, performances and activities.
    Let’s all have a Casey James kind of day! Positive and polite!

  44. WOW…Lots of Casey comments!! Guess that guy really made an impression! He was really good, too bad his gone. I’ll miss watching him tonite…no one to drool over either.

  45. Casey was the best part of that show, thats for sure. When he came on stage everything changed…from snoozeville to excitement.

  46. Can’t wait to see if Casey James is in the audience tonight. And then tomorrow night, we get to hear him sing! Go Casey, go! You are our pick from this season. We love you. You rock!

  47. Who are the two people competing in the finale again? :p

    Any guesses who Casey is having a duet? I read somewhere it’ll be with Michael Johns. Oh well who cares, I’m fine even if Casey sings ALONE! 🙂 I miss my Casey already

  48. CHERYL, EXCELLENT description of CASEY JAMES…Positive and Polite! I LOVE it! That is the PERFECT description of him. CASEY JAMES is the MAN!!!

  49. I am asking every Fan of Casey James and Idol fans from Texas to note watch or vote on American Idol tonight. I think Casey was Rail roaded and I really don’t see how the producers or the judges can sleep at night to know that is the kind of show American Idol is. I am done with it, was enough Paula was gone and then look how they did Casey James…He has more talent than the other two put together. I would hate to know I won because I was a judges favorite and they did whatever to make sure I win…Thanks Simon!!!!

  50. Casey James is the only reason I’ve been watching the show and the only reason I’ll be watching the finale as well. Can’t wait to HEAR Casey sing (alone or with someone)… Have bought ALL his songs on iTUNES… LUV ‘EM ALL…. THANK YOU CASEY for being true to yourself and being such a FANTASTIC singer / musician / TALENT…. Your sincerity and inside “beauty” are always SHINING through!!!!!

  51. Anyone thinking what I’m thinking? With all this Casey support and knowing we all voted our fingers to the bone how is it that he isn’t in the final? Just wondering. Check out post 53 for fan information on Casey!
    And remember, let’s have a Casey James kind of day!

  52. #61….Maybe LEE & CRYSTAL fans are tired of hearing about CASEY…..He is gone…get over it.

  53. I’m only watching Idol tonight to get a glimpse of the most talented guy on there…Casey James. He is an honest, charming man and that shines through in his music. Wish the Idol machine had let him break loose with some blues and given him more than 1 1/2 minutes of thier time to let us hear that guitar talk. Can’t wait for a Casey CD!

  54. Only watching to hear and see Casey..This is my very last year to ever watch American Idol..Greater things are in store for you Casey!!

  55. To Phyllis #62,
    So where are all Crystal and Lee fans? Seems Casey has many more loyal fans than either of them! We don’t have to get over it! We know he’ll sell more than the other 2 put together. I don’t want to sound mean and when I’m reading it, I know it does, but that wasn’t my intention. This is a board to voice our opinions and obviously Casey has the star power pulling everyone in.

  56. #60 … I’m totally with you. The only reason I’ve been watching the show this season is because of the amazingly talented CASEY JAMES.

    #53 Yes Cheryl. Let’s have a Positive and Polite Day!

  57. Phyllis #62

    You don’t want to read about CASEY JAMES? I have a super idea…do what I do for Lee and Crystal…just skip over all the posts with CASEY’S name in them((as I do with Lee & Crystal) and you won’t have to be bothered with him! Have a SUPER TERRIFIC day! GO CASEY!!Did you guys see him tonight? He is AWESOME!

  58. I too am missing seeing my American Idol on there….CASEY JAMES!!! I agree with the comments about Casey being the REAL Star here!! No disrespect for the other 2, but WE all know what AI did to Casey, and we ain’t getting over it any time soon!!! Casey will go on to sell more records that the other 2 put together and I for one….cannot wait till that day comes!!!! Casey is FANTABULOUS!!!

  59. The real winner of American Idol 2010 is CASEY JAMES.

    He’s in a totally different league than the rest of the contestants.

  60. many many comments on Casey James!!! Everyone’s missing him! Me too! Did you see him on Ellen’s show? And those interviews and teleconferences he did? He shows such maturity in his replies and reflection! You read what he told his mom before he started auditioning? He said that he was just gonna be himself all the way and by being just that, he landed in the top 3. No wonder he is just so happy and contented to be there. Cos it shows that he is loved for who he is, not what he should become in order to clinch the title! Thats my man, Casey James! Go get them!

  61. Love CASEY JAMES! He is the true American Idol. Can’t wait to see who he performs with tonight! (P.S They better not try and sideline him AGAIN…or I will RAGE!!)

  62. Keep going strong CASEY JAMES! Can’t wait to see you tonight! You’re my American Idol winner this season even though the judges helped push you out of the competition! I think one of the reasons the judges disliked CASEY so much was because they saw they couldn’t control him…as with his guitar, he wouldn’t budge and insisted on playing with it every time, except when he was FORCED to perform without it Harry Connick week.They wanted an idol they could control, but CASEY stayed true to who he was, so they decided he had to go…LOVE YOU CASEY JAMES! YOU ARE THE BEST! See you tonight! Can’t wait!!

  63. Yes, agreed with #73 Wendy…also cos he’s so handsome, Simon is plain jealous haha and Kara has to keep her face straight! Casey stays true to himself, does what he believes he does best, win or not. He’s pretty smart there…he’s gotten a platform upon which the world has seen him and what he can do and he doesnt have to be anyone else but himself. Thats the right direction to take instead of molding himself into someone else to attain something. So proud of him!

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