American Idol 2010: The Girls Fall Short

Last night we heard the top 12 girls perform for our votes as American Idol 2010 is officially underway. I’m left feeling disappointed and cheated especially after Simon hyped the girls up so much this week.

The best part of the entire show was the little skit between Simon and Ellen.  Ellen claimed she had to sit on the opposite side of the table because Simon kept hitting on her and she had a video to prove it. It was funny and cute and made an otherwise boring episode better. Perhaps the producers knew they needed to add a little flavor to the slow ballads we heard tonight.

First up was Paige Miles. I honestly had her down as going home Thursday night but she surprised me with her song choice of “All Right Now” by Free and had the vocals to back it up.

Next was Ashley Rodriguez who took on Leona Lewis’s “Happy”. She needs to learn to sing into the mic because all I could hear was her breath at the start of the song and it got pretty pitchy after that. Simon said she could be in trouble after tonight.

Then we had Florida’s own Janell Wheeler. She sang “What About Love” by Heart. Bad song choice. If you are going to sing Ann Wilson, you better have the big voice to back it up and sadly, she did not.

Fourth up was the unique Lilly Scott whom last year was playing her guitar and singing for money on the streets of Denver. She did a nice rendition of The Beatle’s “Fixing the Hole” and received rave reviews from the judges.

Katelyn Epperly was up next and I was a little worried for her but she came through with The Beatle’s “Oh Darling”. This is where Ellen really showed how little she actually knows about music and why she should stick with doing her talk show. She couldn’t tell if Katelyn could sing well or if she was pushing and working too hard. She went on and on saying she just didn’t know. Well if you don’t know Ellen, just shut up and don’t say anything at all.

Haeley Vaughn takes to the stage and also sings The Beatle’s “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”. Enough with The Beatles already. You people are young and hip, get with the times unless you are changing the song to make it your own. I totally agreed with Simon, it was terrible as was Lacey Brown’s performance of “Landslide.”

Michelle Delamor faired a little better with “Fallen” by Alicia Keys but didn’t receive good feedback from the judges. Neither did Didi Benami whom I was hoping would blow us away cause she sounds so much like Nora Jones but her song “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson left the judges feeling sleepy. However, she was my favorite of the night.

I was not at all impressed with Siobhan Magnus as her song “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak was too low and pitchy but the judges stood behind her and even though they didn’t think it was a great song choice thought she did well and they all like her.

Next was Crystal Bowersox, another favorite of mine from the audition process. She sang Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in my Pocket” and although she plays the guitar and the harmonica which was cool, she sounded too much like Alanis and needed to make the song her own.

Lastly, we have the cute Katie Stevens. She sings “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble and although it starts out a little rough, it gets better in the middle and end. The judges thought she was off pitch and pushed too hard.

Not a good night for the girls of American Idol 2010 but I’m going to chalk it up to nerves for now and hopefully they can improve next week. My bottom three were Ashley, Janell and Haeley. Who do you think is going home Thursday and who made you pick up the phone and vote?




  1. I want it to be Lacey Brown and Siobhan Mangus going home, but I’m expecting Lacey and Paige Miles to be the first to leave.

    Lacey was awful and Paige was forgettable which is a bad thing to be when you’re the furthest performer from the voting!

  2. I whole heartly agree with your analysis. Of course, I will say that it is early and the first time for all to perform live before the national TV audience. Hopefully they will all get better.

    I sincerely hope that the Guys will take lesson from judges comments, especially Simon’s. I really feel that for the most part Simon is spot on with his comments.

  3. Matt, I agree about Lacey but isn’t she the one the judges kept saying I hope america gives you another chance? If so I don’t think she will leave. She tried to sound like stevie nicks and NO ONE can do that.

  4. My two picks for the woman would have to be Michelle Dalamor and Katie Stevens. Both of them gave me chills. There voices were pure. And I’m really looking forward to seeing them do more.

  5. I too was left disappointed with the girls last night. They were all not up to AI standard. The best for me was the girl who sang first. Lets hope the boys bring it tonight.

  6. Lilly and Katie need to stay on, we will see much more from these girls, as the season moves on. They are my two favorites right from there first audition. They will be in the top 10, just you wait and see. As for Ellen, I want to give a chance. I must say after last night I think we should send her home.

  7. Ashley, Haeley & Janell are my bottome three. However, all but a few could go. These girls should know by now singing current songs by amazing singers is very risky. Even though a song is their favorite, they should know it won’t work for them. Chrystal annoyed me with her “I’m better than Idol” attitude.

  8. What a waste of television time. The worse AI I have ever seen. It was painful to watch. I will watch the guys tonight in hopes they did not !

  9. horrible a show was that?? Let’s only hope the men will show talent .. so disappointing..worse start of AI season ever !

  10. I thought that Katelyn Epperly and Michelle Delamour were the hits of the night, they really stood out. I would pick Janelle and Katie to go home, but they won’t because they’re “favorites” – it will be Lacey and Haeley.

  11. I thought all the girls were not that good. On a scale of 1 to 10 id give their performances a 4. The only one i really liked was the alanis morisett song.

  12. ok, when I was calling in for my favorite idol, I kept getting a recording that said “please wait for the next available tech.”
    anyone else have that problem? It happened when I was calling for Katie Stevens. Now I’m afraid my votes didn’t count for her.Can’t wait to see the girls step out of the box next time they perform. I think they were all nervous.

  13. I believe that there was alot of nervousness going on last night with all the girls which is understandable. But my favorites were Lilly, Michelle, Crystal, Ashley and Siobhan. I hope that America gives them a second chance because they are really great singers and they just need to loosen up and find their groove. I believe that the judges were just a little too harsh for it being just the first night of competition!! Hopefully my favorites will be there next week!

  14. Let me say that I really enjoy Ellen being a Judge on American Idol this season!!! She adds humor and lighten’s up the boring moments.
    Overall I enjoyed the ladies singing, I too think the bottom 3 will be Ashley, Lacey and Haeley. I like Katie Stevens, Lilly Scott, I also liked Michelle. I am looking forward to seeing the guys tonight, I was able to get 100 votes in the time frame given. Let me just say that I LOVE AMERICAN IDOL!!! and I show it by VOTING FOR MY FAVORITES!!! TO KEEP THEM THERE!!!!

  15. Not a good show. All of these ladies are talented and have great voices, but a poor choice of songs. I did not enjoy ANY of them. I do not have a favorite and usually I pick my favorite right from the start. Hope the guys are better tonight or this will be a season NOT to watch.

  16. I think all the girls should be sent home. Hopefully tonite the boys will do a better job. This is the worst American Idol performances in the history of the show. If the boys don’t step up tonite, it will be the last time I watch the show. The only entertainment last night was Simon’s comments.

  17. Horrible performance from the judges! There is no energy or talent coming from all four of them. What a horrible mistake to put Ellen and Cara on as judges! They should be there to encourage and share professional guidance, but what can we expect when there is no talent in the music industry from them. No sign of life on this show anymore!

  18. Haeley has to go! I cant believe she made it to the top 24. I think they thought by putting her through she would be something unique with her country stuff and that might have held her another week …but she left the country behind and was terrible! pitchy and screechy and horribly hurtful to my ears. She needs a new career path.

  19. oh and btw …ellen …love you …but you should stick to comedy …its what you do best. paula was a duffus …but at least she knew her music. can ellen tell the difference between a flat note and a sharp one? can ellen distinguish chord progressions and key changes? love you ellen …bring your comedy into it cause god knows the show needs it …but keep the comments about the vocals to a minimum.

  20. Chrystal is my favorite. She has a great voice and a lot of talent. To play the guitar and harmonica on the first show took guts. It was something that stood out. There are some girls that may be surprises if they last. Can’t wait for upcoming shows.

  21. Crystal Bowersox is my odds on favorite to win the whole thing, at least the number 1 girl, that is. She is truly the best singer and has the most ability to be an all around performer. The boys’ performances will tell the tale as to whether or not she “wins it all”.

  22. Simon was right when he said to a contestant it was a mess because I felt the same way but I am sure she did her best and I am glad that Ellen said it was a good mess it was a bit funny…I totally agree thought that last night was a mess for all. I guess they need some help to sing better to make the right choice of song and to dress properly please..some are 17 and they dress like big mama..I just hope that the guys are going to do better..

  23. I must admit the show was pretty boring. No really good talent—lack of personality as well as real talent. Judges were VERY low key. Just boring!! Very disappointed——-

  24. I like Cyrstal..I thought she was awesome..I too, was disappointed since I heard so much about the top 12 girls..have been watching the olympics, so when I turned it on last night, I thought it would be a night I could not live without…turns out, I should have watched the olympics…except for Crystal, no one impressed me. I hope the boys are better tonight…..


  26. It had to be a case of first night nerves. I was not impressed with any of the ladies. Hope they all pick it up next week. Who’s going home? Haeley has to go! The best? Crystal, I guess, I just hope she doesn’t play the harp with every performance.

  27. I love American Idol but last night’s show was.. odd. All the girls have great voices but they all chose boring songs. They are all so young and could have picked better songs. But anyways I really like Katie Stevens. She is so talented and I’m pretty sure she will make it to the top 10

  28. I was dissapointed in the girls, but I did vote for two of the girls,,, Michelle and Siobhan, originally I liked Katie, but last night was not good for her – big let down.

    Michelle has polish and hit all the notes, she appeared to be the most professional of the group, and Siobhan surprised me with her song – I thought it was brilliant, so I was dissapointed with the comments from the judges. I also liked what she said about her choice, it really showed her range and I believe that if the judges re-look at her performance, she stood out from the rest. Sadly, I am still looking for someone as great as Adam, would love it to be a girl this time….


  30. It was a tough choice last night. They all were playing it a bit too safe. I did like Siobhan. I thought she did a great job. Also the girl with the guitar and harmonica (Her name??), I like her. She is very comfortable in her own skin. SHe will move on for sure.

  31. I was so excited last night to see the girl sing for the first time. I was so disappointed. The girls fell flat, singing songs not even from their generation. It was boring, and if this is the “so called” best talent for female….I’ll wait and see if these girls smarten up. This is a once in life time opportunity and these girls don’t seem to get it! C’mon girls breakout, show us what you got! Kathleen Wiseman, die hard fan of American Idol. P.S. Ellen was the right choice! She brings serious opinions and humor and I love the show and am looking forward to hearing the guys tonight and I think the guys are going to blow it away and make the girls look ridiculous!

  32. One more thing, I can’t even remember their names, but the first girl…loved it, and I wouldn’t be too quick to discount Ashley. C’mon American Idol and have pep talk with these people. When so many talented people are out there trying to get noticed….this was the top 12 females, God Help us. Love you Simon, and Ellen, I believe you were the one leading simon on…LOLOLOLOLOL Kathleen Wiseman

  33. to me i thought that haeley and janell were the worst of the night. with janell’s performance i was kinda just bored and waiting for the next one. nad i can’t stand haeley she ios not a good igner nad i have no clue how she even made it on the show! when it came down to her nad tori kelly i was sure that tori would make it, oh my gosh i was sooooo upset!! i aslo didn’t like siobhan..! she just idnt have a good arangment and the vocals werent all over place but.. werent relly all that great..

  34. Remember, this was their first night in front of a live audience and millions of people on TV. I belive it was a big case of nerves and not understanding what the judges expected. The girls are loaded with talent and I believe they will blow the doors off on the next show. I think the guys will do good, because they saw what the girls did wrong and will make necessary corrections.

  35. Was it just me then that thought there was a problem with the sound levels of the microphone compared with the sound of the music.. spent most of the show struggling to hear half of the show!!

  36. I loved Didi. No one has mentioned her so I hope she sticks around. She was the only one I liked so I figured I’d give her some props.

  37. Is there anyway the mics on the judges table could be any hotter? Maybe the judges could quit putting their hands on the table. It is so distracting.

  38. I hate the judges this season. They do not have a clue. They do not know good singing and are waaaayyy to critical. I think they are expecially critical of the Black artist’s. They can not do anything right. Ellen is a stubbling… stammering fool on the show and I really like her generally. The boy they brought back cant sing, there were people who could sing much better who were sent home.

  39. Haeley and Janell being picked over the other more talented girls really made me wonder. Haeley may be cute and sweet, but I can’t stand it hearing her though melodic screeching sound. Janell is so plain and just has nothing unique to bring to the group. They should be the first ones to go. As for the rest, I agree with you guys who said that it’s the nerve-racking factor for having to perform the first time for millions of viewers around the globe. Hopefully, Crystal and Didi, my faves, will do better next week. Can’t wait to see how Andrew and Todrick will dig it tonight. ^_^

  40. ~ Was nervous most of all for Ellen…each time she went to speak I was silently rooting for her and hoping she’d be ok. I think AI took a big risk going with someone whose musical nous stretched to ‘being a great lover of music’…and I don’t think its paid off irrespective of the ocassional funny moment. Anyone can critique stage presence! ~

  41. Dear Idol:

    I am having a hard time with the judges. I just do not think Ellen brings anything fresh to the dias. She doesn’t know music and has a difficult time completing a sentence. For me, Randy and Simon are straight-forward. Kara is a cliche. I am now missing Paula. But most of all the girls were not good. It must have been nerves. I am hoping for the best!

  42. I thought that that ladies night was horrible! This is supposed to be the “girls year” and the judges had nothing really good to say about any of them. I hope they get better!!

  43. So, the guys last night! Lord help us! First of all I find simon bored looking with this season. Ellen just pays compliments. This has to be the worse season of American Idol. I know it’s the first night for boys and girls, however, I’ll say it again, American Idol picked the top 24…..did they do a good job…not!! There is so much talent in America and these are the top 24…I can’t believe it. The guys las night were memorable!!! Especially for their first night. Mike, was cocky and full of himself which turned me off and this guy has a voice that could blow the roof off and he’s not using. Their song choice were more updated, but for some reason they played it safe and song choice again was a problem. The guy whose from the 70’s and asks like Morrison….pitful when he tried to hit those high notes. All in all, I think the guys had better song choices over the girls,but I give the guys a c for effort. Come on, and SING GUYS AND GALS, YOU ARE REPRESENTING AMERICA’S TOP 24 AND EVERYONE IS SHOCKED AT THE VOICES AND THE FACT THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE THEIR VOICES OR PICK THEIR SONGS! First time ever I turned it off. Kathleen Wiseman

  44. Casey James has got it for me big time this year and so far I think he has it in the bag,he has the total package and if Kara goes ga-ga for him,why not me…….He is absolutely delicious and his vocals match him.I cant wait to see him next week.

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