American Idol 2010: Top 12 Guys Recap

The big question on everyone’s minds was, “Are they gonna do better than the girls”? Maybe just a little. I can say I have my clear favorites from what I heard tonight on American Idol but not by much.

TODRICK HALL was up first and he tried a remake of Kelly Clarkson’s “since you’ve been gone”. This was the riskiest move of the night and it did not pay off. Probably one of the most recognized songs from the former idol winner and if I didn’t know what it was, I would have been lost. You hit it bad with that one Hall but you did it with absolute confidence in yourself and came out blazing so kudos for that.

AARON KELLY belted out Rascal Flat’s “Here Comes Goodbye” and I liked it ok. At least he remembered his words tonight. He is a cute guy and I think he will have the teen vote. My daughter is 15 and she didn’t seem impressed but overall, the moms and the young girls will vote for him.

JERMAINE SELLERS sang “Get Here” by Oleta Adams. This started out real shaky but gets better in the middle and dies off again at the end. I think he has a lot of promise if he is given another chance. Simon said he blew it with that perfomance.

TIM URBAN – tries it out with “Apologize” by One Republic. What a complete mess. Tim was called in at the last minute when Chris GoLightly was disqualified from the competition. His falsetto was so weak and there were many high notes in that song. Simon said they made the right decision the first time around by not sending him through and he is absolutely right.

JOE MUNOZ gives a decent performance of “You and I Both” by Jason Mraz. It’s too bad he received no face time during the audition process so people didn’t know who he was. This could hurt him for votes which is a shame because he did well enough to last another week.

TYLER GRADY strikes out “American Woman” and he definitely has the poses and swagger down pat. The vocals weren’t that great but if you add in the performance factor he did pretty good and will definitely be around another week.

LEE DEWYZE was one of my favorites from Hollywood week. He sang “Chasing Cars” by the Snow Patrol and does quite a good job in my opinion. Simon agrees and said that he fought for Lee to be here and still will. Maybe not the best song choice Lee so step it up next week.

JOHN PARK had the worst song choice of the night with “God Bless the Child”. What was he thinking? Who is going to vote for that John? He did so well in his first audition and caught the eye of Shania Twain but this was lacking on all kinds of levels. I hope he stays around because I know he is better than that.

BIG MIKE had personality going for him. His song “This Love” by Maroon 5 was in no way great but his boisterous personality got him rave reviews from the judges. I thought is was a bit karaoke but compared to some of the others, it was a needed performance.

ALEX LAMBERT whose name is way too close to Adam Lambert, sang “Wonderful World” by James Morrison. What a shame. The vocals were way off and he was so nervous that I could feel them through the tv. I felt bad for the guy so if he is around another week, he has got to get it together.

CASEY JAMES has the looks with the vocals to back it up. He is sexy as hell and has piercing blue eyes. I know, I’m as bad as Kara but I love watching this guy sing. Kara and Randy should be ashamed of themselves for their actions during his act. The poor guy almost burst out laughing on stage but thank God he held it together. He sang “Heaven” by Brian Adams and turned it into a slow country song. The best of the night!

ANDREW GARCIA is the fan favorite and you could tell by how the audience received him but his song “Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fallout Guy was disappointing for me as well as Simon. You don’t come out during Hollywood Week with an incredible remake of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” and then sing what he did tonight. He was still up there with Casey James because he could sing anything and make it sound good but I expected more.

My bottom three are Tim Urban, Alex Lambert (does anyone else think they look alike?) and I hate to say it but John Park. Even though I don’t think Joe deserves to be in the bottom he more than likely will be. Who were your favorites and who do you think is going home?




  1. What a bad night for the guys. I really hoped they would listen to what the judges told the ladies, if they did they did not apply it to themselves.

    At this point I think Casey is the top runner for the guys. Tim will probably go home. I know I shouldn’t say this but Todrick should also go because of the situation he is in regarding the plays he was directing. That is not good publicity for AI.

  2. I agree with u on the bottom 3 but the guys did way better than the girls I think the main problem was song choice. Even though it was the first night they have been in Hollywood and they should understand what songs should be sung vs songs they should not touch. For example big mike. That song wasn’t right for him he has a big voice and should attempt more of a rock pop song. It will be interesting to see who will leave tonight.

  3. Oh please, what a disappointment! The songs were boring, only surpassed by the voices. Ugh, I turned to bobsledding – which is not that interesting to me, to avoid hearing the pitchy male voices (all but 2). The judges were too kind!

  4. Although some of the performances were hit and miss, I disagree on the comments about Alex Lambert. It is safe to say that everyone had to deal with nerves, but this boy has talent to spare. I just pray that he will get another chance to prove it. I mean, think about it. He is 19 years old, performed in all about 3 times in public and all of a sudden he is on national television. I would be scared as heck.

  5. If you ask me I think they should make Casey the next idol and do away with the show.
    It was so boring

  6. I thought the best part of the show tonight was Casey James’ performance. I was just swept off my feet watching & listening to this guy sing. The thing with Kara was also kinda entertaining … well, for me it was.

  7. Major pimpage on Katie for the girls, Andrew for the boys. That being said, after seeing the boy’s performances, I think most did better than the girls. I’m sure it’s nerves but Andrew, Casey, and Joe stood out for me. 3 worse for me would be Jermaine “screechfest” Sellers, John “superboring” Park, and definitely Tim “cringe worthy” Urban who I thought before should not have been the replacement for Golightly. That was the most craptastic performance of the season so far. Simon was correct in saying why they cut him and shouldn’t have been brought back. I bet him and Jermaine “screechfest” Sellers to go home ASAP. Alex needs to develop stage presence but he does have a good tone in his voice so I would like him to stay another week.

  8. Most of the boys were terrible. The only thing that made it worse was going back to Ellen each time after everyone else had made there comments. It was becoming even more annoying than Paula. Shut up and move on.

  9. I agree Mary re the boys and the Ellen factor. Plus her comments seem to dribble on and on without having much to saying. I don’t like her in this non-comedic role. I was bored with the show and Simon looked equally bored. Couldn’t stay, just popped in during olympic ad breaks.

  10. After last year, there is no way the show can live up to expectations. I hope this is the last season. Adam Lambert just blew everyone away(although he did not win because of the homophobics in America) and anything less is dull and boring.

  11. I competely agree. I remember these people singing better in the Hollywood round. Ellen doesn’t add anything to the judging panel; I enjoy her on her television show but she’s not suitable for American Idol. Comments like ”well, you’re cute, you should stay in the competition” doesn’t really help. The competition doesn’t compare to last year and I can’t even pick out one person who I look forward to performing each week yet; I always looked forward to Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert last year. This might be the last year I watch.


  13. Casey James!!!!! Oh my garage!!!! Can any man be so beautiful? Apparently so! Thank you AI!!!!! Casey’s performance was cool and precious. Angelic honestly. Thank you Time Warner for DVR!

  14. I just wanted to comment on Ellen, I was hoping she would bring the comedy-side of the show. I think she’s becoming serious each day. I hope she gives more comments to the contestants than just saying ‘I Like You’.

  15. Well, David Archuleta had me hooked from the moment he stepped on the stage, & he still has me hooked two years later. He owned the stage with this ability to draw me in, and a fierceness that said, “I love what I’m doing, and I am here to stay.” That’s what I feel is missing from this group, Aaron Kelly included. It’s not that they aren’t talented, but they haven’t shown me they know how to connect with an audience, or that they have the confidence and passion to maintain a career. Lee DeWyze, to me, is the exception. He said he wanted to be onstage forever, so I think he’ll do his best to make that happen. My vote went to Lee. Otherwise, this season so far is “just alright for me.”

  16. AI has apparently signed on for 3 more seasons. Pretty optimistic with Simon going next year. I’ve seen the X-factor format in the UK and it is a million times better.
    I can barely watch AI this year.

  17. For all the HYPE about this group being so talented I have not seen it yet. There are about 3 guys and 3 girls out of the bunch that are “talented”. None of them compare to the previous seasons. Sad. I hope when Simon goes they get a judge to replace him that has some music credentials to stand on. Ellen is ok, get rid of Kara, she is annoying.

  18. yeah i agreed ellen is abit lost for words at times…they shud hv gotten shania or katie perry…atleast they are both funny.. 😉

  19. Seriously, I’m already over Casey James. Sure hes good, and hes cute, but he’s really nothing special. If he didn’t have the hair and the eyes, would people even notice his voice? Alex Lamberts voice is the most unique of all of them. Yes hes young and nervous, but has natural raw talent. As is Andrew Garcias, and I love the way he makes things his own, no matter what the judges say.

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