American Idol 2011 To Introduce The Idol House

Big changes continue to be announced for the American Idol 2011 season and this one is pretty interesting. Perhaps following the lead of my other favorite reality show, Big Brother, the upcoming season of Idol will feature the “Idol House” where, you guessed it, our Idol hopefuls will reside during the competition, says MSN:

These plans are still in development and could change, but as of now producers intend to have the Top 12 live together in a house in the Hollywood Hills.

The big question is whether Fox, which declined to comment for this story, is going to make the “Idol” house a visible part of the show.

Will the network air behind-the-scenes footage from the Top 12 hanging around and recording confessionals, like on other reality shows? The creative details on the “Idol” house are still being worked out, but the answer seems to be: It depends how compelling the footage is.

More important than just how compelling the footage from the house would be is the issue that they just lowered the eligibility age down to 15! If everyone was 18+ in that house then they could probably have a lot more flexibility, but a voyeuristic angle on a show with kids competing seems a little, ehh, sketchy.

You can also expect to see a return of Twitter to the show (are you following us on Twitter? @americanidolnet). The producers are planning to relax their Twitter rules this season after last season’s “one for all” approach where the singers shared one Twitter account.

I can’t believe how much their changing up this season to try and keep American Idol the ratings juggernaut it’s been in the past. What do you think of this new Idol House? Would you want to see what’s going on when the hopefuls are off-stage?




  1. I don't care where they live. I want an announcement that they are going to curtail text voting. They can change whatever they like, but if they don't change the voting policy, I'm done with Idol. I can't sit through another season where a Siobhan or an Adam gets cheated because they don't fit the wants of maniacal text voting teenagers.

  2. Stormy is right. I was in school at UCA when Kris won or should I say they cheated for his win. AT&T was there giving away phones and teaching power texting. People I know voted 10,000 times or more each week using five or six phones supplied by AT&T. Why did American Idol let Kris cheat Adam when Adam is the best they ever produced? Wasn't that like shooting your own self in the foot? I won't watch anymore no matter what they do.

  3. I think it's grab for better ratings. However, as long as the voting system can and does create a false winner, I won't be watching Idol any longer after watching EVERY SINGLE episode since day one. There needs to be a fair system that actually counts actual votes. You can see by the sales of the last two winners that their fan base was not reflective of the votes they received. If they make the show "real" then I'll be back. Otherwise, all the "fluff" will only attract the teeny-boppers and ratings will not improve.

  4. They don't look in my house and I don't think there is any need to look in theirs..thats what the talent is not about.

    What the contestants need to do is perform, so that they may be judged by their talent. What they do with the daily lives is NOT important. We don't need NATIONAL ENQUIRER on American Idol.

  5. Didn't we see this before in season's past? I don't see how it will help the shows ratings. I for one who has followed AI since day one-will sadly not be tuning in any longer. I decided that the day they announced that Steven Tyler will be the new judge. I still say it's not to late-bring in Harry Connick Jr.!

  6. I think the house sounds like it would be interesting if everything can be worked out. Something different to really grab our attention needs to happen due to all the judge changes in past 2 years. IDOL is my favorite television show and I look forward to it every season. I think there should be a maximum on how many votes can be cast from the same telephone number and delete the texting ability to vote.

  7. My concern with the house, is when the subject about 15 yr. old contestants living in the house was mentioned!!!

    I am sorry to say this, but when young people meaning any teenager are not supervised properly, things tend to get out of hand!! Believe me when I say this, I have a teenage daughter in college to date, living off campus in a house with two other teenagers and they're all sophmores, and of course there is partying going on!! I am not saying they are drunks, but there is drama and drinking and I will leave it at that!!

  8. @Stormy…I agree with you 100%. We are both Adam & Siobhan fans…..Still waiting for her CD to come out.

    @Skyler….I agree with you 100% about ADAM but I'm a pushover for the show and hope that one day there will be another great singer like ADAM so I continue to watch.

    @MATT …..Big Brother is also my other favorite reality show but due to the minimum age I don't think its such a great idea.

    @Angela….I've had a son in sleep away college and I know exactly what you mean….

  9. I think the Idol House would be a nice idea for the contestants but I don't think confessionals are necessary. I mean, they're already filmed so much and they should just have time to chill out and relax and get to know eachother. Have some down time away from the media.

  10. @Phyllis G, I've been reading about both Adam and Siobhan a lot, and I am happy to say they are both doing quite well!!!

    My favorites for this past season was Big Mike, Siobhan, and Aaron!!! I was pretty miserable when they were voted off, even though Big Mike got the save. My feeling is, that Siobhan should have gotten the save I think she would have gone a lot further!!!

  11. @Angela….what have you heard about SIOBHAN? I can't seem to find out much about her. Do you know if she has a CD out?

  12. @Phyllis G, I know she performed an original song with her band, but right now I am not sure if she has a CD out. That's what I have been waiting for, recently she performed in Arlington, MA with the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra!

    There is a site on updates about the idols, it's called idollogs!! Updates about Siobhan and Adam show up a lot on this site!!!

  13. @Angela……Thank you so much for the update and the site. Have great Holidays and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to AI and before you know it, it will be January……..then we will all have comments first handed about the show…..

  14. @Phyllis G., I am glad I could be of help. Happy Holiday and Happy New Year to you!

    When the new season start in January, I will not be able to watch the elimination round, because of my work schedule. But if it's not too much trouble, can you please keep me in the loop about who got eliminated.

    Fortunately I will be able to watch the singing part, so I will have an idea of how the performances went!!

  15. @Angela…….no problem……it will all be on this site and knowing me I will elaborate. LOL

  16. Folks, I'm pretty sure they had the Idol house previously. Season 1 comes to mind and perhaps others. I do remember a large mansion-like house that had a fantastic view and a swimming pool where the idols were housed during the competition.

  17. I do not believe there should be an "Idol house". These contestants have enough to do and to worry about without having a camera in their faces during their personal time. If you are looking for "drama" or a "freak show", put some of the strange people who don't make the cut in a show.

    The people who have their hopes, prayers, and futures riding on their chance to do what they love need to be able to concentrate on being the best they can be. Think of the contestants and please, please spare them the extra stress.

  18. I think it would take away from what the show has always been. Great singers and not on gossip and what happens when you get all the drama kids together… this is a singing competition. Right?

  19. i think that an Idol house will be great. we will be able to if the (IDOL) is a true idol in his/her own rights, if he/she can not live with ppl in a house he/she does not deserve to go out and be mr/miss goody 2 shoes, then we can see if they are a crap head or an Idol.

    oh…i am missing Simon

  20. Once a contestent has gotten their golden ticket to hollywood, what does it cost them? are they required to pay for their room and board?

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