American Idol 2011: Top 6 results show recap – Casey eliminated again

There were plenty of gasps Thursday night on “American Idol” when Casey Abrams was eliminated and I’m not sure why. I mean, does anyone remember the first time he was voted off? In 11th place? Yeah. That’s why this is no surprise. Maybe people were just more ready for Jacob Lusk to go instead. I know I was.

I was actually so annoyed by the episode that I couldn’t even react to the elimination. It was, hands down, the worst episode of the season. From the way Ryan “randomly” gave us the results (with no actual Bottom 3), to the worst group number of the season to those ridiculous recorded recaps before everyone’s results were (or weren’t revealed), it was just awful. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

Even the filler was at its worst. I mean, the royal wedding? Why would that be a part of this show? I have no idea what event that footage was from, but I do know none of them know the difference between an English accent and the Spanish language.

Following that terrible filler, the Top 6 take on the songs of Carole King in a medley and as I’ve already said, it was horrible. Flat singing, missed cues, bad “dancing.” Do they even rehearse those group numbers? Terrible.

And just when we think they’re going to start giving results, they pull out the Ford music video then a performance by last season’s last eliminated contestant first runner up Crystal Bowersox. Her performance was decent. She still hasn’t washed her hair since last season, but she’s a good performer.

Finally, they’re on the couches! It’s time to get to the results. Right after Casey is done biting his fingernails on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Oh wait, it’s not time yet. It’s time for MORE filler. This time in the form of impromptu questions from fans to the contestants. Great. It becomes more and more obvious that the results show does NOT need to be a whole hour. Thirty minutes would be plenty of time for Thursday nights.

Ryan finally calls Haley Reinhart up and to kill more time, he introduces the first recap from the night before. As if we didn’t all see the previous night’s upside. Filler, filler, filler. Haley is sent to safety. And we can’t even presume she wasn’t in the Bottom 3 because Ryan did the results in such a stupid way.

Next up is Scotty McCreery. He’s not sent to safety yet. Then Ryan does the same thing to Lauren Alaina. Ooooh the suspense. Oh and then Ryan does the same thing to Casey. Oh no! No one is safe tonight! Blah blah. Have I mentioned this was the worst results show ever?

Finally when James Durbin is brought to the stage he is sent to safety. That leaves Jacob. Ryan brings up the others and sends Lauren to safety. So the remaining three (again, we can’t presume they were the Bottom 3) are Scotty, Jacob and Casey).

Then we have to wait while we watch a pre-recorded performance from Bruno Mars.

Finally it’s time to find out who received the least amount of votes. Jacob was sent to safety. That leaves Scotty and Casey and we know how that plays out. Scotty is safe, Casey is not.

I was never a fan of Casey’s for probably the same reason that he was sent homeΒ  in 11th place and again in 6th. I just don’t like jazz. I don’t get it. I respect it, but I’m not going to be pretentious and claim to like it. But that’s neither here nor there. What I meant to say was that Casey is crazy talented. He will be very successful and make plenty of jazz fans happy that someone so young and talented can amp up the genre. “American Idol” just wasn’t the right platform for him. But I’m sure it’ll help him get a proper start. So Casey fans, hang in there. You and Casey are more than likely better off that he did not win this competition.

What were your thoughts on the vote outcome and tonight’s trainwreck show?




  1. NOOO, casey is eliminated, and that's the final straw! πŸ™ i can't vote coz im here in the philippines!, AWWW! i wanted casey to win! πŸ™

    • I think kissing JLO and all the "pimping" made the voters turned off. I was a Casey fan at the begining but lost the interest a few weeks ago!

      • Steven Tyler told Casey he did too much scatting and growling! did he listen? Maybe one song. And then he just went right back to doing it. can an american idol sing jazz? NO. Maybe in the New Orleans clubs. Sherry K.

      • Bruno Mars was taped! I thought it was too good to be true! It was so well done. Rose A. Are you there anymore? I miss talkig to you! I hope next week is not as boring as this week. And I agree with whomever said they wished Simon would come back. He would not have put up with all the nonsense!!!Ryan Seacreast Jumping up and down like a little kid! I mean he would just come out and said " That was Horrible " On several people. and he would have told Pia she was a lounge singer.

        Oh well the show must go on until it isn't even worth watching. I want to see the x~Factor with Simon and Paula is signed up too. Simon has a soft spot for Paula even if he won't admit it!!! Time to just sit back and wait for next weeks show. In the mean time get a good movie to watch. Have a nice week-end everyone. I wish I could talk to you Rose A. I miss you! But I can understand why you don't come on much anymore! Too much hostility! Hugs to both you and Phyllis G.I am out of here!

        Sherry K. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • "If this show remains a talent competition rather than a popularity competition…"

      Not anymore. I really *do* miss Simon Cowell!

      Claudio (from Rio de Janeiro)

  2. I disliked tonights elimination show so much that I watched other things until the last 5 min.glad Casey is gone!I hate jazz!

    • Only people that have no understanding of Jazz or are classically trained musicians who can't expand their horizons say they hate it. It just shows your ignorance of the genre. You don't have to like it, or appreciate it but to say you hate it is silly because you probably don't know enough about it to hate it.

      • good bye he should have been gone a long time ago. I think should have went the first time. Now we need to get rid of Hailey, and jacaob they should have been gone long ago also.

      • You are apparently a nut holder to popular vote getters.. I think they said 'random' order because that was BS.. IT wasn't random.. scotties ass ALMOST went home FINALLY!! they just didn't want to do it that way because the show, with in itself.. are also nut holders.. Random my as Scotty was 2nd to go home. Man that's disappointing! he Should be gone just as much as Jacob or Haily.. he's about as boring as you can get!

      • I like Jazz but didn't like Casey's voice when he grrrrr'ed, he seemed angry most the time.

        Him playing and Haley singing would be good to see.

        James, Scotty and Haley for top three now. I thought Lauren was best early on but producers and judges are bent on changing her and it didn't work.

      • Do not hate Jazz. I like it. But it gets tiresome after awhile. Jazz and scatting gets boring after awhile. Jazz is an aquired taste in music. The young man they had as a guest last night. Can't remember the name. Marcus? Anyway he was good. And I thought his song was jazzy. Maybe not. But I liked it. what ever it was. No growling. Or no scatting. I stand corrected if it was not jazz. Sherry K. Everyone have a nice day!!


    • Wow…….we are so honored that you chose this blog to showcase your ignorance…OMG…What did i ever do to witness such a grand statement? My eyes…my eyes… Please do not write such awesome insightful comments again..We can't take that level of amazing ignorance…

  3. I can see now that your laughing your lungs out when casey was voted off! It was so odd that you hated him much and yet you dont know the person! Wow your a bad person!

    • Read the comments because he said nothing about laughing when Casey was eliminated and neither did he say he hated him.

      He doesn't get the genre but respects and praises Casey's talent, thinks he will be successful but that American Idol is not the right platform for Jazz.

      In all respects he is correct and I think Casey knew that and just kept pushing the button and had a heck of a good time doing what he did on the show.

  4. That message is for branden! Ive read his/her article and nothing even one word he/she says good things about casey! R u gay?

    • Why would you ask if I was gay? And did you not read the LAST paragraph of my blog? Where I PRAISED Casey???? READ before you start typing.

      • Yah right, tell me honestly was it for consideration coz you see him leaving the show? You always pick on him and you're so mean! I can't stand it anymore! I'm signing off!

      • Branden, Casey is NOT gay! I don't like to call anyone that! We are not supposed to judge anyone. And sorry maybe I am wrong! But Jacob kind of came across as gay to me. Just something about his voice and mannerisms. I could be wrong. And it does't matter anyway! Have a nice day! Sherry K .

      • Branden is NOT GAY!!! Why on earth would amyone even say that? Do not pay any attention to foolish things like that Branden! They are just trying to get to you because you have an opinion! Just scroll on past those kind or remarks! Smile! Have a nice day! Sherry K. πŸ™‚

      • Wow. How did this thread get so off-track. I never said anyone was gay, No one even said I was gay. As someone else pointed out, English is clearly not the original commenter's first language and we're pretty sure he meant "gay" as "happy." As in I muse be "happy" Casey is gone.

        LOL. Wow, what a snowball effect!

    • How does not liking Casey or not being into Jazz imply a specific orientation? Ignorant comment is ignorant.

      • In that case i'm probably one of the gayest of the lot

        But i think ynot was asking whether or not he was happy. hehehe

      • I am sorry. But I have to interject one more thing . A final and I am out of here. I read what Branden said about Casey! And he did not say one bad word about him! Branden, I know you do not talk to me. But , I just want to say as the commentator on this chat board that I think you do a GREAT job!! And if anyone belly aches about what

        you say. They need to go take a hike! You do as good a job as Matt does!! Just don't pay any attention to the naysayers. Have a great week end too Branden! You can wait until next week to let them pick on you. Just ignore them! GOOD JOB FROM THE COMMENTATOR of this chat board. Branden! Thank-You Branden!!! Fox take note! Sherry K.

        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the kind words! I hope everyone is now clear on what this original comment was about. No one called Casey gay at all. I may or may not have been called gay by the original commenter, but I don't care. To me, that's not an insult. But I really think that commenter meant "gay" as in "happy."

    • First off, Branden did not say he hated Casey. In fact he thinks he is a great musician but that AI is not the right platform for Jazz.

      Taking your question to its' logical conclusion, there are a lot of female posters who don't like Haley, or even say they hate her.

      So does that make them lesbians?

      • Dear god, I get more entertainment reading these comments then anything. I rarely post, but i couldnt resist here……Is he gay? Who frickin cares? I know Sherry K was trying to be supportive, but hun, your comment sounded almost as anti gay as Ynot. What does someones sexual orientation have to do with opinions on music? I am not gay but think plenty of gay artists are amazing. But i digress….in fact, please, continue with the silly comments….they are very funny.

  5. a lot of people are gonna stop watching now that Casey's gone. Jacob should have went home.Casey deserves to stay on longer

    • They said the same thing when Pia was voted out…but again, that won't stop the show…well, not this season anyway!

    • You're right! The show is so empty without him. He's the most entertaining talent in this season.

    • Well, if it was a significant portion of people that felt that way, then he wouldn't have gotten voted off… I mean, he only needed more votes than Jacob, so that should be what? 7-8000? LOL

    • I don't understand why many times when someone's favorite is voted off "they pick up their toys and go home" by saying I am going to stop watching. Remember, it is a competition, real people are voting, and we, including me, don't always like the results but stop watching…I don't think so. By the way, I am a Scotty fan but I will watch if or when he goes…just to see how it turns out. Will I continue to vote…only if Lauren is in the finals….Personally, it was over time for Casey to go…He is lucky he had the opportunity to have his run.

      • Scotty is not good. He should have gone real bad. I was happy when he was in the bottom 2.

      • You don't know if he was in the bottom 2. We have no idea who was. That was made very clear last night. Producers wanted suspense and keep the audience hanging, who better to do that with then probably the highest vote getter. Why the producers choose to did it this way I have no idea, but I am upset because I want to know who was in the real bottom three.

      • Better take an English class over. Make that Math also. Sorry but :gone real bad: and Scotty was not even in bottom three. Try agasin

      • They may have done it because of what happened in the South with millions of people out of power the night of voting. In order to not create a big hooplah about not letting those people vote later they just didn't make a big deal about who was in the bottom 3 this week.

    • Every time someone's favorite voted off, we read the "I'm not going to watch AI again."

      The fact is that each week ONE person has to go and, if they use the save, two go the next week.

      The fact is that everyone should be happy and proud that their favorite was in the top 11 out of thousands who originally auditioned.

    • Casey was very good at what he had to offer, and was highly admired by many……..Just not admired enough to warrant a vote. I fully enjoyed what Casey brought to the show, but Jazz is not going to win American Idol. Also, Scotty and Lauren need to move out of country. Scotty, country only singers can’t win either (just to stop wrong rebuttals; yes Carrie Underwood won American Idol, but not by singing Country. She sang a widely diversified selection, with very little country.)

  6. next weeks theme is "NOW and THEN",can some one that knows tell me exactly what that means to song choices??

    • One song from the 60's and one modern song… I'll admit, I'm not sure what specifically entails a modern song, but I'm sure theres some kind of requirement.

    • Does this refer to one album of Carpenters titled "Now and Then" released in 1973 ? There are very good and well known songs in that album, such as : Yesterday Once More, Sing, etc..

  7. I don't agree with the way Ryan did the show (maybe this is instruction from the producer), if they won't tell us the bottom 3, why they put Scotty at the end with Casey??? looks like Scotty was in the bottom 3 and not good for Scotty's fan

      • He was not in the bottom 2. Ryan didn't one time say that was a bottom 3. In fact, he kept saying "random" over and over.

      • Branden is right, we really can only speculate who was actually in the bottom 3. Ryan said specifically the results were random (as random as you can get with only 6 people anyway).

      • I wasn't attacking you. I only said it three or four times in my blog. I just get annoyed with people who don't pay attention and start typing before they think. For example, you can't even spell my name right. I deal with a lot of hateful people on this blog. I tell myself to not read comments any more, but then I remember the people here who like what I do and like interacting with me.

        I'm sorry if it seemed I was attacking you.

      • Branden I have never once said anything negative abt any of your comments (in fact quite the opposite) and I have been reading and commenting for several weeks now. I will not be commenting anymore though as I made an honest mistake and the way you approached it wasn't in good taste. πŸ™

      • Julie, I did apologize. Doesn't that mean anything? I'm truly sorry you thought I was snapping at you. You really can't make that call because you didn't hear my tone. That's the bad thing about the internet — you never know someone's tone.

        If I was touchy, it's because people here are mean to me. Do you have people demanding you be fired from your job on a weekly basis? I might not be in the spotlight like the Idols, but people who read this website like me and hate me just the same.

      • Ok…..truce? I personally like reading what you have to say and I almost always agree with you, so we must be on the same page somehow πŸ™‚

        I am sorry that people are mean and hateful to you on here, in fact last night I even commented abt something someone said negative abt you was uncalled for (maybe not exact words).

        I appreciate you doing this for us who do want to hear ur opinion and have the chance to comment back…..and I think those who have negative things to post abt your opinions, should be posting elsewhere. So I send my peace πŸ™‚

      • Branden, despite there being a lot of haters every week, I would like you to know that I think you do a very good job at this and are the best blogger on this website.

      • Thanks Adam. And you're one of the best commenters. You're comments are always well-thought, well-stated and matter-of-fact (that's a lot of hyphens). Thanks again, for saying that. It means a lot.

      • Branden, buck up there dude. Some people just get sand in certain orifaces and no matter how gently you walk on eggshells aroun them, they will still be emotionally shattered because their daddy didn't get them a pony when they were 11 or some such. We have your back dude, you didn't come off as snapping or being mean or nasty in any way shape or form.

      • Just entering into the string that enjoys Branden's take on things. No offense at other blogs, but this one is my fav just for the quality and diversity of folks Branden seems to attract. Julie not bad, probably just kind of new, so got the kid gloves from the B-man. I don't think she knows how much he honored her by multiple responses! (no response wanted B-man, just hope you get a few more string add-ons, though most folks know it's not needed to validate you).

      • Branden……Everyone has their opinions but lets not shoot the messenger…..Branden…..You always tell it like it is…Some agree and some don't…thats what makes your column so interesting…..There are so many hits on your column that we don't get emails anymore….LOL….you must be doing something right!!!!!!

      • Just a theory about why they did the results without using the stools or specifying a bottom 3. All of the tornados on Wed. night blacked out huge areas. Many either didn't see the show or couldn't vote even if they saw all or part of the broadcast. So with that being the case, all they had to go on was who had the least votes. Lauren and Scotty are from the areas that were worst hit by storms. So their votes would not be a fair assessment of their standing.

      • @ Phyllis G. I am glad you said what you did to Branden! I think he does a VERY good job! I certainly don't see why anyone would make ugly comments to him. He is only expressing his opinion as we all are!! Phyllis, didn't you just LOVE James Durbins song! When Ryan called him safe, my husband and I were sitting there going YES, YES, YES!!! LOL. When Ryan said some peole were going to be disappointed at the beginning of the show,

        I was like Oh no! NOT James!!! I said if James gets kicked off I am not watching anymore. And the reason for that is on Wenesday night I LOVED James song. He just pretty mutch blew the rest of them away. I thought Hailey did good on her last song! I think she could be in the final three. She's cute. She sings pretty good when she lets he self go for it. That was good advice Jimmy Iovine gave her and maybe Lauren too! He said when you are saying get. do it right out there ~~GET! with a bang! She did what he said. I would like to say hello to the very sweet Rose A. Rose if I scroll down and see you, I am going to have to say something to you! Hugs to my two friends from ADAM season! Sherry K πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • No-one knows who was where, except the people who tally the votes, the producers of AI and Ryan Seacrest.

        The ONLY thing we know is that Casey received the least number of votes.

  8. Hating Jazz and loving Pop and Rock just makes no sense…It just proves how ignorant someone is about music. Jazz is the roots of all modern American music.

    I feel bad that youth claims that they hate jazz, and the reasons are really stupid. They see jazz as an "old fashioned" that only grandma and grandpa listen to. They haven't even listened to it to claim that they hate it. They don't even know it has a lot of different subgenres, that funk, soul and r&b, even rock derived directly from it.

    I invite youth to listen and to explore the musical roots of America, it's not old fashioned music. You can't understand the modern music without understanding jazz.

    And I'm actually 19, not 80 (in case someone wants to say some crap)

    I'm sad to see Casey leave, he was a great performer. Hope Haley has more luck.

    • Andrew, it's to each his own. Just because it's the root of music, doesn't mean we have to love jazz today. Movies started as silent films, but I wouldn't want to watch one today.

      It's just taste and preference.

      • I'm not saying you HAVE to live it..I just think that youth should at least try it…most of them just don't listen to it because it's "old" music.

        Maybe you don't like it because you've already tried it and probably don't understand it well. It's indeed hard to understand sometimes. But there's a lot of people who haven't

        From all the kinds of jazz I'm sure you'll like at least one: dixieland, swing, bebop, hard bop, cool, fusion, funk, bossa nova, avant-grade, acid…

      • Branden dude you need to get a life. you are on the comment board all over the place. Guy let other people put their opinions in also.

      • Branden, No one should hate you!!! You are the commentator. That is your job. And you have a right to your opinions as does everyone else. Don't apologize to the ugly people1 Just ignore them. You have done this more than one year and I think you do a great job! I personally like you! I think my friend Phyllis G. who is always calm about everything said it to you! Have a great day!

        Sherry K. πŸ™‚ Smile Branden! It's a great day here. Hopefully the tornado's are gone for good! They were real bad here. Killed a lot of people and destroyed tons of homes.

      • @ Andrew. Don't forget zydeco. New Orleans sound. It also takes an aquired taste. It is actually quite good. Young people who have never listened to Jazz, or zydeco are not going to understand it!

        Don't have a hissy. A LOT of people like zazz. And I know a lot of younger people who like it. I have been to New Orleans 25 times. And in the clubs there are a lot of young people whooping it up on jazz music. Have a nice day. Lets just chill. Sherry K.

    • Well then you can count me in as being nonsensical. I do not like Jazz one bit, but I love rock.

      Rock and jazz are nothing alike. I know what I like to listen to and it ain't Jazz.

      I predicted that Casey was skating on thin ice because Jazz is just not that popular anymore. It is what it is.

    • I'm more of a classic rock guy myself, but i do like jazz… i just didn't like Casey. I may not be an expert but none of the jazz singers i've listened to so far has ever growled like Casey. It's just annoying

    • Hi Andrew:

      I had always understood that Blues was the root for Jazz and therefore the base for all American music. I decided to look this up since you pointed it out. What I found every time was the following:

      "At the root of jazz is the blues, the folk music of former African slaves in the US South and their descendants, heavily influenced by West African cultural and musical traditions, that evolved as black musicians migrated to the cities."

      I am not a fan of Jazz although I will listen to it from time to time. I do try and listen to all types of music. I am however, a huge fan of the blues. Hubby is a rock drummer and daughter is rock/country singer/guitarist/performer.

      Thanks for bring this up. I love research

      • Yes, actually they are the root of jazz: Blues, Gospel, Spirituals, African Music, Ragtime.

        But jazz is the one that influenced the moder music because it developed its theory unlike the other previous genres.

  9. Brandon you hit it 100% abt the show being the worse elimination show we have seen in a VERY long time! But all I can say is YEA…..Casey is gone and I was very happy to see it come down to him and Scotty in the final 2. Put that boy and his fans in their place to realize that nobody is safe!

    • Julie…and others…I don't think Scotty was in the bottom 2…this was a ploy…as Branden keeps saying…random order…do you understand what that means…and this has been done before…it is to do exactly what it is doing…get people nervous and talking. And, I disagree with many…it will increase Scotty's vote. I mean, are we forgetting that Hayley and Jacob have consistently been in the bottom 3 and look who is still here….This is show business and ratings…remember that.

      • Hailey hasn't been in the bottom three for 3 weeks, right? Wasn't Scotty in the bottom with Stephano? He's losing votes….

      • Scotty has never been in the bottom 3 until…if it was this past week…but according to everything I have read…the results were in random order…so…as of right now…Scotty has never technically been in the bottom 3…and I don't believe he was this past week….random order 1st and last…that's what I think.

    • I think it had more to do with the major storms in the Southeast and not wanting to put Lauren in the bottom three since it likely cost her votes this week due to power outages.

      • Bloodyscot, We live in Arkansas. And the storms here were just terrible. Hundres of people with out power. Hundreds of homes smashed to pieces. My hear went out to the people who lost their homes and everything in them. Most of all my heart goes out to the ones who were killed. 297 ~ A single state's storms. The sirens wher we live near Little Rock ,Ar went off for 4 hours. And the next nigh more of the same. May God Bless the people who were in this huge storm and tornado's path. Thank-You for saying something about it! Have a nice day. Sherry K. πŸ™‚

  10. Wow it actually hurts my heart that Casey was eliminated he was my absolute favorite… I loved his style and talent and he was something very different than teeny boppers constantly want up there… He was a voice for us that appreciate classic music with meaning and depth… Wow that hurts.

    • Do yourself a favor, listen to some jazz greats. If you spend some hours with The Louis Armstrong ensemble, Count Basie, , etc. You will see [hear] just how untalented Casey is. His voice is very weak, his bass playing was adequate, but his performance skills are grotesque parodies.

      • Casey is only 20…. And eve professional Jazz musicians have praised his ability…Check out Jazz magazines and websites…. I even saw his pre idol performances which were online before….They were amazing..the Casey we all saw on the idol stage was nothing compared to what he can really do… He had to tone down the Jazz part by a large extent to survive…

        I really hope that the talented people will remain on the show (Scotty, James and Hailey)…These three and Casey were my favorites…

      • So true! I agree and Casey should have gone a long time ago. Never liked him. We all have our opinions though, that's why we vote.

  11. When I watched all performances, i knew it was Casey. He's too stubborn into making the people like his thing when nobody really understands what he's doing. Nobody can even understand the words he's singing. Why not sing an all-time favorite then turn it into jazz like James did with his own rock? Maybe that thing will make people love jazz/Casey more. At the end, it's all about entertaining people and being yourself at the same time.

    • Thank you Cy! That was exactly his problem. He didn't know how to make people fans. He needed to take a song we love, and show us how he can make us love it in his style.

    • Casey was my front runner favorite, but as the weeks went on, there were fewer of his songs I cared about. Sorry to say that I agree with you-he dug his own grave letting everything go to his head. Of course he will probably carve out a pretty good niche for himself in future years, but face it–practically none of his song choices would be heard on todays Top 40 type stations. I was hoping he wouldn't go yet because I wanted to hear more duets with Haley! Now I have to hope for a finale with James, Scotty and Haley.

  12. After last night's horrible performance, I am actually glad to see Casey gone. I thought he redeemed himself after butchering "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Heard It Through The Grapevine", but last night he regressed back to being "Artistic Casey", a Casey that has very few admirers.

  13. Casey was indeed one of the most talented musicians ever to compete in A.I., but he most certainly wasn't going to be in the top 4 because he was too different and his song selections were not really the best choices for the audience. Think about it – he was saved once already. Most contestants don't get a second chance. The fact that he lost again says a lot!

    Like any other artist who really "does his own thing", Casey probably has accepted the fact that a lot of people are going to LOVE what he does as well as a lot of people are NOT going to like it. He seemed a lot more comfortable with the decision this time than he was the first time he lost out. He will definitely go far performing in the right places (like night clubs and small theaters), but it was his time in A.I. to go now. He definitely was able to show off his talent.

    • In Casey's defense he lasted quite a while after he was saved and he was only VFTW pick for one week before being eliminated.

      • I thought Ryan and AI crowd tried so hard to get him votes like giving so much attention and camera time and so on..That's why he survived a few more weeks. But people got more tired of it!

  14. Had Casey done his performance the way he did it tonite, he may not have been eliminated.

  15. I was kind off expecting this. I knew jacob was going to make top five and scotty is just horrible but he has massive fans out there who are voting for him. To me, it was a fair enough result.

  16. I had a feeling it was Casey. But I was really hoping it would be Jacob. I was somewhat a Casey fan, but I didn't like a couple of his performances, this week being one of them. When they played the songs back at the end of the show on Wednesday I think anyone should agree he was in danger. Overall, I was hoping Jacob would go, but out of those in danger, Casey was my second choice.

  17. I was kind off expecting this. I knew jacob was going to make top five and scotty is just horrible but he has massive fans out there who are voting

  18. Branden I will love to know who is your favorite or who you want to win the whole thing. I think tonight you are being soooooo RUDE, i usually love the nice, funny way for you to give your opinion( even when you said something wrong about my favorites). I think you should leave it to Matt to write the reviews here. AI is growing on you in a BAD way.

    • Gina, I'm being rude? About tonight's show? It was a bad show. I gave last night's episode a great review. And last week, too. And I don't have a favorite anymore. They were all sent home.

      • I'm with you Branden. Bad show tonight.

        I think the show wanted everyone to continue to vote for their favorite so they didn't let on who was bottom 3 or top 3. Basically scaring everyone to vote. Just my opinion.

      • Branden, ITA it was a bad show, that the group number was AWFUL, and I have to admit, I didn't realize til I read your blog that the last 3 standing weren't actually identified as the bottom 3. The decision to make that so obscured is very strange to me.

        Also, did Ryan seem a little more full of himself than usual. I think his baby face engineered look has him giddy!

        I love Crystal but did not like her new song, sorry to say. The lyrics were just inane, and the tune just didn't do her voice any justice at all.

      • This is the moment of our DVR/dvd recorder comes to rescue….so that we can fastforward most of the show & minimize our suffering from the Zzzzzz…show!! Lol!

      • Pup, I guess you didn't understand the words, she was talking about loving to sing and play music and sing it like you are on the radio. Must have been too deep of a song for you to understand. I thought she was great as was the song.

      • @ Pup – it is not a new song. "Ridin' With The Radio" was track #1 on her album released last year and the album sold less than 200,000 copies making it the 2nd worst selling album from an AI Finalist behind the #1 worst from Lee DeWyze!

      • No It is NOT Gina! Branden is not being rude. He is just stating his opinion! No need to jump on him

        Matt certainly states his opinion just like Branden does. We need to just chill. This is a contestants show. And America is voting. Personally I think the judges should make the final call. Bad show tonight! Sherry K.

  19. Being from Australia I haven't watched the episode yet and probably will give it a miss tonight and watch the Royal Wedding instead.

    I am really bummed about Casey going – without he and Paul I reckon the show will be a bit boring – love them or hate them (I'll admit I loved them both) they were entertaining. The others not so much. I'm guessing it will be James/Scotty showdown.

    Also who picked the duet numbers last night? I would've loved to see Lauren and Scotty do Jackson by Johnny Cash and June Carter.

    I thought James and Jacob were hilarious – reminded me of Bowie and Jagger doing their "dancing in the streets" number.

  20. It was a poorly done episode, to say the least! I hated the elimination process, were we supposed to think, even for a minute, that Scotty was going to be eliminated…it was stupid. They could have kept some eliment of suspense by sending Scotty to safety, leaving Casey and Jacob, but noooo. Really?Whoever scripted that episode should be fired. An hour long elimination show is about 55 minutes too long!

    • I don't think the bottom 3 was fake or 'random' at all.. i think those were your actual bottom 3..I just think the show DIDN'T want the voters to know that.. because the show wants you to THINK Scotty WASN'T in the bottom.. but he was.. at least, thats what i bet my money on.. alot of people around here Hate that damn kid and think he should have been gone a long time ago. But the show continues to nut hug.

  21. So Haley's favorite contestant is voted off and she has a big smile on her face. I hope everyone realizes it's just her personality and she's not being stuck up or snobbish. It show's something about her character to always look at the bright side.

    • Nice Zing to the Double Achers Mr David P.! (HH–Haley Haters). The truth do sting HHs!

      Course the Coondog Smile was subversive as I disliked the Caveman's Paws on my girl. That 'B' is for Coondog's Paws!

      • Haley was not smiling because he was leaving, if you would have looked closely she had tears in her eyes when they announced it and Lauren gave her a hug. OF COURSE she was smiling when Casey said "all mine" to her face. Why people assume things about people they do not even know is just assinine.

      • oh well, she had something in response to Iovine's comments, but the American Idol Decency Police decide it's not fit for primetime..

      • Haley probably finally let off a little steam towards that arrogant Iovine. If you kiss his A$$, he works with you. But get too casual like the genuinely friendly Scotty did with "dude", and you'd better shape up to his stinging rebuke, "or else". Ryan probably not just kidding–which irks me–'cause Ryan knows where his bread is buttered–the rich man Iovine. So, I suppose Haley really "out-bluetalked" Mr. Pottymouth Steven (but I do like him). No, Haley probably said "frkn jerk" under her breath. So, she better watch out, she's gonna get bad treatment from judges and "advice" from Iovine the Perv this week. (yeah, he's probably peeved because she doesn't cuddle up to him the way he's used to other sexy stars doing on his 'casting couch'. Screw you Iovine, you now become a target of the Coondog Curse–no you're rich and can't be touched, you think. But my Coondog Curse is to get more people bad mouthing you–which drives you crazy with your fat ego wanting to be seen as the "oh so wise producer".

        But if Ryan really was joking, fugghetta bout it!

    • She had tears in her eyes and Lauren put her arms around her.

      I am tired of people complaining about Haley smiling. What is wrong with having a happy outlook on life?

      She smiles when she is in the bottom three and sent to the chair.

      The gal just has a positive outlook and, again, she was visibly upset when Casey's name was announced as the one to be eliminated.

  22. I've been a jazz fan for more years than most American Idol fans have been alive, probably, and I can tell you Casey is *not* a jazz singer. He *may* be a jazz musician, but that does not make you a jazz singer. He may not be a jazz musician either; there's no way to tell from the limited amount of playing he did on the show. I think he's a talented musician with eclectic taste who dabbles in jazz. That's nice, but unless you're a genius, you can't really dabble in jazz, you have to be committed to it to do it justice. I don't think his elimination has anything to do with Americans liking or disliking jazz, because he wasn't *really* performing jazz; jazz requires more than just scatting.

    • Jazz is all about rhythm, timing, and chord structure but at the same time artistry and creativity which Casey is full of. I'll give you that he wasn't necessarily a jazz singer, but he's an incredibly talented musician with, at minimum, a jazz flavor.

    • John, I think the problem is that almost everyone perceived what Casey performed most nights was Jazz. Casey's roots are definitely in the Jazz genre.

      Jazz is just not the most popular type of music in America these days.

      • Frank,

        You may have a point. The word jazz covers a lot of territory. What irked me is that Casey is not a very good scat singer. He's enthusiastic, but that's about it. Sarah Vaughan, whom I saw in person many times, was probably the greatest scat singer–better than Ella Fitzgerald, or Louis Armstrong who invented it–and she was an accomplished pianist. I can't help feeling that a good jazz musician wouldn't do a mediocre scat, unless he meant it as an in-joke, because it would make a bad impression on an uninitiated audience.

      • Thanks for the reminder Mike! I still think he looks more like a 30+ fellow instead of 20s…lol!

    • Jazz has evolved since it was created.

      Your thinking is exactly why jazz isn't popular anymore. To say that jazz is just for "intellectuals" and "geniuses" is just selfish and stupid.

      Why cannot "normal" people listen to it? Why can't we play it? sing it? Feel it?

      Music is about feeling not about being and intellectual virtuoso, you can play or sing perfectly but if you don't feel it it means nothing.

      Casey had some jazz performances and some of them weren't. Maybe he isn't a jazz artist, we haven't heard anything of his own.

      But what does define jazz? listen to the New Oreans Original Dixieland Jazz, Chick Webb with Ella Fitzgerald, Thelonious Monk, Tom Jobim, Chick Corea. If someone listens to a song from those artist they will definitely say that they are all different.

      Jazz is diverse and versatile, a kind of music whose theory can be used in any of the modern genres like pop or rock.

      • You forgot Eddie Lockjaw Davis! Ssiiighh. Anyway, Louis Armstrong is in the rock and roll hall of fame for his influence in the rock and roll industry. Jazz has influenced all forms of american music whether you like it or not. So I agree with your general premise.

        @John – I love Sarah Vaughn. She had such an amazing instrument with that voice. Huge range and depth but I think it's sad to compare Louis and Ella and Sarah together. It takes away from the essence of who they were. It wasn't about who was best it was about the feeling, the groove, and a good jam. Though Sarah Vaughn is highly underrated because she was absolutely fantastic but less recognized than Ella Fitzgerald.

      • Andrew,

        I hope I'm not coming across as some kine of elitist. I enjoyed almost all of Casey's performances. He's an individualist and creative, and that's a great combination. I certainly didn't want him eliminated at this point. My only concern is that people might regard him as a representative of jazz, which he's not. You need dozens of people for that, at least.

        It most definitely is not about technical virtuosity–Thelonius Monk, the great musical thinker said, "What you don't play can be more important that what you do."

      • David,

        I didn't mean to disparage Pops and the first lady of song. It's just a matter of taste; Sarah started out in bebop, so her scat was more modern.

        And let's not forget Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, who supposedly composed 2 Miles Davis standard, 'Four' & "Tune Up"!

      • @John: It's ok..I'm sorry if I sounded rude.

        I agree with you that Casey may not be a jazz musician. His scat is bad indeed because he hasn't been trained to do it.

        But a jazz singer doesn't necessarily scat. A lot of them didn't.

      • John

        If he introduced Jazz to a few kids who only listened to pop music all their lives, don't you think that it is a rather wonderful thing he has accomplished? At least a few hundred kids will now give Jazz a chance. Nobody see's Casey as this great second coming of Jazz…We simply see a kid who loves Jazz and does his bit to enjoy every second when he plays it… Isn't that what Jazz really is? Freedom..Freedom from everything…. Without a care in the world… Just playing..

      • Gautham,

        I'll tell you this much, what Casey brought had more musical integrity than so-called 'smooth jazz', which I don't think is jazz at all. I really don't think musical category matters very much. What matters is that the music is performed for it's own sake, not as background music for something else. As to 'freedom', that depends a lot on the kind of jazz. For example, there's "free jazz", which is completely free. On the other hand, there are very disciplined forms of jazz, like dixieland, or improvising on chord changes or modes. John Coltrane, for instance, was an extremely progressive jazz musician who practiced 8 hours a day. Not everyone is that dedicated, naturally, but to be an artist requires genius or dedication, I think, and great music isn't merely music, it's art.

      • Jake,Good one!

        Gautham, I respect your opinion.

        Incidentally, I have to make a small correction–the proper term for the sort of music that Louis Armstrong and his mentor King Oliver played is New Orleans jazz, not dixieland afaik.

  23. Just so sad that Casey was eliminated. I know his future is golden and he did make it on the tour, he will go far and I can't wait until his CD comes out. As for the person who writes the openings….that was not a nice comment about Crystal what a rude thing to say. I thought she looked very pretty and her singing was the greatest as always. I think you are just being a jerk.

    • Crystal Bowersox is arguably the most homely person to grace the idol stage. At least she got her teeth whitened. Maybe she can convince James to get the one tooth fixed. And in Branden's defense he did say her performance was decent and he's probably correct in assuming she hasn't washed her hair since last season.

      • Thanks David. I know I'm right about her hair. There's only one way to maintain those dreds and that's by not washing them. I wasn't even being mean. People crack me up. They loved and miss Simon Cowell's nasty comments week after week, year after year, but when I try to be a little funny, I'm a jerk. Ha.

      • Most people on this blog take AI so serious & lacks sense of humor! They defended their "hero" just like (or even more) defending their own family…while their idol didn't even bother to read this blog at all!! lol!

      • Templar, I cracked up earlier at Branden's hair zing, but I'd forgot about her teeth! (I'm not sure if Smokers really get how much Nonsmokers see that!, it's not the smelly clothes and hair). Take it easy folks regards humor on real life situations–ala Branden, Templar–Coondog loves Crystal and wished she'd won, just like Adam Lambert should have.

      • Damn Templar, you right. Old Coondog is slipping! I guess I meant to praise David P.'s zing. you do good ones to so I got lazy and didn't verify the name. Oops!

    • I thought Crystal looked good. I thought her hair looked nice and I noticed that she got he teeth fixed too. I hope that gives her confidence a boost 'cause she looks and sounds great!

    • yup.. we get to snore through two scotty country songs.. 1 current, 1 from the sixties. haha!

    • My suggestion for the 60's songs :

      1. Scotty -> Rueben James by Kenny Rogers.

      I feel he will sing Elvis's song, instead.

      2. Jacob -> Tom Jones's song : Delilah/Without Love/Green Green Grass of Home

      But, "I'll Never Dance Again" by Herman Hermitts will be interesting too…lol

      He may also try "The Great Pretender" by The Platters (Pat Boone's version is Ok), although I am not sure he is really the Great Pretender..

      3. Lauren -> Yesterday Once More or Top of the World by The Carpenter

      4. Haley -> Nobody's Child by Karen Young.

      Que Sera Sera is interesting

      5. James -> He can choose any song he wants.

  24. This was an interesting results show for me. Why? Because I am a huge NFL fan and the NFL draft was on and I tried to watch both shows when they collided between 7 and 8. It was great because during all the stupid filler crap I just watched the draft. I just made sure I caught the parts where Ryan was giving the results. I too thought that the video recap was dumb. I like it better when Ryan reads what the judges said rather than show us what the judges said. Although I did like the feedback from Jimmy Iovine. I think he should come and be one of the judges. I thought the results in random order was weird, but better than us getting a glimpse of the top 2 or 3. The thing that bothered me most was that the one person's results I wanted to see was Haley because I was so nervous that they would kick her off tonight and I was prepared for the worst and what do you know? The moment Ryan brings her up to the center stage is the exact moment that my favorite team is on the clock in the draft. HOW DARE YOU CONSPIRE TO DO THAT TO ME!!!! So needless to say, I was flipping back and forth quite quickly and I was so relieved when Haley was the first person that Ryan announced was safe. That made me so happy that I didn't even care who they sent home. And I was so ecstatic when I saw Scotty as one of the final two at the very end. My dream of him getting voted off almost came true! But of course he was sent to safety and watching Casey stand right next to him, I noticed that Casey knew he was going home the second Jacob got sent to safety because he was standing right next to Scotty.

    So how do I feel about Casey going home? Well, I didn't think that he was headed home this week. I thought he'd last another week or two, but I also knew that he wasn't going to be in the finale. And he had already been voted off before and lasted 5 more weeks from when he was saved. That's pretty darn good. So I wasn't surprised at all and not disappointed either. Casey was a great singer and great performer. He was very entertaining to watch and I think he will have a great career. But it had been several weeks since he had truly blown me away, so it was appropriate. From here on out, a good singer will be sent home every week, so no one should be shocked or angry at all at anyone getting sent home from now on. Unless that person is James. I think he's head and shoulders above everyone else now, especially after Randy predicting him as the winner.

      • Haley and James. I would actually prefer James to be the overall winner, but come results show every week I am much more interested in seeing what happens to Haley because she is the one that has been in the bottom 3 like 4 or 5 times now and is walking on broken glass. James I think is very safe and has never made a bottom 3 appearance. I'm fairly confident that James will make the finale, but I'm not confident at all that Haley will, even though I want her to. Does that make any sense at all?

      • Ok, I am found now, and I got it. And yeah, Branden's statement is the tl;dr version πŸ˜€

      • Heh, tl;dr means too long;didn’t read. I just thought it was funny that Branden tried to summarize your post with such a short sentence. Don’t get me wrong, your posts are always well thought out and I enjoy reading them. I’m with you on the James/Haley finale, though. That would be great.

      • I've been saying James/Haley finale forever…..maybe, just maybe it will happen……

    • Yeah, it does. You're being realistic so you don't get so disappointed. I jumped on James' bandwagon after last night. I would be pretty ok with him winning.

    • agree. the only thing is, the judges did a damn good job.. but America seemed to damage this one.. and there were some pretty cool voices in there too.. ah well..

  25. Scotty is the least talented of the bunch. All the songs he sings sound the same. The only reason he is still in the show is that he is the favorite of all the teeny boppers.

    • Yep, if you call someone in their 40s teeny boppers. Not just teen and old woman voting for Scotty. He attracts them not by sexy clothes or growling. He won them by his voice.

      I am don't know you age. But judging by what you say, I don't think you are adult. Be polite

      • In his defense, he didn't say that all people that have him as a favorite are teeny boppers, but that all teeny boppers have him for a fovorite… very different statements… It's like the "All texans are southerners, but not all southerners are Texans" saying.

      • I'll agree with him on this point though.. I mean, just look at the popularity of Justin Beiber for proof that that demographic in general has horrific taste in "music"

      • CJ ` I was a teen once too, but I was never a Teeny bopper… If the thought of Watching Justin Beiber clubbed like a baby seal brings a smile to your face, then odds are, neither are you. πŸ™‚

    • actually melp you proved my point that i used to have about scotty by trying to prove your point.. i actually think the reason country music (now a days) is so popular is because older women are into it because it's like their porn.. haha! Voting for scotty for some people is like some peopole voting for Haily.. only difference is.. the guys just flat out say its' for their ass.. the girls try to say it's for the guys talent. Please! Scoty in the market place looking like the Mad MAgazine of country? Can he outsell Garth Brooks? Chesney? He better start wearing a cowboy hat soon! Cause I dont' know what country singers he's watching.. but 99.9 don't look like a damn cartoon character! I'm not hating, but i'm just fed up with this competition being ruled by a bunch of deaf people! Everyone in the damn thing that's left is NOT the best of the best. Go back tot he top 24 and tell me if Scotty's voice still deserves to be there. No it doesn't, and i'm also fed up with people not remembering that BS scotty pulled with J.C. (oh i should of said something) yeah after the fact.. hahaha! how lame. I will now officailly stop watching the show, and let you people have at it on who's ass or.. wait i mean (voice) you want to win. πŸ™‚

  26. Casey is in a league of his own and is too sophisticated a musician to be appreciated by the

    uninformed masses.

    • Syd, I agree. That's the kind of attitude Casey fans really need to have. I don't thiknk people believe me when I say I respect Casey and recognize his talent. I just don't like this voice and style. This show is pretty silly when you think about it. Casey belongs somewhere with more sophistication.

    • I think this kind of arrogant condescending claptrap is what generates the level of dislike that many have for Casey. Which is a shame, because the guy is really a talented musician. If his strengths were in his vocals, he'd probably still be on the show.

    • As a musician, he is excellent and will only get better as he gets older. Remember he is only 20 and was a Music Major at the University of Colorado @ Boulder until he auditioned for AI.

      He has proven he can sing and, again, will improve in that respect but what cost him was that he kept pushing the envelope.

      If you watch the video of his performance on Wednesday on the site and then compare it with the Studio Version, it is like chalk and cheese.

      On Wednesday, he went back to the grunting, growling and teeth baring stuff he did with "Heard It Through The Grapevine" which, if you recall, put him in the elimination spot from which he was saved.

      It is not a case of people not liking or "getting" jazz, it is more the fact that he goes too far and what he did on Wednesday was not scatting. It was an awkward performance and I think he did it deliberately because he knows AI is not the right platform for him.

      He seemed almost relieved to be eliminated and have a few weeks to work on what he really wants to do and that is write songs/tunes that suit his genre.

      Casey said he would loved to have played with Oscar Peterson and I have seen him in concert and have a number of his LP's and some re-mastered CD's. πŸ™‚

      If you read about Oscar Petersen, you will read about the people who influenced him the most and one, in particular, was Art Tatum.

      In his late teens he was considered a "genius" but after listening to Art Tatum play "Tiger Rag" he became disillusioned about his own playing and didn't want to play again.

      Obviously he did but the experience humbled him, made him lose the cockiness he had developed and made him a master of his trade for nearly 60-years.

      Casey, like any jazz musician is experimenting and will continue to do so and, I believe, will have a great future in that genre.

      Despite comments on this blog, there is a huge following of Jazz here and worldwide.

      • I totally agree here Paul. I felt Casey was at his best( on the show ) when he had his stand up base and he sang the song with just the right amount of GRUFFFF in his voice.When he got away from that and got agressive with the vocals I think it got away from him abit and most folks didn't get it. I think Casey has a brave soul to experiment with Jazz in a contest that is ,for the most part, geared toward an audience that is mostly in to the popular music of today.

  27. It was just a matter of time before Casey left as both polls and his previous ousting indicated he was probably not going to wind up a winner. I found this year though interesting, despite some performers that were not my favorite, because it did give us jazz, gospel, rock, blues, country. Better then listening to 12 singers all singing the same genre. I was surprised Casey went before Jacob but in both cases it was a matter of when not if.

    • Agreed with the caveat that Casey is a great musician who will continue to grow and improve.

    • Hey Mickey, Do you know this song? My husband listens to the oldies in his car. I get sick of it. But this song is cute! And evertime I hear it I think of you! If you have not heard it, Toni Basil sings it on youtube. Have a great day!

      Oh Mickey, you're so fine,

      You're so fine, you blow my mind, Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!

      Oh Mickey, you're so fine,

      You're so fine, you blow my mind, Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!

      Oh Mickey, you're so fine,

      You're so fine, you blow my mind, Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!

      Have a great week end everyone! Next week all the finalists will perform again. wonder what theme they have in store for them next week? Oh and I agree with Mickey too.It was very well said Mickey! Sherry K.

      • Smiling (a lot). Very sweet Sherry. I actually am not familiar with the song. But just for clarity my real name isn't Mickey (that's my dog's name). He's been with me for 10 years and does yoddle occassionally during Idol so I though I would do posts under my pup's names (hope everyone doesn't mind?).

      • AWWW , How sweet you are Mickey! I am smiling now

        too! Good,After all the tornado damage down here I can leave with such a sweet reply and have a GREAT week end. Thank-You Mickey! Our son's little Jack Russell Kosmo who was 14 years old died 2 weeks ago when having surgery!! In retrospect I keep wondering if we did the right thing?? I don't think we had a choice! Have a nice week end! Sherry K. πŸ™‚

      • Just so the Mickey song ain't wasted, it brought a smile to me, Sherry. It's catchy and I always picture that video (lots of pom pom cheerleaders!–I hope I didn't just rat your husband out!) and even one of them late night music advertisements for 80s songs I think–including (?): softly now, neun und neunty Luftballoons, la da da da dah da da dah

        Repeat softly (first line). then:

        Brahhm! doonh da doonh doonh doont doonhty doong

        donnh da doonh doonh doont doonhty doong.

        (drum crazineness with snare beats) and boom ba boom boom boom boomba boom (base drums and trombones)

        (now fast) (in English sometimes rather than German): Ninety-nine Red LuftBalloons, Ninety-nine Red Balloons, da da da . . . . .

        Anything, Sherry?! Don't tell me, just the name of your geriatric dog! just like Mickey did to your fun post?! (Coondog still virile though, waiting for my Haley 'B', and that 'B' ain't Berry folks!)

  28. Scotty is like a stunning blond model that has made it to the finals on her looks only. Scotty is a likable guy and his masculine voice is "beautiful" to women, but he lacks talent. The way he just sat through his entire performance last night is an example of his lack-of-talent.

    On the other hand, James is not the all-american kid and his teeth are very crooked, BUT he is UNIQUE and interesting. He also has a beautiful voice and you can tell he sings from his heart. His performance last night had a perfect beginning, where he sang with no instrumental accompaniment. Every performance he has done has been unique and memorable.

    • I don't think Scotty lacks talent.

      He's just 17 but he improves a lot.He knows how to work with camera and the audience. He has opinions of his own but he knows how to handle criticism. It's just not about his voice. If his voice is good but he does not know how to deliver emotion in this song, there's no way he makes it this far.

      Basing on look, I heard LOTs of comment saying he looks like this, look like that…Many says he looks weird. But he does have a bright and friendly smile.

      So, basing on looks can't take him this far either.

      • Many of you out there won't remember some of the "easy listening" singers from days gone by (There are still many around today. Josh G. for one…) that people just like to listen to because they sound wonderful, relaxing, tell a story in a song, country, pop, whatever. (Think Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Andy Willimas, many….) Scotty is that person today in the form of country. His song on Wed., even though he didn't jump around, was beautiful…showed a different side of him…he is learning and trying, and the only reason many posts on here are mean spirited towards him is because he had been the front runner for so long…And, don't count him out yet….it ain't over 'til it's over….Fortunately, in this situation, unlike sports, the winner doesn't always end up being the last man/woman standing. Again, it is all about selling CDs…heavens…I almost said records!!!

      • Well said, Carol. There are many performers who are not very mobile when performing. Even Adam Lambert did an entire performance of "Mad World" sitting on a chair. James Taylor often just sits and sings. Alan Jackson makes a cigar store indian seem animated. It's all about the voice on these occasions.

    • I wouldn't say Scotty gets by on his looks… I mean, he looks like Alfred P Newman from Mad Magazine… what he does lack is experience. And part of that is his own fault for not tryign to push the envelope earlier in the season. If he had tried a performance like this weeks during teh first couple weeks of the season, he would be in a much stronger place right now.

      • eh.. you get anyone singing country now a days and they are the hottest thing on the planet.. it's woman porn man..

      • I don't know who the hell Alfred P. Newman is! But I think Scotty is cute. He has a cute smile. And his eyes twinkle when he smiles. There should not be any fuss over if Scotty is booted off, or he stays! He will get signed to a country deal anyway. Whew this has been a looong week! Hope next week is better! Sherry K.

      • @ Sherry K's HUSBAND: Dude, buy that girl an old Mad Magazine cover or two and you've got Valentine's Night and your Anniversary both covered! ooh la la!!

      • LOL @ Coondog.

        Sherry K google is your best friend, check it out, I think it'll give you a bit of a giggle when you see it, the resemblance is uncanny. πŸ™‚

    • Coondog, You and Mickey both made me smile! Don't you just love a smile? It makes the whold day feel better! No You did not rat my husband out! He doesn't even get on chat boards! I will tell you anything coondog. I don't want to seem dumb!! Are you talking about the Mickey song. I have heard a song with the lryics " Come softly darling " I know all about the pom poms. I think it is cute. And a catchy song! I am sorry coondog!! I don't want to look dumb. But I am not sure what you want me to tell you?? Can you make it a bit clearer to my befuddled mind? My dog is named Phideaux! Do you know how to say that coondog? Everyone freaks when they hear how it is pronounced. A hoity toity judge down here had the dog brought in from California because he is a champion. BIG DEAL! Then he got married and his new bride had cats. So she told him the dog had to go. And that is how we got him. I do think what you put in your post is in Mickey. I don't have time to listen right now. Hubby is crabby today. And I have to go to the store. Check back with you later! Sherry K. πŸ™‚

      Sherry K. Smiling πŸ™‚

      • Coondog, LOL! My husband is NOT going to buy me any mad Magazines!And he never even knows when the hell our anniversary is. If he does I get nothing. I guess kdub is telling me to google Alfred P. Newman? Or Mad Magazine covers? Are you guys just having a joke about me, or what? Here I am thinking you are all nice. Oh well I know you are nice. You just want to have a little fun .LOL! Its OK. But Kdub really am I supposed to goggle Alfrel P. Newman? Or Coondogs Luftballoons, la da da da dah da da dah

        Repeat softly (first line). then:

        Brahhm! doonh da doonh doonh doont doonhty doong

        donnh da doonh doonh doont doonhty doong.

        (drum crazineness with snare beats) and boom ba boom boom boom boomba boom (base drums and trombones)

        (now fast) (in English sometimes rather than German): Ninety-nine Red LuftBalloons, Ninety-nine Red Balloons, da da da . . . . .

        Kdub, google is my BEST FRIEND! I think I have used it 1,000 times. But it's not going to bring up anything on coondogs above boom da da da! LOL again. Be nice now gentlemen! Sherry K πŸ™‚

  29. Being in Australia I haven't yet watched the elimination episode (so glad that I tape it so I can fast forward the slow times on AI). But I love reading and listening to this blog..very entertaining. The diversity of music tastes just goes to show how diverse this group of singers are. I liked Casey at the begining, but felt he was far to much out of the box to be accepted by mainstream voters/viewers. I think Adam Lambert and Carrie Underwood have paved the way for winners other than "pop" singers to win. So I will say again that I believe that James and Scotty will be in the final 2. Haley is coming into her own, but I think it is a bit too late. Lauren does not have enough self confidence, but if she does overcome her self doubts she could now be the dark horse. Jacob will not win and as long as someone else is worse than his performances, then he will stay.

    Finally, AI has never had a Rocker win AI, think it is about time someone did. Adam Lambert should have won last season…but then again, sometimes the ones that don't win do better than the winners.

    • Adam was a season 8 runner-up & Lee is last year's winner…I thiught he's categorized as "rocker", right? But you still can called him a "pop" winner, I guess!

    • i don't think i've ever really seen a rocker on Idol.. that includes James.. I see pop artist with Guitars… I think James will follow that method.. I cant' imagine him coming from Idol and going into the deep pits of actual Metal.. like.. Metallica metal.. he will end up being a pop/rock artist just like the rest of em.

      • I will depend on the band he sets up or joins but I think he is more heavy rock than metal. I see him doing some thing closer to Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath with Metallica added in at times but the right guitarist, music arranger and songwriter will be critical.

    • Uh David Cook and Lee Dewyze were rockers though David Cook is much better than Dewyze with a platinum album and single as well as a double platinum single.

    • David Cook has been the only "rocker" to win Idol to-date but Idol did produce Daughtry who is the #3 best selling Idol contestant behind Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

  30. i knew it casey will be voted out next and next week will be james.. they both are arrogant and boastful they don't deserve to win AI this season.. scotty does! πŸ˜‰

    • Coolmee I like your idea. James must go. All casey fans can vote for scotty to win it

      • Just because I agree with you doesn't mean that I won't poke fun at your inability to find the caps lock key… actually, I got nothing, I used up my jokes already and i hate reusing material… if another joke pops into my head, I'll get back to this one.

      • You know what is scary You are going to grow up and be an adult Note I didnt say an MATURE adult

      • Calm down Consgo! I think there are a LOT of people voting for James!! HE DEFINITELY DESERVES TO WIN. Smile, He hopefully will win. If he is outed before the end I am not going to be watching! And I know a lot of people say that and don't mean it. But I MEAN it. There won't be anyone left that should be the AMERICAN IDOL!!! Sherry K πŸ™‚

    • cool ~ Why don't you just hold your breath while you wait for James to be voted off… yep yep.. pinch the nose as well.. don't want any air slipping in there…

      • boastful and arrogant… blahhhh blahhh blahhhh… give the guy a break why don't u!! its a singing competition for goodness' sake. put all else aside and just judge them by what they bring to the stage.

  31. What's nexts what they going to sing next. I hope it something better than carole king. I am sorry that casey left it just shows a person to vote for your favourites more. It should of been jacob leaving

  32. To those who hate Casey so much are so happy to see he goes home but to me Casey deserve to be in the final 3 but the problem is those people who vote does not appreciate the kind of music that Casey bring into his performance.

    • Casey was meant to stay and jacob should of went but hey what can we do what's done is done. Life goes on and casey will do well. So come on caseys fans let's vote scotty to win

      • Yes Casey will do well and I wish hi the best in his career ahead. Well just to inform you I find out that Lauren has more voters then Scotty so I do not know will there be people vote for Scotty more cause the percentage of voters highest is Lauren and furthermore I'm not in America and I can't vote.

      • u@ ukn how do you know Lauren has more fans than scotty do you have an

        "in" with Nigel give me a break you're not even american

    • I think Jimmy Iovine was right about Casey's growling and grunting when he said the family dog doesn't vote.

      • That was funny.

        We listen to concerts and shows like AI with the surround sound cranked up.

        At one stage on Wednesday when Casey was going through a grunt and groan routine, he growled into the camera and our dog started barking at the screen!

        Unfortunately, he was unable to tell us whether it was a bark of approval or not. πŸ™‚

  33. Next will be out is Hailey if not Haley it will be Jacob cause these 2 people was hated the most. I really pity Hailey but to be in the top 5 and struggling to stay in the competition despite the bad comments and always in the bottom 3 but still she already in top 5. I know she won't make it to top 4 and not even top 3 but still she does have a great voice. The growling that people hate so much about Hailey, I really don't understand these people they are really tone deaf. If Hailey goes home next week is not because she can't sing but it is bacause she was hated by those people out there that never vote for her.

    • Well no sure of the choice you have made there would love for it to be james or jacob. But it depends on what they sing. Ukn don't worry casey will do good

    • I wish people would stop using the "hate" word because it is a horrible word to use about anyone, let alone someone you've never met.

      Based on music styles – both Casey and Haley are Music Majors studying Jazz – and the fact that they seem to have bonded as people, I think most of Casey's votes will go to Haley.

  34. James does not sing he screams. And that I don't call singing. Come on people wake up. Oh sorry his screaming already woke yous up. James does not have what it takes to be and idol.let's get real here he will not make it in the long run. I even bet casey who has left will do a 100% better than james

    • Waaaahhhh, my favorite is getting taken to school by a rocker with an incredably dynamic voice and one of the best singers to ever step onto American Idol.. waaahhhhhhh!

      thats the tm;dr version. (too moronic ;didn't read)

    • I can guess the reason you dont like james so much is because he is scotty's biggest competitor right now, and he's also the front runner right now. Calm down i've heard you express your distaste for james' singing style and voice over and over again on this blog, we get it. Just vote for scotty and keep all else to yourself.

  35. I think that Lauren and Hailey were in the real bottom tree and they didn't tell that because they didn't want all the girls to be vouted out. Or they just thought this was something interesting different. Either way I am glad that Scotty was there whit Casey, maybe people think now that he really in't that popular and he will be voted out.

  36. I am so sad Casey was voted off. He is such a fabulous, extraordinary, lovely, talented young man. People have their own preferences and just wish Thia and Casey the best of luck on their musical/singing careers.

    On the Idol stage now, James is most likely to win. He is pretty impressive. Getting better and better. He has a very good attitude on the stage – nice, focused, serious, independent and especially competitive and so real. However, he needs something more to be not forgettable after his stage performance.

    Casey is my Idol for this very first time I watch AI.

  37. I'm actually SHOCKED that people prefer Jacob over Casey. Simply shocked. Nothing racist about my comment, ABSOLUTELY not, but, come on… if we're talking about style, there's NO contest between the two.

    And I have to agree with whoever wrote the "review" of the episode, it really was the worst. Terrible group performance, terrible fillers… I'm just glad my Haley made it. But I'm mad that Casey was eliminated. I didn't see that coming.

    • Jacob's a better pure singer than Casey… I mean, I can't stand Jacob either, but as far as pure pipes go, Casey was the weakest link (and has been for a while now) Amazing musician, meh singer.

      • I don't know about that… no doubt he's got a good voice, but as far as style, Casey's is more unique.

      • The Macarena was pretty unique as well, doesn't mean it was good. LOL

        But I'm talking about pure vocal ability, nothing about style or performance here. I know it's the whole picture, and I'm far far far from a Jacob fan, just trying to reason out why he is still there, and his pure vocals are the only thing I can think of, because they are really powerful and impressive.

  38. wrong result – it should have been Jacob singing his swan song; it will be him next week…

  39. Casey sucked from the get-go- so it's great that he's gone. I don't see what the perfect, beautiful, talented, amazing Haley sees in that loser. She SHOULD win the whole kahuna and hopefully will. I love the girl. Hopefully, it'll be her vs. Durbin in the finals and she'll pull off the Kelly Clarkson/Carrie Underwood type upset and, then, go on to be the biggest Idol of all time- complete with a movie career- due to her gorgeousness and personality. As for the show, Seacreast is fine in his role of 'filler.' It's the same EVERY week. It's his talent that keeps the show at its height. He's worth every penny they pay him. FOX will never go back to 1/2 hour when the RATINGS are 20-25 million plus every week. This show is a juggernaut. It doesn't matter what they do. The judges ALL suck this year- but it doesn't matter. The show has become an icon. And it's proved its legitimacy via the amazing success of Carrie Underwood and Clarkson and some of the other non-winners. The NFL Draft did have more drama this week, however, with the Commish getting booed. I wish a big crowd would gather and boo at the Royal Waste of time wedding coming up now. That's already the most pathetic (in your words, 'terrible, terrible, terrible') spectacle in broadcast history.

    • Casey sucked? ok it's your own opinion, but don't you think Jacob is worse?

      As far as Haley… we think ALIKE! I LOOOOOOOVE that girl and I too hope she wins… I really do!

      • Yes, I think Jacob was worse than Casey. I was just jealous of Casey because of Haley. I'm happy Jacob is still there for one more week- because he's DEFINITELY out next week – so that puts our girl in the Final 4!

    • Haley is all you say she is but, behind the growling werewolf – πŸ™‚ – is a guy with a great personality plus both he and Haley love Jazz.

      She sang with her High School Jazz Band at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland two years ago and like Casey was studying Music with a Jazz Major at University before trying out for American Idol.

      If nothing else, that commonality is reason enough to at least make them close friends.

      Similarly, Scotty and Lauren have a commonality with their obvious love of Country music.

  40. There is no way jacob got more votes than Casey This whole show is a joke And I agree way too much Filler Hope this is there last year. Thank god Simons coming back

    • Jacob is better than Casey. He has a better range and vocal power. There are plenty of people appreciating his talent. He acts childish at times but you can't deny his talent

  41. Good luck to Casey, but I am personally delighted that he was finally voted out. He should never have been saved by the judges !!! He will do well and has a bright future ahead of him, but he is not Idol material. I really hope that James will win, because he has consistently been very good, week after week giving his all and actually improving too. He is also very versatile and can actually sing any genre. I understand why Scotty is popular, but he is not Idols material either, being able to sing only country, in which he has a great career ahead of him. GOOD LUCK, JAMES !!! You really deserve to win !

      • I doubt it… Scotty will go gold, but if he puts out 2 Platinum Albums, I'll be surprised. He is good, but he doesn't stand out from the country crowd. James on the other hand probably would not have stood out 30 years ago, but in the current Rock scene, he stands for everything that older rock fans have been crying out for for a long time.

    • Scott has the voice to be truly great but lacks the vocal training and polish needed to excel at the pro level.

      Scotty voice is good enough that people overlook his technical issues, like no vibrato, trouble hit the right notes in some keys, holding high notes and his breathing technique.

      Technical Lauren is a better singer but she also has problems from lack of training.

      I hope AI has a vocal coach to work with them during the summer tour so they are ready for the pro level.

      • They have vocal coaches working with them all the time while they are on Idol.

        Progress vocally depends on two factors:

        1. Do you actually have the vocal talent to grow?

        2. If so, do you listen to what the coach tells you?

        I think for people like Scotty and Lauren who are still high school kids, they also have tutors available.

    • It's to distract us from the way he holds his flut.. i mean mic and the fact he looks like Alfred P Newman… and admittedly it kinda works. πŸ˜‰

  42. and……………Pia should have won and Haley stands alone as the only all round complete package (Talent),

  43. Casey is one of the weakest singers in the season, actually. He has minimum range and goes flat/sharp like a second-hand car's tires. That aside, he is probably the most charming and the most interesting character on the show (seriously). He makes you want to find out more about him, or guess what he's up to. (And I can't say that for any other remaining contestants on the show. Meh.)

    This kind of star quality is a very rare commodity. Utilized well, he has the means to do more than the other contestants once the season ends.

    • Carotid,

      You may be selling Casey short. If not for all that growling, he might be a decent vocalist, but he rarely just sang. He certainly was a good showman, but I think you're selling James short. James has shown great versatility while maintaining musicality, and he's extremely consistent without repeating himself. He's the standout to me, but there's many weeks left and it would be a bit much to ask him to top himself each week.

      • Hmm.. okay, I see your point with Casey. He's very likeable and a good musician. He lacks control on his voice but he does have a nice tone. Performance-wise, i do like watching him but he's not a standout. Yet he makes it up with his charm and quirkiness.

        James..? Well James is a standout when it comes to the performance energy.. But there's something about him I find a bit annoying. I don't like watching him perform. Sometimes I find it painful (but not as bad as Jacob's). When James is interviewed, (by Ryan or the clip before performing) I don't find myself liking him more (which i think is the purpose). I do admit he's a good singer and a good artist, but I just don't think I can be a fan of him, IMHO. I don't mind if he wins though.

      • Carotid,

        You're aware that James has Tourette & Asperger's Syndrome, right? I think he handles himself very well when you take that into consideration. He wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, regardless, but at this point I see Scotty as his main rival in terms of the competition, and of the two James is the greater talent, in my opinion. I think Haley is more talented than Scotty, for that matter, but she's a longshot I would think.

  44. i thought ai for this will be different, but now,its clearly like previous season……and now, i dont hv any reason anymore to keep watching this….this is sooooo freaking sad……

  45. when jacob leaves next week, i hope there will be (and i'm sure there will be) duets the week after that and we'll finally see a haley/james duet! i would LOVE to see how they perform and rock the house down.

  46. finally casey bit the dust. seacrest is a pain in the butt. his antics announcing the bottom three were completely moronic. tell me he doesn't know who's going home beforehand!! by the way, what sartorial genius dressed jacob wednesday night?? nice to see crystal (who shouldda won last season) peform. let's hear it for haley. and james. stunning job on his song wednesday night. next to leave…it's gotta be jacob.

    • I believe (MO) that stupid way of deciding who was out because Casey was expexted to react like the first time he was cut then saved

      • Which was an overblown, ridicoulous, dramatic reaction in the first place.

        Casey is an annoying personality.

      • I didn't like how ridiculous he acted about overreacting…. My God!!!! Also that stupid Lauren..crying every single time…My God!!! Why cant she just go home? She is obviously not prepared to be a professional singer… She looks silly, is dumb and loves Miley Cyrus..Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..

        Go Scotty and James!!!!!!!

      • Snake Eyes, don't be a hater! There is a definition for stupid & Lauren in no way fits the definition. There are those who do though…

      • I never said that she was stupid….she is take it the wrong way an thats not my fault… Lauren isnt the brightest bulb..we all knwo that..She has had sheltered life so far and she has to do so much and experience so many things to understand what makes her different as an individual….I am not a hater…but at the same time why should i sugarcoat something i believe is true… I have every right to speak my mind…

      • You love it when a plan comes together…

        I love it when i shred that plan…. (Aint a solid A-Team line..but hey!!!)

    • Its funny how some just blindly believe Jacob is definitely going nextweek and nextweek and nextweek. He is in for the long halt. And you people need to get use to it!

      • I am a Stefano fan and they said the same thing about him week after week! It makes them feel safe about their Fav!

      • PLEASE !!! Jacob should have left long ago !!!! His choice of clothing last night certainly DIDN'T convey an AMERICAN IDOL !!! Nor is he the best singer !!! Unfortunately , after Adam Lambert was voted not to be the winner, I have lost ALL respect for American Idols voting system !! I have NOT voted since !! It is just a personality contest and NOT who is the MOST TALENTED !!!! I have yet to see one contestant since then who has even a drop of Adam Lambert's TALENT , UNTIL JAMES !!! I'm looking forward to the final show in hope to regain my faith in the American voters !! ROCK ON JAMES !!! And I'm not a Rock fan !! I just KNOW talent when I hear and see it !!!!!

      • @Patricia Klem….I felt the same way you did after Season 8….There was no reason to vote…Season 9 a big washout and then we got Season 10….and JAMES and since he is not Gay I figure he has a great chance of winning it all….He is the most exciting idol since Adam (but different)…James is just an around singer and entertainer….Lets hope this year we finally get an exciting winner…..VOTE FOR JAMES

      • Adam did not lose because he was gay…that is ridiculous!! I am gay, and I was not an Adam fan. He obviously made it pretty far. I hope American wakes up and James goes home as well. Haley and Lauren deserve to be in the final two more than anyone!!!

      • I was all for Adam Lambert and now I'm all for James. I DO think Adam didn't win because he was gay.

      • @Kris it is very likely that Adam would have gotten more votes if he wasn't, or at least was more mainstream in his appearance. As terrible as that is that's just the way people are.

      • I do hope you are mistaken about Jacob & the hauling long thing. I have nothing personal against him, I just have other favorites & someone has to go, right? David P, you are absolutly correct with your thoughts on Adam L.. I have long felt that it was a possibly an intentional loss for Adam because of the reasons you cited. American Idol image & all that.

  47. I think Casey is talented but I really didn’t like all the growling and grunting noises that he did last night. Randy made a comment about it too. I do wish Jacob had gone home instead though.

    • James is at the top now but with better songs to pick from Scotty could make him work to stay there. I love Haley but I think 3th is the best she can hope for, while I thought early on that Lauren could win it all but I now believe the producers and judges messed her up more than helped her or the pressure at 16 was too much.

      Jacob has a strong voice with great tones most the time but is lacking on all other areas.

      • It will be between James and Scotty I think. Lauren will be third Haley will be next to go, Jacob will hold on one more time and take fourth place.

      • Yep! I agree with you –Blodyscot—

        Also IMO Ryan Seacrest made strange comments Wed.night — and last night he was a mess the way he played out the elmination.

      • i think bill is right. james and scotty at the top. poor haley will go before jacob unfortunately. just wonder who his fan base is.

      • Scotty lost votes because of power being out (calls to AmId) and I dont mean just Scotty votes

      • Scotty really messed up with the Swinging thing. He did much better this week, but having the definitive fan base that he & Lauren have, song choice will be everything for them. Much more so than the others. However song choice is important for all of the final five.


      I think Haley is not worthy to be the number one. My beat is Scotty and Lauren for the win.

      • I'm in Friction – Scotty is definately "in it to win it" as the judges would say. I think he will be in the top 3. The ONLY way Haley will make it to the top 3 is if Casey's votes go to her. James, Lauren, Scotty – that's my bet. James obviously has the votes but if you read some other blogs and read some stories done on teh show, the votes show that James, Lauren, and Scotty have always had the most votes!

      • Jacob will go next. Scotty will last a few more times if he gives it all he has. Jimmy is the best mentor Idol has ever had.

      • I think it would be pretty boring to have both scotty and lauren up there, one of them has to go…. they're so similar, one is enough i reckon.

    • Haley should win this one. After all, it's a singing contest… not a screeching and screaming contest! Judges should stop playing favorites. It's too obvious who they want Steven Tyler to do a duet with in the finals!

      • tf how do you know she is a brat? do you know her personally? I don't think she is a brat at all. If you were dissed by jimmy I am sure you would have a worse barb come out of your mouth.

      • I am tired of those who say James is screaming and screaching. His so-called screaming is hitting those high notes. I've said it before – most singers have to use a falsetto to get as high as he does with a full voice. Think about when Pia hits those bad-a** notes real loud – well, James is doing that but getting high. It's ridiculous how high he gets.

      • Yes I think Haley can sing though not the best–but IMO she is relying too much on being sexy — if she dropped the act I think she would get more respect. There are alot of mainstream/commercial performers out there –

      • Haley's problem from the start was not taking criticism well…she showed it before she made the top 24 and at various times afterward. Her days are numbered…the big 3 are James, Scotty and Lauren.

      • Haley? I don't get it. I think she should have left a long time ago. I think she is far from the best singer. My favorites are Lauren and Scotty, but the one that's left with the most talent is James. If talent gets it, then James is the winner!

      • Haley not taking criticism well Where have you been, she is the only that has been taking the criticsim and has been doing it with a smile the way. don't know what your seeing, but I am sure she was fed up by the time lovine said what he said, You Go Haley you are awesome and deserve to be in the final 2

      • Haley is the best singer. She has the best ear, better intonation, can sing harmonies flawlessly, has the biggest range. Listen to her itunes studio recordings. She gets upset by the criticism that she doesn't know who she is. What does that mean? She knows who she is. She's a versatile powerhouse with serious blues/jazz chops. If Amy Winehouse or Adele had been on AI, they would've been subject to the same criticism because the judges wouldn't be able to neatly pigeon-hole them into a "genre." That doesn't mean they don't "know who they are." Randy makes stuff up to criticize Haley about. He's disingenuous; unfairly so. So unfairly biased I think it is intentional, but I'm unsure of the reason. Haley and Casey did more original spicing of the songs they sang than anyone else on the show, save perhaps James. James is a really fun performer and a great personality. I think he'll be marketable. He may win the whole thing. Scotty likely will be a country music megastar, but he needs a little more time to grow and mature. I don't know whether the same will ever be true of Lauren. She'll have to grow beyond her insecurities first. I love to listen to Jacob sometimes, and other times I'm really disappointed. He's Mr. Inconsistency on the show. Might someday be a fantastic Gospel or R&B singer.

        But — who of all of these kids is the better duet with ANY of the others? HALEY. She could sound great in a duet with any of them, which is not true of any of the other contestants. This is because of her versatility and her ear. Point made.

      • Be_Real is correct all the way around. James may be a great entertainer, and he mostly even screams on key, and Scotty has the deep voice and the gee-shucks charm, and Lauren has some pipes but is looking more scared and immature each week. It's HALEY who has the best overall vocals, hands-down. The biggest range, the most ability to deal with subtle inflections and modulations in her voice, the best harmonizer with WHOMEVER she sings, and fantastic power. If it was all about a VOICE, and there was a panel of vocal coaches who were the judges, the show would be over. It's HALEY, folks.

        Unfortunately, that's not all the show is about. The popularity aspect and the teen-girls-as-primary-voters aspect all color the outcome. Haley won't win, it seems clear by all the online polls, but she has the best voice, and she sings in every genre — country, blues, jazz, scat, folk. She can do it all, and we'll definitely hear more of her.

        Randy for some reason doesn't like her, and he's impacted the voters from the beginning by saying things like "We don't know where you belong" or "We don't think you've FOUND yourself" and other such BS lines. Meanwhile, the other artists get a pass for singing in their safe zones each week? I don't understand it, never will. I don't get why, for him, VERSATILITY is a bad thing.

        But I've often not understood the Idol outcome, and just buy music of the artists I like anyway, like the rest of America. So the cream rises eventually, but it's usually outside the show itself.

      • scott, all I can think about is how much I do not miss her upper pallet in HD. Pup is holding out a paw for the $1.00 you owe her.

      • But not2old4ridol, when Haley was questioned by Ryan on Thursday, did she not indicate that she is still unsure which direction she is going? As I recall she said, "I think maybe there is some soul in there"? So you see if after all these weeks Haley still is not sure, what are others to think? I like Haley, she is not my fav, but would I buy her CD? I have preference with the music I listen to & I don't know that Haley will record that style of music. And unfortunately neither does Haley. It is what it is, just saying.

      • Ahh, Bunsy, you're still with us. Some had expressed concern regards you and Pup and tornados. yay! where's Pup? Gautham stuck me with paying his "pizza" dues this season!

        Comment to JLo, Ryan, Iovine and others: I get tired of all the talk about what's your niche or genre or "do you know who you are". I would love to be known for my versatality and not being in a single rut. As hard a time as I give Casey and the Jazz fans, part of their love of that genre is simply the Artist can change things up and be unpredictable with his talent. So there (with a big stuck out Coondog tongue–but it's not as gross as Jacob's and I don't make you look at my red pulsating tonsils, but my breath does periodically get smelly as I sometimes return to my own vomit–but never if it's been expelled listening to Jacob)

      • @tf. I agree with dccbhr regards Haley's "guarded" comment. I'm siding with the 'brat'. This bears reposting here:

        Haley probably finally let off a little steam towards that arrogant Iovine. If you kiss his A$$, he works with you. But get too casual like the genuinely friendly Scotty did with “dude”, and you’d better shape up to his stinging rebuke, “or else”. Ryan probably not just kidding–which irks me–’cause Ryan knows where his bread is buttered–the rich man Iovine. So, I suppose Haley really “out-bluetalked” Mr. Pottymouth Steven (but I do like him). No, Haley probably said “frkn jerk” under her breath. So, she better watch out, she’s gonna get bad treatment from judges and “advice” from Iovine the Perv this week. (yeah, he’s probably peeved because she doesn’t cuddle up to him the way he’s used to other sexy stars doing on his ‘casting couch’. Screw you Iovine, you now become a target of the Coondog Curse–no you’re rich and can’t be touched, you think. But my Coondog Curse is to get more people bad mouthing you–which drives you crazy with your fat ego wanting to be seen as the “oh so wise producer”.

        But if Ryan really was joking, fugghetta bout it

      • Coondoggie, You know that I always treat Haley fair. I've missed you all this week. It has been a abd week. However after idol is over I always watch & buy CD's from those I remember & like. I will be watching Haley too. I'm scrolling down to see if you left some funnys. You always do.

      • It isn't a growling contest either just saying don't hate haley by the way i think shes good

    • Not necessarly. Ryan never said anything about bottom three. He said in random order. While it may seem that way, it isn't necessarly what it seems.

    • if they don't do major…as in major…changes,including the voting system and the current judges, IMHO, this might be AI's last season.

    • I agree with you. Never before has opinions of judges been so prevelant. They do not try to hide who they prefer. JLO and Steve are in for the camera coverage. Especially JLO who wanted that job very badly.getting a 6 figure salary plus a lot of perks including a salaried husband

  48. Hey Branden I'm from South Africa and I really enjoy ready your blog…its totally awesome, love your honesty!!!!

  49. Hey Branden I'm from South Africa and I really enjoy reading your blog…its totally awesome, love your honesty!!!!

  50. Regardless of what genre you like, you are deaf if you don't think Casey had an amazing voice, it was so interesting and unique. From my personal taste I think Scotty and Lauren should go home, they bore me. Casey should have won. I'm not going watch anymore. Kind regards from Australia

    • Don't let the door hit you on the way out.. oh and by the way, Casey had a mediocre voice… amazing musician, ok at best singer.

      Unique does not equal good.

      • Amen k-dub. And I liked Casey, too, as I think did most of the viewers. But for someone to say that you have to be tone-deaf not to realize that Casey had an "amazing voice."

        Amazing? REALLY? Likable, yes; musically talented, yes; interesting, yes. But a great VOICE? Good grief.

      • Right on kdub. And for Tiana I hear Roo chasing is ig this time of year in Australia. No reason to be so bored, go chase a Roo.

  51. Greetings from the UK ,i still cant believe Pia left the competition so early she is amazing and i hope we get to see her perform over here…. someone give her a contract !!!!! : )

  52. Branden's review was spot on as usual,Why is Jacob still on Idol? Should have gone long ago,really liked Casey,he just is not what veiwers of idol are looking for,hope James wins it all.

  53. A.I is about being an entertainer not about how they sing pop music. Unfortunately A.I lost the only multi talented entertainer when Casey was voted off. Sad but an indicator of an undeveloped eye for talent whatever the musical genre. it is not about the character of the idol but about ability to entertain. bye Casey and good luck.

    • TOTALLY agree with you – people just didn't "get" Casey. I don't know that I ever believed he could win the whole thing, but he has by far the best musicality and the best musical talent of anyone. I have fallen in love with James, and am certainly not a rocker! I adored Scotty and Lauren since beginning…Haley has really brought it on. Why is Jacob still in the competition? He gives me the willies!

      • sjf….Playing his bass and singing Jazz…..then and only then would I pay to see him!!!!!

      • Loved Casey! I agree with sjf and would love to sit in a dark club and just listen to him play! I was never a fan of jazz but I am now! I know talent when I see it or should I say hear it!

    • Sorry tuss, but it's a singing competition. Casey was an amazing musician, but not a great singer by any stretch.

  54. I'm sorry that AI has turned into such a let down this year .. The best singer they have had in years gets cut (Pia) and the best musician gets booted last night just because he sings jazz. What is left just doesn't give me any hopes of a real AMERICAN IDOL . James is the only one that is even close to filling the spot. But as usual after this year it will be again just 'who was it that won last year?' Most of the winner haven't made the big 'splash' its been the ones who didn't make the first place that have been remembered. Crystal was the highlight of last night's show and she didn't win last year, just who was it that won last year? So for the ones cut way too early , we will remember you long after the winner's name has been forgot.

    • Totally agree Crystal rocked the house last night. Didn't really like that song on the cd but live it was totally awesome. I think she is like David Cook, much better in person than on an album. I was hoping that Jacob would have gone home instead of Casey, I agree that Casey is a musical geniuous but when it comes to his singing voice, that is just not very impressive. I am hoping for a James/Haley finale.

      • This season could be the only one since Carrie U. won that we will remember the winner's name and that is if JAMES wins…….We all seem to remember Clay Aikens, Daughtry and of course Adam Lambert but we have a hard time remembering who won those years……Voters we can change that…VOTE FOR A REAL WINNER JAMES!!!

        One that we will remember next year!!!

      • @ Phyllis G.

        Ruben Studdard beat Clay Aiken

        Taylor Hicks won when Daughtry was eliminated

        Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert

      • Paul….Thanks Paul but I know that….I rest my case……Where are they now??????

      • Tom, I agree with you. As good a performer as James is, I suspect he will be forgotten by the years end. As there is nothing that unique about, other that eye squinting disorder he has.

      • The only way James is forgotten is if he's fronting a band and everybody just remembers him as the "awesome singer for 'X' band" Kind of how people just remember Sebastian Bach as "The lead singer of Skid Row" or Rob Halford as "The Singer for Judas Priest"

        James, Scotty, Haley, Lauren, and Pia all have the potential to sell a ton of albums. All 5 should go gold. I expect at least 2 to go platinum, and of those 2, either or both could easily go multiple platinum.

  55. @ Branden…I agree…Borrring…Even though I knew it was coming I am sorry to see Casey go. I thought for sure it would be Jacob. At least Casey was entertaining to watch. And..he went out out with a lot of class…kudos to him for that. Next week…Jacob????

    • Me too, not impressed with last night – can not imagine Jacob is still around – do not understand at all….just glad that James is still there, if he goes, I am done watching…

      • if james goes this will be my first and last year watching. i only started watching it cause steven tyler is a judge. before this year i have never ever seen even one episode.

      • secondchance…too bad you missed Season 8……Lets hope you won't be disappointed with Season 10 IF James wins…..If he doesn't color me gone too!!!! I would have had enough disappointments after 10 Seasons…

    • Steven Tyler is the worst judge…he offers no intelligent input. Not that the other two are very good either. Anywho, Casey voted out twice…I think its clear American fans of the show aren't too impressed by him. Maybe in another genre he would do well, but he's definitely not my cup of tea. I can say the same thing for Jacob and Scotty.

      • brad-ash, I agree with what you say as far as Steven Tyler not being a good judge. If one is to beleive him, ever performance by each contertends is either amazing, outstanding, a breath of fresh air or some other sugar coated review. Come on, every performance can not be that good, ever time. And you are right, the other two judges are not much better. Bring back Simon, please.

      • I need to proof read better before I hit the send button. What the hell is a "countertends?" Think I meant contender. But, it is 3AM for me in my private world of insomnia, so it is hard to tell.

      • Agree about Tyler. Half the time he's looking away from the stage Maybe he is napping or not with it

  56. Casey's gone. He should have bee gone weeks ago but i cant believe Jacob is still there.. Ha! Bring Thia, Pia, Paul and Stefano back!!!!!! all my favorites were gone.. Lauren, please step up.. im rooting for you now!!!

  57. I must say that it is obviously a show of popularity versus true talent. We have voted almost every episode but when I saw Casey get kicked off last night, versus Jacob and Scotty, who cannot hold a candle to Casey's talent, I was riddled with various emotions. Anger seems to be the forerunner of emotions for all of us. How long will Jacob last? He's absolutely awful!! And we need a "Simon" type of a judge. A judge who tells it like it is regardless of the popular demand! I adore Jennifer, Tyler and Randy but they don't give an honest critique. There have been numerous times that Jacob and others have sang and been off key, "pitchy" all over the place and received rave reviews. It's just not honest at all. We don't want to watch American Idol anymore because it's not true to form. This show has become an insult to the American intelligence, we can see and hear talent regardless of what the judges may think. Who's next….James?? C'mon!

    • It's normal to comment and express your anger when your idol gets booted. But hey, move on. Pia's fans, Thia's fans, Paul's fans, Stefano's fans have move on, and so should you…

    • Think about Simon Cowell for just a moment and his view on what makes a successful popular recording artiste.

      I guarantee you that had Simon Cowell still been on the panel this year, Casey would not have been saved in the round of the Top 11.

    • @Ruth… I'm a loyal Casey's fan, I like Jazz and casey's interpretation of those songs, his performance is refresh and thoughtful, to be honest there was one thing that bugs me, It is his growling in almost every song, I'm not saying I don't like his growling, I like some especially when he was with the upright bass, Casey acknowledged he had shortcoming in his pipe so that he had to growl to express his notes, but he needs to do it gracefully like haley's sweet kitty's meow, not like his wild wolfman dancing growl, this could cost his ai finale appearence, just my thought, I could be wrong.

  58. With so many young people voting based on pretty or the music they know, real talent and ability is not recognized. Casey, while a Jazz singer has a true understanding of music that the others do not. He will go on to have an amazing career with many awards (Grammy's) from people that know music and real talent.We are truley lucky to see the beginnings of a truely talented artist.

    To the haters go back to worshiping at the alter of Brittney.

      • My sentiments exactly. Casey is a true artist in every way. He will go far. If you can't see that, then you are blind and deaf.

      • IMO Yes, Casey is a great musician –but the visuals are just not there for me. His facial expressions and grunting leave alot to be desired and takes away from his performance.

        Yes, I like jazz and there are some singers who grunt – but he goes overboard.

        I would not go to his concert or buy a cd.

      • Ellegirl

        i kinda agree….but most people are stupid. they talk about carrying a tune when they know nothing about music..but it's their opinion so…leave it at that…. they will say that they are not but they are…There are so many idiots here who think Lauren is the best singer… Scotty and James will obviously reach the finals with Haley a third…

    • you are so right, Casey is amazing and will be very well,je os true real talent and baby face and the others know this, the people who are voting are only looking for good looks and who can do dress up

    • I think you finally got the concept of this show. Its not a 'talent' show but an 'idol' show. Pop stars really don't have the best voices in the world, but their performance overall lures the fans. Seems you are expecting the show to be something its not.

    • i'm not a jazz fan at all but casey is a true talent. did you hear the answer he gave to the viewer question last night? went right over my head but i'm sure the jazz people understood perfectly.

      • lol…if you didn't understand his comment, why do you assume it means he is true talent or it was something really meaningful?

    • Casey is a true artist. You can say over & over that Casey is far better than some of those finalists who are left. But result says, he has less fans, so he has to go. To win an idol, you have to get more votes. So move on…

  59. I miss Simon. He may have been harsh but he was honest. Randy is a yes man.

    James is good I just don't like his screeches. In all honesty people should vote for the person whose music they will definately purchase. If you wont buy any don't vote

    • I have been buying Haley's itunes which are better than her live performances.

      James and Scotty are about the same or better live than their itunes.

      Pia's "River deep" has been my favor itune so far but didn't like her ballads as well.

  60. This year the contestants are younger and it seems more about raw talent than how much training they have had.

    Yes Pia had a very good voice but at 23 also likely had the more vocal training, Paul at 26 has the most stage experience and Casey some college music training.

    I prefer to vote for amateurs with great natural talent than semi-pros who have had the right training. That said once they become pros they need both and more to really excel or the music industry will eat them alive and spit them out.

    Another thing I like about this season is some focus on the great songwriters and to lesser degree the musicians, like Motown only used one backup band for most of their hits recordings.

    I would love to hear more new rock or blues on the radio but without great songwriters and arrangers that is unlikely unless its from the UK, Australia or Canada since the US doesn't support them well except for country and pop.

    • If you truly feel that way, get busy with your local school district so they don't cut music programs in favor of athletics programs. Music education helps kids with math and enriches them psychologically. But, music programs are being dropped in schools all across America.

  61. I think that Scotty is going to win, I see that your favorite is here James but I see more idol to Scotty and his voice is something new and special and also when you discuss it with friends with Scotty hitches. James is good but we think there are a lot alike. We hope the final James and Scotty.(sorry by bad english)

    Greetings From Peru Scotty winner.

      • Ola! Mi esposo family is from Lima, Peru We have alot of friends & family there. The majority in Peru said if they could vote, their votes would go to James & Casey.

        Nice to hear you comment.

    • Scotty's voice is really a throwback to male country voices of the past. George Strait, kinda Conway Twitty. Maybe if you are a teenager it seems unique but its really pretty old school. If you like the old fashion country voice he's your guy. It doesn't do anything for me.

    • Scotties voice is new? Really? Scotty is a pure classic country crooner. He's good, but many have come before just like him, and many are out there now just like him. His talent is unquestionable, but he is far from new or fresh. He's just getting ready to take the torch when the crooners that are already established are ready to pass it on.

      • True. Josh Turner and Chris Young are a decade or more older than Scotty. Having someone his age in country music will draw lots of young fans. Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum as well as Sons of Sylvia are pulling kids away from rap crap and hip hop. So Scotty and Lauren are perfectly placed for careers. Doesn't matter if they don't win Idol.

      • Very true Templar, Scotty and Lauren aren't bringing anything really new to the table, but they are helping usher in a new young fanbase to country music and giving them an appreciation for that classic styling.

      • Thanks Temp, I needed that, lol-lol. I was just about to post the definition of stupid for that snake eyes person, when I decided to just move on. And here you are with a funny.

  62. yessss!!! i'm so happy with that!! u're not deserve to be in the final casey. because of u pia has voted out!!! and scotty u're next!! there's no unique on ur voice.

  63. I'm no fan of Jacob's but I enjoy seeing this funny Blandon dude (who doesn't get jazz) pissed off. sweet. funny how you can be tone deaf and setup a blog based on music.

  64. I Love Casey and Yes he has an Amazing Voice! Maybe it was not your type of music, but he is a very talented man!

    It is sad that Jacob and Haley did not go home first.

  65. for the dude who said people all over the world vote….um that is impossible as you have to be in the USA to vote…duh! GO JAMES! πŸ™‚

    • Anyone calling the toll-free numbers, or any AT&T wireless customer who has the ability to text message from within the Continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands can cast American Idol votes.

      Anyone with a Facebook account registered within those same regions can cast vote online.

  66. I'd bet anything that Casey and Haley do a duet next week. Too hot, too true love not to.

      • Give it up Temp, there are still those who are expecting T, P, & S to show back up. Moving on is hard to do. Oh wait… is that a song? No its Breaking up is hard to do. Whew, got excited there for a minute.

    • Of course, they are all semi or unknown pros hand picked by The Voice support team and not by open auditions.

      This is away to get talent the record companies maybe thinking about signing some polish and fame, albeit some maybe colorful people to spice up the show some.

  67. i am guessing they did it that way cause of the storm. scotty and lauren probably lost alot of votes and they were probably scared that the fans of scotty and lauren would be fruious if they mad bottom 3. doing where they did not say who was actually in the bottom 3 would stop anyone from being outraged. that is my guess, but i did hate how they did it that way this week.

    • I had the same thought. Gotta be rough on those kids given what's happening at home. I think they both have a pretty broad fan base though.

      • SecondChance I beliee you are right I dont know where they get their info but Show Biz out of California said

        Scotty was second as far as votes counted

  68. casey was a goofball..talented goofball…i'm telling you he should do a animated movie opening song..ala toy story , cars III or something ..he has a whole lot of character. just cannot sing without a studio correcting his tune.

  69. all of casey's votes will go to haley..casey was mad talented..jacob should have went isntead

    • I think your right afwawa…

      Casey's fan base will move to Haley, and then when Jacob is gone, his fan base will move to ABS ( anybody but Scotty )…that will leave James Haley and Lauren in final 3.

  70. branden, i was an administrator on many snake sites and there is always people who get mad and even mean. dont let this get to you. i so enjoy coming here and reading what you have to say.

    it sucks cause when you are the administrator/blog writer you are expected to have no opinion, you are not suppose to get angry etc…

    after about 8 years i left staff on all sites. now i get to have an opinion and have fun.

    you keep up the good work and whoever dont like what you have to say or the way you have to say it..can find a different place to go. keep up the good work and thanks for having this place where we can talk about AI.

  71. Im happy to see that Casey has left this week he hasn't really impressed me much but WHO THE HECK IS VOTING FOR JACOB?!?!!? SERIOUSLY HE NEEDS TO GO HE IS JUST GOD AWFUL!!! I would LOVE to see Haley and James do a duet I think that would be AMAZING! I feel bad for whoever has to do a duet with Jacob he 100% ruins every duet poor James had to put up with him! I think its going to be a very tough battle for the winner Haley, Lauren, James and Scotty are VERY talented and I can't wait to see who wins πŸ™‚

  72. Branden – I agree with your assessment of the show, horribly annoying format, and the filler and the way it progressed. Ugh, thankful I dvr’s it. Casey had a poor Wed night, that is the fact, and the voters voted to echo that. I think the bottom three should be bottom two for now on. And just make it known so we can at least assess the vote.

    The judges reaction to Casey being named was also odd. Like what did you expect?

    The by Idol recap and the producer comments, are getting to me, it’s frustrating. I’d rather see a quick clip of previous night, go to the judges on whether the might get thru. I’m really done with that producer guy’s opinion. The only thing I agree with, is one comment he made, we need to compare idol to idol at this stage, not to their previous songs.

    I couldn’t figure out the Bruno thing, I kept eyeballing the dog in the background and as the camera sweeped, the dog’s head was in two different positions, the dog’s head was down on the couch and then up on the arm, yet you never saw the dog actually move. During the sweep and panning of the camera around Bruno, and I was like, something’s wrong here.. it seems very staged and truned me off once again to these fillers Also – just to note, his video, is about as horrible as a thing I ever seen, 6 people in monkey masks.. it’s creepy.

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THIS SHOW DO POP ROCK WEEK! Something NOT slow singy songs! Upbeat please, and no more medley’s.. Branden – again right on, they sounded terrible.

  73. People are always saying they do not like Haley and Casey's growling. But, I do not think they should be lumped in the same category, in that regard. Casey's growl always seemed like no more than a visual act. Whereas Haley so call growl is a bit of a rough edged tone, that goes very well with the bluesy style of music she is best at signing. Even though I country music lover who was raised on rock, I am really starting to appreciate Haley more every week. If she got into the top two with either James or Scotty, I think it would be a good show.

    • I agree..if only Casey sang like he did before his live performances…. He would have killed it…

      I believe A.I lost s true artist..a person who defied the idol machine…But hey at least we have Scotty, James and Hailey left….

  74. WOW!! Between the two girls, it was really obvious when the two sang together last night that Lauren has the better voice. Haley will be gone after Jacob…

    • Lauren did make Scotty sound like a "second voice" in their duets. But that's not saying much. Haley sings stronger than Lauren but Lauren has better natural talent (she just hasn't fully learned how to use it yet).

    • I don't think you were able to distinguish between them. Haley sang the harmonies; probably because Lauren couldn't. Lauren is sweet, and has natural talent. She's not ready, however, for prime time. Not a knock — she just needs more maturation and confidence.

  75. Sorry to see Casey go. Haley is still my favorite. If James wins, I won't be upset. That kid has overcome a lot and like Casey, hes so talented. Haley's songs to me are addicting. Lauren has a great voice, but I think they have messed with her too much. Scotty sounds just like Josh Turner, but hes someone I would buy tracks of. I don't care what Jimmy Lovine says, I think Haley knows exactly who she is, she grew up with the music she sings, her parents have a band. I think Haley has taken the most heat this year. Its crossed my mind that they are doing this on purpose because they know the American people don't accept contestants being shoved down our throats. Everytime Randy critizes Haley it looks and sounds fake to me. I thought the night he critized her about Blue it sounded fake. This is just my opinion. I will miss the duets thats for sure. I would love to see James/Haley rock duet. You just never know what is going to happen. I hope Chicago comes out for Haley, I would love to see her in the top 3 at least. She deserves it.

    • Absolutely agree. Perhaps Randy is baiting, or perhaps he's playing some sort of a game. Haley knows who she is. Is this "American sound like somebody else" or "American Idol?" She knows who she is — SHE'S HALEY. That means she's not somebody else. Those statements are ridiculous. Michael Jackson's "Who's Lovin' You" was not Michael Jackson's "Bad." Does this mean he didn't know who he was? When did he not know? C'mon judges — judge. Let the audience decide who they like; you assess the talent and the performance, not marketability!

  76. Anyone found out more on next weeks format of "Then and Now"?

    Is this rerecorded songs by someone new or would newer live album of old songs be included say like the Rolling Stones?

    • I'm guessing… The Top 5 will each perform 2 songs, one from back then and one from today

    • The rules are one song recorded in the 1960's and one new/current song. I'm guessing new means in the last decade.

  77. Thursday night was so stupid… I was so mad because i dont think Scotty deserved to be in the bottom three. Hes never been there before and he was awsome Wendesday night. And idk but Ryan was so stupid the way he acted

    • It's a good wake-up call for him. Don't fall into the Pia ballad after ballad trap. Bring something a little more upbeat. His stuff is getting old 'cause it's always the same!

    • Taylor Scotty was not in the bottom 3. Seacrest said the names he called were random, and in no order. He just sent them back to the couch, not the chairs It was a stupid way to get down to Casey


  79. for all of u who dont like jacob…… y dont u get up from the computer sing a song for america to vote on, at least he tried, stop being negative about black people if u want to say something about anyone dont say it because he is black r white make a comment without the racist thing its getting old…. they all sucks this year this is the worst year ai ever had we need simon back asap

  80. Im sorry i think this was just wrong i truly belived from the begining till now that Casey should of made it to the top 3 but i guss it was because of the weather that this happened what really annoyes me is that ryan never said anything about the weather effecting the votes i know when I watched Canadian Idol if there was ever bad weather in a city/town they would let the country know there sorry for that and hope it didnt effect who they were voting for

    • The bad weather would likely have hurt Lauren the most, being that her hometown was in the middle of it. Also likely why there was no bottom 3 this week since likely it would have been Casey, Jacob and Lauren but just a guess.

      • Yes you are probably right on that at least no one she knew got hurt and it was nice of her to send her regrats to whoever got hurt or died

  81. Branden, I like what you have to say though I do not always agree.

    Yes last night show was awful – way too much uninteresting filler . Crystals performance was OK – I think she should have won last year.

    It was Jacobs time to go home but Casey would be next so what happened last night is OK.

    I think Casey and the others that have been voted off will not be heard from again, with one exception and that being Pia.

    Of those left, Jacob will disappear, Scotty may record a song then also disappear, Haley and Lauren are cookie cutter singers who may have limited success..

    James will probably win Idol and is the only one that may have some degree of follow through, other than Pia who has the best pipes of them all.

    Idol has to change

    It needs unbiased judges – who do not comment during performance night but then critique on the results show night after everybody has voted.

    It needs to control voting to one vote per phone or text or computer.

    It needs to lessen the amount of inane filler on the show ,especially the rehearsel footage. I like to see a performance clean – that is without prior knowledge of song choice etc.

    This is my view of it all….

    • I would have to disagree with you on most of this think Paul and Casey will go far and that Scotty and Lauren will go but i do agree that Jacob will disapear and that James will go far and for the voting i think they want people to vote over and over otherwise i think they would of done something about it by now but i have read that next year the will be something a little diffrent apparently next year after they anounce who the bottom 3 is the judges will get to pick who goes home instead of it being the one with the lowest votes

      • Branden & Vanessa Banden I always like your comments and intelligent reports but on one of your thoughts I disagree. Scotty will go far. and if the judges were to pick one of three, they would pick favorites, not necessary because of talent

      • My point is this …..

        How many can you name from last seasons top 5 , how many from any of the previous seasons. In all of the last 10 years there are only a few ( 5 or 6 ) names that stand out. The remainder are gone.

  82. alright… now that stefano is gone, and my next fave, casey, is gone, i am not watching AI again! i mean, what on earth is wrong with Casey? he was awesome… and jacob? he is awful! i hate that… darn it,.. this season stinks big time…

    • Oh no! I can see the headlines. "Valerie abandons Idol, dozens of TV stations close, thousands left homeless" Or "Big whoop."

  83. In my opinion American Idol will get a winning girl for this season. Steven Tyler predicted Lauren as the winner when she auditioned. I do not agree but that is what is going to happen. For me James is the best of all and he should win but considering the whole format and what is convenient for American Idol producers I think they prefer a girl to be the winner this year.

    Also in my opinion Haley is better than Lauren but Lauren can be huge if she works harder and gets confident.

    My prediction is James and Lauren for the final.

    Again not that I agree with Laure, I want James to win. πŸ™‚

    • I think now that Casey is gone witch is sad that Lauren will make it to the top 3 I think that it will turn out to be a Scotty vs James final with Scotty winning

  84. Big Casey and jazz fan and disappointed with results. I expect a James Scotty showdown. Would like to see James win as a vindication for all the good but uncrowned rockers who have gone before

    • I hope James win because I don't want to see Scotty have to put out a mediocre album at 17 and even more so after hearing Scotty' itune this week. The live arrange was 100% better but they made it a hoedown you could square dance too on the itune. Do these producers know how to handle a country album?

      • I agree about an album at 17. And no I don't think they grasp country at all. That's why Scotty should wait til he graduates and then hit Music City Row.

  85. That group performance was AWFUL! They all sounded terrible. Was that completely unrehearsed?? Lauren did sound stronger than Haley when they sang together though.

    All in all, bad show. Bad results, bad performances, most of it was just a waste of time. We're down to 5 – can we cut the results show to half an hour please?

  86. Heh, Muzik; once again your lack of any true global knowledge that you pretend to have. No Metal head is not a universally loved genre. No people in several countries do vote and the broadcast is live, for example in Hong Kong. they have to text their votes to special numbers. There are not many votes compared to here, but they are what they are. Just like your taste in music is jaded, so is your supposed Global knowledge base.

    I am not against you or James, but I am not a fan of his music, nothing personal. But stop pretending you speak of worldly knowledge, you don't have it.

    • Rock music is loved Globally with Metal being a part of it with a small very loyal following.

      Sadly the best rock now days comes from the UK, Australia, Germany or Russia.

      The US still has a lot rock fans but little support since its easier for record companies to promote boy bands or girl singers, also likely more profitable.

    • Uhhh. . . I thought this was American Idol, not Global Idol? There are a lot of us who think globalization is lame. So many rude comments from people who should not even have a platform here. And the vote? Well, just another reason this show is tanking. And before you say it, we have something called freedom of speech in America. I am entitled to this opinion.

      • Just saying that rock is not dead yet on life support in the US maybe.

        James has a market after idol for his music but better to go medium to heavy rock than pure metal.

        Adele and Muse both from the UK are doing great but were are the US singers and bands?

  87. I really don't understand at all. Who the hell keeps voting 4 Jacob? Whoever that keeps voting for Jacob and disturbing mostly everyone who watches Idol that hate Jacob, all of you can go screw yourselves becuz that means you are all proud to be arrogant by supporting Jacob and sending him votes.

      • Well thanks Shasta, for helping Idol become a disgrace. Might as well hold up a sighn that says "Go Jacob, I love ignorant people and I wanna be just like him so I'm gunna be ignorant to!!!

      • Love?, Why I might agree with “some” of the things you say … calling someone ignorant simply because they do not have same musical taste as you, makes you look more a bit ignorant yourself. Plus, I can tell from other posts you have written than you are not the brightest bulb on the planet (in my viewpoint). So, it seems ironic that you are calling other people ignorant. I’m just saying.

    • So TRUE! oh my God….If Jacob stay next week, I'm goin to send "Cotton Bud" Relief to America =__=

      • Jacob is getting all the minority (now majority) votes. Just like his bro in the White House did when we went to the polls a couple years ago, and we wonder why the rest of the world thinks Americans are lame and lazy. I sadly agree as all doubt was removed as I see Jacob and Haley are still in it to lose it.

      • Haley is great and I have purchased all her itunes but I am rooting for James or Scotty for the win.

      • Racist much, lani lan?

        He' got a gospel voice. People who like gospel (of which there are many, of all ethnicities) will vote for him. Simple as that.

      • I am so upset…let me say here…not her….Debate is good, but not mindless comments!

      • There are many many reasons why Barack Obama is our president, the least of which is his ethnicity. I think the same with Jacob. As much as people don't like him no one can say the kid doesn't have a voice and obviously there are many many people voting for him. But unless all of Casey votes go to James instead of Haley he will most likely be gone next week.

      • no, you completely got me wrong. Inspite for having the same color with Obama, I don't like Jacob performance, simple as that. He's so over the top, and so corny while singing. Pia was criticize for singing ballads almost every time, and I got sick of it too. But did Jacob got the same critics? I'd rather listen to Pia singin Stand by You, 10x with 10 different music arrangment using 10 different music devices rather than listen to Jacob singin one more ballad with super corny act. =__=

        sorry, please stop judging people from what he/she is. it's a talent show, you got it right for not supporting someone for their talent. ^^,, still Casey FTW!! but i think i'll crossed my finger for Haley now,,she's like the girly Casey for me XD

    • Agreed, Steve Fox. That is true [Love?]. That is completely rude. I am not a fan of Jacob but to call someone ignorant is just impertinent. Some people don't like Haley. I ask why, but do not call them ignorant.

    • Love?, I voted for Jacob too, and I'm proud of it! See, the problem is, people like yourself underestimate Jacob and his fan base. I've seen many people bash him and vote him off week after week before he even sing. Now how unfair is that?! Even BRANDON said"Pack your bags Jacob", but guess what…he's still standing and I'm loving it!Hahaha..Jacob has millions of fans just like the other contestants so get over it, because at the end of the day, it's only "American Idol" and it's really not that deep. And if your gonna call Jacob "arrogant" then you have to call James arrogant too. And telling me to "screw myself" because I voted for Jacob shows your intelligence and maturity. Again, it's not that deep! SMH..

      And as for as lani lan racist comment, just remember that Jacob's "bro" in the white house is part white too! SMH.. I believe the top 5 deserve to be there and I wish the all the very best!!

    • Nobody is voting Jacob off. If you understanding the voting system, the viewers vote to keep someone in – not voting them off. Geez!

      • I understand the voting system works because if you read my comment, I said I voted for Jacob. When I said "people vote Jacob off week after week" was a figure of speech, plus I was going by the online polls, thank you!

  88. Lauren is sooooo boring and she is not better than Haley!!! AT ALLLLLLLLLLL! So open your eyes and ears if you think Lauren is better. I just needed to say this cuz people actually think Lauren is better. She is good at being boring. Lol

    • I agree, I think Lauren is very good, but she does not know how to use her voice unlike Haley who know how to scat, runs, and she plays with her range. I hope its a James/haley finale.

      • I love Haley. I remember top 12 when I wanted Karen over Haley, but now I want Haley to win over everyone.(:

      • I still don't like her. Bad attitude and she doesn't bring anything new to the table either… low growly thing she does every other word is annoying.. and I really disliked her "ba ba ba ba" part on Benny and the Jets. I liked her last week though, I just don't think she is the best.

      • It seems Americans taste in music is cheapening…they are soooo into cliche pop / rock… Country music is ok though, since it is a very big part of american culture…but by Golly! Scotty and James for the finals????!!! Really cheap…James is nothing but a rockstar wannabe…while scotty is just a pretentious guy, with a baritone voice…period…since Casey is gone…all i would look forward to now is Haley…

      • Haley was in the original top 10. Obviously there are plenty of people that support her. Haley ftw!

      • Haley knows how to play with her range?? well, yea we know she can play with her body n she's obviously got a wide range of flirt n slut! And, she's using it extensively!!

        OMG when will u ppl get over Scotty?? He belongs in Idol"s Hall of Shame, not Fame. Scotty's a joke to AI 2011, along with the clown of a judge (Steven) and another who only knows how to shake her booty (JLo)

        i like James now more than in the beginning.. n yes, i love Adam Lambert but James Durbin is something else!

        Go James!! πŸ™‚

      • @face

        EVERYONE not just ppl in US have different taste in music just because you dont like Scotty and James doesn't mean that the rest of the world doesn't I'm from Mexico and I think James is awesome and Scotty and I've read comments from ppl that are from different parts of the world that think James and Scotty are really good

        we don't need you(well at least I don't) to tell us what kind of music we should like

      • ****De-Monic*****

        Oops!—meant Monic.

        Let's see if I have this right.

        Out of 5 remaining contestants, you can't tolerate 2 of them (maybe more, but you only mentioned the two).

        Out of 3 judges, here again, you can't tolerate 2 of them. Who knows? Randy's probably not any "safer".

        My question for you is, who do you bother watching?? There's no one left!! Why torture yourself any further? Turn off your damn T.V. and read a book.

        Oh, and one more thing—-

        That "clown" can put his big-ol', clumsy, size 22 shoes under my bed ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!

  89. Have been watching AI from the start. This years group has been the most talented but aside from that they also have class. I never thought I would enjoy watching someone leave but Casey, in his final song was great, beyond great. The way he involved the judges and the audience was goosebump making.

    • I didn't care much for Casey's singing, but he is very talented. Watching him leave last night was sad, he did a great job under the circumstances and you could tell he trully loves people.

    • NAK—

      Casey has a "gift", and I enjoyed watching him "open it" every Wednesday. Because of him, I'm stepping out of my "safe", music-listening-rut and allowing myself to explore all kinds of genres.

      I too was impressed with his exit. Way to leave 'em with something to talk about, huh?

  90. All of these comments "Casey is a musical genius"; "Casey is the most talented"….blah, blah, blah.

    AI is a singing competition. Casey did not have good vocals at all. And he made it worse by grunting, grimacing, and showing his teeth.

    I think his ego was quite large too.

    I predict he will fall flat on his face post idol and go no where. And, Haley will ditch him too.

    • Oh no! he won't! He'll be busy after AI…Peter Jackson will cast him as as one of the character in his forthcoming film…Lord of the ring, the sequal! & also starring in Gnomeo & Juliet…lol!

      • Casey Abrams in "Scatting Gnomes- Attack of the growling".

        Coming to a theater near you…

        I would watch it though….

    • You should really get a life…. Demeaning a contestant who already left the show… Casey is gone..get over it… You must surely be a Pia or a Scotty fan…These two mostly ends up attracting all the crazies…. πŸ™‚

      Plus you are an idiot…so take that too πŸ˜€

      And you are more than welcome to write a silly comeback below…

      • oh..I am the bad person….wow… Look around you..There are people spamming the pages by writing demeaning comments about contestants who leave…ALways whenever someone leaves, there will always be a few people who write nonsense just because they love to hate… Happened when Paul got out, when Stephano got out and now when Casey got out… Voicing your opinion is one thing but writing bad ignorant things about a contestant whenever anyone writes something good about him/her is completely uncalled for….

      • I did not write the above comment. Someone in here likes to pretend they are me. I think the person must have been a HUGE Casey fan.

        I like James, Lauren, Haley, Scotty, and Jacob.

        My 5 favorites are left so now it really doesn't matter who wins to me . They will all do well.

        Does that make my enemy in here feel better?

      • oh..i am sorry….but i have the same problem too..Some assh%@&e is pasting my name and typing nasty comments…I have no idea who it is.. Some stupid idiot who has no life at all… From all that i have read only Pia and Scotty fans are so rude…. I love scotty but some of his fans here write a lot of bad stuff…

    • jealousy much??? well even if Casey is voted out…I still he'll last longer in the industry than whoever is gonna win 2011 AI…Especially if it will be Scotty or James…they would be AT BEST a 1 hit wonder…again…AT BEST…just like some of the past idols…these two would be long forgotten in time of the 2012 AI…harhar!

      • If it gonna be scotty and James in the finals, am sure will be burning the nokia theatre again, but am a country fan.

  91. I'm so GLAD the overgrown Leprechun was voted off….for the SECOND time. I guess his magical powers couldn't save him!!!

  92. Whoever arranged the format of this week's results show must have been really tired. However, Casey's elimination compensated for the insult to our intelligence. I hope Jacob is next to go because I prefer to hear him than see him.

  93. It was a boring show, I didn't like the fact that he kept Scotty up there with Casey. I mean I'm sure it is humbling because you never know. I still can't believe Casey got the boot. He should have been in the top four or maybe one of the final. I think they should of gave them all a free pass for the night being there were storms in many states that caused power to go out and the vote would of been higher for some and Casey may have been saved. I think in this case they need to bring him back, Lord knows it would be the right thing too do.

    • Had Casey got rid of the grunts it may have stayed another week or two. I just listens to him and Haley on itunes while his voice is pretty good, the grunts of his ruined it for me, he simply over used them.

    • @piper…I have an idea, add one more chair at the judges'seat for him, then no one can vote off of him, is it brilliant???

  94. well, i don't like the tone of the whole article, it's all insults. might as well, don't watch a.i.

    • i love a.i. so much and there's always room for mistakes and improvements, i just don't get it that this result show was the worst ever, if you feel that way, don't watch it. i hate people judging the whole show, and i strongly disaggree that it was a bad show, no offense to the author. you have nothing good to say.

      • You can always write your own review here if you want to…write it fairly and let others enjoy it…

    • The show last night was not great but far from the worst.

      On paper the the performers should have been great last night but didn't do for me.

      They seem to focus on who is hot on itunes or ex-contestants which is OK most the time but needed some energy this week since Carole King songs are more laid back.

  95. I agree the show was kinda lame….the Carole King songs were painful to listen to. I think the Crystal Bowersox remark was way over the top, though. She should have won last year! Casey was gonna leave anyway…it just came a little earlier. His song choice on the Carole King episode was tragic!

  96. I'm so friggin dissapointed this week. But I can't help it that this show lookin for the next mediocre pop singer that you can find anywhere =__= I had a feelin that Casey wont made it thru, even I still keep my finger crossed every week.

    oh well, it's American Idol anyway, not American Coolest Artist or American Greatest Stage Performance or American Not So Handsome Guy With Great Music Taste and Skill. You'll survive Casey! Coz at least u got one supporter here XD

    • yep…AI is just looking for a mediocre pop artist who they could best make money from…and not "real talented artist" Hope Casey make it in the industry…he has the talent and most musical inclination than anyone in the 2011 AI roster

  97. Did anyone think the the country fans in the south were under tremendous weather conditions so voting might have been down. Ryan never said how many voted. That could be why we don't know the bottom three for #6 elim.

    • I had thought about that as a possibility…I mean, really…there is a strong vote there…as well as hockey play-offs going on….I know I kept flipping stations but my team lost, so I don't need to worry anymore.

  98. 2 songs each next week?? Does that mean we have to suffer not once but repeatedly from Jacob?? OMG!! Hope he won't dance on stage AGAIN…his gyration on stage is even worst than Paul!

      • We never said any bad things…We all know that Scotty will sing two awesome old country songs and well Lauren will sing another 2 boring pop songs.. I dont think they're gonna surprise us or anything… just my opinion… They're all talented but they have to seriously step up now..

    • Jacob will do a Hula. Run across the stage, stop short and let nature take it's course.

  99. go Jacob and both rule!…its funny how 'constructive' the criticisms about Jacob have been..'he looks gay' we wANT jAMES cos he reminds us of Adam LAMBERT???..HMMM..oR He sHOULD go back to d choir??maybe you should be telling that to R.KELLY or a host of other artistes that started out as choristers???..hmmm again!

  100. Belated kudos to Casey for saying he wanted to duet with Oscar Peterson. (For those who don't know, he's a black Canadian pianist). The bass players who played with O. Peterson are like a who's who of the bass, so Casey might be one fine bassist. I doubt Peterson would have been available for a future show, but maybe Herbie Hancock could have dropped in. Anyway, we'll never know.

      • If he knows who Arvil Shaw is, more kudos to him! (I had to look it up; Louis Armstrong's bass player eh?)

    • Oscar Peterson WAS a great Canadian pianist – he passed away in 2007 after a long and amazing career. He would therefore be unable for a future show πŸ™‚

      ~ a fellow Canadian

  101. Really! All music deserves a chance on Idol. Yes Casey might just be one of the lucky ones that made it to top 10,got great exposure and will do well. I have felt that Jacob should be voted off, just have not seen development you would have expected from Him. James has been my favoite fron day one and I wish him the best. If past years are an indication second place might be best for his career.By the way I record Idol both the show and results show because I find a LOT of wasted time in there.

  102. When it comes to the final 2 everybody is starting to think whoever wins wont go far and whoever comes in 2nd will go far imho i dont believe that for a secound i believe that when someone wins and dosnt go far and the 2nd place person makes it farther in the music bussniss just means america voted for the wrong person. There have been seasons were the winner has made it far and the music bussniss and is still at it so when you vote dont vote for who you think is hot or sexy or that they were nice to you favorite contestant vote for someone that you would actully buy there cd's go to there concerts and see them actully going far in the music buissness

    • You could be right. It could also be true that 2nd place finishers do better because 19E/Interscope pushes the winners into a hurried, cobbled up CD release with songs from schlock songwriters, whereas the 2nd and 3rd place finishers get more control of their more carefully crafted CD.

    • I LOVE American Idol even with all the flaws, but perhaps it should truthfully be renamed American Launching Pad. Get Real folks! Most big stars in any business have spent several years working hard before they become an "overnight success" or superstar. What is that really-just the few moments you finally look up from your daily routine and think–Oh, I've seen or heard of them before. There are no superstars, just hard working people with dreams that are too stubborn to give up and take no for an answer. AI gives them a leg up in a really tough business. I rarely buy a full CD anymore when I can just buy the few favorites I like on itunes. CDs will probably just become extinct in the next few years. But, the good thing is thanks to the internet and reality shows, there are lots of ways to get out there and chase whatever dreams you have and whoever is tough enough will eventually get there! All you should really expect from these competition shows is that it will give them some confidence, professional advice, and the resolve to keep on if it's that important to them.

  103. american idol last night was one of a kind, number one I am getting sick of J.LO she is such a farce, alway's James by all mean's he is good but Scotty has the fan's young teen's and the older set. Hailey is just fair. Jacob sing's {I have no word's for him} Alaine is alright especially when she sings with Scotty. how this is going to turn out I am not sure, Just VOTE but remember this american idol is up in the air even though randy jackson said james had it wrapped up let's just show him he is WRONG.

    • Haley is great, far better on her itunes than live, which I added 2 more to may colection this week but I am still rooting for James to win.

      Scotty itunes this week was just bad they really made it a hoedown you could square dance too but loved his live performance, maybe that is why James make that comment about 100% better with new arrangement because it was.

    • Judy: So you want to punish James or any other contestant because Randy acted inappropriately? Hmmmm seems kind of unfair don't you think? If Randy had praised/hugged your favorite would you be so quick to comment?

      Doesn't matter who the judges praise because it will always be wrong if it isn't a particular person's favorite.

      • @Carol, you're right. I am not a James fan (I even criticized his singing) but I will not crucify him just because of Randy's thoughtless remark. That may be what he believed in, but it is not something that should influence us to vote for James or someone else. All we need to do is to vote for someone who we think has it takes, whether s/he is the judges' favorite or not.

  104. I wonder if all the girls on this blog fawning over James realize that he is engaged and has a son?

      • Ruth–Yes I do know that James Durbin is engaged and he does not try to hide his love for Heidi. I admire him for dedicating his song Wed. night to Heidi his fiancee — who James says is his "rock" –she is one lucky woman IMO!!! πŸ™‚

        THIS MAKES HIM MORE ATTRACTIVE–He is sensitive,compassionate and genuine.

        An amazing artist and person. WOW!!!

        But that doesn't mean some of us cannot drool over him—

      • Yes, I realized that James is engaged and a dad. Makes no difference to his talent. I don't fawn over James but I do enjoy the performances he offers AI viewers and voters! IMO he has a beautiful voice, great control and range. Oh, yeah, some of us are not girls, but adult females who appreciate music in many forms, by many artists.

    • I know I'm not fawning over James. I just appreciate his talent. Each performance makes you want more. No sleepy time when James performs.

    • I'm a fan girl of James because he's awesome

      and of course i know his engaged and has a kid he said it in his audition

    • And he's getting married, and Stefano is going to be his best man. Stefano said so on his exit interview.

      • These comments are lame…All of these singers are talented and we all have a right to our opinion. Who cares if James is married, engaged or whatever…he has a great range…Jakob is GAY yes, but so was Freddie Mercury who was amazing…Rob Halford from Judas Priest, amazing also, Elton John Genious…Just vote for the one you like, stop slamming everyone else for liking who they like…They are all great singers…I am a singer, and wish I could sing like any one of those kids.

      • Oh Templar—-

        Now THAT'S FUNNY!!!

        I'm STILL laughing–I can see you're poor little confused face saying,"Why me?"

        All I can say, is be careful. It's a rough crowd out there, so keep your eyes peeled and as_ covered!! God's speed and good luck. (Hee-hee-hee)

      • Take it easy Templar. Sometimes I do that also just because it's an easier flow of the information in the string. Usually, it's fairly obvious that the post isn't directed at you, but pertains to what it seems to pertain to. But you're kind of right, a person can use the @ button or direct specifically to person's names. Umm, this is one of my most boring posts ever!

      • Coondoggie & Templar, As you know I don't feed the trolls very often, but when I do I am always specific… ie… snake eyes. He is starting to get under my skin & I'm feeling the need to feed!

  105. last night was not a good night. I can't believed that Casey's out I rather see Hailey out of that competition, she is so boring and her style are all the same. she only got to stay there because J Lo comment about all the girls are not getting a good score. Well they don't deserve a good one because they are not as good as the boys. Hope she won't be there any longer.

    • err. her style is not the same, in fact every contestants have their own style. with scotty and his country style. james rockin it every week. lauren – country.

      its unfair to say that she has the same style. in fact, vocally and musically, she has been the only one to bring something different to the table.

      Im a james fan.. but im starting to like haley more and more. And her very likable personality…

      Go JAMES and HALEY final showdown!

  106. I DO NOT know who keeps voting 4 JACOB! American Idol website said he got only 4% of the votes but he was NOT VOTED OFF. It seems strange to me. Well i think it will be down to James and Scotty at the end. Haley and Lauren I am not sure about- the both can sing. But JACOB has to GO!! DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM!!! Please???

  107. what is wrong with everyone? scotty should of gone weeks ago, its embrassing watching him. They said he should move more so he sits for a whole song,so look at all the effort James is doing, makes scotty look lazy, usless and to sure of himself. Im sorry but when hes on I pick my book up again.

    • Scotty is amazing. You sound like a James fan who seems to know Scotty is gonna win. James even knows Scotty is his number 1# competiton.

      • Scotty Mc Creepy is just another karaoke country singer with no range. I don't have and "idol" picked, but I do enjoy watching James and hearing his range. Every week when someone goes home he cries-i think he is a genuine guy.

      • Not sure if you were listening or not but in the beginng James never screamed in tune – he just screamed to scream and pretty sure up until tuesday, I didnt think the boy could even sing. Scotty has range and the quality of his voice is impeccable. Screaming does not equal range… just saying.

      • Lisa! You think James crying makes him genuine??? (like crying makes the speaker of the house Boehner genuine!!) Ha ha ha Just shows they have no control over their "emotions". Both a couple of crybabies……..

      • Scotty is going to win American Idol, then going on to record then from there to The Grand Ole Opry. He is amazing.

      • To Someone:

        "Scotty has range and the quality of his voice is impeccable. Screaming does not equal range".

        Range? He tried a higher range and he had to cut the notes short because he couldn't hold them. Steve Tyler said this very thing. Anyone could hear this.

        No disrespect but Scotty sits in his Baritone basement and dares not come out and play. Screaming? You are kidding right? Sorry but many a singer would love to be able to hit those notes AND hold them.

        Lauren, Hayley, James and Jacob are improving with each performance.

        I feel Scotty is just stagnating.

    • James is #1 now with Scotty a close 2nd but Scotty could retake first next week with the right song. Haley should be in third but more likely in 4th.

      • I think it's you. There's a lot of comments in this very thread that express disappointment at Casey being eliminated, and a huge number of comments in favor of Scotty. Even Haley has supporters. Jacob seems to be the only one with hardly any admirers.

      • If phones and internet is up in the southern states it will make a big difference in Scotty's votes next week.

      • smt151. James is my #1 favorite but I certainly do appreciate the talent of the other contestants regardless of their music styles. And…I have a "back-up" favorite.

    • Hope you are reading something interesting and long. Scotty aint going any time soon Maybe that is why all that screaming is going on

    • wrightie I feel the same about Scotty regardless of who my favorite is.

      He is boring. Yes he has a voice but for heaven sakes there has to be more to putting on a show than sitting like a lump on a stump.

    • Finally! a fellow anti-scotty…he's so fake…booting out a kid from the group performance elimination,then saying a fake public apology…he's too busy acting charming…that he forgets to enhance whatever mediocre singing talent he has! Boo! he's just riding the "country" wagon to increase popularity…Bleh!

  108. Thanks. Love your censorship. I'm still proud to be an American. The political correct police haven't arrested me yet, but they apparently got to you.

  109. They made Scotty look like he got low number of votes when he actually was proboly in the top.

    • I thought about that too…again…ratings and if people are talking, they will also be voting…go figure…guess we will never know…remember…it was random…wonder how random….1st and last…maybe, maybe not!

  110. I know that many are unhappy with whose been voted off(me included), but let's give all the contestants a round of applause for their talents and how far they have made it so far.

    I think most everyone bases their vote more on the genre of music they like than on the musical ability of the contestant. I have my favorites, but think they all have talent and deserve respect for what they have brought to the show.

  111. YO!YO! Jimmy that cap you wear all the time is cutting off oxygen to your brain!(and you need some Windex on those tinted glasses too!). Haley knows who she is and she has a unique and beautiful talent. We are not inspired by all of the GaGa/ET/Weirdo-crapo you people are putting out. We really want-need-got to have-some truly Beautiful in this ugly World!

  112. Let's see. Still missing Pia and Lauren, hayley and james are the only good ones left… I hope country dork scotty goes next, he's so boring! All he does is continuously yodel, makes me sick! And jacob who screams every song worse than james actually does should GO TOO! I Origanlly hoped for pia and either james, lauren or hayley in the final. but i hope it both girls…

    • Casey was by far the most interesting and unusual contestant, along with Paul. Neither of them need to win American Idol to get their careers going. As you can see from Pia's fame after her surprising elimination, and from looking at past contestants, those that don't win most often have more successful careers, including Jennifer Hudson who finished 7th during her season. Good luck Casey, I will miss you but can't wait to see you on tour this summer! At this point, since everyone is so talented someone has to go each week and it's anyone's guess since the talent is so diverse. I just wish people would stop cutting on the contestants. Everyone is great in their own way!

    • Yodel? Scotty? Huh?!??!? So far only only one person on AI this season has come close to yodling and that was Haley (during blue, and that was actually a spot on performance of the song and used correctly)

      Hell, I don't even know if Scotty can get his voice high enough to yodel.

  113. Ok…Listen up.

    I know that I continue to complain about the flawed voting system (and for good reason I might add).

    I've even made peace with the fact that a not so talented, safe, boring country singer keeps riding the Grandma/Teeny Bopper/Bias Vote to stardom.

    But for the love of all that is good and decent…how does one of the greatest young jazz musicians I have ever seen get voted off so early?

    Clearly, his talent is there. Clearly his charisma is there.

    Ugh…maybe I am just venting. Its crunch time. The best voices are still on the show. (With the exception of Pia, Sophia Shorai, Karen Rodrigez and Mitch, the one who let Jaycee go.

    At this point in the season, I usually make a prediction about returning contestants from last year. With the start of the new show "The Voice" I hope that we still see the following contestants in the 11th season of AI.

    1) Sophia Shorai

    Yes, I know she is 28 now, and ineligible to return to the show but it was a shame she was kicked off in the first place. She has amazing talent. Go to the video below to see her belt out "Georgia on my mind" from earlier in the season. She is an amazing Jazz Musician from MN and has a superstar look as well.

    2) Hollie Cavangnah

    Her audition probably brought a tear to everyone's eye. She let her emotions get the best of her and began crying a bunch with "At Last", but came back and changed the judges minds with Miley Cyrus's "The Climb".

    Jennifer Lopez told her during the Top 24 eliminations to come back next year because she could quite possibly "Win the whole thing." Not sure about that…but the girl can sing and America will hear it. See her audition at this link.

    3)Jacquline Dunsford

    An indy type, she has the strut, she has the moves, and she has the voice. Her boyfriend on the other hand, not so much. Jacquline can make a name for herself if she comes back to American Idol. Lets hope she is not sick this time.

  114. Are there no other AI regular viewers that wonder what happened to the County night that has happened for all the previous seasons? We have had nights that showcased Motown, top Billboard, Carole king (who knows why) and birth years. I think if they had the standard or broadway night, Casey might have found his platform if he kept his face uncorked. I personally like Lauren alot, Scotty second and Haley third. The only thing of all the coments I agree to about Haley is; I still am not sure she knows what to sing. It is true her family have a band and do lots of music. But, as a rising personlity she needs to find a comfort zone. She still has not tried a Sevie Nicks but did great with a Janice Joplin. Maybe a KT TUrnstill song? Don;t know. I just would like to see a little better of idea of her musical personlity.

    • Maybe they wanted to switch it up a bit. Why do they have to have country night "every single year"

    • @Joel Haley is tryinng too hard to be sexy and Im sure she knows her great legs are talked about. She has nice legs and she is a little sexy but she should concentrate on talent in this meeting

      • so is pia flaunting her boobies and curves not a sin? if she has nice legs and she wants to flaunt it, its her damn right choice. But she never flaunts it… you guys are just bitter, or horny college kids with their empty heads brimmin with sex and drugs.

        please go back to watching dirty magazines kept under your bed and get out of American Idol…

  115. For those rooting for Scotty to win check out how they arranged his itune this week, very little like the live performance, a real hoedown you could square dance too. Do you really want them to produce Scotty first album? They maybe the best for most genre but I now wonder on their ability to handle young male country singers.

    Maybe second place for Scotty would be best for him.

    • Thank you! I've been saying for weeks, let James win. Let Scotty finish school and then hit Nashville.

    • We're not falling for that, Carrie Underwood does just fine Thank you, and Scotty will too, good try though for James…….. lol

      • Piper; I'm not sure you're following our reasoning. Carrie is a crossover artist and was older than Scottie when she won. Scotty is strictly country and still in high school. he needs to get his ducks in a row first. And BTW I've said from week 1 that Scotty is my favorite. i just think winning would not be to his advantage.

  116. Ok…Listen up.

    I know that I continue to complain about the flawed voting system (and for good reason I might add).

    I’ve even made peace with the fact that a not so talented, safe, boring country singer keeps riding the Grandma/Teeny Bopper/Bias Vote to stardom.

    But for the love of all that is good and decent…how does one of the greatest young jazz musicians I have ever seen get voted off so early?

    Clearly, his talent is there. Clearly his charisma is there.

    Ugh…maybe I am just venting. Its crunch time. The best voices are still on the show. (With the exception of Pia, Sophia Shorai, Karen Rodrigez and Mitch, the one who let Jaycee go.

    At this point in the season, I usually make a prediction about returning contestants from last year. With the start of the new show “The Voice” I hope that we still see the following contestants in the 11th season of AI.

    1) Sophia Shorai

    Yes, I know she is 28 now, and ineligible to return to the show but it was a shame she was kicked off in the first place. She has amazing talent. Go to the video below to see her belt out “Georgia on my mind” from earlier in the season. She is an amazing Jazz Musician from MN and has a superstar look as well.

    2) Hollie Cavangnah

    Her audition probably brought a tear to everyone’s eye. She let her emotions get the best of her and began crying a bunch with “At Last”, but came back and changed the judges minds with Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb”.

    Jennifer Lopez told her during the Top 24 eliminations to come back next year because she could quite possibly “Win the whole thing.” Not sure about that…but the girl can sing and America will hear it. See her audition at this link.

    3)Jacquline Dunsford

    An indy type, she has the strut, she has the moves, and she has the voice. Her boyfriend on the other hand, not so much. Jacquline can make a name for herself if she comes back to American Idol. Lets hope she is not sick this time.

    • I loved Casey too, Jazz if my favorite, but some on, Scotty can sing and he should win. I really thought it would be he and Casey would be the final two.

  117. FYI, I don't want to alarm anyone, but this thread is infected with a virus. I keep getting an "HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen" warning from avira anti-virus in Internet Explorer. Hope it gets fixed, because I like the discussion.

    • That is not in my source code. Its a sole-source virus that you got from a site with similar code to this one. Beware.

      • A common attack against the web infrastructure can be the infection of harmless web pages. Some malware changes every HTML file stored on the disc and adds a link (very often an IFrame) to a site hosting malicious code. Other attacks can aim for the web servers and try to insert forwarding to the pages hosted there. The owner of these pages is advised to take them offline. Fix the hole (either on his own PC or on the server), check the pages for infections, clean them and go online again. Infected Web Pages often contain additional Iframe, Object or Script Tags. The Script Tags often contain encrypted Code. (from Avira Support)

  118. To all teeny-tweeny-granny, let's vote only girl contestants, Lauren, Haley, & Jacobby.

  119. Templar, I read your comment to Northern Guy asking about Pup & I. It is so nice for you to ask. My state was hit pretty hard but not near where I live. I work in child & adolescent psychiatry & things have been kind of a bummer this week. And to top it all off, we have yet another week of Jacob to endure. So I'm really kind of behind on the posts. I'm planning to catch up, & I'll see if I can call Pup & Coondoggie out to play!

      • Thank you, So I'm going to go to the first page & catch up. This is my therapy you know & what a release it is sometimes. I really wish I had not missed all the deleted posts from james2win. I bet they were really something?

      • They were bizarre. Akin to Lorelai Gilmore's stream that ended with "monkey monkey underpants".

      • Yay, I've seen Pup and Bunny. And Bunny, can't remember if you caught Gautham's farewell–lots of comments on Matt's post I think–"Elimination Results" prior to Branden's Casey out again. Or maybe it was Pup I didn't see there. Anyways lots of catching up for you this weekend. C-Dog out, and like Debbie 2cents and Gautham, I may start slowing down a bit too. Things come up in life (like a new cat trying to be too smarky in my 'hood, and I hate's the way they cover their stink with a little bit of sand, so you get to sniffing and Ngggh–almost as bad as Jacob singing!

      • Coondoggie, I did catch Gautham’s farewell. Sad to see him go. And I too must slow down a bit. Several new patients this past week & lots to ponder. I do believe if snake eyes continues to puch my buttons with the "stupid Lauren" thing, he might be the receiver of all my new found frustrations!!

    • It "Then and Now" but not sure what that curtains, so here are some guesses.

      1)They will do 2 songs each one old and the other new.

      2)old songs that were rerecorded by someone new using different arrangement.

      3)none of the above

      • Ok here's the deal: Each contestant must do one song recorded in the 1960s and one new/current song. I'm assuming new means since the millennium. here are my picks.

        James – New = It's My Life [Bon Jovi

        Old = Satisfaction [Stones]

        Jacob – New = ???

        Old = Walkin' to New Orleans [Fats Domino]

        Haley – New = Girl Put Your Records On [ CB Raye]

        Old = You Don't Own Me [Lesley Gore]

        Lauren – New = Only Prettier [Miranda Lambert]

        Old = End Of The World [Skeeter Davis]

        Scotty – New = This Is Country [Brad Paisley]

        Old = Are You Lonesome Tonight {Elvis Presley]

      • Scotty could sing New No More Cloudy Days by The Eagles, and Old All I Have To Offer You Is Me by Charlie Pride.

      • Hmm with have to think on this a bit since 60's covers a lot.

        Beatles had something for everyone

        Haley – Etta James 7 albums in 60s

        James – Led Zeppelin's first 2 album

        Adam did "Whole Lotta Love"

        so maybe not

        Cream "White Room"

        hmm going to think on it

      • Piper: Not bad, but can you imagine what the reaction would be if he did an Elvis ballad. Women and girls all over the country would be going into a thermonuclear meltdown.

      • Good choices Temp. I'll put some thought into it & get back to ya. Any thoughts on what is a butherface?

      • I like your picks for Haley… I heard her do Corinne Bailey rae's l

        "like a star" on you tube….it is a good fit. I love "you don't own me" by anyone. Idon't care what Scotty sings as I find him very boring!

  120. I think that it is horrible that with all the devistation in the southern states their votes could not be heard. There were so many without any way of voting and they should have been heard. You people could have postponed due to the inability for the states dealing with all the power losses which included the Fox channels as the towers were destroyed. We deserve to be heard. Recall voting for this show and redo next week as we regain the Fox channel.

    • Georgia: Believe it or not the world does not revolve around American Idol. I'm so very sorry for the people who have suffered & lost everything due to Mother Nature & don't think their first priority is to vote for their Idol favorite! Think straight, dear.

    • I feel for all those who find themselves amidst all of the destruction. As for not seeing or voting on Idol, I'm sure it's the least of their concerns. If the storms had not happened, it would most likely have boosted Scotty's numbers. I doubt it would have saved casey.

      • There were 7 states hit. we have been sending help for clean up and food supplies. many still have no power

  121. I have only watched for this season so please bear with me in my following comments. I am a little confused by the last few shows. As the season stared out the contestants performed and the votes came in. Contestants were voted off in what seemed to be a fair, logical manner. The contestant in the lower vote numbers were voted off. No problem everything seemed to be going according to the MOST VOTES- STAY; LEAST VOTES- GO!! However, a couple weeks ago there was a headline that said Idol Bias In Favor of the Guys. Amazingly the nest week those who had been the front-running guys are now suddenly on the bottom of the list and in danger of being voted off. When these guys perform on stage they get rounds of applause or standing ovations. But suddenly they are on the bottom of the voting scale and those that were hanging on are suddenly on top when by the television audience did not respond as energetically to them.

    Now I am not saying the there is any thing improper, but it sure appears that the support for the contestants is suddenly being slanted to certain contestants away from others. This also appears to be coming from the judges. What they were praising contestants for by staying true to themselves they are now crucifying them for.

    • The standing ovations on performance nights are just supportive people who are "In the moment". The voting at home is a lot more complicated. Young girls with cell phones and computers vote as many as a thousand times for their favorites, using their cells, their computer and the house landline. They tend to vote for cute boys whether or not they have talent. Female contestants tend to disappear rather quickly unless the voters can identify with them in some way. But, don't worry, by the time it gets down to 8 or 10 singers the public that actually buys music and concert tickets knows who they like. When the season is over, most of the good ones will get record deals.

  122. hi, I like Pia, Scotty and Jacob, Haley sounds boring to me, then there's nothing special on Lauren's vocal.

    • Crying is human nature so get over it, u cry too if im not mistaken unless ur some kinda robot or an alien… AND haley's not leaving next, should be jacob then lauren then scotty. the finale would be much more interesting if it were james and haley in the final!!

  123. I’m curious why people are stereotyping James as a metal head. He likes metal and sings it well (Heavy Metal). But as Mickey pointed out in another open form, James also performed:

    Hard Rock: Judas Priest

    Soft Rock: Maybe I’m Amazed

    Soul: Living In The City

    Pop: I’ll Be There For You

    Rock Ballad: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    Country Rock: Saturday Nights Alright

    Contemporary: Uprising

    A cappella exposure: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

    So it appears to me that he capable of changing things up. The other contestants have changed things up to various extents, but outside of Casey, I’m not sure which one would be more diversified in song choice or performance. I say this with great respect for Casey’s musical abilities and showmanship, but complete belief that he was far from the best singer.

  124. Hope you Yanks dont mind my comments on AI we watch it here in Australia and I like it but I dont like the voting system where a person has unlimited votes per person I believe if it was a true talent contest then the votes should be made on line by a persons computer where they get one vote only per computer.That way makes it fair but I know the show would not make any money that way because each phone call cost money that goes to them so its money not talent that the show is about ,too bad

  125. I seriously believe that Jacob should have gone.

    His voice is just irritating and GAY.

    Casey wasn't half bad at all when he was performing, unlike the gay man

  126. i think that haley should sing:

    Total eclipse of the heart (old)

    The voice within or You lost me (new)

    • That song is from the early 80s. The old song has to be from the 1960s. Idol's rules, not mine.

      • Haha, this made me laugh. As the writer said, Casey is crazy talented. Not my type of performance but I'd pick him over two or three of the ones left.

      • Yes, screaming. Not in a musical way like James Durbin (though it's not my favorite style) but in a rude way, like a not affinated Louis Amstrong wannabe. Sad.

      • Thats Nasty – James is vocally Adam Lamberts superior. Adam Lambert is incredibily talented however James has shown he is able to succesfully deliver superb performances singing a wide range of music.

      • Angela; You couldn't be more wrong. James' voice is not superior to Adam's. It isn't even equal to Adam's.

    • Casey is " Casey Cool" he is unique, interesting to watch and a true artist! His last song may not have been his best but he should never have been voted off, thank goodness there's still James to watch who can bring something unique to the show! James and Casey are the only reason I watch the show, sure the others have talent but they are boring to watch compared to those two.

  127. Say what you will but Casey did bring something unique to show every week, and though I do agree he wasn't likely to win. I did invision other departures before his.

    The real question is; Has the show become less about talent, and more about underdogs being voted for instead of the most talented.

    I didn't watch Idol last year, because of Chris somehow defeating Adam…All you have to do is look at album sales to know who really WON!

    But here we go again, Jacob is obviously talented guy, but lets be honest…He peak at Vegas week and in my opinion should have been aliminated the week Casey was saved.

    So I guess what I am saying is I don't in any way think that Jacob will ever match the album sales of Pia, Casey, Stefano, Lauren, Scotty, Haley, or James. He will be completely eclipsed by everyone else…

    Now I say this based upon owning more than a 1000 albums and 2500 singles in my collection.

    Jacob sings every single song the same way, and he may become a studio guy with some marginal success.

    (Like Toto did in the 80's)but as far as live…

    I wont be buying any of those tickets..

    and ask yourself would you buy anything he indorces? That's part of being the idol…cross merchadising, acting, spokes person ect;

    So if someone was going to make a movie out of this group, who would you go see?

    I feel that maybe the show isn't 100% honest, and because they never reveal the vote talee maybe its become a sham all together.

    So predict Lauren & Scotty will make 25 million before their 25th birthday.

    James first album will go gold in presale, and then triple Platinum

    Casey will bring Blues and Jazz back to mainstream hill produce other artist and be worth 100 million before he's 30 years old.

    Haley will have as many fans with her crossover style and appeal. She like; Britney, Shania, Faith, Christian, Mariha, Whitney, Cher, and the material girl Madona will be known as Haley.

    I say 3 platinums in a row.

    • & then Casey bump into Haley in a event one day & fall in love & got married soon after & living happily thereafter…& then retired from the business….The End! Good fairy tale, isn't it? lol

      • Will their marriage be greater than the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton recently ?

      • Growwf! Snarl! Grr! When will our national nightmare end?! I don't want no more talk of Casey and Haley flirting. I now have a grotesque picture of 2 foot tall 2 year old goblin with dirty red hair and green bougar snot hanging from his nose, wanting to sit in Haley's lap 'cause "he hungie now" (brat still not weaned). Enough! Give Coondog a week of peace without the horrible imagery!

      • -_- That's a horrible fairy tale!!!! Why? since haley reinhart's in it. she's horrbile, horrible horrible, too horrible to marry Casey. That should be illegal.

      • Nope coondog..Ninja Wabbit has only one other name and you know which one it is… πŸ˜€

    • Scotty and Casey will rise to the top, I don't know about the others that are left. A lot of people make a song or two and then no one hears about them again.

    • I agree with ya, AI8 was a total lame, who is chris allen anyway?

      I do think Jacob sings a lot, but since he sang "I believe I can fly" he should have been eliminated, and this was not the only song he did wrong, he over act the songs and the ending never is what he expected.

      And Haley be on top 5? Really? She has a nice voice but that´s all, she still not ready to be a singer, a singer should do only one stile, not be jumping form one to another, and this comparing thing, if she needs to be compared to be good, then it means she´s not good at all.

      My top 5 since the top 24 were anounced was: Pia, Paul, James, Casey and Scooty (before top 24 instead os Paul were Lauren, but since the hollywood week when they sang beattles she´s being really boring, just like Thia was, but both is really talented and will have good hits when their albuns comes out), and I almost cryed when Casey was eliminated the first time, it broke my heart when Pia left, and when Paul got eliminated, on the night he sang better (for me he sang even better when he did "Maggie May") I was like "What? Really?" I didn´t believe he would be at bottom 3 that week.

      When Stefano left has really strange too, cause he were singing good on the weeks before his elimination, but he did last long enough on the show, for me he would be eliminated on the night he sang "Hello", but he growth as a singer during the show and listened to every coment the judges and Jimmy gaved, so he should be around yet, if Jacob an Haley is still on the show and their don´t do great performances either, and both don´t listen to what judges has to say, when they start to critize Jacob and Haley they do that face like "hey, whatever you say, none of my bussiness" come on, ehre´s the humility in both? They should listen to the judges and not act like if they were great singers, if their were they would be on the judges table and not on the other side.

      Well I just hope the finnale is bettewen James and Scooty, cause the other three just don´t deserve it, Jacob and Haley for the lack or the over act of performance they give and now Lauren, well I once thought she could win this thing, but since that performance of the beattles (that she did with Scooty, both disapointed me that time and I´m cherring for Scooty, so don´t think I´m doing this because of that performance only) she´s been really boring, on the top 24 performance she did a great job, she sang rock, do you remenber she sang rock on the audition? Yeah she´s doing like Haley, she started with rock, sang country, and pop, so she´s not ready to be a singer yet. She needs to find herself.

      That´s why I was chering for this five (James, Paul, Casey, Scooty and Pia) they never left his stile, and a artist has to do what he likes to do, and do it well, sing country with a beat of rocl on it? good job, sing a rock with a beat of rap, great. That´s the kinda of thing a artist has to do, that´s what we expect the AI to do on stage, things like David Cook did, and not be jumping from one stille to another to prove that is "versatile", for me this is no verstile these girls should find themselves. Let´s make a finnale like Cook-Archuletta final and not one like I don´t remenber his name-Adam or even worst one final that makes us think "who won last season, cause I don´t even remenber who were on the finale" let´s make James and Scooty on the finals, they´re the best of the ones who´s left.

      Remenber, not saying Jacob, Haley and Lauren are bad singers, they´re good otherwise they won´t be were they are, but their not ready to be tha next AI, but James and Scooty are.xD

    • I like your predictions but I disagree re Jacob – I love his voice & will buy his music .

      I do feel James is the deserved winner & am ready to buy the stuff he has sung thus far.

  128. Jacob and James sang "I’m Into Something Good" in duet; I am familiar with that song which I heard from Herman Hermitts.

    I want Jacob to sing another Herman Hermitts's song next week if the next week's theme is "Now and Then". I pick "I'll Never Dance Again" for him, because some people want him to stop dancing like a girl and possibly want him to make a commitment by saying it from his mouth also. Perhaps, by doing that, people will give simpathy to him and say "Ok, Jacob, now we are voting for you"…. Lol

  129. what in the world is jacob still doing in idol? he is obviously the least among the sixth contestants!!!

    • You trigger me to give another suggestion for Jacob to sing : another Herman Hermitts' song "Why Does The Sun Go On Shining". That will explain why he is still in the show… lol

      • I'm sticking with my pick for Jacob, Fats Domino's "Walkin' To New Orleans'. Because 1. It'll get him out of town and 2. by the time he gets there he'll be lots thinner. LOL

      • Templar, I came up with two suggestions for James. They are both old picks…

        "My Days Are Numbered" by Blood Sweat & Tears 1968

        "Cinnamon Girl" by Neil Young 1969

      • Bunny: Love the BST idea. Another good one of theirs would be "Spinning Wheel" James could really tear up the stage with it.

      • Sorry, I mean the song title is "End of the World" which contains that lyrics. By singing this song, he can explain that his appearance in the show will end when America officially reveals that he is eliminated.

      • SoftDev; "The End Of The World' is my pick for Lauren to sing as her old song this week. But i want her to do the Skeeter Davis version.

      • Actually I want Jacob to sing Tom Jones' song such "Delilah" or "Without Love" or "Green Green Grass of Home" to convince us that he really wants to become as macho or gentleman as Tom Jones…lol. Who knows, if he nails this song, he will steal Scotty's votes.

      • @Templar, that song is rather simple for her, because I myself can sing that song with ease… lol.

        She needs one which is quite difficult to sing such as The Carpenters's song "Yesterday Once More" or "Top of The World". "Nobody's Child" by Karen Young is interesting too.

      • Oh no, he sings like an old fat lady of the church chorus. Ugly to see and too intense for my taste.

      • SoftDev, Remembering a Tom Jones concert I attended in my youth. Just picture this for a moment…

        Jacob is singing a Tom Jones song & when he is finished several women in the audience rip their bras off & throw them at him on the stage. He would truly have a coronary. Problem solved!

    • Love Jacob – he is talented

      Reality is perhaps not all people like soul

  130. For the duet next week, I want to hear :

    1. Scotty & Lauren sing "Island In The Stream" by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

    2. James and Haley sing "Somewhere Between Your Heart and Mine" or "Sweet Memories" by The Tumbleweeds.

    Jacob ? … Oo.. Maybe Ryan Seacrest want to sing together with him…lol

  131. James Durbin will win this competition!

    … because they've already rigged it so the duet with Steven Tyler happens! Isn't it too obvious?

    • If Steven sings with James against whomever it will signal the Fix Is In. I don't see how they could be more blatant in their bias if this happens.

    • James with Steven would be good in the finale, but nothing will equal Adam Lambert with Queen in season 8.

    • If they do duets this week, and pair Steven with James….that would be the ultimate insult to the other contestants. It's bad enough the judges are so biased toward James.

      • I don't think the judges should sing with any of them…or they should sing with all of them if they do. Come on…it would show so much bias and an this point…we have had enough, don't you think? It's the kids competition so let them shine…or not! πŸ™‚

      • That's why I said Steven would perform on the finale RESULTS show. All of the voting would be done and it wouldn't change the outcome.

    • yup, yup, yup! the bias is so obvious. what is so disappointing are the other 'judges', and i use the term very loosely, joining in the 'rigging'. no integrity!

      • I don´t think James got this far cause of the duet, he always do a great show, is a great singer (like all the others) besides, this year is the best singers from all, but I really think the top 5 should be a little diferent, but the finalle has to be James and Scooty. Let´s vote for them america.

      • A great singer? You must be talking about the young lady named Haley. A screaming screeching Adam Lambert wannabe is getting too much attention already. It's too clear it's fixed!

      • Sorry Idolfan but I don´t think Haley is all that, cause someone who still didn´t define her singing stile means isn´t ready to be an idol, because it lacks personality. And James isn´t a Adam wannabe like ur saying, otherwise he sings a different stile, yeah both screams on stage but you do agree when I say that if Adam where only a screaming guy he wouldn´t be doing this huge international sucess he´s doing right now. And Haley, she has a nice voice but come on, when she sang "blue" I feel like I was dying, she killed the song and Le Ann Rimes at the same time. I really hope James or Scooty wins cause their the only ones that´s good on the top 5, and both will have a great sucess when they release their albuns cause everyone will know what they buying, not a surprise box like Haley that changes her stile every week.

      • @IdolFan

        I think Mary meant JAMES! Well unless Haley got a sex change and changed her name to James Durbin and started singing like THE awesome James D. which is hard then yes she was talking about Haley

      • May: Go back and read what you've written. I don't know your age, but you definitely need to take English in summer school. Also spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  132. As for the duet of Jacob and Ryan Seacrest, I want them to sing "Nobody's Child" and dress like Alexander Brothers shown in the video at the link below :

  133. 10 reasons why Haley should win:

    1. Best Voice

    2. Best performer

    3. Most Beautiful

    4. Best dressed

    5. Charismatic

    6. Non Pretender

    7. Hottest Body

    8. Intelligent

    9. Sparkles

    10. Simply the best

    • Charismatic? Someone who is in a competition should listen to all adivices she could so have it all togheter to win, but what she does? She makes that pose of "whatever" and her bored face, and she already said to the judges something like "ok, I got, you didn´t like, so what? I´m the best anyway."

      Non pretender? She always chances the stille, so when her album cames out will be like a box of surprise, you´ll never know if it´ll be rock, or pop, or maybe a country, who knows, perhaps it´s jazz? She don´t pretend cuase she doesn´t know what kind of artist she wants to be.

      Best voice? Shes has a good voice, but it´s not the best voice.

      Best performer? When she sang on the top of the piano I thought she would slide like the divas, but she was really uncomfortable there.

      So it leaves us with the apperance only, yeah she´s all that, if that´s the reason´s why someone should win the idols, then she is the best.

      • I agree with Son of Paul. Haley is great.

        Advices of whom, May? The judges are completely out of the competition. They have apreciated Casey's, Stefano's perfomances in the very weeks they were sent home.

        They have filled them with compliments, while we, America, hated their performances and waited for their good advices to these contestants that were sent home without even taken notice of their weak points in the competition. Sad,sad…

    • Haley needs 10 reason, while Scotty needs only reason :

      America wants him to !!! lol

    • reasons why Haley should be eliminated:

      1. Worst Voice

      2.Worst performer

      3.Least Beautiful

      4. Worst dressed

      5.Not Charismatic

      6. Pretender

      8. Intelligent(I doubt it)

      9. Sparkles( What?)

      10. Simply the Worst

      As you can see, Son of Paul, Haley Shouldn't win AT ALL. Why is she even this close to the finale? She sounds like Paul, who sounds like a hobo who hasn't drank water in years, and she's too growly.

    • One more time: the old song has to be from the 1960s. Blaze of Glory is from the 80s.

      • I know, but because previously I thought the second song had to be a modern song which did not necessarily mean a new/current song, I suggested that song. Btw, in my opinion, that song and many great 80's songs still sound modern or even current until now.

      • You're right, of course. Since I'm not clear of Idol's definition of "Modern" there's no way to predict how old is too old.

    • How about some of these for the oldies

      Scotty – Only The Lonely or Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison

      or The race is on – George Jones

      or Silver Wings – Merle Haggard

      Jacob – The Twist – Chubby Checker

      or These Arms Of Mine – Otis Redding

      James – Dazed And Confused – Yardbirds, Led Zep

      or White Room – Cream

      Haley – Somebody To Love – Jefferson Airplane

      or Crazy – Patsy Cline

      Lauren – something by the Beatles or Loretta Lynn maybe

      • Not bad. Except I'm not sure Haley should take on a Grace Slick vocal. Crazy would work. Funny because Patsy Cline started out on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts.

      • Merle Haggard's song for Scotty ? That reminds me of Merle's another song : "Somewhere Between Your Heart and Mine" which I think will fit the duet of Scotty & Lauren.

      • Jacob singing "The Great Pretender" by The Platters (covered by Pat Boone in 1961) will be interesting, because we will be hearing from his mouth that he is a Great Pretender…lol.

  134. Haley is the dark horse of this competition she is getting better and better with her voice. Scotty Mcreepy’s star is burning out quickly. He is so boring. I DO NOT like him. Regardless if James wins this competition or not if he releases the type of music like Muse or anykind of alternative rock like that i WILL go out and by his album. AI afterall is a stepping stone for all the talent here. It depends what they do with it after the show. James will probably win the American Idol this year. He is so good.

    • I think Scotty is a star that is rising to the Top and he's going too win American Idol. I love all this talk about James but he don't shine as bright as Scotty. I do like all types of music and I when someone makes me stop what I'm doing to sit down and watch they've got to be something special. I did like Casey too, but Scotty made me stop, sit down and listen. That clean cut country yung man can sing. The rest are okay.

      • Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands in the south have been displaced during this tragic tornado sweep thru the southeast. Scotty and Lauren will suffer from loss of many votes and will affect their chances.

      • It really doesn't matter which of them wins. All of them will get some kind of deal after the tour. I have my doubts that Jacob will get far, but I feel sure about the other four.

      • hes good butits secular – I dont really like country – I admit to his talent but I'd like a more contemporary singer that has international appeal & thats James

  135. Something new to try. First I am glad to see temers down a bit. This was getting gloomy. It is supposed to be fun. My bias is for the same 3 as James musinc genre is not mine, he is not bad, just his music is not my taste.

    Some ideas for the old this week, How about Haley doing some Jefferson Airplane like White Room?

    Lauren some Dusty Springfield? Scotty some Johnny Cash? Jacob The Twist, James? Layla?

  136. I have now gone to listen to james song and other people who sang that very same song. And I think james sounded krap. I listen to scotty song and others that sang scottys song. And honest scotty sang it better than them. I agree last week james sang the best but this week he messed up

  137. I think that Jacob should be leaving this week. Next week is Haley's turn to go. Then Scotty. The finally should be James and Lauren. We all know who will win that!

  138. This show was TERRIBLE!!! Worst format ever!! Producers you SUCK!! Loved Casey!
    Actually the way he handled going out was the best way ever. It was the most exciting, classiest part of that show!! Will be following Casey's career and know he will be a big success!!

  139. I think it was time for Jacob to go. But I also thought it was his time to go way before Pia and Paul. I really don't know who is voting for him which makes me super confused. I liked Casey but it def. wasn't his platform and he probably should have never been saved to begin with. Scotty, he is boring to me and kinda a one noter. I think he might win and if he doesn't he will become successful but I don't think his voice is that great. I mean he does the low notes great but everything else is nothing special. I think people talked about how weak Paul's voice was but I think Scotty and Casey also have pretty weak voices. Lauren, is fine but again nothing special. She has a good voice but again I don't feel anything from her. I wish there was an age limit on who can vote for these shows. A bunch of 13-14 yr girls are going to vote for the Scotty or Lauren no matter what the performance. I was also really turned off when her family complained about not getting votes because her hometown was devastated by the tornadoes. They complained about their girl not getting votes? Kinda disgusting as if that is the most important thing going on in her town where people have lost homes, family members, and everything else. Haley is my favorite right now. I think she has the best voice out of the remaining contestants but I know she won't win because of the voter base and the bias of the judges. James annoys me to no end. I know people like him but I think the judges are quite bias towards him. We saw the same thing going on with Chris Medina. Have a sob story, a decent voice, and weird quirks and you have a much better chance of being a judge favorite. Not to say I don't feel bad for either of the guys…their stories made me tear up but that isn't enough when there are TONS of people with depressing lives. I sometimes really feel like I'm hearing something different then what the judges hear. He is very contrived to me. James might win but he doesn't have the mass appeal that someone like Carrie Underwood does. Don't get me wrong, I think James does have a good voice but it isn't my style. I think he kinda butchers some of the songs he does but oh well….

    • Really? Haley is your fav? She´s the weakest of all the five for me, honestly she should have left even before Nayma and Thia left (and that was a long time ago '-'). Misses Pia, Paul and Casey.=D

    • Like others have said IF pity was a factor then Chris Medina would still be on A Idol

  140. @Kdub OK, IT'S The little redheaded guy on the front of mad magazine! He looks like Casey! Am I right. If so that is very funny! I am going to watch Country Strong. And you two can have more fun. Good Night! Sherry K πŸ™‚

  141. i think jacob has a beautyfull voice and he's an artist, not a commercial pop singer

  142. i love jennifer hudson, fantasia and crystal bowersox. also i've a good good cd : melinda doolittle's. great voice!

  143. u know what? u might find the recap not nice but it actually help people who failed to watch the performance night have a glimpse of what just happened.

    • Hilarious! That knocked me off of my chair! Especially in his Easter Egg suit and adding some hip action.

  144. haleys my favorite and should maybe not win but top 3 at least shes the absolute BEST!! besides james!!

      • Yeah, I saw old Snake-ii had been harassing folks a bit! Coony withholds his Coondog Curse only for the most dastardly of folks (Casey, bin-Laden, now Jacob). Try calling Snakey as I did above, or possibly get Secondchance to snakeherd him a bit?

  145. James Durbin does seem to be imitating Adam Lambert or rather has a similar style. He has talent but so does Adam who lost to Kris Allen. After all is said and done, I truly hope a female wins this year. It's time. Scotty is a one trick pony and I hope he goes next.

  146. Did anyone else notice that during the evening's recap, Jacob Lusk's name was put over James' footage? Does that mean that people voted for Jacob thinking they were voting for James? Would that explain why Casey was kicked out before Jacob? And does that not diswaulify the whole vote?

  147. I'm glad Casey finally got kicked off. The guy was ridiculously overrated. AI constantly found every opportunity to have someone praise him. Even when his song was totally awful like Nature Boy, you could see the judges struggling for anything good to say about it.

    And when he's finally voted off for the second time, they never announce a bottom three, instead choosing to have it appear he lost to Scotty (when in truth he likely lost to Jacob) seemingly just to make him look better.

    I heard terms like "musical genius" get tossed around in reference to Casey, but I didn't see any of that displayed on stage. The only image he portrayed to me is a lounge singer and an amateur. Nothing he did ever came close to professional quality. Maybe this guy is a great songwriter or something, I don't know, but as a singer and a musician, he did not show me anything special at all. I'm glad I won't have to put up with another week of his grunting.

    • and we are all happy that you don't have to put up with his grunting…Shall i bring you Beiber on a platter?


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