American Idol 2012: Judges say everyone is trying to be Adele

American Idol 2012 judges are doing a lot of interviews across the board gearing up for the January 18 premiere of the 11th season and there’s one thing the judges seem to be tiring of: Adele.

Not Adele herself, but contestants trying to channel her. And apparently too many people are singing one of her songs in particular: “Someone Like You.”

Judge Jennifer Lopez told TV Guide “You have some people who do their own rendition of her who do it beautifully and then you have the people who fall a bit short.”

“Every three songs it’s that same song,” Judge Steven Tyler says, “but you have to let them sing because you never know who will nail it.”




  1. therein lies the problem. how many contests show originality and not karaoke? there is only one adele, just as there is only one adam or carrie or kelly. hope there is someone who shows uniqueness this season. let the games begin!!

    • pg to pr…..Jan 18th will start the games…LOL…..I would love to see another Adam (or someone that stands out above the crowd) but a female would be a nice change. Since James didn’t win I really was hoping it would be Haley (she was unique)and NOT country….LOL….

  2. There is so much good music that goes back decades. Too bad some of the contestants can’t use some of it and put their own spin on it. (Too many Celine, Mariah, Adele wannabes.) Look at Casey Abrams from last year. He played the standup bass and sang a song from the way back machine and caught the judges interest. If you can’t be unique, you are lost in the crowd. JMO

  3. This happens every season. There are always 2 or 3 songs that dominate the auditions. On the bright side, it seems the youth of America is turning back to real music and abandoning the last decade of rap/hip hop crap. Adam has a song called You Make Me Want To Listen to Music Again. Amen.

  4. I am 83 and love American Idol. I would love to see more of the songs from the WW11 era,,when folks had a lot of morality and many reasons to reach into their souls to write and sing good music. How about it, young people..?

  5. IMHO..if someone can sing like Adele, they deserve to be there. It means they can sing and hopefully they can sing other types of songs too!!!!!

    Lets just bring it on, we can be the judges…..I’m soooo ready for Idol…Jan 22nd….YAY…

    • I’m with you Phyllis, but if they don’t change the voting policy, the teenie-boppers are going to dominate the results.

      • I totally agree with that. The voting system really needs a change but I think we are beating a dead horse. AI loves those big numbers.
        With this system I don’t think a female will ever win again…..its a shame…..but that seems to be the trend….Male, country…..

      • Well I don’t know. I agree the voting system needs to change, but I will point out that the X-Factor(I don’t need to go into the things that are wrong with that show as it needs a major overhaul and a new host and at least one of the judges needs replaced and I mean you Nicole) has almost a similar voting system as Idol and a female won that show, but then again not as many people watched that show as they do Idol.

      • Shawn…..Your right about the X-Factor but the voting is a little different because the Judges choose between the bottom two……until the end. For sure Idol has more viewers.
        I haven’t heard anything about changes on Idol so I guess we are in for the same kind of season and voting.

  6. I remember several seasons ago that the “Tweens”
    influence in the voting had almost changed results on the AI eliminations and had also made some contestants overstayed their welcome inspite of poor singing performances.
    In the case of XFactor, this was not the case. I felt that the majority of the viewers were not tweens but much older, that is why younger performers like Astro, Drew , Rachel did not fair as much. I know that Melanie is also in her teens but she performed mostly R & B and older music that
    appealed to the older vierwers, that included me.
    I have noticed lately in most of the talent shows
    that tween viewing had dropped and loosing their interest in participating. I could be wrong but I can only base this on the fact that most of the winners are older , more mainstream in their musical choices (Like Melanie) and so far I don’t remember any one performming Hip Hop or more younger type of music that actualy succeeded in winning all the way. What do you guys think about this? Open for suggestions.

    • I don’t watch the other performance contests, so I can’t speak with any authority about them. As for Idol, all I’m sure of is that the last 4 seasons the voting was dominated by teens and tweens with cell phones, a situation that didn’t exist when Jordin and Carrie won. If they don’t change the voting we will never see a winner who isn’t a cute, white, boy. They don’t want to change the voting because they love posting those big numbers, but those votes don’t translate into Ford or Coke sales. A teen who texts a thousand votes can only drink so much and doesn’t buy automobiles at all.

      • Hi Templar,
        let me understand this correctly, are saying that the “cute,white boy” you are reffering to did not deserve to win but because of the tweens’s votes
        managed to squeek a win or did he win because he was good. please explain.

      • Hi Ed. No not at all. Happily this time the teens and the majority of the viewers ended up on the same page. Regulars on this site know that I’m one of Scotty’s biggest fans. That being said, Adam should have won over Kris and Lee should never have been in the final two. That’s due to teens and cell phones.

      • Hi Templar, that’s good to hear. I was also Scotty’s biggest fan from the time I heard him sing the first time. I knew he had a good chance to win providing he stuck to his roots.
        Let’s hope that the trend continues in AI, where the best singer/performer
        wins, and I agree in the past I was very dissapointed in the results and I knew it was due to fan voting. it is very obvious by now who are the real winners in the past AI, those that are successful in their recording
        careers. I like your observations, keep up the good comments 🙂

    • @Ed…..We can only hope that things are changing but I have a feeling that they are waiting for Idol to start….I totally agree with you regarding X-Factor….The real young ones were illuminated early on which shows there wasn’t take many young votes. Melanie was an old soul….She definitely deserved to win….

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