American Idol 2012 Premiere: Just One Week Away

American Idol 2012

The American Idol 2012 premiere is just one week away! We’re about to be hit by a whirlwind of Idol auditions as we get our first official look at this season’s hopefuls as the judges begin to hand out the coveted golden tickets to Hollywood. Of course we’ve already taken a sneak peek at the American Idol spoilers for this season but until we see it air we can’t confirm it as 100% accurate.

Don’t forget to set your DVRs to catch all THREE episodes the first week of the return of American Idol 2012. We’ll have a Wednesday 8PM two-hour episode, a Thursday 8PM one-hour episode, and then a Sunday 10PM ET (7PM PT) one-hour episode. That’s four full hours of Idol goodness coming at you very soon.

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  1. as long as idol doesn’t interfere with ranger games, my husband and i will be a captive audience. we’ll probably record most idol shows, then watch them a day or two later. this way we can fast forward the endless commercials. let’s go idol. LWT’S GO RANGERS!!!!!

      • What do I know, I’m a diehard Met and Islander fan(I still remember how we dominated the league in the late 70’s early 80’s)!!!!!!A girl can still dream…..!!!!!

      • Hi Phyllis G. We have been having computer problems. It’s worked out now. I have missed you jumping around on all the blogs! I am excited for American Idol to start. I was not too happy with the X/Factor! How about you? Have a great week end girl friend!

      • Hi Sherry K…..Nice to see you back on the blogs…You know me, I’m practically on all of Matt’s blogs…I need to get a life…LOL….
        I am really excited about Idol starting up in less than a week now. I was very disappointed with the X-Factor but the last two shows were the best…..I feel that Simon needs to tweak a few things too…..We will just have to see what happens next season….
        Have a wonderful weekend my friend….

  2. I’m crossing my fingers that they minimize the train wreck auditions and totally eliminate the “My brother’s a leper” sob stories. Sympathy is the wrong reason to vote for someone and doesn’t translate into a career for the singer. That’s adding false hope to an already sad life. Nonetheless. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Yeah Templar I would like it too that they tone down the bad and joke auditions, and stop with the sob stories. I got sick of hearing about Chris Medina’s crippled girlfriend last season, but you know that they will have someone who has a dying parents, doing it for their ill parent, sibling, significant other, ect. Or the ones who are one paycheck away from being thrown out on the street or can’t afford the buy diapers for their baby and so on.

  4. As much as I gnash my teeth over many aspects of the show, I will be watching, too. I had already printed out the 3-day schedule (the only schedule that was showing so far on the AI site as of yesterday). Surprised the entire season’s schedule is not displayed.

    • Hi Pup! I get what you are saying about gnashing your teeth. But I will be watching too. I was not too impressed with X/Factor at all. If Simon wants to keep it going he needs to make some tweeks to it.# 1, No judges who just can’t vote! Sob, sob! # 2 quit the bickering betweent the four of you! They acted like a bunch of little children. And I do mean the judges. Not the contestants. I hope Steven Tyler is more witty this year. He can definitely do it. And duh, He is getting paid enugh for it. I watched him on Oprah;s chanel. OWN. It was fun all of the things he had to say.Also read his book. He said thoughts have always ran through his head since he was a kid! So I know he can do better on American Idol. Not just ~ Oh that was just so beautiful. We will see. It’s not long now until it’s on. Have a great week end. Sherry K

      • Pup, Sorry.Bickering between the four of the judges. Sometimes my fingers hit two keys at a time. I hate to look like a dummy too!

  5. I love Idol have watched it from the first show. Love Steven Tyler as the new judge but miss Simon. Can’t wait I will be there.

  6. Did I hear they start out in Savannah? If so, it should be entertaining because those people are crazy!

  7. I’m ready for American Idol.If I can’t be in front of the tube I get my son to use his DVR.

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