American Idol 2012 Spoilers: So It Begins

American Idol spoilers are always a big draw as viewers want to know who made it through the auditions and on to Hollywood. While the coveted golden tickets are supposed to be kept super secret, there are always lots of leaks and clues along the way so the American Idol 2012 season shouldn’t be any different.

A new group of Idol sleuths are working to gather all the guarded secrets for this upcoming season and we’ll be keeping an eye on their progress and sharing any big reveals with you. The group, “TIP,” has set up a way for you to report any rumors and check in on the list as it grows on their site.

Here’s what they’ve gathered so far for Idol 2012 spoilers on Hollywood Week:

Idol 2012 – Hollywood Week:

  • Alex Wong (SYTYCD)
  • Ashley Robles
  • Courtney Flege
  • DeAndre Brackensick (AI10 Top 40)
  • Elijah Liu
  • Erika Van Pelt
  • Jessica Sanchez (AGT1 Semi-Finals)
  • Lauren Gray
  • Lindsay Romney
  • Todd MacIntyre

I’m interested to see if Alex Wong is a great singer, or if he’s a good singer that FOX saw as a great way to cross-promote two of their big reality competition shows. Then you’ve also got Todd MacIntyre who is allegedly the brother of former Idol performer Scott MacIntyre.

It’s a short list of Idol spoilers so far, but we’ll keep a watch on things and let you know when it starts to come together.




  1. Thanks for the heads up Matt. Now I;ll keep this list and wait for the auditions to start so I can watch out for these names.

  2. wow jessica sanchez is on American idol i wanna c this im a fan of hers when ii first saw her on AGT

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