American Idol 2013 Ad Rates Fall From Top Spot

American Idol 2013 judges

FOX has long enjoyed the top spot in advertising rates when it came to the power of American Idol and its massive audiences but that’s all changing for this upcoming season.

This week FOX announced new rates that would drop by more than 30% for a 30-second chance at the singing show’s audience. Wednesday night ads have shifted from an incredible $502.9K to a still astonishing $340.8K. If you’re bargain shopping then Thursday is your best bet for Idol commercials as those will now run a mere $296K as compared to last year’s $468K.

While the new advertising rates has dropped from past seasons they remain a massive earner for Fox and company so I wouldn’t worry about the longevity of the show anytime soon. Analysts point to the heavy saturation of similar shows out there bringing down the overall rates, but these still remain high enough to make plenty of money even if networks have to add a few more chairs to the table.

If you’re curious, the top spot of ad rates now belongs to NBC for their Sunday night football coverage with 30-second ads going for $545K.

Source: MSN Money via AJC




  1. goodness gracious, how ever are they going to pay carey and minaj, those bundles of talent??????????

      • going to atlantic city a helluva lot!! and doing a lot more reading, not to mention watching reruns of america’s top model and say yes to the dress

  2. Blind stupidity reigns. Limit the voting and the ratings will rise, and so will the advert revenue.

  3. My family,friends and I have been watching since the first season. We won’t be watching this season. The main reason is they still havren’t limited the voting. We refuse to watch another season the way it is. Also we don’t care for the Judges. We have moved on to X-Factor and The Voice.

    • I totally understand where your coming from. I love The Voice & X-Factor too but come Jan. I will have withdrawals and I know I will watch AI if for nothing else…I love the young talent.

  4. Are you really surprised at rating drops???? Who wants to listen to Nicki Minaj give unprofessional advice to young singers? Your choice of judges doesn’t have the spark that they had last year.

  5. The voice is much more fun! Love it and love the judges. Blake Shelton, the Hunk, Adam levien. Sexy, Xtina, Knows what she is talking about! Cee Lo. Als o knows what he is talking about. And the contestants really are all there to win. X/Factor is better this year too. AI is just getting boring. I Like two of the judges. Randy Dawg! I am used to him. And the eveer hot Keith Urban. Can’t even figure why he is on there? Usually the judges are just loosers. I did not know Keith Urban was a looser? I may watch a few episodes to see what Keith Urban surrounded by Diva’s is like. Because I know he is on the shy side. And that is it. Have fun everyone. I see Matt that you still have the icky new forum. What was wrong with the old one? Sherry K

    • Agree on the Voice & X-Factor being better. I don’t like how X Factor is produced (if that’s the right term), but daaaaaaang, that Janell Garcia audition was the sexiest thing in music I’ve seen in a long, long time. That rapper who sang Party in the USA is a close 2nd. Over on the Voice, “Message in a Bottle” was fantastic too……………. Each of those perfomances, plus a few others, were better than anything on Idol this past season…………….. I like the judges on the Voice a lot better too. Those 4 are better than AI back when AI had the original 3. Constructive criticism w/out being an effiminate bully about it. I’m actually learning about music from those 4………………….. For what it’s worth, even at the new rates, everytime there’s a commercial break, AI is pulling in about $3,000,000. I forget how many breaks they have, 8 maybe? That’s still a nice chunk of change.

  6. I won’t be watching since it seems they just want to have two women act like 3 year olds. Sorry Idol but I don’t want to watch the singing version of the Jerry Sringer show. Fire Minaji and I might reconsider.

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