American Idol 2013: Nicki Minaj To Lil Wayne: Don’t Watch It

Nicki and lil wayne american idol

Apparently new American Idol 2013 judge Nicki Minaj is embarrassed of herself on the show or embarrassed that she’s on the show because she’s told her mentor Lil Wayne to avoid watching.

OK, maybe she just knows Lil Wayne wouldn’t be into a bunch of young people thinking they’re going to be the next big thing. I get that. But it’s not exactly the best PR for the show.

“When I talk to her (she) always tells me, ‘You don’t wanna watch that, you’re not going to be into it,'” Lil Wayne told the Associated Press. “She knows me. … It’s kind of like a catfight where they be going back and forth type of thing, I’m not into all that.”

Oh, so it’s the bickering she doesn’t want him to see. Now that totally make sense. I wish I didn’t have to see that part either. I’m not a fan of this season’s judges panel at all because of that. Hey Nicki, can I not watch too? Please?

What do you think of the panel? Love them or hate them?




  1. Fake hair, fake accents, fake fights to go with all scrambling to catch a previously great show that has fallen behind all the copycats. I’ll go back after Hollywood to see if there is anyone I even care about hearing sing. But it,s getting harder and harder to watch the only judge that even acts like a lady is Urban which was a shocker! The whole thing is just sad now

  2. Keith Urban is a terrific judge – funny, compassionate. Nicki isn’t bad in small doses. I like her. Mariah is too self absorbed and insecure. The bickering and eye rolling makes me crazy, but I think it will subside when we get to the live shows. (I hope).

  3. i don’t think nicki’s that bad. i hated her in the first episonde but she’s gotten better episonde by episonde. if someone like lady gaga was jugraeing i whould’t be whaching. out of the the jurgaes i like Mariah the best such she’s the one who seems like she knows the most about music. i really like keith too. randys been the same as always . all in all i like them all

      • I am pleasantly surprised with Nicki…very disappointed in Mariah Carey, Mariah is coming across as a real witch with a captial B…maybe they just Mariah in to make Nicki look better…I think Nicki is a keeper…no way Mariah sticks after this season…if she even finishes this season

  4. Keith Urban has this sexy down to earth vibe I didn’t expect to see. Mariah is a diva and I feel like she doesn’t like Nicki because NM takes the spotlight. And NM is the only reason I watch AI.

  5. I Love Them ! The Bickering Is What Makes The Show More Interesting . When You Watch Idol Not Only Are You Loving These Great Talented Voices But Your Sitting On Edge Waiting To Hear What Crazy Thing Nick I Says Next . And For Mariah You Want To See How Snobbish She Going To Be ! And Keith And Randy ? Oh I Love Them Regardless !

  6. I agree with Sam! I think Keith Urban is funny, compassionate and good to look at. I always love learning more about a celebrity I like. And you can lean more about them on american Idol. My husband didn’t like Steven Tyler who I have always liked. But after he watched him he said “He is not as bad as I thought. I like him too!.” So don’t rush to judgement too soon aon anyone. I didn’t think I would like Nicki Minaj. But she is OK. She has some good comments to the contestants. She is nice to them too. Actually the one I don’t like is Mariah Carey. She doesn’t act too smart. and she is a real Diva! I heard her say one day as the judges were arriving ” Oh I don’t want anyone to see me before my hair is done! Well duh, who cares about her dumb hair? She is there to judge the contestants. And I don’t think she is too good at that either. And Randy is Randy! He laughs too much!

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