American Idol 2014 – What Is ‘The Chamber’?

American Idol 2014 introduces “The Chamber” this season as a new twist on the season 13 audition process. Will the new spin entertain us or just stress out the singers? Who are we kidding? Probably both!

American Idol 'The Chamber'

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest introduced the new addition to the audition saying that no matter how the Hopefuls arrived at their audition, they’d have to “sweat it out in something we call ‘The Chamber.'”

When given the go-ahead the Hopefuls step inside this small waiting room and await a green light letting them know it’s time for them to step on through to the biggest small stage of their lives.

The Chamber is the singers’ last stop before they step before the new American Idol 2014 judges panel. Some use the moment to freak out while others collect their thoughts and get ready for the opportunity.

What do you think of “The Chamber” for Season 13? I think it’s a fun idea and definitely a brief moment of calm that many of them are probably happy to have after a long day of crowds and chaos.

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  1. I’m not sure I’m diggin “the chamber”. I liked the immediate reaction from the families after the contestants stepped out. Or their opportunity to sometimes step in and meet the judges, etc. And I feel like that is missing. And I liked Ryan talking to them before they went in. Interviewing them and wishing them luck. I also miss the bad/funny auditions! I still love AI but I miss those tone-def yet confident folks for sure! I know none of the judges are as blunt as Simon was with their reactions, but I would still love to see some more silly peeps!!! #bringbackthecraziesidol

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