American Idol 2014: What Performances Air This Week? April 23-24, 2014

This week on American Idol 2014 the Top 6 remaining finalists take the stage on FOX for some Country and Rock n Roll starting Wednesday night before another contestant is sent home on Thursday’s results show.

Top 6 on American Idol 2014
Top 6 on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Starting on Wednesday night for a double dose night of American Idol the singers will take on not one, but two songs in this week’s theme.

The finalists will have to perform a Country hit and a Rock song giving them the chance to try something new and offer viewers two reasons to vote them in this week. That should also mean the end of the duets for now.

Returning on Thursday night the official American Idol 2014 results show will reveal who is voted off from the 30-minute episode airing at 9PM ET/PT on FOX. We’ll be here for both shows live blogging the whole thing so come back and discuss the shows live with us throughout the week. We can’t wait to see who delivers the best on this theme giving us a nice balance of music for the night!

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We’re getting closer to discovering which finalist will become the next American Idol! Who do you think it will be?




      • Yeah maybe caleb and alex is understandable, i just don’t feel sam is but whatever that’s obviously just my opinion.

      • Malaya could sing circles around Sam, if you put those two on a stage in a sing-off.

        Malaya used the stage much better than Sam does. Malaya could hold a note.

        I don’t doubt Sam can sing, however, he is far from having the ‘best voice’ of the Top 13.

        F a r.

      • I would rather hear Sam sing than Malaya. I like Malaya, but Sam’s voice is the one I’d buy, between those two. The only music I’d pay for would be from Alex, Sam, hmmm … The ones whose music I would never, ever buy: Jena, Caleb.

      • me too. i will spend my money for Sam and Alex. i would never use my money for Jena Irene.

      • I beg to disagree! Sam has the perfect voice for me: quality, enunciation and pitch! If he has CDs, I would buy all of it!

      • if he has his albums, i would buy all of it too. i can’t wait for his albums. i even want right now.

      • He also doesn’t know what to do with his feet. Last week he marched in place. This week he looked like he was killing bugs with his left foot. Why don’t the judges get on his case about moving around the stage the way they do Jessica?

    • I don’t care about his face, but I’m not a fan of the singing either. He’s just kind of eh. Very middle of the road.

  1. Jena doing country? That could be interesting, I wish her the best out there, i already know Jessica can sing country and rock so she’s definitely got this week. I’ve never heard sam or alex do either country or rock which again could be interesting. CJ doing rock and country could be a good thing this week to possibly keep him staying this week (hoping he does good however) and Caleb already has the rock song in his favor, but i’m a little iffy on country, he’s probably just going to change it into a rock song with his voice anyways. I figure anyone could surprise me at this point in the competition.

      • Well anyone who liked dexter could go for anyone. Cj seems to be a more likely but I think just because he’s a country guy doesn’t ultimately mean your going to vote for another country guy. Frankly jessica would probably get the votes from dexter imo but like you said, anyone could get them.

  2. Next week should be alternative and singer/songwriter to be fair then. What would our one trick pony 70s screamer do then?

  3. The top 6 American Idols will definitely entertain us with their country and rock songs! Soo.. exciting! What excites me most is my favorite idol SAM. We have not seen him doing these things but I believe he can do it! Just curious what songs did he pick?

    • For country, I hope he does the Hunter Hayes song “Wanted”. For rock, not sure, but I will LOVE anything he sings. He is definitely my favorite and has been from day one. He has the whole package.

      • Yes, so agree! Whatever he sings I love it too! This is the real game now! Among the contenders, Sam has the strong charisma, not to mention all the good qualities and talents he has, he is the perfect idol for everyone not only to the young but to all the people!

      • So good to know another Sam fan. I will be watching tonight and casting as many votes as I can to keep him in the competition.

  4. Anyone but Sam. I don’t even know why the girls like him. He has a strange smile and no stage presence.

  5. WOW! This would of been the perfect week for Dexter but instead America saves pink hair.

  6. If J Lo rags on Jessica again this week I swear I am going to stop watching the show. She almost tanked her two weeks ago by giving her a scathing review. What is he problem. Jessica may not win but she has a great voice. She doesn’t need J Lo deliberately trying to make her look bad.

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