American Idol 2019: Ranking The Top 10

The American Idol 2019 Top 10 is official, even if we don’t all agree with every choice. So now it’s time to take a closer look at each one with our Top 10 rankings.

We will be looking at how they’ve done since the beginning, how they’ve evolved, how well they sing (of course) and how well they perform. So let’s get to it!

American Idol 2019 Top 10 Ranked

1. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon. Jeremiah is holding onto our top spot as he delivers every single time. Whether he’s behind the piano or not, he always pours his soul into his music and there’s always a vulnerability and a humbleness that is really appealing.

2. Laine Hardy. I know Laine is a lot of people’s No. 1 and I get it. He has the most unique voice and he’s very marketable. But unlike Jeremiah, Laine lacks that overall welcome feeling. Laine already acts like a star and has no doubts he’s great. That’s off-putting to me. None of that make him bad or anything, it’s just the easiest way to explain why he’s our No. 2 contestant.

3. Alejandro Aranda. For a bit, Alejandro was going to be our No. 1 no matter what. But the past couple of performances have really been off for him. He wasn’t even singing that well Monday night and that really confused us. I think his confidence is dropping, which is crazy since he’s insanely talented. I think he just needs to go with the right song choices, even if that means ditching some of his originals.

4. Laci Kaye Booth. Laci has a very unique sound, and a lot like Jeremiah, she just seems humble. There are times with she gets a little breathy when she sings, but when she picks the right songs, she’s on fire. And she’s good at picking the right – which are also often risky – songs.

5. Madison VanDenberg. I want to rank Madison higher. I might even put her ahead of Laine in No. 2 if I were only basing this on who I think should win. But Madison has just had fewer big moments than the other four. But I fully expect a big moment from her that will likely send her closer to the top of our future rankings.

6. Walker Burroughs. I like Walker a lot. I’ve previously said that he reminds me of old-school idol contestants and that he really feels like what the show was built on. It used to be plucking a good singer out of some town in American and crafting them into a superstar. It has gotten away from that these days where we have former The Voice contestants or people with failed contracts acting like they’re getting their first shot. Anyway, I’m drifting. Walker is a great performer and I love his stage presence.

7. Uche. Everyone knows Uche isn’t the best vocalist in the competition. But he’s also far from the worst. He has a good voice. But it’s his performance ability and stage presence that really makes him a star. He probably won’t survive the next round, but he’s a born entertainer and he deserves to make it in the business, even if that’s not by winning American Idol.

8. Dimitrius Graham. Dimitrius has had his ups and downs. I think he’s a great singer who struggles with song choice and what kind of singer he is. I think if he had just focused a little more, he could have made it into the Top 10 himself and could be a contender. But I’m not sure where he stands with America right now.

9. Wade Cota. I know a lot of people love Wade, but a lot of people – like myself – do not. He’s just not for everyone, which is why I’m ranking him so low. To be the American Idol you should have more versatility and be a singer everyone can listen to even if you’re not a person’s favorite artist. I could never listen to Wade. No matter what he sings.

10. Alyssa Raghu. I don’t know if Alyssa deserves to be all the way at the bottom, but I think she should have gone home over Ashley Hess, so maybe I’m just bitter. I look for her to just go home next week, which will a total waste of Katy Perry’s save. Ashley actually had a shot to perform well and make it further in the competition after her fans saw that she was in danger once already.

So those are just my opinions and mean virtually nothing, so don’t take them too seriously. Instead of just disagreeing, let us know what you think. How would you rank the American Idol 2019 Top 10?