American Idol 2020: How Do I Vote?

Live voting for American Idol 2020 is about to kick off as the Top 20 will perform for your votes from home. And even though that’s going to feel a lot differently, how to vote for your favorite American Idol contestants won’t be at all different. And the vote is important, as only 10 of these 20 will make it through to the next round of competition.

How To Vote For American Idol 2020

The Top 20 show vote will open on Sunday, April 26 at the beginning of the East Coast broadcast at approximately 8pm ET /5pm PT and locks on Monday, April 27 at 9am ET/6am PT.

You have three ways for you to keep your favorite contestants singing. You can vote online at, in the American Idol app or via text. You have to be at least 16 years old and located in the U.S., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands to vote on or in the American Idol app.

For text message voting, simply text the number of the contestant you would like to vote for to “21523”. The number for each contestant is outlined below:

Kimmy Gabriela: text “1” to 21523

Jovin Webb: text “2” to 21523

Franklin Boone: text “3” to 21523

Olivia Ximines: text “4” to 21523

Louis Knight: text “5” to 21523

Makayla Phillips: text “6” to 21523

Aliana Jester: text “7” to 21523

Faith Becnel: text “8” to 21523

Nick Merico: text “9” to 21523

Lauren Spencer-Smith: text “10” to 21523

Cyniah Elise: text “11” to 21523

Francisco Martin: text “12” to 21523

Sophia James: text “13” to 21523

DeWayne Crocker Jr.: text “14” to 21523

Dillon James: text “15” to 21523

Arthur Gunn: text “16” to 21523

Julia Gargano: text “17” to 21523

Grace Leer: text “18” to 21523

Just Sam: text “19” to 21523

Jonny West: text “20” to 21523

Text voting is open to all Wireless Carriers. Message & data rates may apply. SMS voting terms are available at

Each week, you can submit up to ten (10) votes for each remaining contestant per voting method (online at, in the American Idol app, and via text message voting*).  For example, if you want to vote for a given contestant – you could submit: up to ten (10) votes for that contestant on, up to ten (10) votes for that contestant on the American Idol app and up to ten (10) votes for that contestant via text message, for a total of up to thirty (30) votes for that contestant across all voting methods that week.

When voting online at or in the American Idol app, you can reallocate your votes until the voting window closes. Just be sure to hit “save” each time you make a change to your votes!