American Idol 2024 Recap Episode 16: Adele Night & The Final Five Revealed

American Idol 2024 Top 7

We’re down to the final seven American Idol 2024 contestants. Then by the end of the two-hour broadcast, we’re down to the final five. This marks the beginning of the end. For the next three weeks, only one episode airs a night. Once the final five are revealed, the contestants have a week off before they compete for their spots in the final three. Then the following week is the American Idol 2024 finale.

Stress and anticipation are at an all-time high for the contestants. Therefore, it is nice that they get a bit of a break by performing one night a week instead of two. Tonight’s episode has the potential to be one of the best of the season. It’s Adele week. The final seven contestants get to pick from the singer’s songbook and perform her songs in their styles. The English singer has so many great songs, so I look forward to hearing what Jack Blocker, Emmy Russell, Julia Gagnon, Abi Carter, Will Moseley, Triston Harper, and Mckenna Faith Breinholt bring to Adele’s songbook.

They’re also performing twice tonight. They perform Adele’s songs and dance songs. This means they have the potential to show off their softer, ballad sides and some fun, dance performances. In addition to the contestants performing two songs each, Ciara will be along for the ride to help mentor the final seven.

Meghan Trainor, who mentored the contestants a few episodes ago, returns tonight to perform. These two hours will be a breeze with so much to pack into them. Let’s dive into the recap.

The Top Seven Perform

The show kicks off with the Top 7 performing dance songs.

Round 1: Dance songs.

Jack Blocker goes first. He performs the Little Richard hit “Long Tall Sally.” The judges enjoy it and comment on his progress from the start of the season. Katy Perry worried about him, but thought he did an impressive job. Text 20 to 21523 to vote for Jack. You can also vote on the American Idol App or 

Julia Gagnon perform “Roam” by The B-52’s. The judges talked about their love of the B-52’s. Katy comments on her having great energy and vocals. Text 4 to 21523 to vote for Julia. You can also vote on the American Idol App or 

Abi Carter worries about having to dance for this performance and shares this with Ciara. Abi sings “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)”  by Fall Out Boys.  Katy jokes that this performance made her scared for her. Luke Bryan thought the performance was amazing.  Text 8 to 21523 to vote for Abi. You can also vote on the American Idol App or 

McKenna Faith Breinholt wants to honor Katy by singing “E.T.” Lionel Richie says he loves how McKenna made the song hers. It was about her singing a Katy Perry song and fitting it to her style. Katy says she did a good job and compliments all the contestants for performing so well this week. Text 12 to 21523 to vote for McKenna. You can also vote on the American Idol App or 

Ciara gives Will Moseley a dance lesson. He sings “Gimme Three Steps” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Lionel and Katy both say it looks like Will was having fun and they enjoyed watching it. Luke says he hasn’t heard Will sing a bad note since the competition started. He says Will sings his butt off.  Text 11  to 21523 to vote for Will. You can also vote on the American Idol App or 

Emmy Russell changes the arrangement of “Shut Up and Dance” by WALK THE MOON. Katy encouraged her to keep pushing herself. Luke compliments her for her growth and mentions supporting Katy’s claim that this is Emmy’s best vocals. Text 17  to 21523 to vote for Emmy. You can also vote on the American Idol App or 


Abi is safe.

Jack is safe.

Triston is safe.

Will is safe.

Emmy is safe.

Mckenna and Julia are eliminated.

Join us next Sunday for more American Idol 2024 recaps. We’ll see who America votes into the Top 3. We’re only two weeks from the finale, so each episode is a can’t-miss event.  Make sure to add us on Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter) for more American Idol spoilers, recaps, exclusives, news, and much more.