American Idol 2024 Recap Episode 17: The Disney Songbook & The Top 3

American Idol 2024-Abi Carter and Kane Brown
AMERICAN IDOL – 717 (Disney Night)” – Abi Carter, Kane Brown Disney/Yellow Shoes)

American Idol 2024 ends next week. We already know it will be back for a 23rd season overall and 8th on ABC. We’re excited for another season, though sad to see Katy Perry leave.  Before we can even start discussing who could replace the pop star, we need to see who earns the American Idol 22 crown. Last week, we saw Abi Carter, Triston Harper, Jack Blocker, Emmy Russell, and Will Moseley become the Top 5 contestants.

By the end of tonight’s two-hour broadcast, two more are leaving. Heading into finale night, this takes us to the final three. To be perfectly honest, if you asked me who would be in the finale at the start of American Idol 2024, I am not sure I would name any of the Top 5. This isn’t to say they aren’t talented. I just think this season has been very unpredictable. Therefore, I have no clue who will win American Idol 2024.

The Top 3 will be a shock either way. Tonight’s episode involves the final five singing two songs each from the Disney songbook. A Few hours ago, American Idol put tonight’s tracklist on their Instagram page. We now know we’ll be hearing “Part of Your World,” “The Climb,” “Almost There,” “Born To Be Wild,” and a lot of other great Disney songs.

The interesting thing about this Top 5 Disney Night is that many selected songs aren’t typically heard on Idol. It’ll be nice to hear different songs performed with this batch of semi-finalists. Kane Brown will mentor the contestants tonight. Jenifer Lewis also performs.

Let’s dive into this penultimate episode and see who pulls ahead. 

The episode starts with an intro with Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Ryan Seacrest enjoying Disneyland. There is also a version of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story sung by Luke, Lionel, and Katy.

Katy decides to dress as Cinderella which includes a magical dress transformation. Ryan also announces a tribute to The Princess and the Frog.

American Idol Top 5 Perform Part 1

Abi Carter talks about being a huge Disney fan. She’s singing “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. Her sister is named Ariel because of that movie.

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Luke compliments Abi for how she embodied the character. He says it was one of her best performances and you can tell she sang it a lot. Lionel says the Disney songbook was made for her. Katy says it’s been incredible watching her grow on Idol.

Triston Harper and Kane share some of their history. Brown tells Triston that he can do better and tells him to take his singing up another key. Triston sings “Almost There” from The Princess and the Frog. 

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Lionel says Triston makes the audience love him when he’s just having fun. Katy talks to Gus (the Cinderella cartoon mouse) and he says Triston isn’t almost there, he’s there. Luke tells him not to change and that he’s a charmer.

Emmy Russell talks about her nerves with Kane. She sings “The Climb” from  Hannah Montana: The Movie. 

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Katy says Emmy’s miracle is coming. It’s just a long journey for her. Luke says she keeps working and her voice is so real. Lionel says she’s a stylist and has her sound.

Idina Menzel accepts an award for Frozen‘s “Let It Go” becoming certified diamond.

Jack Blocker sings “Nobody’s Fool” from Cars 2. Kane gives Jack some performance notes.

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Luke says that he has that swag. He says it’s fun to see Jack free. He went against their expectations. Lionel says his new stag name is Jack Swagger. Katy says if he wins, this will be Jack’s Cinderella story.

Will Moseley sings “The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy” from Toy Story 4.

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Lionel says the cracking in his voice will sell more records. Katy says that no one saw his fumble. He fixed it by giving them a big soul moment at the end. Luke compliments his song choice.

Jenifer Lewis sings “Dig A Little Deeper” from The Princess and the Frog. 

American Idol Top 5 Perform Part 2

The Top 5 get to experience Disney World with their mothers. We see packages of that before their performances.

Emmy Russell sings “Carried Me With You” from Onward. 

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Katy says the chorus opened her in the right way. She tells her to never hide. Luke says she’s getting more comfortable. He says the sky is the limit for Emmy. Lionel says to repeat the word confidence to blow people away.

Triston Harper sings “Life is a Highway” from Cars.

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Luke says Triston will be on the highway on a tour bus. Lionel says he will take it all the way. Katy says it has been his best vocal performance.

Abi Carter sings “The Chain” from Guardians of the Galaxy. 

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Lionel says that it was a great job. Katy says she owns the stage. She compares her to Hayley Williams from Paramore and Billie Eilish. Luke says her transformation has been so fun to watch.

Jack Black sings “Space Oddity” from Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

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Katy says he doesn’t make boring performances. Luke says it was an interesting song choice and see how he plays it in his artistry. Lionel says he will be something else when his career blossoms.

Will Moseley closes the night with “Born to be Wild” from D3: The Mighty Ducks.

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Luke says it was great energy and says he has a big voice. Lionel says way to play the stage. He says it was incredible. Katy says that was the best he ever sounded. It was nasty.


Ryan names some of the people who will perform during the three-hour finale. This includes Bon JoviCody Johnson, James Bay, and Idol winner Nick Fradiani.

Will makes the Top 3.

Abi makes the Top 3.

Jack makes the Top 3.

Emmy and Triston are eliminated. Well there you have it, the Top 3 are Abi, Will, and Jack. It’s nice that three diverse vocally singers made it into the finale.

Join us next Sunday for the American Idol 2024 finale. We’ll see who in the Top 3 takes home the Idol crown. With only a week left, American Idol Network will have plenty of content to edge us closer to the end.  Make sure to add us on Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter) for more American Idol spoilers, recaps, exclusives, news, and much more.