American Idol 2024 Recap Episode 9: The Top 24 Perform Part 2

American Idol 2024-Ryan Seacrest
AMERICAN IDOL – 708 (Disney/Eric McCandless) RYAN SEACREST

Last night’s American Idol 2024 live performances kicked off the start of America’s control of the votes. You decide who wears the American Idol 22 crown. We won’t know until next week who made the Top 20. Instead, tonight the next set of 12 contestants compete for their spot. Only four people are going home next week, so only two will be eliminated in each set. 

The first 12 performers already have their fates sealed because voting closed this morning. The two eliminate are already gone, they just don’t know it yet. The second set still has a chance to win over votes. Tori Kelly acted as the judge and mentor for the first twelve performers. Jelly Roll guides the second set. Tori offered a lot of good advice and gave a stellar performance. Let’s hope Jelly Roll offers the same amount of care to the contestants and performs one of his current or future hit songs.

The twelve performing tonight are Odell Bunton Jr., Triston Harper, Roman Collins, Mia Matthews, Jack Blocker, Emmy Russell, Ajii, Elleigh Marie, Kennedy Reid, KBlocks, Jennifer Jeffries, and Mackenzie Sol. They have to match the talent and energy of last night’s performances. Let’s see if they can pull it off.

Top 24 Perform: Night Two

Odell Bunton Jr. starts the show by singing “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. Luke Bryan and Katy Perry says he put his stamp on an iconic song. He did it his way.

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Elleigh Marie deals with an ex-boyfriend cheating on her so she dedicates “Forget You” by CeceLo Green to him. Lionel Richie tells her to enjoy the audience. He says it’s a great performance. Katy says this shows her layers. Luke says to take the energy to her next performance. Jelly Roll she shows up and delivers a great performance.

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Mackenzie Sol performs “Jealous” by Nick Jonas. He completely changes the arrangement at the start. Then gets back to the normal pop-y style. Katy calls it his best performance of the show. She says he gave them vocals and a good performance. Luke says the same about it being his best performance thus far. Jelly Roll says he’s proud of him. He exceeded his expectations. Lionel says he brought sexy to the Idol stage. He says if he keeps them screaming for forty years, that’s a career.

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Jennifer Jeffries sings “Bruises” by Lewis Capaldi. Jelly Roll says her voice is incredible and sounds like it’s been through a lot of pain. Lionel says they felt the song because she did. Katy tells her way to stay true to her roots. She says she has one of the more unique voices in the competition. Luke tells her to keep surprising them and to play to the masses, but stay true to herself.

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Jelly Roll performs “Halfway to Hell.”

Emmy Russell decides to sing “Beautiful Things” by Benson Boone. She changes the arrangement. Lionel says she has a storyteller’s voice. Katy says she sang it like she wrote it. Tells her to continue to push her voice.

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Ajii sings “Higher” by Tems.  Lionel says he took command of the stage. Katy says this is a whole new person. This is a A++ performance. She says this is a whole new cake. Luke says he owns the moment. They pull his mom on stage.

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Kennedy Reid sings “Fancy’ by Reba McEntire. Katy says she thinks America is obsessed with her. Lionel says she cut loose. He says that the way you take a stage. Luke says she looks fancy. He says they have been watching her confidence grow. Jelly Roll says he sees a full superstar,

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Jack Blocker sings “Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves. Luke says he’s ready to make a name for himself. Jelly Roll says he gives him goosebumps. Lionel says he’s a fabulous storyteller.

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Roman Collins sings How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) by Marvin Gaye. Lionel says the found another religion. Jelly Roll says he took them to church. Katy says he picked his moments. She says this was his best performance. Luke says this was a 30-minute show put into 2 minutes.

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KBlocks sings “Harley in Hawaii” by Katy Perry.  Jelly Roll says she took a big swing and hit the ball. Luke says she made the song her own. Lionel tells her not to be predictable. Katy says she says she needs to do the remix of the song. She says she’s going to the top 20.

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Mia Matthews sings “Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn. Jelly says it was as emotional as it was in rehearsal. He says she did that to honor her father. Lionel says the vulnerability helped her deliver her best performance so far. It’s a moment they will remember. Katy took the risk and it paid off. Blew her away. Luke says she’s country through and through. He says he’s proud of how country she is. He says she keeps growing.

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Triston Harper sings “God’s Country” by Blake Shelton. Jelly Roll tells him he could win this competition. Lionel says his voice is pure magic. Katy says he’s a major deal. He has grit for days and has a story to tell. She tells him to put his emotions into his music. Luke says this is a big moment for a 15-year-old.

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